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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello everyone! How are you today?

First off, I have something to rant about a little. Like I have noticed the people who update ALL THE TIME hardly ever, EVER comment on anything. It's just like WTF? So you have time to update all the time but not ever have the time to leave just one comment? I mean, do you really expect me to comment on something of yours when you never comment on anything of mine? I believe that's called selfishness. I know I don't comment all the time, but when I do, I try to leave lengthy and meaningful comments because when the person takes the time to update or make something, I want to leave a comment that will make them feel good. However, when you update all the freaken time but never comment, you don't deserve any comments. Period. I'm getting sick and tired of seeing that. So I am just not going to comment those people and just comment on the people who do at least comment on something of mine. To the people who really are busy, please take no regards in this rant. I do not mean you at all. I'm talking about the people who are like I MUST UPDATE ALL THE TIME TO GET COMMENTS! NOM NOM NOM!! @_@ Ugh.

*sighs* Okay, just wanted to get that out there. ^_^ You know, I love you guys very much, but if your one of the people who update all the time but never comment or leave half-assed comments, just take the time to leave one nice one a month or something so I know you care.

Anyway, enough with the rant. This week was a bit stressful for me. Just with schoolwork and also, my Grandma fell on Thursday at a restaurant. I wasn't with her but thankfully my Mom was. She tripped on this rug that was sticking up a bit and she fell down right on her face. My Mom said there was just a pool of blood around her face, from her nose. Her whole faced was banged up terribly. Her left eye was swollen shut practically. The ambulance came and took her to the hospital and then my Mom hurried and came on got me from school early. We were at the hospital for like 5 hours and it was just so frusterating and stressful. Her left eye orbital bone or whatever it's called, was broken. It's this bone under the eye that keeps the eye muscles protected. Thankfully everything else was okay, but still she just got done with chemo treatment and now this happened.

HOWEVER, we learned from her doctor the next day that the bone is broken in such a way that it will heal by itself and that she will not need surgery. We were sooo happy to hear about that. ^_^ The good Lord was certainly with her. It's amazing what the human body can do. Thank you to those who always keep my Grandma in your thoughts or prayers, it truly means a lot. *hugs*

After all that drama and what not, Saturday my Mom and I saw Alice in Wonderland! :D And oh my freaken gosh, it was super duper amazing and gorgeous! It had such a great storyline to it and a ton of good messages for people to follow. All the characters were fantastic. I want to go see it again. So if you haven't seen this movie, you need to! You will love it. :) Tim Burton and Disney = pure love. x3

Oh! I won the Disney Time Contest on TheO! :) Won with the Belle wallpaper I made. <3 I was really happy and shocked about that^^; I have only ever joined like 4 contests before and this was my first one winning, so thank you Shadweh! *hugs*

I think that's really all I have to say...I can't really think of anything else^^; I'm going to go watch Popotan. XD Cute anime. <3 I shall leave you with a quiz and some questions! :)


Quiz Result:

You Are Shy and Easygoing

You're the type of person who doesn't like to make waves or cause trouble.

Other people find you sweet and subdued. You are extremely easy to get along with.

You are a bit sensitive and easily stressed out. Conflict makes you feel horrible.

You try your best to live your life quietly and not get in the way. You're happy to be left alone.

1. If you could choose one anime or video game character that is most like you, which one would it be?
2.Do you have a favorite fairy tale or story?

My Answers:
1. Tifa Lockhart. I really do have the same personality as her. Like exactly. We're both shy and motherly. XD
2. Well Beauty and the Beast of course! But also I really love The Little Mermaid. :)


Take care everyone! Thank you so much for commenting and reading my post, and also just for the support in general^^ God bless and may sunshine days fill your life! *hugs*

Much Love,

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valetine's Day!

Hello everyone! Happy V-day^^

Have any plans for today? Spending time with a loved one or with family/friends? I honestly don't know yet what I am going to do for V-day...I know I am going with my Grandma and my Mama since it's my Grandpa's birthday but also the day he passed away, so it's a special day to us. And also I just love Valentine's day because it's a holiday for hearts and love. X3 Tis' beautiful!

