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Friday, August 10, 2007


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HELLO EVERYONE!!! how are you?

yesterday wasnt to exciting. i just went over to my grandma's house for the day. i slept a lot! My grandma doesnt really care though. Well, there is nothing really to do at her house besides watching t.v. and when she wants to watch a movie with me, the movie is like 60 years old! lol XD

I have band all this weekend, from like noon to six on Saturday, and three to seven on sunday. we have such a big band! over 200 people in it, and my trumpet section has 35 trumpets including me! there is only me and 4 other girls in that section. so there are 30 guys. lol. thats always fun. haha.

I have to start going to bed sooner at night starting next week. i always go to bed around 4 in the morning, so have to change that before school! haha. i really miss my literacy class in school! all we did in that class was read! but it was so much fun because my friends keri and Deserae and i, we would just sit there and laugh the whole time. it was like the only class i was loud and open in. I got into trouble a lot in that class. haha, oh well, good memories^^ lol

Question time!
1.do you care about getting a lot of comments on your post?
2.what is relaxing to you?
3.do you play any instruments?

My answers:
1. no, i could care less what the number of comments i get, but rather it makes me feel good to know i have friends who will come to read my post and comment. it makes me very happy^^
2. taking a walk. i love taking walks in nice weather^^
3.yes, the trumpet^^

here is a quiz and video for you:

Your Birthdate: June 20

You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move.

It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone.

Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 4

You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month.

My favorite bleach opening^^ not to mention i love this song(no wonder, its playing on my site right now!!! XD)

hope you all have a great Friday^^
~innocent heart~
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OMG! that is too freaken cute of al! XD
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Thursday, August 9, 2007


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hello everyone^^ how are you? i am doing wonderful^^ its raining over here^^ YAY, i love the rain^^ its so peaceful^^

Yesterday went really good^^ it was so much fun going over to keri's house, except when i came over she was still asleep and her grandma didnt have any idea who i was! haha, she just gave me this really weird look. after keri woke up, we watched "Billy Madison". Omg, i love that movie! XD it is so funny!

Then Derek came over a little later, and he wouldn't stop touching me!!(NO! not in that way! o_o haha) he just kept touching my shoulder, patting the top of my head, and kept trying to grab my hand.my face was like this the whole time:O_O. lol. i dont really like to be touched by people. i mean i love hugs, but i have a touch policy. But my friends are constantly coming up and giving me huge hugs. there like "you are so huggable!" haha. but i felt sorry for keri because she kept looking at derek when he did that to me. she just smiled though, but i hope she wasnt hurt. she is the one who likes derek, not me. i just dont see derek in that way. and he would be really good for my friend keri.

Also, i had the funeral to go to yesterday for my sister-in-law's father. so i had to bring some nice clothes with me to keri's house to change into. it was hilarious when my grandma called me and she said, "do you have your clothes on? im coming to pick you up." she meant my nice clothes to wear to the funeral. i just started cracking up laughing. im like, "no grandma, im just walking around naked!" and poor derek practically fell out of his chair he was sitting in. lmao, that was so funny! XD

Question time!!!
1.do you like the rain?
2.if you could be in any anime or video game, which one would you choose?
3.do you collect anything?

My answers:
2.probably kingdom hearts^^
3.um, i collect a variety of stuff^^ haha

Here is a video and quiz for you:

omg, this commercial is great!! LMAO!! XD

Which Positive Quality Are You?
Your Result: Love

You are Love. Love is the glue that binds us all together. The love of family, the love of friends, the love between husbands and their wives--these things form the foundation of our happiness, our security, and our comfort. "All you need is love."

Which Positive Quality Are You?

Have a great day my sweet souls^^
-innocent heart-meagan^^
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that is so cute^^ X3
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


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hello everyone^^ how are you today?
i am doing much better^^(see post from yesterday) Thank you all so much for your comments and for those who messaged me. that was very sweet of you guys and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. your comments really made me happy^^

YAY! my new layout is orihime^^ my favorite female bleach character!

