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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time: Midnight
Mood:(LOL! What kind of mood am I in?! XD)

Hello there everyone! *hugs* How are you today? ^_^

I know I'm posting two days in a row, but I wanted to write a new, happier post from my last one^^ Thank you to those who commented on post from yesterday. Your comments really put a smile on my face and truly made my day. I love you guys. XD *hugs* I am starting to feel better though and besides, I thought to myself, "Christmas is in a few days!" XD I can be sad if I need to AFTER this holiday, until then,I need to be merry and excited! XD

I didn't much of anything yesterday...um, stayed up till 5 AM, playing Kingdom Hearts and commenting on posts and artwork. Then I woke up at 1 in the afternoon and cleaned house. XD I cleaned the kitchen floor, like literally scrubbing and killing my back, and then the living room floor. I was in the cleaning mood yesterday. And I was singing at like the top of my lungs. I was singing a Japanese song called "POPOTAN" by UNDER17 from the anime Popotan. XD So yeah,my throat is feeling better^^ This is the song I was singing(and yes I do know all of the lyrics and can sing it in Japanese...although I mess up a lot XD):

PoPoTan Hatake de Tsukamaete - UNDER17

XD But now I'm just relaxing, commenting, watching YouTube videos, and drinking eggnog. XD

Talking about youtube videos, I have been watching a lot of the Dragonball Z Abridged Episodes by TeamFourStar. XD LOL! They are seriously beyond hilarious! You HAVE to watch this if you have the time! There is some bad language and situations, but it is seriously hilarious. It is episode 4, my favorite one. Mr. Popo pawns all. XD So please watch! =](SPARKLE-CHAN YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO WATCH THIS! XD LOL).

Let's see...oh! I did make a new card and a fanart piece^^ So if you could please check them out(if you haven't already) please do! Thank you very much^^ *hugs*



Today I have to go to one of my Grandma's stupid parties. Ugh...so I might not be on for the first part of the day. But I will try my best to comment! =] *hugs*


Quiz Result:

You're Socks Say You're Lovable

You Are:

- Quite bouncy

- Always caring

- Known as cute

- Totally sweet


Take care everyone! Have a beautiful, wonderful, sunshiny day! =] I love you all very much! Thank you for reading my post^^ *hugs* ^_^

Much Love,

This is my characters Noah and Nicholas, drawn by my ever amazing friend Yours Truly. Thank you again so much! =] Check out this girl's artwork because it is FANTASTIC! =]

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hello there everyone! ^_^ How are you?

...Well to be honest, I am mad and sad all at the same time. I literally just want to throw my computer through the window right now. I am just seriously...well, MAD.

...Okay, I need to get this off my chest and please know that this isn't directed at anyone or isn't to offend anyone at all! What I am about to say is something we have all said before in our posts, in our minds, etc. including myself. So here it goes^^

"MyOtaku just isn't the same anymore after TheOtaku came around..."

Which is very true, it isn't the same. Most people have started to use TheOtaku and then you have to submit your artwork on TheOtaku site, making MyO and TheO completely separated. Its sad of how this place isn't as popular anymore, though in my backroom I always have 6-7 people listed that they have posted on MyO...but still...

Now here is what is making me mad.
"I am going to leave TheOtaku/MyOtaku because it isn't the same anymore."

....So your telling me your leaving your friends, your memories, everything back behind just because of a little change like this? So many people have left and I'm sure you have had a friend who has left as well. It is just plain SAD. Now I have a very good friend who doesn't even have an MyOtaku account anymore.

Why would you leave? Your friends are still here are they not? I know some have left but surely not all of them have left before? Is both of these sites not for also the love of anime? I think you joined this site in the first place becuase you love anime. You're going to leave just because of a change? Life is always filled with changes and new things, but that doesn't mean you live a friend or a family member behind. And if you move away, you stay in contact with the person usually. But were are talking about an INTERNET SITE. A place where you can get on every single day with your computer, you don't have to travel anywhere.

MyOtaku means the world to me and it has some wonderful memories and so does TheOtaku. I have met some wonderful people through that site and have become great friends with them. Also it has introduced people to anime more....At times I have thought about leaving this site...but I don't think I ever could.