I made a wallpaper and a card today^^; I am sorry for submitting two things at the same time AND having a post. I would really appreciate it if you checked both of them out though at some time, and to those who already have, thank you very much^^

Here is the wallpaper:

and here is the V-day card(sorry I made this one really quick so it's not the best^^;;:

Also thank you to those who have been commenting on my works, sending me gifts, sending me messages, etc. It truly means a lot to me and I am not just saying that to be a kissbutt or what not. You guys really make me smile and you're just great friends, so thank you for all your support. :) Love you guys! *hugs*

I shall end this post now. :) I shall be commenting around off and on today! ^_^ I hope all of your have a sunshiny filled day! Take care and be safe~

Much Love,

Quiz of the day; A Valentine's Day Quiz! Yay! XD

You Are a Hopeful Valentine

Even though you know flowers are temporary and perishable, you are able to enjoy every moment of their beauty.

You're the same way with love. It may or may not last forever, but you make the most of what you've got.

You find it easy to be happy, and you don't put a lot of demands on your partner. You are very accepting.

You appreciate any little thing your partner does for you. It doesn't take much to make you swoon.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hiya everyone! :) *hugs* How are you today?

Wow I am posting just 3 days after my last post?! :0 I haven't done this in a LONG time. Well thank you to those who commented on my last post and all of my latest works I have posted^^ I always love to read your comments. :) And Deb, it's so amazing to see you back on here. Haha I come back on, and then you do! It's a chain reaction! XD

To those who read my last post, you would remember me talking about how I was supposed to go back to school this week, on Tuesday. Well I had even more snow days, not just on Tuesday and Wednesday. I got snow days for Thursday and Friday as well! XD So I got a whole other week of vacation! I was super duper happy because I was really dreading going back to school. So Heaven was smiling down on me or...*looks at Angel Zakuro for inside joke. Lol*. However, I did get cabin fever a bit because I was inside the house for about 3 days straight. I needed sunlight and some exercise!! So I got out a bit...a little bit. But hopefully this weekend I can get out more, like go see a movie or go to the bookstore or something! XD This snow though is just crazy and this freezing bitter cold. Everyone stay warm!!

Hahaha I don't know but this just reminded me of something, talking about cold. Okay well I am a pretty open book and whenever a question pops in my head, I have to ask to know the answer. I am not shy about asking embarrassing type things. Well I was just thinking, you know how there are earmuffs and stuff, so are there nipple warmers?...Lol. So I asked my Mom and she was like, "No not that I know of...I am sure a man could be your nipple warmer though." :0 That was what my face was like. Hahaha Mother and her twisted mind. Just kidding, she was just being funny about that whole thing... O___o XD Sorry! I am being a bit inappropriate but I thought it was kind of funny^^;

On a random note, I am so super excited that Hetalia is coming to America...FINALLY! It's so cute and funny~ The character America is coming home! XD Oooh I love America soo much. He's such a freaken cutie. Him and his glasses....*goes off into fangirl mode* Just look at this picture of him!!

...I think my heart just stopped. GAH HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL! X3 Got to love a man in glasses~ However, Sanzo is still my first anime love...but America sure does come close. It's a tie. X3

Indeed, you're beautiful Sanzo. <3

...Sorry about that^^; First nipple warmers and me acting all fangirl! I am hyped up tonight. XD ....Sanzo doesn't look to happy, probably because I am talking about other men or just being annoying^^;;; He's like biotch please.

Since we're talking about anime anyway, I have been watching Kobato still and it's still beautiful. But why is it all the good animes come out at the same time?! There are like 10 animes I want to watch and they all come out at the same time. The same goes with movies that come out in theaters. XP I still need to finish Nodame Cantabile...I need another school break. XD Have you been watching any anime recently? :)