Anyway,i didnt have to go to band yesterday^^ my mom told me to stay home and take it easy. AND i can go over to keri's house today like planned^^ my mom changed her mind. im not spending the night, but im going over there for the day. so that should be fun.

haha, i guess a lot of people in band were wondering where i was. Ecspecially my friend tiffany. she texted me saying, "ARE YOU ALRIGHT?! ARE YOU HURT?!" im like no tiffany, im fine^^
i started cracking up laughing. im like "tiffany, calm down. no one said anything! im just not feeling well, thats all." haha, she said she was really bored at band and missed me. she said she was gonna come kidnap me and bring me here. haha, poor tiffany. she loves to stare at this boy during band, but he's on vacation, so no wonder she was bored. haha, yeah she asked me to help her kidnap him. i was like, uh, sure! XD lol

also, thank you so much for the 44 comments yesterday! i feel so loved^^ and also thank you for the 260 gb signings and over 900 visits^^ thank you so much^^

question time!!!
1.what is your favorite day of the week?
2.what kind of eye color are you attracted to?
3.favorite type of movie?

My answers:
1. Friday^^
2.since i have such a dark green color to my eyes, im attracted to a light blue^^ or just blue for that matter XD lol it is so pretty^^
3.i love all kinds^^ i love comedy the best^^

here is a quiz and video for you:

YAY! the numa numa song^^ XD

You Are "Dizzy and Giddy"

haha, sounds like me^^

Have a great day^^ and you all get some of my fresh baked cookies^^ XD lol
~innocent heart~
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aw^^ i love this pic of roxas! *hugs* mine, mine,roxas is mine^^ ^_~ haha
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


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hello everyone. how are you today?
*sigh* im not doing to well. Yesterday i had an emotional breakdown. I had been crying all day yesterday and was just really gloomy -_-

I have emotional breakdowns sometimes. im the type of person who always tries there best to be strong, but ends up failing at it. i try not to let people see how i really feel and i hardly cry in front of them. i always wait till im alone, then i start crying. i just hold stuff inside of me for too long.

Now i cant even go over to my friend keri's house because of my mom being stupid. so i am mad about that. and to top it all off i have a 4 hour band practice tonight! i really need a hug right now or someone to talk too. i could talk with my friends in real life, but i feel like they wouldnt understand. i always am trying to help them, but sometimes i think someone really needs to help me. something just isnt right with me lately. i hope im not sick or anything...

i am really sorry for being dramatic. i am usually pretty positive. im just really sad right now and i felt like i needed to talk about it. so, sorry you had to waste your time reading about it.

well here are some questions for you:
1.am i annoying?
2.do you ever have emotional breakdowns?
3.do you consider me as a friend?

my answers:
2.i dont get them often, i am usually pretty happy, but right now i do! lol
3. i consider everyone who comments on my posts almost everyday and pm's me a great friend. it gives me a lot of comfort to talk with people on here.

here is a video for you:

YAY! kingdom hearts stupid files^^ this one made me laugh. i love it where sora goes "and some skittles!" LMAO! XD

thank you for reading my post. i heart all of you^^ how i wish i could bake you guys some cookies right now! X3 lol

i hope you have a blessed day
~innocent heart~
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Monday, August 6, 2007

   haha, i know this a long post but bare with me here^^

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HIYA EVERYONE!!!! ^__^ how did your weekend go? Mine was ok -__-. Lets see....yesterday i just layed around house all day long. i watched a lot of the old scooby doo episodes on cartoon network^^i miss that show.

Well, Wednesday im going to go spend the night with my friend Keri. Were going to have a movie night.Im baking a cake to bring^^ and i might just bake some cookies for her so she can eat them later^^ also, our friend derek is coming over. He has this HUGE crush on me. but i just see him as a friend, almost like a brother. so, um, sorry derek^^ and besides, keri likes him. so im trying to get them together, but derek wants to get with me O_o how to work this out...haha

I havent talked to my Dad for awhile. i called him, but he didnt pick up or call back....i hope he's ok. My dad is a big-time alcoholic and i worry about him. even though he is that way,i will still smile for him and love him. i just wish he would appreciate me more. but, he has given me terrible memories of him when he was drunk.*shudders*
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i love this josh groban song on my site. its called "you are loved" and its beautiful. it makes me cry though...

Ok, now time to answer the questions you guys asked me yesterday in my post......

1. How do you feel about love?
answer: Love is sacred to me. i hope to share true love with someone someday.(dont ever abuse this word)

2. If you could be any age which would you choose?
answer: the age i am right now, 15. i enjoy being this age^^

3. whats your favorite animal?
answer:oh...hm....this is actually really tough for me. i love all animals^^ but probably a dog

4. What do you think of poetry?
answer: i think poetry is beautiful! it really comes from the heart!

5. whats your favorite color?
answer: GREEN! ^___^ but i also like white and blue

6. what is one of your most embarrassing moments?
answer: oh god...i have too many of these^^ haha, but probably when my brother pulled up my shirt when my family was over O_o he is such a pervert!

