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Thursday, June 11, 2009

*waves* Hello my beautiful friends! ^_^ How are you today?

^_^ I'll post this weekend probably, but just wanted to put up the lyrics for the song that is on my site right now. Please listen to the whole song and read the lyrics, they're very inspirational and very true and sweet. ^_^ So please listen and read.

The song is DuDiDuWa~Lalala by KOTOKO(♥) ^_^ Just follow a long with the song! :D


Come, let's go without closing our eyes
Let's head for the broad skies filled with song and laughter
We're aiming for our goals
Let's fly, believing that
there's nothing that won't come true

Hey! DuDiDuWa Let's sing in the sky. lalala...
(I love sing a song and laughing.)
Hey! DuDiDuWa We're laughing always. lalala...
(Let's sing your song and smile and laugh with me.)

Ain't it too early for you to give up?
Time shouldn't be stopping quite yet.
Even if you don't have time to spare,
With that syle of your own,
Don't worry about it.

No matter how crazy are the stunts that you pull, it'll become magic if you wish hard enough,
Although it would be nice if this tiny dream would become somebody's happiness

Hey! DuDiDuWa Let's sing in the sky. lalala...
(I love sing a song and laughing.)
Hey! DuDiDuWa We're laughing always. lalala...
(Let's sing your song and smile and laugh with me.)

Let's believe in God in our hearts
My small arms and legs aren't failing on me yet
Everybody is really waiting for their dream world
So, let's make one!

Whether they're tall or short, scary or gentle,
Everyone comes from the distant star
Born from the same sea
Even though we have no feathers, in our hearts, we fly in our own sky
I wanna eat delicious things! (I don't need that!)
I wanna collect all things beautiful, I want to be number one?
I want to be loved by everyone
There's all sorts of troubles neverending
I hate being lonely!
Whether they have eight legs, four legs, 2 legs, or only roots
Everybody breaths the same air
I like to look above the huge sky I have a dream that's important to me
It's true what they say that just having your precious somebody beside you is so aah~
And because I've already even realized that I'm happy
If only this joy will turn into somebody's courage...

We're laughing always...


I hope you all liked the song and the lyrics of course^^ You better of listened to the whole song with lyrics or I will make you fight with the pancakes of doom. T_T

Take care everyone! Thank you always for everything^^ I truly do love you guys! May happiness and sunshine fill all of your days! Talk to you later! :)

Much Love,

P.S. Fixed my site so now internet explorer people should be able to view my site okay..at least I hope so^^; Tell me if you can't!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Icon of they day:

Time: Early morning hour. :D

*waves* Hello there my beautiful people! :D How are you?

Wow the last time I posted on here was... April 12th. Lol. Well as most of you know my internet was down but now it is fixed(obviously). So yay to that! I missed you guys so much. Everyday I thought of you though! :)

So is everyone on Summer Break? Or about to be? I have been off for about 2 weeks now. It feels awesome to be able to relax and not have to worry about hw and school. I also stay up till 5 AM and sleep in till the late afternoon hours. XD Kelsey already knows that. Lol. Anyway, I have just been playing Odin Sphere(LOOVVEE THIS GAME! :O ♥) and been a lazy bum for the most part. 8D

I find it funny that its already June though...and not just June...but JUNE 8th! Time is flying by! SLOW DOWN!! Anyway, my birthday is this month. Its on the 20th. I shall be the big 17!...yay!!....BOO! XP I don't want to turn 17 yet! I want to stay a kid forever! PETER PAN, WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU?!...Awwz, well...I shall enjoy my time now. XD Anyway, my Mom keeps asking me what I want for my birthday and I'm like...."uh...money?" Lol. I have no idea. There is a new DS game called "The Legendary Starfy" which looks cuter than heck and I love Disney stuff of course, so it doesn't really matter. I would like to maybe get an anime figure. The ones I like though are like a trillion billion million dollars! Ugh like I am going to spend more than 100 dollars on a freaken figure! XP

Lol my Mom cracks me up about anime figures. We used to have an anime store by us, but they closed down because they were just going to use their internet site instead. Well my Mom hated that store with a passion. She said she felt like a creeper when she went in there. Lol. I liked the store because duh, it had anime stuff in it but it was a little shady I thought as well. Anyway about the figures. A lot of men would come in there and look/buy anime figures...GIRL figures of course. XD And they would always buy the big-boobed or the "I'm not wearing anything but this flimsy dress". Lol. My Mom was like, "It creeps me out to know why grown men would want those type of figures...what are they going to do with them?" XD LOL. Wow Mom. Haha I thought it was funny though. To the guys reading this, why do you like boobies so much? I mean seriously? Lol. I asked my friend Derek one time about that and he gave the most hilarious answer. "Uhh...I don't know...because their squishy?"....LOL!