I have family on this site, all of you. We might not be related of course but in my heart I believe we are. I love this place and TheOtaku. They are homes to me and I do considered them connected. We all have two homes in our life, but we have one place where our family and friends stay and that is in our hearts.

This site or TheOtaku isn't about the comments you get on your post or the graphic making, it is the friends that you make on them. This is what I believe. If another friend of mine leaves, I am really going to get angry. Just because of a little change...

I am literally crying right now....I just don't want to ever lose any of you on this site and I know memories always stay with you and stuff, but I just like knowing I have my friends close to me on this site. I have had such hard year, so many bad times but this site has got me through it. So...just thank you for everything everyone. I'm sorry for the rant but thank you for listening.

Much Love,
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello there everyone! ^_^ *hugs* How are you?

Well I just woke up a few minutes ago...its almost 3:50...XD LOL. Whenever I get sick I sleep a lot, but also I stay up till like 4 AM just watching TV and playing KH. XD I love to stay up late, well, early in the morning^^; But anyways, I did go to the doctor yesterday and I have two ear infections, upper respiratory infection, and white bumps on my throat, which means viral infection....why so many infections??? -__- She said our nose, ears, and throat are all connected so its normal for them to be effected at once. Although, this medicine that I'm taking now is supposed to help with all three but I have to go back in to see her in about 2 weeks and if the white bumps on my throat are still there, it means I have a Mono. Lovely. XD I could be worse off so I'm happy its only this right now. Still though, it sure makes you feel cruddy. XD

Today we had another snow day at school! O_o Its weird to be getting snow days so early. We got about 2-4 inches and supposedly its supposed to snow some more....I just wonder what were going to do if our Finals get snowed out...Hm, oh well! XD Although I have to go back tomorrow to school but I'm kind of nervous about it^^; I haven't been to school in over a week, so its just going to feel weird. I have to go though because of my Finals....Well, I do get to see my friends and also Christmas Break starts this Friday!! =] Woot! So only a few days to go^^

Have I ever told you guys about Joey, my friend at school? XD Well the other day, last week actually, I went back to school on Thursday(only for one day though to get my work) and it was extremely icy outside. Well my Algebra 2 class is outside so I had to go out there in the lovely iciness. My friend Joey though met up with me and we were walking out there and he said how much he missed me in class! "It is really depressing not having you there Meagan." ^///^ I thought that was sooo sweet! And then as we were walking, it was so icy one some parts of the sidewalk I was really thinking I was going to fall and slip, but he said to me, "Don't worry Meagan, if you fall I'll be here to catch you."....Seriously, he is such a sweet guy! He really made my day just saying that^^ I just met him this year and I already consider him one of my best friends! =]

Sorry for talking about Joey so much there^^; I just wanted to share that with you. =] Um, oh yeah! I did make a new wallpaper and card^^ So if you haven't checked them out yet, if you could, that would be wonderful^^ Thank you. *hugs*


Quiz Result:

You Look Like a Cancer

It's likely you have a bit of a baby face. People think you're younger than you are.

You have prominent cheeks and a very expressive jaw. You usually have a big smile.

Your feet and hands tend to be a bit small compared to the rest of you.

Not that the rest of you is all that big. You're probably a bit shorter than average.

Like most Cancer people, you are probably incredibly compassionate and kind. You have a big heart.

You are also shrewd, intuitive, and wise. No one's going to take advantage of you.

Awww! XD My whole body is either average or small. T_T Bleh.