7. what kind of special power would you like to have?
answer: to read people's minds^^

8. what about cheese?
answer: haha, this question made me laugh^^ i love cheese^^ lol

9. If you could be an angel,Would you be a dark angel or a celestial angel?
answer: very unique question^^ lets see...i would be a celestial angel^^ i want to help people in the world

10. how far are you in the tsubasa books?
answer: i am on book 4

11. Do you like guys who wear pink shirts?
answer: o_o not really. i mean its ok, but i prefer guys in darker colors

12. do you love japan?
answer: of course

13. Fire or ice?
answer: fire^^ rawr! lmao XD

14. What's something you're obsessed about?
answer: probably astrology^^ i love to learn about the stars

15. cookies or ice-cream?
answer: wow, this is also a tough one! XD lol
probably cookies^^

16. do penguins have knees?
answer: yes^^ of course

17. are you in love?
answer: no i am not in love. i am still looking for the one who is right for me....but who knows? maybe i have already met him.

Well, that is all of the questions from yesterday^^ no you dont have to answer these! they were meant for me to answer, but if you want to, uh, go ahead^^ lol i enjoyed answering them^^

well, no questions or quiz or video today -_-
(OMG!!! who are you?! what have you done with the real innocent heart?!) ^_____^ haha

I hope this is a good week for you^^
Lots of love-
innocent heart-meagan^^
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Sunday, August 5, 2007


HELLO!!! YAY!!! XD(oh god. too much sugar!)haha^^
how did your Saturday go yesterday? Mine was fine^^
lol, i woke up at 3 in the afternoon, well my mom really came and woke me up. she kept pushing me and yelling at me. To tell the truth, i found it funny. haha. i finally got up though. i just love to sleep.
Anyway, yesterday we went and saw my sister-in-law. Her father just committed suicide, so we went to comfort her. i felt really sorry for her.

After that and came home, my friend Keri called and talked with me. She needed advice about this guy she liked.*sigh* love doctor meagan back in the house. lol. i have to constantly help my friends with love problems or just anything really. but i enjoy helping them and it makes me feel good to know someone trusts me^^

ALSO, i have changed my theme again(everyone-what a surprise -_-) haha, yeah, its Fai from Tsubasa. i really adore this character^^

question Time!!! XD WOO-HOO!:
1.where would you like to live?
2.what is your favorite month?
3.ummm...ask me a question! you can ask me anything. and i will answer them in my next post tomorrow^^

my answers:
1.i would love to live in the country, away from city life
2.December^^ i love the weather and everyone seems to be in a merry mood^^ haha

Well, here is a video and another annoying quiz(haha)....

You scored as Mysterious, You wish to hide who you are from all those around you. You find it very hard to trust people. You also may enjoy the fun that comes from playing mind games with others around you.My advice Get out there and reveal the true you if only to one person!



Diamond Eyes


Eyes full of Pain




What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)
created with QuizFarm.com

Tsubasa opening^^ YAY!! XD

sorry this was such a long post^^ haha
i hope you have a great Sunday^^
~innocent heart~

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AW!! XD too cute axel XD lol
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Saturday, August 4, 2007


HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you today? YAY! its the weekend^^ Anyway, yesterday was so boring for me. Except, my friend Tiffany kept texting me saying "im bored, entertain me." So im like, "what am i supposed to do?!" she just kept texting me saying she was bored and wanted me to entertain her. so i was like, "ok, how about i go jack a car and pummel it through your house. would that be entertaining enough?" She finally shut up and started talking about something else.lol. i think i scared her. haha. Also, my friend Becca keeps texting me saying "peek a boo" about 10 times a day.O_o im like what the hell is your problem? lol.

Also, yesterday my grandma and i went to barnes and noble, and she kept saying, "are you going to get a mango today?" LOL. uh, grandma, its manga, not mango. XD lol

i really want to start reading the Death Note series. so im going to start collecting the volumes.
(WOW! that was some pointless rambling) haha.
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question time!!!
1.if you could be any animal, what would you be?
2.what is your favorite fruit?
3.if you could do anything right now, what would you do?

My answers:
1.ummm...a...UNICORN!! XD lol, no i might want to be a flying squirrel.(WTF?!)O_o lol
2.strawberries^^ and watermelon
3.um....maybe kidnap Orlando Bloom. XD lol, idk.