Haha okay I will stop with the nasty talk, I'm just an open book though so I can ask or talk about pretty personal things.

Anyways, this is completely random but I really hate Sparkle-Chan and Lala. XD Nah just kidding, I love them! It is fun talking to them on Sparkle-Jessica-Chan's little chatroom thingy. We're going to have a cage fight with pancakes! :D

This guy:

Ohno from ARASHI


I-Hop's Pancakes of Doom(yes they are trained cage fighters)

And they are going to have a cage fight. SPARKLE-CHAN, OHNO IS GOING DOWN!! Pancakes pwn all! >:D

And I found the next guy I am going to marry! Here he is:

Chinen from the band Hey! Say! JUMP

GAAAH!!! He is sooooooo cute!!! Il est tres mignon! X3



Tenderheart Bear
You are thinker, organizer, peacekeeper, and leader all in one. You have a power to command attention and people listen to you. However, you are often so concerned about not hurting others' feelings that you don't tell them what they need to hear and this gets you both into trouble. But you always have loyal friends to help you out.

:D Cute!

Youtube Video of the Day:

Hilarious and epic. :3 ♥


I also made a new wallpaper! Thank you to those who have already commented^^ If you haven't seen it yet, please do. Thank you! Here it is:

And not many people looked at this one. If you could please check it out, that would be awesome^^ Thank you to those who already have!

Sorry for making you comment so much^^; But I do appreciate it! :D

Wow I'm hyper. Okay I will stop rambling now. Thank you for being great friends to me and also thank you for reading this random, silly post! :D I love you guys very much and I truly mean that! ^_^ May sunshine fill every second of your days! ♥

Much Love,
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

   Happy Easter!! ...and yes, new layout...again. ^__^

Hello there everyone^^ How are you?

I just wanted to come on and say, "HAPPY EASTER!!" ^_^ I hope you have a fun filled day with spending time with loved ones, chocolate, painted eggs, Easter Bunny...and did I say chocolate? XD

But please do remember the true meaning of Easter. ^_^ Here is a card that I made that expresses how I feel on this holiday and I hope many of you feel the same way I do as well. So if you can, please check it out. Thank you to those who have already commented on it^^ *hugs*

Easter Egg Quiz! XD

Your Easter Egg Says You Are Religious

You are a deeply spiritual and passionate person.

Easily moved, you feel emotions strongly and clearly.

You are compassionate, loving, and kind.

People feel inspired by your strength and convictions.


Thank you very much for everything my friends! I am doing good by the way. A little down days here and there, but I am doing just fine. ^_^ Have sunshine filled days! See you all sooner or later! XD Take care! *hugs*

Much Love,

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello there Everyone! ^_^ How are you this weekend? Did your week go good? Please write about it. ^_^ Thank you so much to those who commented on my last post on here! I was in a terrible mood and feeling down, but your guys really did cheer me up. So thank you so much for giving me inspirational words and for being there for me my friends^^ *hugs*

Mine went good for the most part. I was sick though for two days and had to stay home from school(which is freaken busy!!!), but I am feeling better. I just feel kind of weak but my lovely time of the month is starting, so that is probably why. And um, I went to the psychiatrist yesterday! It was nice talking to her, always is. I get to have a lot of stuff off my chest(I already do that though with my Mom though^^) and talked to her. Talking to a professional always eases me in a way and I admire my pysch. because I would love to be someone like her someday.

So she told me finally that she believes I have OCD/Anxiety Disorder. I have been going to her for over a year now, but she has never really came out and told me that, so it was good to know. Now I can read up on those subjects more. But she said to me that I make her day because I have the most beautiful smile and kind eyes...that really stuck me hard to hear that. I mean, to hear the words "you make my day" really makes me feel like a good person. And by saying that comment to me, it made me feel good for the rest of the day as well. That is always why I do give honest compliments to people because I want them to know just how wonderful they truly are.

