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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Same Post on TheOtaku...

...Meagan actually wrote a post.

Hello everyone^^ *waves* How are you doing today? It's true what I wrote up above, it has been FOREVER since I last wrote a real post. I can't even remember the last time...probably back in March of this year? I don't know. @_@

Anyway, it feels great being able to be on the internet again. Back in March my computer just died on me completely, so I was without internet for awhile. Gah it was a sad time. Haha I'm so pathetic, I get depressed at not having a computer. but my Mom and Grandma bought me a a laptop for my 18th birthday and it was part for graduation too. Which reminds me, THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY GIFTS, MESSAGES, ETC. :) I was so surprised to receive so many gifts and messages, it was one of the best birthdays I ever had, so thank you. I know it's been a few weeks since my birthday, but I hadn't really said thank you in a post^^; Oh and yes I graduated from high school at the end of May. :)

I was honestly not all that sad about leaving high school. I mean, I am in a way because I have a fear of growing up and such, but I was really happy for summer break. XD I'm very anxious about college, which will start at the end of August, and just everything is going to be so new. I'm don't really like changes so this new chapter in my life is both nerve-wrecking and exciting. Thankfully I'm just going to a community college so I'm not leaving home, thank God for that. There is NO WAY I could leave home right now. My Psychiatrist agrees with me about me staying home and going to college right now, since she knows how close I am to my family and how they pretty much are my main support. So I will be staying right where I am for a few years. It always gets me how some people are so ready to move out of and go live on their own, but I'm just not that. I don't want to grow up fast, I have already had to do that enough throughout my life and I just want to savor these years without having to worry about a job and managing bills. I'm only 18 years old after all. I'm just taking a day at a time though and just trying my best to enjoy my summer^^ Nothing is going to change or help by worrying. *nods*

So far my Summer has been incredibly relaxing, which means me being a lazy bum. I literally have just played videogames, been on the computer, watched tv, watched anime, and read. Haha I need to go get some exercise. XD I do go over to Grandma's house a couple days a week to give her company. Grandma is doing a lot better than how she was doing. She was the one who had Breast Cancer. Thankfully she is all done with radiation and chemo now, and she is starting to gain her strength back and her hair is starting to grow back^^ Also I have just noticed that her mood is a lot better as well. So thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts for my Grandma you guys gave. It means a lot to me and my family. :)

I need to make an appointment with my psychologist, it's been about a month since I last saw him and I would like to talk to him about some things. Haha I really love him, he's awesome. I started going to see him a couple of months ago and he really does help me out. He gave me tips for my OCD and teaches me how to relax and such. It's nice though to always tell him what's on my mind because he always gives me an honest and straightforward answer. Although he has a twisted sense of humor. XD Haha just kidding. But seriously though, he says the funniest things to me. Like this one time, I think we were talking about fears, can't remember, and I said butterflies sometimes scare me when they fly right at me and he was like, "what the hell? Are you kidding me?" Haha he was kidding around with me, but he teases me all the time, he calls me "Flower Child" because he thinks I have the personality of a hippie....Lol. However, we both LOVE Disney! XD We literally talked for about 20 minutes one time about Disney. Haha. He said that just about a year ago he went to Disney World for the first time with his wife and kids, and he said he almost wanted to start crying because he was so happy. XD Haha that's going to be me someday too, if I ever do go to Disney World. I'm wishing for that though, that would be such a big come true if I did get to go there someday.

Sorry I'm just rambling on and on about random stuff^^;; So I will end the post here for now. :) I'm hoping to go see Despicable Me this weekend. Looks like a great movie. <3 I hope you all have a great upcoming weekend^^ I will be on from time to time to comment and such. :) Which reminds me, I made two new ecards that no one really looked at, so if you could go check them out that would be great. To those who already have, thank you very much. ^^

Thank you all so much for reading all of this^^ Again, it's great to be back on here and see my wonderful friends. :D Tell me about how you have been doing! Any new animes you have watched or recommend? Remember the Kobato Wallpaper Challenge ends this month on the 20th!! Anyway, love you and take care^^ *hugs*

Much Love,

P.S. Oh my freaken gosh, I have been promoted to an Otaku Legend! O.O I'm still a bit shocked but wow, am truly happy and honored. ^___^
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