I'm going to go make me some lunch now and then do some commenting! =] Thank you for reading this post and also for your wonderful comments lately^^ I will be feeling better soon, so please don't worry. =] *hugs* I love you all! Remember to stay SUNSHINY! ^_^

Much Love,

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time: 12:15 AM
Mood:(Delirious XD)

Hello there my friends! How are you today? ^_^

Thank you so much for your last comments on my post^^ I loved reading them all! Haha, thank you for the comments on my recovery over my sickness...but now I'm sick again.... ^__^; I have a terrible sore throat that is effecting my ears and making me not sleep very good, so it hasn't been the best. XP My Mom didn't let me go to school yesterday and she was home from work, but today was her day to go out and finish Christmas shopping. I couldn't go with her since she was buying some things for me, so I just had to stay home. I watched some more of Clannad, watched Spongebob, and slept...exciting huh? XD

I don't feel very good right now but its okay! *thumbs up* ^_^ I will be feeling better in no time I'm sure! =] DARN YOU GERMS GO AWAY!! They better go away by next week since I have Finals. *hits head repeatedly on desk*(that is probably not helping my sickness at all! XD). I'm not really worried about my Finals though, I never do really. I actually love Finals week. All we do is take tests and then for the rest of the period you do what you want. I read usually^^ ^////^ *huggles book* I love to read! *BOOK WORM marked on forehead*...HUH?! How did that get there?! O_O; XD

Does anyone have any plans this weekend? =] Tomorrow I'm going to go make Christmas cookies with my Aunt and Uncle...I probably shouldn't be doing that while I'm sick but I really need to get out of this house. THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON ME!!!...No there really not, but hey, you get my point. XD Then I might wrap some presents, play Disney Scene It with my Mom(XD), and just spend time on the computer^^; Oh and of course homework....I really want this break to come soon!!

I made an account on Yahoo! and I use the Yahoo! Answers a lot to answer people's questions and such. I only go into the mental health category and I try to answer people's questions to make them feel better. Well...a lot of people I notice seem to ask the dumbest questions on this site and also a lot of people give terrible advice. Fist of all there was some guy whose question was, "I have a couple 40mg stratteras and i do not have adhd , will it help me concentrate and study for my midterms?"...Are you KIDDING me?! Stratteras is a medicine that helps people with ADHD!!!! 40mg right off the bat like that and not even having that symptom could seriously hurt this guy! I told him my thoughts of course but I so badly wanted to say, "YOU IDIOT!!!!" XD and then there was this girl about my age who is depressed and she needed some advice on how to make herself happier....two people said, "Go have Sex!"...........I seriously just wanted to jump through the screen and strangle those two people. Yeah she will really be feeling happy when she finds out she is pregnant as well and she has no job or husband to support and still goes to school!!.... -__- Honestly, people are so blunt and stupid at times. If you can't give good advice, why would you even be on that site? URGH.

Sorry for the rant there^^; But I just wanted to get that off my chest. XD There are a lot of people on there though who give great advice and ask great questions, but seriously...XD

Sorry for the long post^^; This one did really seem to be long to me, so I apologize^^; But thank you so much for reading it! =] It means a lot! Also, before I end this post, can you please give me some suggestions on what comedy animes to watch, besides Lucky Star?

Take care everyone! Have a wonderful, beautiful weekend! ^_^ I love you all!! STAY SMILEY AND SUNSHINY! ^_^

Much Love,

P.S. Please check out my new wallpaper! Thank you very much! ^_^

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hello there everyone! How are you? ^_^

*hugs* First off, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post on TheOtaku^^ I am feeling so much better now! =] I still don't have much of an appetite and I still can't eat a whole lot without my stomach making weird grumbling noises.... ^__^; XD Ugh, its cruddy but at least I'm healthier now^^ So I apologize for not commenting for the past few days, I will try my best to tonight and tomorrow to catch up! =]

So do you like my new theme? XD Haha, I know what your all thinking, "Meagan, everytime I come to your site you ALWAYS have site change!!" XD Which is yes, pretty true^^; I just love changing my theme! =] I wanted to switch back to using the old theme though for right now^^ And the song in the background is called, "Dango Daikazoku" from the anime CLANNAD. I love it so much^^ Which reminds me, thank you SO much Lys for telling me about this anime and recommending it for me! =] I really love it so far^^ One of my top favorites thats for sure! =] I'm going to try and finish up the series this week^^

=^___^= I am feeling kind of happy right now! I just find out that tomorrow we have a SNOW DAY!! WOOT! XD It was snowing all day today and its so cold out right now that it got canceled! =] I am feeling very happy about that^^ Even though I have been off from school for the past two days, nothing feels better than a snow day! XD So tonight I'm staying up late, watching CLANNAD and playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories^^ I bought that the other day for the PS2 and so far I love it! =] Although the card system is confusing. @_@