LOL!! Talking about last week, this boy named Andrew who is my AP US History class came up to me and started talking about love. He kept asking me all these questions. Then he randomly said, "Oh! I hope you don't think I'm love sick for you! Uh..I mean, I don't want to make that awkward for you or anything!" Haha he was just getting all flustered so I just smiled and told him it was okay to talk about stuff like that. And then he asked me, "What do you think love is" and I replied bluntly, "An emotion that humans and animals feel." :P And then he just sat back down....what was that all about?! I thought it was kind of funny though^^; Andrew is a nice guy and all, but he is a bit annoying. Acts like he knows everything! XP Bleh.

I didn't do much of anything today. Just sat around, listened to some of the new songs by "Rascal Flatts", played Pokemon, talked to Kelsey, commented, etc. XD So a lazy but relaxing/fun day! XD And tomorrow I might be going out, not sure^^; I have homework to do. It is supposed to snow tomorrow as well. I love snow but I am sick of cold weather!!! XO

I created a wallpaper yesterday, so if you could please comment on it if you haven't, that would be great. Thank you.

EDIT AT 3:20 AM: Um, I just made a new wallpaper actually^^; If you could please check this one out as well if you haven't, that would be super duper awesomeness. Thank you very much and sorry requesting too much^^;



Quiz Result:

You Are the Leader

You are inspiring and uplifting. You bring out the best in people, through both nurturing and challenging them.

You always can see the big picture in life. You are very philosophical and deeply spiritual.

You understand people, and you can look at their lives objectively. You can help others grow and heal.

People feel comforted by your presence. You help them gain perspective on their lives.

Video Pick:

Major LOL at this video. Madtv Oprah Winfrey Spoof. XD Please watch, its hilarious. XD

I am going to go comment now and respond to messages. Thank you to everyone who read this! May all of your days be filled with sunshine and happiness! :D Take care! ♥

Much Love,

The image is of the new anime, "K-ON!" Next anime to see on my list! :D
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

*Waves* Hello there everyone! ^_^ How are you?

Well since I haven't done a post in forever, I am going to do one right now. And this isn't going to be a post just to say hi but I am going to be talking about a lot that has been going on, so it will probably be a bit long. I know I haven't been commenting much, but I am doing so today so if you can please read this and maybe comment, that would be great. Thank you. *hugs*

So for the most part I have been busy with school(had some stress days), friend problems, morbid thoughts, down times...you know, the usual things life throws at us. Lol. Although I have had some WONDERFUL times too of course! :D Been texting Kelsey(I love you! X3), talking to Caprisha, Steph, and Kathryn on TheO, been playing a new game I got called, "Avalon Code", and having a ton of laughing moments.

However, the past two months have been filled with down times for me it seems like. They come and go. I know all human begins get this way, we all have our depressed day. But mine is a bit different from normal people^^; As some of you may know I have morbid thoughts about killing others, mostly the people I am closet to. They say everyone has thoughts like these, but the people who have OCD find it harder to get them out of their mind. I have a form of OCD that triggers thoughts like these; it is called "Violent Obsessions". If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a link to a website that tells you all about it:


Anyway, so I have been doing very good with these thoughts. I am able to control them more easily now and make them go away faster. But I still do have them of course...they just don't say, "see you later!"...I wish, but they don't. Well...last night I was holding my baby cousin, Sam(you know, the one who I have shown videos of)...and I just rocked him to sleep and I had a terrible thought of throwing him into the fireplace while the fire was going...

Do you know how bad this hurt me? To picture myself throwing a sweet little boy into a fire? The OCD takes stuff that you love and twists it around to make you feel like you hate it...it hurts so bad to think like your some crazy, sicko. To know that someday you just might snap and do those things...it literally tears me apart and makes me feel really down, as I do today. And its not just Sam that I have thoughts about, but my Mom as well...I love her so much, she is like an angel but to think stuff like that...it just takes it out of you. You're filled with guilt, shame and you soon start to lose trust in both yourself and other people.

There are only a few handful of people I can talk to this about becuase others would misunderstand me completely and think I was crazy. And that is what happens. They get hospitalize, reported to the police, etc. It is one of the worst feelings ever to be misunderstood....

Now you're probably thinking, "Meagan, you know that isn't you! Your always so kind and its just your mind telling you stuff like that! You wouldn't be feeling guilt about killing another person if you really were a psycho!"...but how do I know if OCD is really what I have? Lately I am so use to the thoughts that I actually FEEL like doing them but I know I wouldn't...it is just a constant battle with myself. I never know what is true and what is not....

