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Friday, January 14, 2005

weeee a quiz!

beautiful winged angel
You have an innocent love. You haven't been through
it and you are a twindge of a hopeless romantic
in you. You are very sweet and kind. Boys are
probably dreaming to get you as thier girl!^_^

*UPDATED* What kind of love are you? ( COOL anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

iono what to post..... if anyone wants to be in a story either pm me or comment and tell me kk?

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Me~ *trying to climb up a rock* I can't hold on much longer.... no.... I can't go.... much further

Vash~ oh no! hang on Dizzy don't let go whatever you do!!!

Hiei~ *standing beside me* ugh... come on your feet didn't even leave the ground!

Me~ huh? oh heehee! uhmm.. whats that? *points*

Hiei~ what? *looks*

Me~ ha! *runs off*

ok well I fogot what I was thinking of.... uhmmm.... dododododoooo *dances*

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

weeeeeeeeeeeeeee hello peoples!! yeah sorry I didn't update but I was at me grandma's house! yep =^^= I had fun although I went unexpeceted but I knew that they wouldn't mind seems how I haven't went over there in like forever! but I am back weeeeeeeeee!! and haha no story for you! well ok maybe just a short one

Hiei~ you can't make short stories all of yours are long

Me~ yes I can!!

Hiei~ ok I bet you a....

Me~ a $1!

Hiei~ uhhh.... yeah ok $1!

Me~ yes! ok well thats all

Hiei~ what? ugh... *hands me $1*

Me~ told ya I could! weeeee I gots a $1!!! *does the $1 dance*

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Monday, January 10, 2005

hmmmmmm...______________________________________LINES!!! you be fearin' the lines!... heehee I love the Inuyasha commercial the one where Inuyasha and Kagome says eachothers names. I love to mocking it! dodododooo *dances around* haha no story for you!

heehee this ish a cute pic!

and look the comment box is way down here and the words are way up there hahaha!! weeeeeeee!! I am soooooo bored!

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Sunday, January 9, 2005

weeeeeeeeee Im bored! wow this post is short also! but whats this ha more liiiiiiiiiines with words!! words words uh words heh says your suposed to use on wood! weeeeeeee my cat is attacking the ruuuuuuuuuug!!! it was an evil rug it needed to be attacked it's the attack of the rugs nooooooo run away!! *hides in box**dies laughing* ok my cat has went insane she just took off running for no reason! yeah I gotsa special cat! this post is short but yet kinda long *nods* yepyep!
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Saturday, January 8, 2005

weeeeeeeeeeeee!! *looks at post below this one* wow I had alot to say in that one didn't I? well this one is alittle longer so ha take that you short post! *laughs in post face* heehee posts now have faces! wooooooo!! heehee *reads some of the comments* lol... I love some of the comments you people said..you people don't like to see me calm do you?..well neither do I!!! =^^= <(^_^)> ^^ ?_? @_@ *_* +_+ o^^o !_! ~_^ O.O o.o O.o >.< T_T ;_; A_A $_$ FEAR ME FACE CLAN OF DOOM!!! for it will..... face... you to... death? weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! this is a smi-long post wooot go me! for I have made it longer hahahahaha*coughs* dagnabbit I got chocked on a peice of fuzz.... I had way too much candy.. I have like this bowl full of candy and I've been eating it so Im all like hyper and stuff!! and stuff! *turns into chibi form and runs and sits in hat* weeeeeeeee Im in a hat!!! dododoooo look at me Im a chibi!!! weeeeeeeeeee this ish a long one ya!!! *throws party in box* weeee a box party!!! and everyone is invited!! bring lots of candy and mountain dew!! and chips!

Vash~ weeeeeeeeeee party!!!

Sessh~ yay! ^^ *runs around*

Me~ hmmmm.... something is missing

Inuyasha~ like what?

Me~ iono.... but.... *thinks*

Hiei~ she can think? I didn't know that

Vash~ what?!?!?!? noooo she's not suposed to think!!

Hiei~ why?

Sessh~ things go boomy boom when she thinks

Inuyasha~ take cover!

~Everyone hides~

Me~ *BOOM* ah man my toe blew up! noooo now I have to get another one dagnabbit

Vash~ aww poor you... go to Toe-Mart and get ya another one

Me~ *sighs* why does it happen to me?

Inuyasha~ iono.... maybe it don't like you... cause you abuse it...

Me~ well it aint my fault it keeps running into things! it's got a mind of it's own

Vash~ your whole body has a mind of it's own!

Me~ yeah it does... I never know what Im going to do... they could be nice and tell me what they plan on doing but nooo they gots to be evil about it and make me run into things

Sessh~ and people

Me~ yeah and people

Hiei~ this is sad *walk away*

Me~ whats up with him?

Inuyasha~ *shrugs*

Me~ oh well... *runs around* weeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *runs into Kurama* oof!

Kurama~ are you ok?

Me~ yeah I be fine =^^=

Kurama~ ok... well Im gunna go and take a little nap

Me~ kk nighty night... or something *hugs Kurama*

Kurama~ yeah *hugs back*

Me~ *runs to kitchen* hmmmm.... Im hungry but I don't know what to cook!

Vash~ *pops up behind me* Im hungry too

Me~ ahhh! don't sneak up on me like that! don't you know that I get scared easily well not so easily but you know what I mean!

Vash~ I sowwy! *hugs me* so what are you gunna fix?

Me~ iono...*hugs back* what do you want?