Anyone else excited for Christmas? =] I so am! XD Its going to be great to be with all of my family^^ =] Do you have any family traditions that you do on Christmas? Usually the younger kids, including me, just sit around watching TV while the older people play poker...XD LOL! Really exciting huh? XD But were all together so that is what matters the most^^


Quiz Result:
(I haven't done a quiz in forever! XD)

You Are a Blueberry Muffin

You are a nurturing, domestic, homey person.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to make your own muffins at home.

You don't like to rock the boat, and you're most content when you're making everyone else happy.

You are very loyal. You'll defend your family and friends, even if you secretly disapprove of what they're doing.

You tend to be a bit shy and withdrawn. You don't make friends quickly or easily.

But once you do make a good friend, the chances are high that you'll be friends for life.

XD Aww thats sweet^^ Even though I don't like blueberry muffins all that much...Lol.


Sorry this was such a long post! But thank you for visiting me^^ I love to read your comments, they always seem to make me smile! =] Remember you're BEAUTIFUL!! Smile each day, even when you don't feel like it! ^_^ You have many friends who love you, including me! =] *hugs*

Take care my friends! Expect comments from me^^ *hugs*

Much Love,

Awww I love Fuko! XD She is probably my second favorite anime character, next to Chii of course^^ XD

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


^_^ Here is a Thanksgiving Card I made:

Also, please check out my new world! Its a world for my story, Heartfelt! Click the link down below to take you there^^

Story: Heartfelt

Take care everyone! May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you! *hugs* I love you bunches!

Much Love,

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello there Everyone! =^___^=

This is just a quick update to see how all of you are. I haven't posted up on MyOtaku for over a month now and I thought I should. I know I haven't been commenting, but next week is Thanksgiving Break so expect some commenting from me! =]

Let's see....oh! Last Friday I saw Twilight which was very good! =] I hate how all of a sudden it is so freaken popular and the screaming fangirls...its really annoying. A lot of people have not even read the book yet which annoys me to the extreme. The book series are much different than the movie. I liked the movie but the books will always be 1000 times better.

But there are 3 things that are making me laugh...

1. There are a lot of Anti-Twilight people out there...a lot of them have not even read the books....??? Okay, seriously if you haven't read the books than how did you consider yourself an Anti-Fan?? You don't even know what their about. Books are usually a ton different from the movie, consider Harry Potter for example.

2. If you have read the books but stopped in about the second one because of how popular it was getting...how does that make sense??? If you are enjoying reading the books but stops reading it because it suddenly gets popular, what kind of person does that say you are??? I think its just kind of funny actually.

3. If you're a fangirl or a fanboy, whatever, for the book/movie, please stop the extremely loud outburts about how much you love Twilight...it does get annoying really fast, so just keep it to yourself. My ears are going to burst if I hear one more scream about how Edward is so hot. ^_^;

Okay I'm done ranting now, but those were just two things that was making me feel angry. I don't care if you bash the movie, just don't bash the books please. If you haven't read all 4 of them, you have no say in them. ^_^

Anyways, that is all from me today. Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to get it out^^ I have made a new world called Mutual Admiration Club, kudos go to Kelsey for the name^^ If you could please visit it on TheOtaku, that would be great. I put a post up there on how to nullify depression. ^_^

Take care everyone! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving! =] Expect comments from me this coming week! *hugs* Thank you for visiting! I love you bunches~*hugs*

Much Love,

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

O_O Yes I know, I am playing a very hyper but adorable song on my site, but its one of my favorite songs though. XD I took a quiz one time to see what song I was and I got this one! XD


Bonjour mes amis! Comment Ca Va? ^_^ Well it has certainly been a long time since I commented on here, well a real post you could say. I felt like I needed to and I missed writing a post anyways. XD I don't even know what to begin to talk about, I feel like there is so much stuff to talk about! O_O XD Well lets just see where I go with this post, shall we? =]

