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Monday, May 2, 2005

   hiya AND OMG!!!!!!!
lol i was just reminiscing about all the sad manga ive ever read and it made me sad. to cap all that off, i went and watched hakkai get strangled on my dvd (WAAAAH!) and then i watched hughes get strangled lol by the end i was on the floor in the living room bawling. lol. i find it surprising people say im an emotionless, souless person. im always ALWAYS bawling lol. but that was sad with the whole hughes thing T_T youd have to be pretty heartless to laugh at that or not even care.

HERES THE OMG PART! lol i fell in love with the DNAngel manga, and when i was looking at the seiyuus, i nearly died. i could barely control myself!!!!!! lolok. the person who does my satoshi-kun in english is greg ayres...or GOKU FROM SAIYUKI! one of the twins, riku, is LIRIN. beatufiul, handsome dark is KOUGAIJI. (ed from fullmetal alchemist to intrigue more) Krad, Satoshi's super hot alter ego is Illich, GOJYO, and finally, the japanese version for satoshi is akira ishida HAKKAI! *dances and dances and dances until she slams into a wall* ow. lol i cant believe it! they always stick together, the saiyuki gang does. Im about ready to faint just thinking about all those sexy voices!!! eeeee!

school was boring, i went to the computer lab and had to type in two different classes. i got bored and was typing to myself in japanese and everyone was staring at me but i didnt mind. much. and then in my second class this one guy was next to me and had his shirt pulled like almost all the way up and i couldn help but keep looking at him >.< lol. hey if you saw him you would too lol.

i had homework in...spanish. didnt do it. instead i came home and read my friends gravitation volume one. lol i love it. shounen-ai is soooo sweet. i love what yuki-kun says. "youre funny. funny haha and funny queer." XD! thats my new msn name. lol. did you guys notice my new background? it might take a while to load but it is UBER hot. look at thos men. *droooools* the only onenot shirtless is sanzo...but he still looks damn fine. :3 bwaha. lol im so ticked. saiyuki 8 and DNAngel 8 BOTH come out in june. SO far away. and of course ill blow all my money away so theyll both be out at the same and ill have to choose between them. *grabs at head* it would be saiyuki though. thats my alltime fav and it always will be.*beams* well i gotta go now because i have that homework i should have done earlier lol. ill cya round!! *huggles*

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

wee im so HAPPY!
lol my comments still wont work, which irritates me to no end, but im ok with that. here is a list of my bday gifts that i can remember: (my bday was yesterday, but we had it on friday) i got saiyuki:requiem, saiyuki double barrel2, saiyuki 4 (i had ever novel of it EXCEPT four), DNAngel 1-4 (EEE!) A yugioh game, yugioh movie(already had), duel master game, yuyu hakusho game(already had) yugioh shirt, yugioh japanese cards, pocky!! and some money. nonjapanese things: napoleon dynamite and lemony snicket. lol that was it!

sautrday (my bday) we went and seen kung fu hustle and it was super hilarious! i must make people go see it! its in chinese so there are subtitles but it is hilarious! it makes fun of americans who wear their pants so low, kung fu in general, gangs, and theres even these gay guys who are funny lol. then we went to two different bookstores, and i got selfish love (a VERY graphic yet cute yaoi) and DNAngel 5-7. lol i watched saiyuki:requiem three times already (2 english, once japanese) and it is beautiful, yet VERY confusing in the beginning. i mean...VERY confusing lol. i cried at a few parts lol. im so very emotional...

yeah that was what i was doing earlier...watching saiyuki requiem in english and then in japanese. i watched fullmetal alchemist and bawled. (NOO! hughes!!!!) lol it was a day for tears...