Here is a video and....*dum dum dum* a QUIZ!!(well that no-quiz strike didnt last long, haha):

Which Final Fantasy girl are you??12 different results

You are Tifa!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

AWESOME!! tifa is my favorite ff character! XD

YAY! its the happy song XD lol

i hope you all have a great Saturday!
~innocent heart~

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one of my favorite anime pics^^
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Friday, August 3, 2007


hiya everyone! how are you today? Yes, now my theme is naruto and hinata. i love this couple^^ they are so cute together.

lets see....yesterday i finished the last of my school shopping.*sigh* 18 more days till i go back. You know, one thing i don't like about school is the people. They really bug me. haha. Like in school i am REALLY quiet, so everyone comes up to me saying "Meagan are you alright?" or "Meagan, you look sad." and i don't hardly know these people that come up to me and say that. i just smile sweetly and say im fine, but what i really want to say is "back off!!". lol. Also, since i am quiet, the teachers are always putting me in the spotlight, which i hate. i get scared.
well, idk, sorry about that dramatic moment there. haha^^
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question time!! YAY! XD
1.have you been enjoying your summer?
2. in the new school year, what grade are you starting?
3.how would you describe my personality?

my answers....
1.yeah, its been ok. i have been lazy XD haha
2. 10th grade
3.ummm...stupid. XD haha

Also, i know your birthday was yesterday, but happy birthday GaarasGal^^

well here is a video for you, but no quiz today(OMG?! are you serious?! are you ok??)haha^^:

LOL XD i know this was random, but i love this commercial^^

May you all have a blessed day....
~innocent heart~
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Thursday, August 2, 2007


hello everyone^^ i hope you are all doing well today. i am doing fine. today i don't have much to say. haha. oh! thank you to everyone who visited voodoo magic^^ also thank you animemagik for putting that post on your site for people to go see her^^ also, thank you Effie-san for making the button for me. i love it! and...um....thank you to all of you who have come by my site almost every day and read my posts and commented! so thank you^^ ^__^
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questions of the day.....
1.what anime song do you think expresses you?
2.do you daydream often?
3.are you searching for something out of life?

my answers....
1.probably "forever" the opening song to elemental gelade
2.all of the time. i sometimes get a little too carried away at times though.
3.....yes i am, but most people would never understand what it is....

well here is ANOTHER quiz(haha) and video:

what is your soul searching for? (gothic pics and detailed results!)

Your soul is searching for beauty. You're the type of person that's totally mystified by the colors in a butterfly's wings or the glitter of the falling snow in the winter. You hardly ever percieve anything as ugly - you have the rare ability to see the beauty in everything and everyone around you. You're a truly talented artist and you take joy from seeing others smile. You're also a very religious person and place tons of faith in your religion, afterall, religion an faith are very beautiful things to the heart that seeks beauty! some jobs you might like - artist, graphic designer, writer, musician, fashion designer and hair stylist.Quote - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." - Anonymus.Song - Sanctuary - Utada Hikaru
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

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here is another kingdom hearts on crack video^^ lol

have a great day^^ and may you find your heart's wish ^_~
~innocent heart~
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sooo true^^ lol

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


HELLO! how are you all today? today is the first day of August. *sigh* i go back to school in 20 days. -__- oh well, at least i get to see my friends. i cant wait to see them^^
Anyway, yesterday i got about 30 comments! 0_0 i practically fell out of my chair when i saw that. i feel like i don't deserve all those comments. but i really do enjoy reading them! so thank you for giving your time to read my posts^^
Also, would everybody please go see Voodoo Magic. she is one of my best friends in real life and she just joined today. so if you can, please stop by her site. thank you^^
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questions of the day:
1.to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what kind of person must they be? their personality?
2.do you like daytime or night more?
3.what is the color and length of your hair?

my answers:
1.he justs needs to be kind to me and protect me. someone who will love me for who i am.
2.night! midnight is my favorite time^^
3. auburn(mix of brown and red) and its to the middle of my back.

well here is a quiz and video for you....

What Kingdom Hearts Guy Is For You? (Girls Only Please! ;p)

OMG!!! You got Roxas!! He's such a little sweetheart! He's shy, and he's kinda quiet, but when you're in trouble, look out! You're enemy's gonna get his ass handed to him! When he tries something new, he's cautious, trying to prove himself, but not trying to mess everything up. He loves to go to the beach, eat sea salt ice cream, and watch sunsets.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

LOL! I LOVE THIS!! this is my favorite "kingdom hearts on crack" parody^^ check them out on youtube! there hilarious!

May you all have a fantastic day^^
~innocent heart~
p.s. Erin if your reading this,i know your the one who stole my cookie!! and now i am pissed! T_T haha...

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