You know, now that I think about it, I never really did wish you all a happy new year^^;; Well Happy New Year my friends! I hope 2010 is a beautiful year for you, filled with sunshine, happiness, laughter, smiles, and pretty flowers! XD 2010 is a bit of a big year for me, since it's the year I graduate from high school and start college, I turn 18, and just some other stuff. 2009 though was a kick in the face, it wasn't a good year. With my Grandma, had a lot of down days, fell in love for the first time but also had my heartbroken for the first time..I don't think I have ever really talked about that either^^; It's a really long story but I will tell it another time. Let's just say I was someone who never believed in falling in love at this age and always finding it stupid that girls would cry over a boy, well I was that girl^^;; This guy though I had known a really long time, he was a friend. But when I finally got the courage to tell him I liked him, he rejected me really coldly and said he didn't want to be that close to me and never even considered me a friend...so yeah, I was really hurt^^; He was cruel, but whatever. I have moved on and he was a jackass. I am too young anyway to have a boyfriend and not interested. XD

Also, again, I wrote my first chapter of Heartfelt and it's posted on my world. Only Jerry and Anna have read it so far, and I would really love if more people could read it so I could get an opinion^^ But if you don't have time, I understand completely. Just when you can, please give it a read. I will have the second chapter up soon. Thank you; here is the link to my world:


Also I am really sorry for this long post, but thank you so much for reading it! I am so happy to be back on here and being active. :) It's all thanks to you wonderful people that make me this happy. So thanks^^ Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

Much Love,

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening everyone! ^_^ *hugs* How are you today?

Wow it has been FOREVER since I last wrote a real post. It's been since October I put a post on MyO. Long, long time. But I am back now for good on here^^ My break is over~ So except comments from me you crazy, beautiful people. :3 Also thank you to those who have been commenting me or sending me little gifts. It means a lot^^

My Christmas and New Years went wonderful. Although it's kind of depressing how fast the holidays go by. However, the memories I had on those holidays will stay in my heart forever. ^_^ For Christmas I got some DS games; Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands(recently just got married! XD), Nostalgia, and Scribblenauts. So I have been gaming a lot. Also I got the Spice and Wolf anime box set. An incredibly beautiful anime, I highly recommend it. And then I got some manga and some cute Disney things^^ Please tell me if you got any presents for Christmas! :)Anyway, I hope you all had a great holiday time. X3 And may 2010 be a beautiful year for all of us!

I was supposed to go back to school yesterday since my break is over, but school has been canceled two days in a row because of the snow and bitter cold. :D Hehe that makes me so happy! I hardly ever get this lucky or spoiled with snow days, so it's really nice. GLOBAL WARMING MY BUTT! XP Tomorrow another snow storm is supposed to be coming in, so my Mama thinks I will be out for the rest of the week. Which doesn't bother me one bit! With college around the corner next year, I really just want to relax right now. XD For those who did go back to school, I hope all is going good for you^^ Tell me about it if you would like to, I would love to hear. :)

The other day I wrote my first chapter of Heartfelt! :) I was really proud of myself because I have been playing out my story for a long time in my head but never put my thoughts into words. It was nice to finally get Noah into a story. Lol. Also we got introduced to Lynd, Angel Zakuro's OC who is now part of the Heartfelt story^^ Right now in the story were in heaven and I really have to watch what I write when explaining a character's feeling, because angels can't feel certain emotions so that part is a bit tricky for me. Wish me luck please. @_@ Anyway, it's a story that I am hoping will bring some smiles to people but also that people will be able to relate to the character's feelings. If you have not read the first chapter of Heartfelt, please do. If you want to of course^^; I know the first chapter is a little long, but please bear with me^^; Thank you~

Here is the link to my Heartfelt world:

Also I created a new card yesterday, so if you haven't checked it out please do^^

Okay that's all I have to say...I think^^; Anyway, thank you all so much for being great friends! You mean the world to me, so thank you for sticking with me! :) I am glad to be back on! May sunshine and happiness fill each of your days! Take care~

Oh! And you should really listen to this song on my page right now. It's incredibly sweet. Elisa is an amazing singer. :)

Much Love,

Gah Sayori's works are sooooo beautiful. <3
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, well, well...do you remember me? ^_^

Hello there my sweet, beautiful, adorable, fantastic dear friends of mine!! *big hugs* Good gosh, it has been FOREVER since I have last been on here! Like 3 months! D: I am so sorry!! *bows* How have you been doing?!

