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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hello there Everyone!!!!!!!

=^_^= i am so happy right now!! i have great news...OUR BAND WON!!! FIRST PLACE!! XD W00-HOO!!! XD it was so amazing! i wasn't exactly expecting to win. We were going up against 5 other bands in our division, and one of them was our biggest rivals. We always lose to them!...well we beat them this time^^ XD haha, too bad! XD lol. when they announced we won first place, Keri and i jumped up, screamed and gave each other the biggest hugs ever^^ XD and then we practically skipped out of the bleacher section, and we were laughing like complete idiots with huge grins on our faces^^ We have really worked hard this year, so i think we deserved it. and thank you for wishing my band and i luck^^ it really makes me happy^^ The only two bad things about the competition was the hot weather and that my mom couldn't come and watch the band. -_- it really makes me happy when i know she's there up in the bleachers, watching us. She says she is really proud of me, so i always try to do my best. That is one of the main reasons why im in band. but i felt like no one was really there to watch me and support me. My mom was so upset that she couldnt come and watch us. she actually started crying, thats how bad she felt. lol, she is pretty emotional^^ My mom just cares for me so much, and she also knows that my Dad will never be there for me, so she always tries her best to be there. but it didnt matter,i know how much she cares for me, so thats the most important part^^ So, i cant wait to see how we do at are other competitions.

Hahaha, it was actually kind of funny reading your comments about Cody. haha, most of you said he was a stalker^^ lol. yeah, i think so too. but yesterday he came up to me and said "Meagan, you look really warm today.".............WTF?! Warm?! what does that mean?! haha. My friend Mike heard him say that and he just stared at him for at least a minute. O_o he just keep getting creepier everyday. lol.

Today i dont think im going to be doing much. i need to get to sleep though, its like midnight here and i am really freaken tired. lol. i have a ton of homework though. -__- oh well, at least next week is homecoming, and that week we usually dont have much homework. i might go to the dance, but last year it was really stupid! >_< i hate stuff like that anyway. i hate dances and parties. -_- i am just a really mellow person. lol.

I will be getting to sites today^^ so, im sorry for not visiting everyone yesterday. so thank you again for reading my post^^ *huggles*

No quiz, questions, or video today^^;

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Lost School Girl
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Have a great Sunday and a great week^^ Take care!
~innocent heart~

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello there Everyone! How is your weekend going?

YAY! its the weekend! XD i am sooo happy! Well, i actually have my band competition today. Its from 11 to 6. I really hope we win! So were going up against five other bands, and were the first ones to perform^^; So please wish my band and i luck! =^_^=

So how did your week go? Mine went pretty good^^ I am on my fifth week of school now. -_- Now things are really starting to get serious. I have sooo much homework! and not to mention i have this huge religion project thing i have to do for World History thats due Friday. -__- so stressful! >_< but i shouldn't be complaining much. i know a lot of you have it much harder than me! -_- The class im worrying about the most is Geometry. i am no good at math. -_- last year i barley passed my algebra class. But i have heard Geometry is easier, so thats good^^ XD lol

Today was beyond disturbing. This freshman boy named Cody, who has this huge freaken crush on me, keeps coming up to me and telling me information about me that i have never told him about. O_o i asked him today where the heck he gets this stuff from, and he says "I have my sources". O_O um...haha...ok then....lol.

Haha, yes as you can see i changed my theme once again^^;. Sorry if that bugs some of you, its just i love to change my site around! and this time i changed it to Yuki from Fruits Basket. i LOVE Yuki! His personality is amazing to me^^ I can really relate to him.

Did anyone hear about the 3 new kingdom hearts games? They sounds sooo cool!!! XD especially the one for the DS, where you get to play as Roxas^^ YAY! XD lol. well hopefully will get these games soon, but most likely not for another year or so.

Well i dont have much to say. Im sorry if i dont get to sites today, but i will be kind of busy^^; well i appreciate you coming to visit me^^ Thank you very much! *hugs*


Question time!!
1. Is it easy for you to fall in love with someone?
2. Rain or Snow?

My answers:
1. no, i have never really fallen in love before. i am still looking for that special someone, and i am not about to give up my heart that easily.
2. Snow. its just so beautiful and i love how silent the world becomes when it starts snowing.