if none of you have read or seen DNAngel...i recommend it lol. i dunno if you guys agree with me or not, and i dont care, but I DEFINITELY think that satoshi is less than straight. all those...odd positions...the way hes always there....but he is my favorite lol. i think hes so very adorable. Dark is sexy as well though..*goes off into a liddle rant* lol im going to change my background into more of the saiyuki gang because saiyuki is my all-time, absolute fav anime!!! HAAAAKKAAAAI! he made me cry several times last night T.T i was so sad lol. i gotta go ill cya round!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

school was normal as usual. i hated it, wished it would go faster. hated most of the classes, wrote retarded notes to people, and made people laugh at me because thats all they like to do. i swear, no matter what i say people think its hilarious. i guess i must be a funny creature or something. ah well. i like to make people laugh so its all good

at the beginning of school i was talking to one of my friends and someone said she was like "bad in bed" or whatever, and she takes sever offense at that kinda thing. so she like screamed "IM A VIRGIN!" and everyone turned and looked at us and i turned red and said "yeah. lets say that a bit louder, hun." XD it stems from when we were in D.C. she was wearing a really tiny skirt because her dd actually forced her to wear those kinda clothes O.o and she was hanging onto a pole so someone screamed she was a pole dancer. its ok among friends for us to make fun of her, though lol.

yeah...no comment thing again so...*shrugs* i think im going to force my mom to somehow FIX this crappy comp! GAH! toodles lol

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

i had a lot of work to catch up on for missing yesterday but its all good. i took a test in biology and i only missed three. yay! were doing a slide show and its already terrifying me. its not for two weeks or so, but its worth TWO HUNDRED points, and half of that is to present it and how well you do that. im deathly afraid of public speaking and i freeze up and i can barely talk. and this is going to have to be in front of a class of like fourty. and it has to be at least TEN minutes! *pales*

lol my bday schedule was switched around again! im so confused lol. i think what im doing though is friday im opening gifts from my family and having my friend spend the night. next day me and my friend are going to the outdoor mall and catching Kung Fu Hustle with my bro in law cuz its R lol. and saturday night my grandmas gonna pick me up and ill spend the night with her and then well go up to the mall on sunday. whew. lol. i just KNOW im gonna cry when i watch fullmetal alchemist. i get so sensitive lol.

XD guess what? didnt pass my math state testing! got a 248. my good friend who has straight A's in geometry didnt pass either. 2 people out of my class total passed, so thats tellin ya theres something horribly wrong. lol i got a random note from one of my friends and it said: to the scary person with a frightened face on it screaming FLEE! lol she says i have evil "lurking" in me and that im going to kill her some day. right. this is the same person who bawls over anime. but nobody but you guys know that XD

alrighty...gotta go do homework. GAH. take one personal day and theres an avalanche waiting for you. pray fr those poor japanese people who were in that train wreck *sad eyes* did you hear about the one boy who was rescued? he called his mom on the cell phone from inside the wreckage saying "its hurts so much. i dont wanna go on anymore" T_T well...bai bai

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Monday, April 25, 2005

lol i didnt have much school today. i went, had state testing, reading portion, and only passed by five points. it insane!!!!! super smart people are passing juuuust barely, like me, and i fyou dont pass its summer school. tomorrow its math and i know im not going to pass and if you dont pass you have to take summer school. my mom said she'll go to my school if i have to have summer school because im on high honors ^_^

i felt so bad today i didnt want to go to school but i did because of the stupid testing. it was like shooting pains in my stomach and it was horrible, so right after i finished first period (testing) i called my mom and left. she took me to mcdonalds XD. thats great lol. now i feel super better and the only thing i missed was a stupid quiz in biology. seriously, who puts quizzes on a monday?? lol

yeah no one is home right now but me and i am downloading yaoi. lol thats all i was doing yesterday too, and thankfully i found you could lock some files and put a password on them so only you can get in. some of them were a bit...hardcore XD. so yeah STILL cant comment...and ill see you guys around. love ya! *huggles* wooo now im hyper XD

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

i was grounded friday and saturday because i punched my sister as hard as i could in the stomach and made her cry. she started it first though. she hit me:D she kept hitting me and i can only take so much before i snap. i havent done anything at all over the weekend except watch anime, eat, and be booooored.

whats funny is that this weekend was so boring but next weekend is going to be packed. friday im going to have my best friend over to spend the night and we are going to this super huge theatre that has like 14 movies showing at once and two arcades (among other things) and were going to see Kung Fu Hustle XD looks so funny but its R so im going to have to get my mom to sneak me in lol. then after the movie were going to wander about the "mini town" the theatre is in. it has an outdoor mall :D. then my real bday, on saturday, im going to celebrate with my family and get gifts and stuff, and then im going to spend the night at my grandmas saturday night and sunday shes going to take me BACK to the mall and let me go on an anime spree!!! i cant wait lol.