Also, please don't say that you could just be angry at your Mom for getting into a fight or something like that. I don't have any negative feelings toward any of the people that I think bad thoughts about. OCD is triggered in the mind without reason. They say it will take years to find out how it truly starts.

Ugh, so anyway...I'm glad I got that all off my chest^^; Thank you for reading all of that if you did. I just...this place is like a second home to me and all of you are like family members. I really do love you guys. So thank you for always understanding and accepting me. I will be just fine as I have been of course. Just got to keep moving forward! *thumbs up* ^___^

Enough with that drama. XD Today is started snowing like crazy! Winter is not giving up! Although I am kind of sick of Winter^^; I want the nice Spring weather I love so much! I want to get out of the house!!! XP Oh well, I am watching the Disney marathon on the Disney Channel so all is good! X3 Disney = ♥

Hmm...that was oddly random. XD

Also random, random...but there is this boy at school named Nicholas AKA Taz...and yeah, I think I like him. XD Lol.


Okay...time for quiz result time!!

Your Animal is the Otter

You are a supportive, caring person. You value human life, and you think each person deserves compassion.

You are optimistic and inspiring. You see what people need to feel complete, and you help them get it.

You bond easily with others, and you are especially close to your family. You love to share, learn, and play together.

Security is important to you. You are calm, as long as you aren't threatened.

.....Wow for only putting in your birthday, this is pretty accurate. O_o

AMV random pick!

One of my favorite chobits video of all time! ♥ Please watch! :D And it has Chii in it so of course I love it! XD


Take care everyone! Thank you for reading this! :D Once Summer Break starts I will be on here more. Two months away! X3 Yayness! *hugs* Take care and may you all have days filled with sunshine and happiness^^

Much Love,

Hideki and Chii + Hugs = ♥ XD
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just a quick update

Hello everyone^^ *hugs* How are you?

This is just a quick update to say that I will be commenting tonight. I have been in a weird mood lately for commenting but whatever, I need to comment. XD I miss you guys anyways and I want to know you are. But I will probably only be commenting on art, but maybe posts. Not really sure yet^^;

Anyways, sorry for not being on that much and I hope the rest of your weekend goes good^^ Thank you for coming by! *hugs* Take care my dear friends! May your days be filled with sunshine!

Oh! and here is a video of my little, adorable nephew Sam. He is almost 7 months old now and he is just starting to sit up by himself! :D Here is a video of that with my brother, Justin, filming it.(and um, no that is not really how my brother's voice really sounds. He is baby talking to Sam. XD LOL.)

Much Love,

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still alive and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! :]

Time: Midnight
Listening to: Gacha Gacha cute by Mosaic.wav

Hello there my lovely lovey dovey friends!! ^.^ *hugs*

Gosh it has been a really, really, really long time since I last posted here! Since I posted up a "real" post for that matter! @_@ The last time I posted on here was...the beginning of January. DUM DUM DUM!!!!! And that is a long time for me! XD I decided though that I needed to post since it has been awhile and to tell you all how my life has been....and yes I did have to change my theme. Tsukasa is so cute! ♥ :D

But first, how are you? Please tell me how your day is going. ^_^ Life been treating you good?

My life has been good for the most part, just busy and boring. XD My whole life right now is...school and more school...and homework! XD Exciting huh? I'm sure a lot of you reading this can relate^^ But there has been some very good things to going on! :D

Here is a little list:

1. I have been text messaging Kelsey, Angel Zakuro, who is so freaken awesome words cannot describe her awesomeness. I love her very much. :3 She really cheers me up a lot of times and of course makes me laugh with her Grand Theft Auto addiction. XD Haha, it is a pretty awesome game though^^ A great stress reliever! XD Nothing better than killing people and stealing cars right? XP

2. Kelsey and I have decided to become partners in crime! :D Isn't that awesome? Haha no one suspects the innocent girls! XD (LOL just kidding, were not actually going to go rob places!!...*shifty eyes*)

3. I have been in an upbeat mood lately! In the exception for one day last week, I have been feeling very happy^^ My anxiety medicine seems to be working for me so I am thankful for that. :3

4. Even though I have a lot of work from school, I have been having fun and enjoying my classes! Not to mention being with my awesome friends^^ And my APUSH class is my favorite! I'm in a group with 4 other boys and they are like brothers to me. They are so awesome. XD

5. I have been kicking booty at Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS :D

6. I have been spending a lot of time with my baby nephew, Sam. Gah he is the cutest little thing ever. X3 *hugs* I luvs him so much. I will try to put up some pics soon of him! :D

7. IT IS VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!! WOOOT!! I made valentine cupcakes! :3

So yeah, that is basically my life. XD LOL.