As for my days, well there have been a lot of good days and then some bad days as well. School has started now of course so I have been piled on with hw and also looking for colleges to attend to. Being a senior is not fun. XP But I am enjoying my classes^^ And I am in marching band right now which is always busy. We have gotten a lot of first places at competitions though so yayness! :)

As for family, everyone is doing good. Including Grandma. She just got her first chemo treatment about two weeks ago. At first it reacted badly to her, since you know chemo is like a poison to the body, but she recovered. However, she became a bit anemic due to that. She gets her second treatment on Thursday. I know all your prayers helped and your sweet thoughts. You're wonderful friends^^ *hugs* Thank you.

Besides family and school/band, there has been some friend drama which has been really bugging me and some down moods, but besides that I have been doing good^^ Whenever I have some free time, I either read, play my new Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days or I get on the computer to watch some anime. I have been watching Kobato. and K-ON. ^_^ Also just bought the new Clannad~After Story DVD yesterday so I am going to watch that too. XD

Well no, I am not exactly back on here or TheOtaku yet. I am still really busy and such so it is hard for me to comment^^; Commenting sometimes can be really stressful to me. Hard to understand. But I will get back to the habit of coming on here to see you guys. I do miss you very much. You're the bestest of friends anyone could ask for^^ Sorry I have to write this post so fast^^;;;

I think I might make a card here soon^^ I feel like making one. XD Anyway, I hope I will be around sometime soon. Thank you all for being great friends^^ I love you very much! May sunshine and happiness fill every second of your days^^ *huggles*

Much Love,

P.S. GO WATCH THE KOBATO ANIME!! IT'S AMAZING! Even if you don't like Clamp's works, you NEED to see this. It is the most cutest anime I have ever seen and it only has two episodes out so far! Kobato is one of the best anime characters around. Basically it is an anime about curing people's sadness. :) So watch it! :D

Here is the Kobato opening~(give it a watch please^^)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello there my dear friends!

I just decided to come on and say a quick hi. ^_^ Thank you all for putting up with my absence and for saying all of your sweet prayers and kind words/wishes for my Grandmother. Really and truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. They surely do make a difference.

Grandma does have to go through with Chemo now. We were hoping that it wouldn't come to that, but it has. Chemo is a very tiring process and it will make her very sick, so I am going to have to be spending a lot of days with her. She got a full scan today on her body, to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else. Let us hope and pray to God that it has not spread.

Other than that, everything has been going fairly well. I have been reading my summer books for my AP class...which I still need to finish. Haha. Also I have started to replay Kingdom Hearts 2. The first one is still my favorite though. XD Disney and Square Enix make such an awesome pair! Kingdom Hearts just makes me feel happy becuase it is such an innocent game. So when people bash this game or make original KH characters that look like sex-addicted skanks, it makes me angry. Lol Sorry^^;...that was random...Haha.

I have been having some down moods from time to time and I had my very first heartbreak with a boy. Lol. No he wasn't my boyfriend or anything, but he said some things to me that really hurt. But whatever, I am over it. More fish in the sea! XD

I need to go now and read. I am going to greet the incoming freshman tomorrow at school and then I have Senior Pictures...Yay! XP

Take care everyone! Thank you for being such heartfelt friends! I love you all! I hope to talk to you soon. Sorry again for not being around to comment. Anyway, may sunshine and happiness fill each second of your days!

Much Love,
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello there my beautiful friends! How are you?

Wow I haven't been on here for awhile it feels like. ^_^;;; I apologize for that. While talking to Kelsey, Angel Zakuro, I realized that I needed to come on and say something to you guys so you don't worry or wonder. But first, thank you again so much to all of the prayers, sweet words, etc. you guys have said to me. It means a lot. *hugs*

Grandma is doing pretty good right now. She is home now from the hospital. In case some of you don't know, my Grandma has breast cancer so she had to get both of her breasts taken off and her lymph nodes on the left side. She went to the doctor two days ago and in the lymph nodes they found that the type of breast cancer she has is very rare....supposedly there are two types of breast cancer, you either have one or the other, but my Grandma has both together. So uh, yeah don't really know what this means...she is going to see an oncologist here soon. He will tell her if she needs to do further surgery plus chemotherapy/radiation or not. We are praying and praying that she will not have to do Chemo but we don't know....we really have no clue what will come next.