and my comp is haywire right now and i STILL cant comment. i keep getting booted so...ill cya guys when i see you (i think we have a virus T.T)toodles!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

lol a random word i made up. couldnt get on yesterday because i was grounded for a STUPID reason. my sister kicked a rock and it hit me in the head, so i threw a rock back and missed. i got grounded because i did it "intentionally" and my sis didnt even get yelled at!!!

loads of homework so i cant be on even if i wanted to...and my stupid sister keeps throwing stuff at me along with her friends...trust me, a pen CAN hurt when thrown hard enough and at the face...

XD yayayayaay! i got my shonen jump today! lol it was great. my favorite part was the yuyu hakusho section. ADORABLE! it showed how kurama and hiei first met...and kurama's so adorable! without giving away too much...kurama heals hiei and they become sorta/friends lol. its cuuute.

one quick thing before i go lol (my posts are SHORT now and im sorry i cant comment! i miss yooooou!) lol ya know how im deathly frightened of spiders? well i was walking down the hallway at the beginning of school and i happen to see something about four inches big near my foot. so i stop and i realzie its a black spider. it was so large i thought it was rubber, and so i was like "hey! look! its a rubber spider!" and the rubber spider then proceeds to climb up my pant leg. I FREAKED and screamed bloody murder, kicking my leg lol and running for it. of course people thought i looked like a moron until i showed them a spider. it was INSANE! lol. thats all for now...ja ne!

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Monday, April 18, 2005

my comp...will not...let me comment!!!! WHY?!? i still cant read them either!!*drop kicks comp out of window* ill understand if no one wants to talk to me *sniffsniff* XD. nah. like i care.

lol the only thing that really happened that was worth telling was i stole my friends puzzle piece. its the wooden kind where they have to fit juuuust right...and i took it. she treatened me with violence XD then begged...then threatened again. but she wouldnt have done anything really. i gave it to her best friend and we had fun lol. so...ill cya guys around. super short i know but yeah. my life is borin' right now

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

lol i love the word "hiya". i havent done much over the weekend, what else is new? sat around and watched anime all the time, imitated some people lol (mostly bad XD) god. i swear. i watched that weird milk chan show and the dude who does ni=eyepatch, as ive said before. really. does he talk like that in real life? cuz that would be creeeeeepy!

fullmetal alchemist was saaaaad. al was all mean to ed and i got to see my mustang, if briefly :D *spoiler for some up ahead* yeah...two weeks left! *teary eyed* i really dun wanna see hughes die! hes my second fav! lol. im so much like ed its not even funny. got a younger sibling...have a temper...im short...i HATE being called short, midgit, tiny, freak, vertically challenged...whatever. >.< and I HATE HATE HATE milk lol. it tastes SO nasty >< im probably gonna have osteoporosis when i grow up...

and yah. my comments are still on the fritz!!!! i cant comment or read mine!!! this is starting to annoy me...and its nearly nine at night here...so ill cya whenever i can...bye...*waves sadly*

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Friday, April 15, 2005

yay its friday. bet everyone is happy about that. i got an escort walking to my dad's van today lol. usually he picks me up after school and i walk there alone but my best friend, two of my good friends, (and my stupid sister but lets not care about her) walked me there XD felt like i was the president or something surrounded by a cluster of people.

ya know that health/reproduction test i thought i bombed? turns out i got 100% and i guessed on EVERYTHING! thats insane! 30 questions...all of them right and i guessed on everything...lol. went outside and played in algebra today for twenty minutes. it was kinda cold but fun.

im down in the basement >.< its kinda cold down here and i dont have a lotta time...sorry. plus my stupid thing is messing up and i cant comment AGAIN! im starting to hate this. im super sorry, guys. ill be on gaiaonline. cya there! XD i think my name is hakkais_grin but i dun remember...yup it is i just checked. so feel free to add me if ya want...(yeah right) ill reply to some mail...but then i wont be back. cya when my comp starts to WORK! lol

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