Haha, also lately my life has been kind of amusing. Just recently my Grandma says to me, "Meagan, you know that David guy? Well I think you should marry him!" @_@ David is a really nice boy I have known almost my whole life since he is a childhood friend of my brother Justin, but he is 10 years older than me. Although I don't believe love has an age limit....but anyways, I think the only reason my Grandma wants me to "marry" this guy is because he has a lot of money supposedly and he can pay my way to college. >_< I would NEVER marry a guy just for his money, heck no!! And also...I AM ONLY 16!! WHY IS SHE TALKING ABOUT ME MARRYING SOMEONE! She thinks after I graduate, which is next year, that I should marry him right away. @_@ My gosh....

XD And David has no idea I guess about all this!! I'm his future wife supposedly. XD Haha, no I would not marry David. I seriously don't plan on getting married at 17 years old. Lol. My Grandma...I love her but gosh she is loony! XD

Anyways...yes today is VALENTINE'S DAY! :D WOOT! I really, really love this holiday^^ It just makes me really happy! I love what it symbolizes. What makes me mad though is how people think they have to be in a relationship to enjoy this holiday. O_o This day is to celebrate the loved ones in your life, which includes your family and friends. XD So it is a day to be thankful and to spend time with the loved ones in your life. Tis a beautiful holiday^^

However, my Grandpa did pass away on this day. I was only 5 years old when he did but he was such a nice man. I really loved him. But he was suffering badly from lung cancer so we see his passing away as a gift to him for now he is in a better place and he is happy. ^_^ Also it is his birthday today as well. So Happy Birthday Grandpa! XD
(Haha, what I remember most about my Grandpa is when he was driving and whenever some crazy driver passed us, he would yell out the window, "WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING YOU TURKEY ASS!" XD LOL. Got to love him! XD)


Now time for something I'm sure all of you missed...*sarcasm*

Quiz Result! Valentine Day themed! XD Yes I do love them quizzes!!

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.

Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out

Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking

What turns you off: fighting and conflict

Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love

- I would ask some questions, but I really have no idea what to ask^^; If you have a question feel free to ask or you can make up one if you want and answer it! XD LOL.


Sorry for this being a bit long^^; But thank you for reading it! I love reading the comments you leave^^ Really makes me happy to know I have such great friends. And seriously, I do love you all^^ *hugs*

Um, I did make a Valentine Day's Card, so if you can check it out that would be great^^ I did make a wallpaper as well, but please don't worry about commenting on that as well. Just this would be fine^^ Thank you very much for the comments! *hugs*

Take care my friends! And again, Happy V-Day! May it be a day filled with sunshiny lovely happiness for you^^ Be positive and happy! And know that every cloud does have a silver lining. ^___^

Much Love,

P.S. I am still trying to catch up on commenting! I have commented a bit though. However, if I have missed a work of yours, please tell me^^ Thankies!

:D You're still as adorable as ever Otani! ♥ ^.^
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Friday, January 2, 2009

First Post Of 2009 ^_^

Time: 10:20 PM

Hello there everyone! *hugs* ^_^ How are you today?

First off, thank you so much for all the last comments on my post. ^_^ I was feeling really down that day but you guys really made me smile and lift me up. So thank you so much for all the comments not only on my post but for my recent works as well^^ They mean the world to me! Thank you, thank you^^ *hugs* ^_^ Oh! And thank you Kelsey for the card^^ ♥

Now...I am going to rant just a little. XD Just a small one though...anyways, I am really getting sick and tired of commenting on people's posts or artwork when I hardly EVER see a comment from them! It is really, really annoying. When you comment on my works and I do the same for you, it helps me get to know you more and we become better friends but why should I waste my time on commenting someone who has subscribed to me and I have subscribed to them, but I never talk or see them?? It is really starting to tick me off. A lot of people say, "I'm busy and I don't have time." I believe the ones who do try their best to comment, but not the ones who say that but still submit artwork and posts...hmmm...so if your so busy you still have time to do stuff for YOURSELF?? So from now on, if I don't see a comment from you or a message, I will not be commenting you. Period. Because I do my best to comment, but I comment on some of the people's stuff that I rarely see comments from and then I can't get to the others who actually do comment. Stop being lazy people and be comment or send messages. I mean, seriously. Your losing friendships.