So yeah, it has truly been a stranger and stressful time for my family and I. I have been spending a lot of time with Grandma though and my Mom. I go over a lot of days to spend time with Grandma and do stuff around the house for her. I had to look at her bandages and where they did surgery on her yesterday because I had to put gauze and tape over one of the tubes she has. Oh my gosh, I almost wanted to puke. I could never be a doctor. T__T

But everything is going pretty good right now. Just taking a busy day at a time. Although I had been feeling down for a couple of days and two days ago I had a major nervous breakdown. Started thinking morbid thoughts, crying, etc. It was terrible. And today I have a really bad toothache. So ugh!!! >_< So much phooey at once! XP

Anyway, I am sorry for not commenting my friends. I miss you all so much...but I will not be on to comment though for awhile, just too much going on^^; But I will be on to update every now and again to tell you what is going. So thank you for your prayers and times. God bless you all.

Take care^^ May sunshine and happiness fill every second of your days! Thank you for everything my amazing friends!

Much Love,

Characters Mercedes and Ingway(frog form version XD) from Odin Sphere. I LOVE this beautiful game. :D <3
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello there my friends. How are you? *hugs*

I know I haven't been on in awhile and I apologize for that. But it is going to have to be that way. I won't be back on here or TheO for awhile, don't really know how long but it will be awhile. I have my summer reading to do and also have to take care of my Grandma. Also, TheO and MyO just aren't the same for me anymore...I don't know what it is but it is just different. I wish TheO was never created and MyO was still the only one.

I love my friends on here though so I would never truly leave. I will just have a absence for awhile. :) *hugs*

Thank you for all the prayers for my Grandma. In the beginning, the doctor said last week that she had no cancer in her lymph nodes so we were all very happy about that. She was in the hospital for a few days and now she is in rehab to help her with walking again, but she is coming home tomorrow. So it sounded like Grandma was going to be just fine and healthy, back to being her old self soon...


Today we got the news that she DOES have cancer in her lymph nodes. They did further testing and on her left side, that is where the cancer is. More of it. That damn disease. So she has to go through with ANOTHER surgery, has to be in the hospital, etc. and may even have to go through with chemotherapy. It was a big shock to all of us and my Grandma is of course upset. Why didn't they see this sooner?! Stupid, idiotic doctors.

It has been so frusterating lately. The other day I cried and cried all day it seemed like. We are hardly ever home it feels like, I am tired, and just with all of this it is just stressful...my Mom is feeling really sad and depressed right now. But today I gave her a hug and told her she is not alone and that I am here with her....

Grandma is a very strong woman so I know she can fight this battle. But gosh it's hard, you know? I believe in her though. We will just have to stay strong and pray.

So I just wanted to come and tell all of you this so you don't wonder where I wandered off too. I don't know when I will be back on. Just please pray some more, please. Thank you my friends very much. My family needs all the support they can get.

Oh and in case some of you are wondering, my Grandmother's name is Norma. ^_^

Take care my friends. I shall talk to you all soon. God Bless you all. May sunshine and happiness fill your days. *hugs*

Much Love,

P.S. I leave you with a funny video^^ Laughter makes anyone feel better. So if you're a Twilight hater or if you do like Twilight but like to make fun of it, this vid is for you. :) I laughed my butt off.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is just a short post.

I'm sorry everyone for not being on much, I haven't been in the mood to comment, visit sites, etc. I do apologize for that but a lot has been going on. I know a lot of you sent me beautiful birthday wishes, gifts, and some of you even made me gifts, so thank you very much for making me have a great birthday. I will comment on everything eventually. Thank you very much though.

My Grandma just found out she has breast cancer so I will not be on for about a week or two. I will be spending some time with her. She will have to get both of her breasts taken off next Thursday but the doctor did say that it should go through smoothly. Let us just hope and pray it isn't in the lymph nodes as well.

