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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   ah...and inuyasha?
today was pretty retarded. had a dumb 4-H meeting. so it was 100 degrees out (no kidding i looked at our van's temp reader) and i had a stroke of brilliance and decided to wear a dark blue tshirt and jeans. yay for me being intelligent. *waves flag sarcastically* as you can imagine, it sucked. this one kid wouldnt leave me alone O.O my parents happened to mention i liked yugioh and he. would. not. go. away. it was super creepy. he asked me if i wanted to see his deck. so i looked. if i wanted to see his deck again. ok i looked. if i wanted to duel. no. did i want to trade with him? no. if i ever wanted to call him to duel or talk, i could have his number. O.O. yeah...thanks but no thanks. does anyone else see why i decided to leave earlier than i had planned lmao.

did anyone see inuyasha last night? O.O! oh my god! it lagged at the beginning and i was like ya shoulda killed him off and made sure he was dead, inu. and then they get there and shippo decides to be brilliant and use strong wind to fight the fire? *claps* bravo, shippo. bravo. you made the fire bigger. i could have done that. -.- inuyasha gets there and he says shippo was brave and shippo was crying and saying something i dont remember what. he tried or something...and then he said that they all stopped breathing!! i swear, i had shivers go all up and down me and then the music came on. i was just O.O oh. my. god. and then sesshomaru said the next inuyasha time and i was like yay! because he'll bring them back. yay fluffy!! i think the next inu will be good because inu cries. aw XD. well im leavin'. drivers ed homework >.<

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

   YAY! *dances*

this is shigure!! so cute and funny :3 and heres him in a suit! *drools*

this is the first time ive been actually happy happy for...ever since i started drivers training XD. i somehow managed to drag my parents to the mall, and my mom was super generous because she usually doesnt want me to get anything. i was able to get saiyuki nine (yes, NINE folks its out now even though its not supposed to be>.<) fruits basket volume 1 and descendants of darkness 1. yay! *dances with liddle japanese flags* of course saiyuki was beautiful. it showed SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(XD to warn ya guys) of ni being a sanzo O.O and they whupped kami-sama's ass royally!!! although sanzo kinda....used hakkai. he shot right around him and hakkai got all bloody for...yeah wont go into more detail. it was great^^

aw shigure being funny again lol.

fruits basket of course is good. i had to check out the craze myself. my favorite is shigure!! *anime fall* yeah yeah i know. look its a pervert! what else is new?? but hes adorable and i think my second fav is kyo, then yuki. but shigure's the best in my eyes. i think he kinda reminds me of hasunuma from eerie queerie...maybe thats why...hmmm....

see?!? tsuzuki=HOT!!!!

if anyone has read descendants of darkness....*chibi eyes* isnt it great??! tsuzuki is HOT! (XD yeah this is a post of hot men, ne?)the book is about these guys who collect souls or something for the underworld and i *think* its going to get yaoi-y soon lol. thats just my guess because tsuzuki said he thought about kissing this one guy while he was sleeping and he was only half kidding....O.O me likee!^^

aw so kawaii!! hes such a joker, tsuzuki^^ hes adorable

and....if thats not enough japanese for ya, i watched a samurai movie at seven this morning. subbed lol. it was the blind swordsmen and the chess player i think >.< they killed off the hot guy at the end. ^^ i know im just rambling to everyone. *bows low* im sorry. ill just leave now...hopefully ill post some pictures of my hotties!!^^ tsuzuki and shigure!! lol

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Friday, June 24, 2005

   i feel refreshed XD
stayed up till midnight again, which isnt good when i have to get up super early for drivers ed. we had guest speakers: truck drivers. *rolls eyes* i nearly fell asleep. we had to watch two movies. the first one was boring but the second one was just insulting to my intelligence>.<. the "actors" if you could call them that, sang and danced about never getting in a "no-zone" of a truck, and there was a "super hero" who had been struck by an eighteen wheeler and magically merged with his car to become a hero of the road. RIIIIIIIIGHT. thats sounds like a high school movie, huh?

