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hiya. im a major anything-japanese fan and I'm usually locked in my room or in front of a comp screen. So pm me, add me as a friend, and sign my gb if ya want! Ja ne! *huggles hakkai*

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

So yeah.

That bit about me sticking around and actually updating?

Fanciful thinking, I must say. I feel so bad. I haven't been on in EIGHT MONTHS. I feel like I abandoned the people whom I had close ties with and for that I feel quite sorry and ashamed.

So I apologize. And I make no promises. I'm going to be busy tomorrow, and as always the damned gaia has consumed my soul,

But I honestly miss you guys <3333

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Friday, September 2, 2005

   im ashamed
Im sorry, guys. I know I havent been around for awhile. I havent been busy or anything, just mainly lazy. I havent even updated or posted anything since the very beginning of the summer, and that is why im ashamed. *bows very low* im quite sorry and I hope you forgive me!! that is, if anyone even remembers me...

I have been sick lately because I started school on the 16th, so I have been somewhat busy with homework. yeah. our school has mold which is making everyone sick (some are so bad they are at home) and they arent going to do anything about it right now!! so i have a soar throat and I want to cough and everything...

Yeah. I spend most of my time on gaiaonline. Im yaoihakkailover, so you can talk to me there^^ ill update on here more than what i have done in the past. *sweat* im so sorry...

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

XD i had the most fun last night!!! we went and seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was the best! I don't care if people say Johnny Depp did the movie a creepy mix of marilyn manson or michael jackson (notice I capitalized Johnny's name and no one else's?^^) He played the role perfectly and the kids in the movie made me hate them and become a Wonka...fangirl I suppose. lol. if you havent seen it, you really should. It was really funny^_^ Johnny did such a wonderful job, lol. I knew it would be good.

*frightened* i only have 15 days left until i have to go back to school!! i actually had a nightmare about going back to school last night...and I had a dream I was Willy Wonka but that doesn't matter lol. ^^ one last dream for you guys before I go...lol. I thought it was funny. For some reason Hakkai had been chained up or something, and it was like I was playing an RP game where I had options and he was in front of me and I had the option of A)Free Hakkai from the chains or B) Ravage. XD! I clicked B lol. alrighty then...XD...i have to scram so I'll see ya guys around!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

wow. i was up at seven today after going to bed at 2. all i know is im going to CRASH tonight. go down in flames and smoke Lmao. I stayed up last night drawing K-san from Gravitation. I had been itching to do it for some time and then i was like...screw it lol. get it out of my system. I kept thinking the lights were going to go out because it had been storming really bad. >.< my mom was seriously mad because it went off during some of big brother, which is one of her "must watch" tv. *waves liddle flag* Go Kaysar!!

And now I'm up at this ungodly hour (for me, anyway) to do a fanfic that came to me when I was sleeping. XD. Yes I was Roy Mustang *drools about herself* and it gave me the idea^^ everybody is still in bed XD they have the right idea. i might go to bed too XD

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