^_^ Okay I'm done now. And if you think, "Wow she is a biotch" then you should question yourself as a person. Also, this is not directed to the people who do have school work, with family, or have a job, I understand that you are actually busy and not just saying that for an excuse. I thank those who do message me or comment my posts/art, even when your busy. That really means a lot to me. So thank you. ^_^

XD Anyways, tomorrow I'm going with my Dad to see a movie^^ and then I'm going out to dinner with my brother and his wife. Hehe, I get to see little baby Sam! XD So excited about that^^ He is now 5 months old! He is laughing now. ♥ XD

I mostly put up this post today to tell you that school will be starting soon so I will not be commenting as much as I used to before. I know for a lot of you it will be like this, so I hope you understand^^ I will be taking a break from time to time from here and on commenting as well, but I will always try my best to catch up on my breaks and such^^ Just don't get worried if you don't see any comments from me for a couple of weeks or so^^;

But since I will not be commenting as much, I'm not going to put up anything new or post until I have made sure I have done my part of commenting. I don't like having other people comment on my stuff when I know I haven't comment much on theirs, it just makes me feel guilty^^;

Ugh, I am so depressed thinking about how school is going to start up soon. Bleh. I have enjoyed staying up late and not doing homework! XD To those who go back next week as well, I wish you luck! XD WE CAN DO IT!! *hugs*

Okay I'm going to go watch some more Ouran High School Host Club and clean up my room. ^_^ Sorry for the rant again and if it offended your or something, I apologize but I did need to get that off my chest. I know their are others of you on here who think the same.

Oh! And to AngelBest Dream and ThousandShadowsMP I apologize for the delay of the picture you wanted Angel of Gato and the collab AIR wallpaper. I will probably not have those up for another month or so since I will not be on as much, so I apologize. T_T *hugs* I will have them up though as soon as I can.

Take care everyone^^ Thank you so much for reading my post! Um I did make a card yesterday for Angel Zakuro, Kelsey, so if you can check it out that would be awesome^^ I shall see you all later! Stay positive and strong! I love you bunches! *hugs* ^_^ I shall hopefully talk to you all soon! *hugs* ^___^ STAY BEAUTIFUL!

Much Love,

One of the best MAD videos ever done. A beautiful video of CLANNAD with one of my favorite anime songs of all time, "Clover". ♥
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time: 12:40 AM

Hello there everyone! ^_^ How are you today?

First off, thank you so very much for all the comments lately and for your support^^ And I can't believe you guys called me cute and pretty. O__o You need to fix your eyesight. XD LOL. But thank you for the compliments! They mean a lot to me. ^_^ You're all very sweet and beautiful friends. I seriously don't know what I would do without you guys. XD YOU ARE THE SUNSHINYNESS OF MY LIFE!!! XD

*Cough* Anyways, yesterday was kind of...bleh for me^^; Um, so yeah I have been going to bed around 5 AM because of break and so I sleep in a bit late as well. Sometimes past 2 in the afternoon^^; Well anyways, so I hear my Mom waking me up around 1 and she is saying that I have an psychiatrist appointment today! @_@ I completely forgot about it the night before!!! So yeah, I was NOT happy about that. XD It isn't the most best day ever when you wake up and you hear, "You have a psychiatrist appointment" and have to leave the house right away. Phooey. XP

So speed up, I'm waiting in the waiting room reading "Lovely Complex"(I LOVE THAT MANGA!! ♥) and I get called back to her office. Well the way to get to her office is you have to walk down this REALLY LONG hallway...it's like your not already anticipated enough to just go see her, lets add a long freaken hallway as well!! XD LOL. All I could think about was "Hell Duo" (Sparkle-Chan is most likely the only one who will know what this means).