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The new video for "Let me borrow that top". LOL!! XD this video does have some certain moments, so im just warning you! XD

Well i hope you have a great Saturday^^ Take care my sweet souls...
~innocent heart~

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hello there Everyone^^ How is your day going?

Well the sleepover went great^^ We had so much fun! First we got in the hot tub, which was so relaxing^^ haha, i had never been in one before, so it felt great^^ Then we came back inside, ate a bunch of food and watched Wild Hogs^^ LOL! That movie was great^^ Except when Brittany and Erin kept telling me I was like Dudley. -___- and then we played some DDR, got on the computer, and then went to bed^^ (actually Brittany kept laughing in my ear for an hour, so then i started laughing, which made Erin mad. -__-) XD lol. still though, it was a ton of fun^^

Haha, yeah my Grandma came to pick me up this morning to take me home, but i was still dead asleep. lol. i had to run outside with my Pj's on^^ XD lol. thank god no one was outside.

So, anyway, i dont really know what i am going to do today. Probably just relax and do homework. I have a Geometry test tomorrow, so please wish me luck^^

I am really sorry for not getting to everyone's sites yesterday^^; I will get to them today. So, thank you all so much again for visiting me and reading my stupid, boring posts^^ *hugs*

Question Time!!
1. Is there an item that you have that means a lot to you?
2. Is it easy for you to smile?
3. Heart or Soul?

My answers:
1. yes, my ankle bracelet my Mom gave me a couple of years ago. I never take it off.
2. haha, yes^^ When im around flowers, thats when i smile the easiest.
3. Heart

Here is a video and quiz for you:

Chobits: Chii and Hideki^^ Heaven by DJ Sammy

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Well i hope you all have a great new week tomorrow^^ Take care!
~innocent heart~

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

♥ Hello there everyone! How are you? ^_^ ♥

So how did your week go? i hope it went well. Mine went okay, wasnt that bad^^ I actually didnt go to school yesterday. My mom wasnt feeling the best, so i stayed home with her. She has been sick for a couple days now, but she if feeling a lot better^^ haha, but all i really did was sleep! XD lol. but i felt like my body needed it. I have been sooo busy. -___-

Also, yesterday, my brother Zach got a new puppy!! XD OMG, it was soooooo cute!!! XD its a little Jack Russel Terrier, about 10 weeks old. =^_^= it is so cute! i just want to squeeze it! XD lol. I wish i could get another dog of my own, but the my dog i already have, Koda, she gets really jealous around other dogs. -__- she gets in fights all of the time! T_T so annoying! and also, i just want to pay full attention to Koda. i would feel like i was giving the other dog too much attention, and not any to Koda. So im just happy i have her^^

It was so weird when i checked in my inbox on theotaku. There were so many "i love you" chainletters!!! XD lol. There was about 12. i was like, "WTF?!" XD lol. but, um, thanks i guess..??? i love you guys too! XD haha. did anyone else get these?

Wow, i cant believe my first band competition is next weekend! That is sooo surprising! XD lol. Wish us luck^^

So today i'm going over to my friend's house, Erin(voodoo magic) for a little party for my friend Brittany^^ Her birthday was Wednesday, so were just having a sleepover with the three of us. so it should be a lot of fun! XD we have all knew each other since Kindergarten^^ and also Tiffany and Keri and I, before i go over there, are going to go see Mr. Bean's Holiday! XD lol. i think it looks so funny! So today is going to be so much fun! XD

Well ill try my best to get to sites today, but if i dont, ill get to them tomorrow^^ So see you all soon! Take care!

Question Time!!
1. What anime/video game character best fits your personality?
2. When are you most happiest?

My answers:
1. Probably Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist. haha, his personality is just like mine! XD lol
2. When i help others^^

Here is a video for you:
Inuyasha Parody Clip 6: ROFFLECAKES!

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HAHA!! This Inuyasha Parody is sooo funny! XD LOL! (it does have some suggestive moments, so, im just warning you!! XD)
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Have a great Saturday! XD
~innocent heart~

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

♥ Hiya^^ Happy Sunday Everyone! =^_^= ♥

How is your Weekend going for you? Hopefully well. *sigh* I cant believe its Sunday already! -__- i dont like Sundays very much, just becuase i know i got a new week of school in front of me^^ haha, oh well!