Vash~ iono

Inuyasha~ *come up behind both me and Vash* whats up?

Me~ ahh! dagnabbit people stop scaring me!

Inuyasha~ sowwy *hugs me*

Me~ it ok *hugs back*

Inuyasha~ so what are you doin'?

Vash~ trying to find something the cook

Me~ yep

Hiei~ *walks in* are you gunna be cooking it?

Me~ why yes yes I am

Hiei~ then I'll cook it... cause you'll forget it and it will burn and prolly catch on fire or you will burn yourself like last time knowing you that will happen

Me~ ugh... can ya forget about what happened last time... it wasn't me fault ok I didn't know that stupid stove was on... you coulda warned me about but nooo you just watched me burn me poor wittle hand *snif*

Hiei~ heh but it was funny

Vash~ yeah it was! *remembers what happened and dies laughing*

Me~ shut ya catfaces *walks away* bakas! *walks into room and closes door* heehee =^^=

Vash~ I think we mad her a little mad

Inuyasha~ I didn't cause I wasn't the one who was laughing and bringing the past up.... so she's prolly not mad at me!

Vash~ yeah well....*walks off*

Inuyasha~ ooOoo great come-back

Hiei~ heh!

Me~ *sits on bed drawing* heehee! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Im drawing!! dodododoooo! YAY!! Im done!! =^^=

Kurama~ *knocks on me door*

Me~ come in

Kurama~ *walks in* hey I heard what happened... are you ok?

Me~ yeah me ish fine...

Kurama~ what are you drawing?

Me~ huh? oh this it's nothing... here *hands him paper*

Kurama~ wow this is good!

Me~ *smiles* thankies! *jumps up and hugs Kurama*

Kurama~ *blushes a little**hugs me back* your welcome... well I think I'll go and cook something

Me~ kk.... need any help?

Kurama~ no... I can handle it

Me~ ok... *dances around*

Kurama~ *laughs and walks out*

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Friday, January 7, 2005

hello it is I Dizzy!! iono what to post! me sooooo bored!! wow this post is short

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

fweeeeeeeeeeeee!! *sneezes* ahhh! my keyboard is all snotified!!!

Botan~ ewwwww!!

Inuyasha~ *twitches*

Me~ why you all twithified?

Inuyasha~ cause I smell food!

Me~ mmmm... weeeeeeee Kurama's cookin'!!!

Vesh~ weeeeeeeeeeee *runs around*

Me~ *runs into kitchen* weeeeeeeee me ish glad your cookin' cause I was gettin' tired of cookin' for those PIGS!!!

Inuyasha~ HEY I HEARD THAT!!

Me~ THATS MY POINT!! you need any help?

Kurama~ no I think I got it....

Hiei~ *walks in* well good! cause Dizzy here burns things

Me~ hey it wasn't my fault ok so I forget Im cooking something!!

Hiei~ well atleast I can cook some popcorn without it burnning!!

Me~ hey that was just one time and it was one of them mini bags and I didn't read on what time to put it in!

Hiei~ riiiight

Me~ whatever..... is it done yet?

Kurama~ no not yet...

Me~ *waits* how about now?

Kurama~ no..

Me~ hoooooow bout now?

Kurama~ n-yes now it's done!

Me~ yay!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

weeeeeeeeee! dododoooo *lays down and looks at ceiling* ugh... me sooooo bored!!

Hiei~ well would you look at that Dizzy is all calm!

Vash~ what?!?!? noooooooooo!!!

Inuyasha~ not the calm-ness of doooooooooom!! ahhhhh! *runs around in circles*

Sessh~ noooo we must make her mental!!!

Hiei~ no! don't do that!

Vash~ why?

Hiei~ cause look at it! it's caaaaaaaaaalm!!

Sessh~ thats why we gotta make it mental!

Me~ *listening to the convo* (thinks~ Im an it? what am I an object or something?)

Vash~ I don't like to see it calm

Me~ (thinks~ hmmmm...*looks over at mirror* I don't look like an it.... do I? Im soooo confused... what am I? am I human or an object?)

Hiei~ well I like to see it calm!! cause ssshhh listen you hear that it's quiet! and see with it calm you people are also calm!

Vash~ butbut..

Hiei~ shut it! *goes to sit on windowsill*

Kurama~ but Hiei....

Hiei~ hn

Kurama~ *sighs**goes to sit on couch with the others*

Me~ *still on bed looking at the ceiling* (thinks~ dodododooooo Im bored now! hey whats that! it looks like a penny! PENNY! I gots a penny me soooo rich! weeeeeeee Im going mental! YAY!! must tell everyone!!)*goes to tell the others*

Vash~ *plays with a string*

Me~ *jumps on couch* weeeeeee!!! hello peolpes!!

Vash&Sessh&Kurama&Inuyasha~ YAY!! your back!!!

Me~ *smiles* heehee indeed I am!!

Vash&Sessh&Kurama&Inuyasha~ *hugs me*

Me~ fweeeeeeeee Im gettin' hugs!! *hugs back**looks at a grumpy Hiei* whats up with him?

Kurama~ cause now that your back to your mental self then now everyone will be runnin' around like maniacs!

Me~ awww poor Hiei! *walks up to him and hugs him* it's not all that bad... is it?

Hiei~ hn... I guess not

Me~ *smiles* heehee! *runs around*

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

dododooo *dances around* me soooo bored! I can't think of anymore stories my brain is dead!

heehee I love this pic

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