havent been on forever because theres something wrong with our computer, plus i have to do two chapters a night. i might not be on soon to come as well because my comp is all screwy. i think we have a virus>.< and i still cant see posts. hooray! *throws confetti into the air*

my mom on a nice stroke of...niceness XD bought me shojo beat and an M rated PS2 game about samurais...dont remember what its called but its FUN...shojo beats good, but im a hopeless romantic ^_^ its all stories about girls and loooooads of hot guys. plus i think some of them are gay....XD. and the game is super bloody. youre a samurai in 1868, which is bad cuz samurais arent needed. the mission of the game is basically to kill as many as you can before you die lol. fun!

i found this AWESOME bag i am going to order offline. it was in an add in my shojo magazine. it was a bag that says in red bold letters with a heart: I LOVE YAOI XD thats me right there. and im going to hopefully go to suncoast tomorrow. triple points on whatever you buy, AND i have a fifteen dollar certificate. ^^ hopefully i can find good yaoi at waldens....toodles!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

drivers ed was like it always is...annoying and boring >.< did two chapters, two assignments, two tests, and got our driving schedules. since im a cute widdle april baby (riiight) i wont have to drive until july/perhaps even fall, i believe he said. *cheers* good cuz i dont wanna drive. im not the stereotypical teen. i just want to be alone. thats all ^_^ have to do two chapters and notes tonight which im waiting to do. Just woke up from a...five hour nap *yawns* i was SO tired. stayed up waaay late XD

i had another weird dream! *cheers* if any of you have seen Whose Line Is It Anyway? thats a hilarious show on abcfamily/comedy central and it has Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochrie (and an extra that alternates often=only extra i like is a adorable Chip^^) anyway my mom wathces a whole bunch of CNN so my dream was like i was a co-anchor on CNN and they were my anchors and they were doing slapstick the whole time...it was great.

My comments arent working again and frankly, im too lazy/tired to worry about them right now. I have a question for all the saiyuki fans out there: whats your favorite number pairing? 39? 83? 89? Mine is 58 as you can tell by the background ^^ well toodles i have to do homework >.< never thought I would be saying that.....

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Monday, June 20, 2005

*picks up drivers ed book and hurls it at the wall, smashing a window and then catches the book on fire and rips all the pages out* GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! i hate drivers ed! not only do we have to take a crapload of notes, we had a test today! the first day! and we have two tests tomorrow, we have to bring in a newspaper clipping, AND take notes over chapter 2 and 3 and be graded on the notes. guess what? im pissed! if you couldnt tell XD this is like real school. i have to go to it for ten days, three hours each for the 30 book hours. then i have to do six hours of driving. and i know im a bad driver already. ive driven twice and crashed both times. hooray for me! *pumps fist into the air in victory*

now that im in an angry mood, lets talk about fakes, shall we? we shall since this is my post XD. anyhoo, listen to this. my aunt said she "slipped a disc in her back" which is painful, but not horrendously so. my dad has three or four slipped discs and he only has minor pain sometimes. anyway, this aunt can chase kids around and flip them up and over her head and shes even chased after a kid to stop him from falling down a hill. got that? notice how active she is? good. now, she ALSO has my eighty-some year old, cancer filled grandpa who is VERY frail open doors for her because she "can't." my grandpa!!!! what the hell is that?! she holds a sign up at gas stations so that people will open the door for her!!! how the hell did she get out of her car?! good question. she can also go on trips to places like D.C. in a car, nonstop, no problem. (its all for the money, folks. she wants disability.) isnt that so horrendously dishonest? it disgusts me. *shakes head*

im sorry for the language above ^_^ im in a foul mood. sorry for bringing it up with you...and for some reason i cant see or post comments. >.< yaay for my day...

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

XD random liddle title for my post huh? fathers day was a tad on the BORING side. went to my really old grandpa's house and sat out in the sun for 3 1/2 hours, and what was really funny was there were about twenty of my relatives there. Every single one of them sat in a big circle, and then about twenty feet away was me, sitting in the shadows listening to L'arc on my headphones ^_^ my brother in law asked me if i was antisocial and i glared at him XD

everyone kept asking me if i was always so quiet, if i ever talked...yada yada yada. ^_^ yes i keep to myself and i am antisocial. i like it that way. my mom took my Smile CD by L'Arc and was passing it around, making people listen to it and saying "thats japanese. JAPANESE." *sweatdrop* which started this whole racist conversation that got me thoroughly ticked off. i was called: an american hater, japanese lover, slanty eye chaser...among other things. XD so i said a few things ill kindly not repeat here.