Yesterday went okay. The wedding shower was of course stupid and boring. lol. Sorry, i just really hate stuff like that. Not to mention i was sooo tired! i could hardly keep my eyes open. Yeah, my brother's Grandma was like, "Meagan, every time i see you, your asleep!!" T_T um, i highly doubt that. sure, i do sleep a lot, but not that much!!! lol. but anyway, i ended up laying my head down on the table and i kind of dozed off. lol, my mom was getting mad at me.

I was so happy when it was over with^^ i went home and took like a 4 hour nap! XD lol. i dont know, i think its because i'm sick, so my body is more tired than usual. haha.

I also didnt go to the movies yesterday. Poor Tiffany had way to much homework. She is a senior this year, and im going to miss her so much when she graduates! She said she might graduate in December! I was started yelling "NOOO!" and this was at the football game^^ haha, people thought i was yelling at the opposite team. XD lol. but yeah, i think i have some French homework to do and world history. oh, joy. but thank god i dont have any math homework. yuck! XD lol In a lot of your posts, it seems like you all have a lot of homework to do.

I hope i got to everyone's sites yesterday. Sorry if i missed you. i will also try my best to get to them today^^ Well, i will see you all next weekend! Take care! *hugs*

Question time!
1. Do you ever wish life was like an anime?
2. What is your favorite drink?
3. Do you consider the Moon to be a light, that guides people out of the darkness?

My answers:
1. haha, yeah! XD
2. hmmm...i like juice^^
3. yes it is^^ (sorry that question was so weird^^;)

Here is a Video and quiz for you:

HAHA! nope, no one can touch Ed! XD lol

Your True Love Is a Cancer

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Cancer's loyal and sincere heart makes your own sensitive heart melt.

Caring and devoted, a Cancer will take the lead in pursuing you - and not give up!

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A fellow homebody, you know how make Cancer comfortable and at home with you.

♥ Have a great Sunday^^ ♥
~innocent heart~

Koge-Donbo, i heart you and your fantastic art! XD

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hello there Everyone! YAY its the weekend! XD

So how did your week go? I hope it went well^^ Mine went pretty good. So i just got back from another annoying football game. -___- i really wish the band wasn't required to play there. haha, it was funny though because Tiffany laid her head on my shoulder and then Derek did laid his head on my other shoulder, and they both freaken fell asleep on me!! XD haha! it was so funny but uncomfortable at the same time. lol

im feeling a lot better now! i still dont feel the best, but im feeling sooo much better! XD thank god the only sickness i ever really get are colds. (i really hope i didnt jinx myself when i said that....lol)

Lets see...today im going to a wedding shower. oh wont that be fun. lol. and then im probably going to see a movie with Tiffany or we might go to the mall and walk around like were lost. XD lol.

So how is school going for you so far? haha, its going ok for me, except i have my regular stalker this year. -___- i have a stalker every single year, and its creepy. i dont why people like to follow me around everywhere. -__-

As you can see, i changed my site again! XD YAY! haha, yeah, i really loved this image of Misha from Pita ten, so i had to put it as my background^^ i hope you like it and i hope you can read the text okay^^

Well, ill be sure to get to sites today^^

Question time!!
1. Are you a confident person?
2. Sunny or cloudy?
3. Is there anything you would want change about yourself?

My answers:
1. no, hardly at all. i have very low self confidence
2. hmmm...well i like sunny, but it has to be cool out at the same time^^ ha ha
3. of course there is. i really wish i could be more confident

No quiz or video today^^

May you all have a Great Saturday^^
~innocent heart~

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Monday, September 3, 2007

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Hello there! Happy Labor Day! XD

So how did your Sunday go? Mine went pretty good. The family get-together was okay. I was feeling really sick, so i wasnt in the best mood. But we sat outside till it was pitch black out, and even my aunt was outside with us in her wheelchair^^ she is pretty happy right now^^ She keeps saying she wants to go to my band competitions. She LOVES them. haha. so, hopefully, she will be able to go to at least one of them. I cant wait till October! We go to Springfield! XD and since Springfield is so close to Branson, were going there for vacation for a couple of days^^ haha, im going to miss like 4 days of school. XD lol. Yes, Springfield is in Missouri, which is where i live. Oh god! now you all know where i live! XD lol such a boring state. -__-

Also, still talking about yesterday, i spilled bleach all over me!! i was taking the bleach bottle out of the car, and the cap wasnt on very tight, so it spilled all over me!!! T_T my shirt and new skirt were ruined! and not to mention i smelled of bleach for hours! T_T it was terrible!