With money problems and now this...ugh why does this have to be happening?! I know things happen for a reason but can't we have a break?

Please pray for my Grandma. And if you don't believe in the power of praying or don't believe in God, I really don't care. Please just say a prayer. It only takes 10 seconds of your life, so we need all the good wishes and hopes that we can get from everyone. Thank you.

Take care everyone! Thank you for being wonderful friends. Sorry for not being on much. I will be back on soon. Happiness and Sunshine to all of you.

Much Love,

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Icon of the day:


Time: 10 AM
Weather: Cloudy and blah. -__- I WANT SUNSHINE!

Hello there everyone! How are you today? ^_^

Eh I feel kind of blahish today, not in the best mood. My sleeping patterns are off the wall and I think they are making me feel depressed. Lol. I'm a night owl so I love to stay up late and it makes me feel happy. But lately I have been staying up till like 10 am then going to bed and waking up at 8 at night. Its cutting the time I spend with my friends and family and I need to stop it. Although I love staying up late, I like daytime much better. Ugh I'm just pathetic.

I know I could start going to bed earlier and change my sleeping patterns, but here is the thing. It makes me feel depressed when I go to bed around 11 or midnight becuase I think its too early^^; so that just puts me a really bad mood, that is why I don't like school time. XD It may sound weird to some of you but weird is what I am. :) Just yeah, I need to straighten things out so I still feel happy and spend time with loved ones/daytime but still get my hours of sleep...ARGH!! SO FRUSTRATING!! *hits head* >_< I have always loved sleep but now I just hate it!

I talked to my Mom though about it and she just laughed at me kind of. Lol. She said I was taking it a bit too seriously and I probably am, but it makes me feel down. -__- I need to stop being a dramaqueen. XD

Anyway, let's see...last Saturday I took my ACT test. This is the test that decides if I get into college, at least this is the main thing they look at when I apply. So I took that which was pretty hard^^; The science part with all of its big wordy words made me want to tear my hair out. With only 35 minutes for like 40 questions is just ridiculous to me. XP The English and reading part though weren't that bad. As for math...well its math, I always do pretty bad. Lol. But let us hope I got a good score on this test^^ *crosses fingers* If I don't...well thankfully you can take this test as many times as you want. But it only comes around every other month and costs money. T___T I'm not going to worry about it though.

All of my family members keep asking me what I want to do for my birthday but I seriously have no idea!! T_T It's this Saturday and I still don't even know what I want or what to do. >_< Does anyone have any good ideas? D: Why does my birthday have to be so soon already?! Ugh I don't want to be 17!!!!! >___<

One good thing about this birthday though is that I am ordering this figure down below of Miku Hatsune, the vocaloid. :)

I already have Len^^ and I need to get this twin sister, but I want to get Miku first. X3 I think Len and her make a cute couple. ♥_♥ but I love Len more than she does!! XD



I have been watching some funny youtube and just videos lately. XD Hehe I love to laugh so these videos are my world. ♥ My favorite video of this week is this one:

Can I have your number? MAD tv. BEST.VIDEO.EVER. It is beyond LOL. :D Give it a watch!

Sparkle, can I have your number? :D Haha.

Also thank you Jerry, Xaos, for introducing me to that awesome Milo and Mijo video. XD I have been watching that like nonstop today. Absolutely hilarious.

If anyone has any funny youtube videos you would like to recommend, please do. :)

Okay...wow this post is getting a little long^^; So I will say goodbye for now. I shall be commenting and such today. :) Thank you to all of those who have commented on my latest works and posts! Truly thank you. ^_^ *hugs*

Here is my latest card. Please comment if you haven't already. Thank you to those who have. :)

Take care everyone! Sorry if my post was a little negative or down today^^; I'm just not in the greatest mood. D: Anyway, may sunshine and happiness fill every second of your days^^ Thank you for being amazing friends! :)

Much Love,

P.S. Thank you to anyone who has dedicated anything to me, such as a birthday gift or just becuase you wanted to, thank you so very much! :) I appreciate it sooo much! *hugs*


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