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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

~Celestial Maiden~

if a lemon fell on ur head would u throw it back at the sky?

(yes I would! evil sky throwing stuff at me shaaaaame)


would you like to see Inuyasha and Vash mud wrestle?

(hmmm..... *thinks about* yup!! =^-^=)


whats up w/ this?

(well people are asking me questions and Im answering them.... and Im having alot of fun answering them!!! =^-^=)

~Night Hawk 3000~

bomb or gun?

(bomb no wait gun no bomb no gun no a bomb no wait..................... dots!!!!)


what do you prefer?
House or Trance

(trance!!!!!!! woooooooo)

~Number 5~

what was with the extra E's?

(Pins wanted the E's of doom to attack me!! evil Pins shame on you)


I feel hyper! What about you?

(yesh Im always hyper!)


Me~ doom will befall you and you will be doomed

Inuyasha~ no not the doom anything but that!! *hides in box*

Me~ yes dooooooooom!!

Sessh~ llama of doom!!!

Hiei~ noooooo!! the llama's are attacking!! with their llama-yness!!!

Me~ nooooo *hides in box*

Vash~ *dances around*

Inuyasha~ *pops head out of box* uhh Vash why you dancing around when the llama's are attacking?

Sessh~ oh no! he's a llama nooooooo!! *hides behind hand* sssshhhh he'll never find me!

Vash~ nooooo I dun wanna be a llama!! *runs around like a maniac* ahhhhh!!! *trips over my cat* oof!

Me~ heehee stupid Lilly always laying in the way!

Lilly~ *walks around then flops down somewhere*

Hiei~ wow... is that all she's gunna do?

Me~ yup... thats all she does.... but thats why I love her!! look at her she's all fat and grey and fluffy!!! *pets Lilly*

Lilly~ *purrs*

Vash~ awe! *picks up Lilly* wow she's heavy

Me~ thats cause she eats alot and lays around!

Sessh~ what about your other cat?

Me~ what about her... she's to evil.... *thinks about the times when she had claws and attacked me for no reason* uhhh.... Im sooooo glad that she has no claws and is old...

Hiei~ dang..... that is one evil cat!

Me~ yeah....... sometimes she's really kinda and loving....

now its time for me to ask you a question....... uhhhh.... lets see................ if you could be anywhere where would you be? yeah thats a good question... me I would want to be..... iono I can't think of a place......

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