So finally an hour later(Lol just kidding^^) I get into her office and hi, blah, blah, blah...well I am now up to taking 50 mg of Zoloft!!! ARGH!! I mean, the medicine does help me and it doesn't give me any negative side effects, but it is depressing^^; She also wants me to start taking half a tablet of Syrocim(sp?). It is a tranquilizer medicine that helps calm your mind down before you go to bed as well as your worries.Although, she did tell me that I don't have to start it right now if I don't want to...she is really nice and stuff and I love talking to her, but going there always makes me feel sad because I feel like I'm this mental nutcase bad person. I hate that feeling, to be confused about who you're...its terrible. And then my Mom starts crying because she feels sorry for me that I have to go through all of this...But the psychiatrist did say I was improving greatly, so that is a good thing^^

I never expected that I would be a person who would have to seek mental help, but were not perfect^^; This is making me into a stronger person though so I have to keep positive! *thumbs up* My goal is to help people and that is what I want to do someday as my career^^ I believe what I'm going through right now is going to benefit me in a positive way in the future...I just know it is. I just wish it wasn't so darn stressful!! DARN YOU MIND!! YOUR WICKED! XD

And then plus I am having some friend problems with Keri...well not really her, mostly me. She said some negative things to me a few weeks ago and really insulted me, calling me a selfish biotch and such. It hurt but I got over it and she even apologized...but to be honest, I am really sick of her. Period. I am tired of her negativity and her cussing. It brings me down in a terrible mood and doesn't help me at all. So I have been avoiding her and she keeps texting/calling but I don't answer...I just don't want to. Is this bad of me?

Anyways, I need to be more up and happy in this post^^ I talked about my problems now its time to be positive! ^_^ Lately I have been reading a lot of Lovely Complex and playing Chrono Trigger. XD Reading and playing video games are serious ♥ XD They always seem to make me happier. And tomorrow is New Year's Eve, so were going to a delicious French restaurant called Andreas and then later on that night I have to babysit Hanson. XP But we will be playing games and eating yummy food, so it isn't that bad^^;

I am really looking forward to this new year. How about you guys? ^_^ THIS YEAR I AM GOING TO BE MORE POSITIVE AND UPBEAT! *clenches fist* I will stand by this! It will not only help the others around me but myself as well. I also want to start studying more and possibly join a volunteer program! ^_^ So wish me the best of luck you guys! And I wish the best of luck to those who have resolutions as well! ^_^ WE SHALL DO IT! XD THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! Right? Right^^ XD

Oh! I did make a new wallpaper, so please check it out if you haven't already^^ Thank you! *hugs* I will probably be making a New Year card here soon. ^_^

EDIT: Haha, I did make a card^^; If you can check this out also that would be wonderful^^ Thank you and sorry for all of the commenting^^; *hugs*

Sorry this post was a bit long^^; XD Thank you though so much for reading this. ^_^ And I apologize it for being a bit negative^^; *hugs* Take care my friends and thank you again! May you have beautiful days! I am going to go comment now^^ STAY POSITIVE AND STRONG!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^_^ I know its a day early but I will not post tomorrow. May it be a blessed one for all of us^^ *hugs* I am so thankful for all of you. I look forward to spending another great year with you^^ *hugs*

Much Love,

Hehe, you're way too cute Otani! ♥
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

^_____^ Tis Christmas Eve...


I won't be on on Christmas Day to wish you all a Merry Christmas since I will be spending time with my Grandma. ^_^ I hope you all have a lovely and beautiful Christmas filled with so many happy memories that it makes you smiley and sunshiny forever! XD *hugs*

I did make a Christmas Card^^ So if you could please check it out, that would be great^^ Thank you to those who have! *hugs*

"Without Christ there would be no Christmas"
I saw this on a Church sign today. So very true...we have to remember what we truly celebrate Christmas for. ^_^

Also, to those who don't celebrate Christmas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you^^ I hope you have a fantastic time spending time with loved ones and have fun celebrating^^ *hugs*

I love you all very much^^ I have been commenting like crazy for the past 3 hours since I fell asleep at 6 at night when I got home today from the doctor and slept till 10 at night. =[ I'm not going to be tired for awhile...LOL. I am going over to my Grandma's house today and spending two days with her with my family^^ So it will be fun!

Oh! And the doctor said I have major fluid build up behind my ear drums, so that is why I can't hear very good. I have to take this medicine for a whole month. T___T Wonderful joyfulness. XD

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Take care my lovely friends^^ And thank you SO MUCH for all the comments lately^^ You really make me feel loved. ♥ Thank you! *hugs*

EDIT: This is really random but you HAVE to watch this. This is epic win right here. XD Defines LOL.

Much Love,

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