How has everyones week been so far by the way? I hope good. ^_^ Mine has been going well, just been kind of lazy though and busy with homework. I am reading the "Wizard of Oz" right now though for fun but it is really different from the movie! O_O XD Haha, sorry that was really random^^; XD I have been reading a lot of book classics lately, though, Peter Pan will always have my heart. ♥

Now lets talk about school...well besides from my not so wonderful grades, it has been going pretty good^^ I have made three new wonderful friends, Ariel, Joey, and Crystal! =] They are so awesome. Though Joey at times can get annoying....Sometimes he won't leave me alone and he likes to tease me a lot....?? Why do people like to tease me? I mean seriously, I must have a sign hanging around my neck that says, "PLEASE TORTURE". -__-; I guess it can be helped though. *Sigh*

I actually surprised myself this week...I started drawing again. O_O You know how long it has been since I last drew? My last art class which was about 7 months ago. XD I am drawing Hamtaro characters...I have started to watch that anime again...Gosh it is sooooooooooo freaken darn cute. ♥ *hugs* Chubby little hamsters = ADORABLE. XD

Ok I seriously need to stop being so random. O_o Now lets have some question time! I haven't done this in awhile and I know you have all missed them so much(*cough* SARCASTIC! *cough*)

Question Time!
1. Do you have an anime twin? XD
2. Do you draw? What was the last thing you drew?
3. Tell me one random thing that has happened to you lately! =]

My Answers:
1. Chii from Chobits or Misha from Pita Ten, I can't decide^^;
2. I draw at time and I am drawing right now actually, I'm drawing Bijou from Hamtaro. XD
3. Ummm...oh! Someone told me they said I should dress up in a cat costume and go around hugging people.... O_o

Quiz Result:

oh my gosh, yayness! Smurfette is my favorite cartoon character EVER! XD *hugs*(I bought the Smurfs season 1 DVD the other day so I thought to take a quiz to see who I would get. XD)

Okay wow...I need to go to bed soon, I have to get up early because my band and I are going to be in a Halloween Parade. -__-; Fun...*ahem* Anyways, take care everyone and I shall continue commenting this week. =] May you all have bright, sunshiny days! *hugs*

Much Love,


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is the same as in her world...She wanted me to post here as well for her.

So, hello all of you.

I'm DaFeather, a friend/sis and currently a messenger of Meagan's. (She is such an amazing friend and sweet person) She wanted me to let all of you good friends of hers to know that she will be away for a long time again. She said she is emotionally and physically spent and just needs to rest and focus on school. (*hands sis pillow*) She also says sorry for being this way. (There is no need for her to be sorry...) Um...well that is what she wanted me to let you all know.

She told me not to worry, but I can't help but worry, but...I know she will be okay and she will get better and back to her crazy goofy sweet self in no time. She is very strong and have came a long way. So I wish her the best! ^^ And you all just thank you for supporting her and being such an awesome friend to her. She loves all of you! ^_^ *huge massive hugs*

Hmm, I think that is it...OH! Just continue being a good friend and supporting her and just pray for her and give her a bunch of smiles! ^^


Thanks for everything, and you otakuians you have excellent days. Stay Strong And Positive, keep striving for your dream and surviving the best way you can. ^_^

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello there Everyone! *hugs* Wow it has been since...September 1st since I last updated on here. O_O I AM SO SORRY MYOTAKU! *hugs*

No this is not a "real" post from me, just an update of my latest wallpaper and card. It would not be right of me to write a post when I haven't even commented on posts since..well, forever. Though I did catch up on a lot of art I missed! =]

If you could please comment on my newest wallpaper and card, that would be great.(thank you to those who already have). *hugs*

A Silver Lining

Reach For The Light

By the way, this is very random but the song on my site, please listen to it. I swear it will put you in a good mood and just make you smile^^ To those who are going through a hard time or feeling sad, this song is for you.

Please take care everyone and know that I love you all. I am very serious when I say that because you're all a light spot in my life. Thank you so much for everything and I hope to be on soon again^^ *hugs* Stay POSITIVE and STRONG!

Much Love,

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