Haha, some of you really worried about me when i said i had a negative outlook on myself on the 8 facts about me yesterday. Thats just how i am. I care more for other people then myself.

Oh, i watched Air yesterday! WOW! that anime is so beautiful! its already one of my favorites now^^ I love it! and i love this song on my site^^ the opening for Air. its so beautiful! XD you have to watch this anime!!! its amazing!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Im sorry for not visiting your sites yesterday. i woke up really late and then i was at my uncles house for the whole day. so ill be sure to visit them today!!!

Question time!!!
1. Do you ever think that there is more to life than meets the eye?
2. Do you wish you could live in the sky or live underwater?

My answers:
1. yes...all of the time
2. the sky!!! then i could watch the world down below^^

here is a quiz and video for you^^:

Which character from Air are you?

You are: Misuzu Kamio

A cheerful, yet clumsy person. She always had a dream of one day flying and seeing if there's another her out there in the sky. She also has a goal to one day find happiness in her life. She's always had a big issue with dinosaurs since she was little.
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Air tv opening^^

Well i guess ill see you all next this weekend! i hope you all have a great week and that you take it easy today^^ take care!

~innocent heart~
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Sunday, September 2, 2007


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Hello there Everyone!!!! XD

So how did your Saturday go yesterday? Mine went pretty good! My mom and i went shopping^^ I got some new clothes and i got the Air tv volume one! i have heard so many good things about this anime! So, i cant wait to watch it^^ yeah, so it all went good, except im sick. i have caught a cold, so im not feeling the best. *sigh* Hopefully it will go away soon.

Lets see...today im going over to my uncles house. were having a family get together type thing. Having a barbecue. So i get to see my brothers and some of my cousins^^ It should be a lot of fun! XD

A lot of you yesterday in my post said you either hated sports or hated going to those school football games. haha, trust me, im the same way. i hate sports also and im not of fan of football games. i wouldn't go, but i have too because my band plays there. -___- that is so annoying. lol.

haha, i just realized that i have been on this username for two months now^^ haha, cool! XD so i guess its my anniversary. lol. here is how many hits and guesbook signings i have so far....

1311 hits
325 guestbook signings

so thank you so much everyone! XD
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More people tagged me today. oh goodie. lol. well, okay, i will only do the facts part, but i will not tag anyone! so here it goes....

The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a message telling them they're tagged.

8 facts about me:
1. I want to be a counselor when i grow up. I want to help people!
2. I am really ditzy sometimes and i space out a lot.
3. i love to write fantasy stories
4. I have a negative outlook on myself
5. i adore flowers^^ they are just so pretty!
6. My eyes are a light green outside, inside they are a dark green.
7. i believe there is good in everyone.
8. i love to sleep^^

ok, im done!! XD lol no one is being tagged though.

Well here is a quiz and video for you:

Rate Your Cuteness!

You Are A 05
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wow....sounds like Roxas doesn't like waffles! XD lol

thank you for reading my post^^ I hope i got to everyone yesterday. i know there was a few of you that i didn't get to, and i apologize. So, i might post tomorrow, and i might not. but either way, take care^^

Have a great Sunday!
~innocent heart~
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Saturday, September 1, 2007


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Hiya Everyone! ^____^

So how did your week go? Mine went very good! So i am liking school very much so far^^ For those of you who started school this week, i hope it went well for you.