I start drivers ed tomorrow *major sweatdrop* ive never drove before...but i dont think they start right off with driving do they? *worried* because i get embarassed easily...just hope we dont drive today...*sigh* im gonna try and visit a few peoples' sites...^_^ toodles!

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

XD yay im on right now lol and bored out of my wits. its a great day, huh? my parents are gone (my dad=work, my mom and sis=shopping) and im allowed online for an hour bleh...slept in till noon XD its from cousin keeping me up all night and then waking me up at six >.< that wasnt fun lol.

went to everyone's site who updated *confetti* that was a major task considering i had an hour. (last night) roleplayed with two friends, and updated on fanfiction.net *turns red* i think people will believe ive only read saiyuki due to the fact thats the only thing i ever write about...if you want to know who i am on there i am chohakkailover so yeah ^_^ anybody who has good stories ill check em out....

my dream was odd again last night. it was fun. ^_^ i was a head chef that was super good at cooking (XDXD! i cant cook ANYTHING!) and my disciple was that one Jien or however you spell it from Samurai Champloo. i really have to lay off on the TV lol...now its time to go to ppl's sites! toodles!

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Friday, June 17, 2005

   ooh i nearly forgot!
i dunno why but for some reason i am having these nightmares/and just all around weird dreams. its just weird. i hardly ever remember waht i dream but now i am and sometimes i wish i wasnt...like take for example those series of dreams ive had the other day where my sister knifed me, then my friends held me down and knifed me, then hakkai ^_^ XD dont know why he was thrown in...lol

and then last night i had the oddest one of all. i was having a normal day at my high school (even though school is out lol) and i was walking home afterwards when i was attacked. i woke up ya know home and for some reason my mom forced me to go to my elementary school and everyone believed i was a liddle kid. so i had to go around and pretend i was a retard and i had to go to all those classes and i was really forgetful. like i had amnesia. it was REALLY like Case Closed XD. maybe ive been watching it too much lol...

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XD who loves anime? i love anime XD we wouldnt be here if we didnt lol. this is kinda random, ne? watched cardcaptor sakura last night. seriously anyone who has seen it knows that yukito is gay with toya. tis common sense lol.

and whos bday is it? *beams* i think its lordsesshomaru's XD. but if its not im gonna look like a retard so just ignore me lol. happy bday sesshy if it is your bday and im not being a moron XD.

went to a wonderful site that is still burned in my mind. O.O had to delete it from the history because i would be in trouble. my gay friend gave it to me and said i would love it because i "gush about hakkai" according to him. so? hakkai's hot XD. went to the site and it was O.O O.O my cousin thought so too. lots of very yaoi fanart with nudity. aiee. XD i just hope my mom doesnt find out we clicked out of course lol. toodles!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

omg didnt get too much sleep last night. stayed up watching cartoon network/adult swim and listened to L'arc...not to mention when i did sleep it was all nightmares O.O it was horrible. in every single one, people wanted to kill me. My sister. My friend. Hakkai XD. and each time i woke up when they like shoved a knife in me. no wonder im up right now and paranoid. i keep looking over my shoulder expecting an axe murderer to be standing there...

last night i got creeped out too. O.O it was storming and i was the only one home because my parents were at my sis's game. this was like at ten at night, and i had made myself ramen in a cup. i was happily eating it with my two kitties next to me purring, when i heard this weird nose. it was like water splooshing, and then it sounded like someone laughing. sure it might have been the TV...except i had nothing on (i mean nothing) except the kitchen light on. I was like, ok. i listened for it, and it stopped so i went back eating. and then it got CLOSER...so i freaked and turned on all the lights and all the TVs and radios and everything. my dad thought it was funny when he came home, but it wasnt >.< and it looks like its going to storm. Again. great. toodles!

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