Haha, i just got home from a high school football game. i am sooo tired. haha. So the marching band had to play there, which was fun. My friends and i goofed around a lot. Except, we were wearing our uniforms and it was VERY hot out. so that was the only bad thing, oh, and that our team lost. they were terrible!!! The game was really boring to watch. haha, oh well. After we got done performing, everyone was clapping and cheering for the band. I felt so happy! XD poor football team, there faces were like this: O_o lol. Now i have a three day weekend! WOO-HOO! No school Monday! XD

I am so happy you guys enjoyed my story! XD the comments you gave me were really nice! i appreciated all of them. Some of you wanted it to be longer, and trust me, i did too. but this was just a warm-up thing we had to write in less than five minutes, so i couldn't make it any longer^^ haha. But hopefully, maybe i can continue it^^

Haha, what is the deal with this "tag" thing? lol, i got tagged like 5 times! i had so many messages on it! XD lol. sorry, i dont really want to do that. its like a chain letter thing to me, which i dont like. -__- XD so sorry. lol. Maybe ill do it another time.

I will be sure to get to sites today^^ So im very sorry for not visiting your sites this week, its just because of school^^ So i hope you all have a great Saturday!

oh! and also, Happy First Day of September^^ haha

question time!
1. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher before?
2. um..this isnt really a question, but Pick a word that describes you!

My answers:
1. uh......hahahaha.....
2. Sunflower! XD lol

No quiz or video today^^(aww....lol)

Take care my sweet souls^^
~innocent heart~
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sorry, long post^^

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Howdy Y'all! XD

So how did your Saturday go yesterday? mine went pretty good. i got my haircut like i said and it actually came out pretty good^^ its up to my shoulder blades now and it has long layers. so i was pleased with it, except it feels so weird! i keep asking myself why is my hair so short? lol.

i was such a klutz today! i ran into my tv, twice! stubbed my toe, ran into a door, and almost tripped on the sidewalk. haha. yeah and i also had some very stupid moments that i dont want to get into. lets just say when i did those little moments this was the people's faces: O_o lol

*sigh* i talked with my dad today, for like 10 minutes! wow, thats a new record! -__- he forgets everything and supposedly his car is broken...AGAIN!!! im surprised that car just hasn't blown up yet! lol. he only lives 20 minutes away and i never see him. My sister found out he lies to us and actually just goes to the bar to drink. -__- i really wish though i had a father in my life. luckily i have my brothers to help me with that^^ i actually look up to them as to my father figures^^ *sigh* im sorry im being this dramatic. i need to be more positive, but sometimes happy go lucky people like me have to have a good sigh sometimes! XD lol

Well, this is Sunday, and that means i go back to hell, uh, i mean school tomorrow^^ lol. oh well get to see my world history teacher ^_~ lol! jk! yeah, i guess my mom and i are going to see a movie today. so that should be fun. i hope i got to everyone's sites yesterday. i will try to get to them today, but for the coming week i wont update or comment till the weekend^^

Will you please read this short little story i wrote? i had to do it for my English class. he told us to express ourselves, something that comes from our heart. so, i did^^ lol here it is.....

"I stood there in the snow covered road, feeling the icy teas run down my cheeks. I looked up into the gray, lonely sky watching the snowflakes fall to the earth with a silent splash. It felt like the bitter wind was mocking me, as it silently swirled around me, reminding me of all my sorrow. Slowly i moved toward my destination, looking back every once in awhile to see if the same one set of footprints would suddenly have a companion walking beside them. How i have dreamed of finding someone just like me, walking down the same road of regrets...."

Well there it was^^ it was enjoyable writing. i know it was sad, but im a really deep writer^^ lol. hope you enjoyed it.

question time:
1. did you like the little story i wrote?(be honest. i am a writer, so i am always open to advice)
2. what is your clothing style?

my answers:
2. um, i usually just wear simple clothes, but it has to be cute! XD lol

Here is a quiz and video for you:

You Are A Fig Tree

You are very independent and strong minded.

A hard worker when you want to be, you play hard too.

You are honest and loyal. You hate contradiction or arguments.

You love life, and you live for your friends, children, and animals.

A great sense of humor, artistic talent, and intelligence are all gifts you possess.

This video is hilarious!!! XD one of my favorites. but it does have some strong language in it, so if your offended by that, dont watch! XD

Well i shall see all of you next weekend^^
~innocent heart~
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