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Monday, February 28, 2005

   lol things you dont want to do to the saiyuki gang...
1)Whenever Hakkai is about ready to say, "stop fighting", dump hot tea in his lap

2)cut off gojyo from all alcohol of any kind.

3)whenever sanzo says something like "Youre makin' me mad" say: and how does that make you feel?

4)hit sanzo with your own fan for the heck of it

5)blow jeep to smithereens and blame goku.

6)kidnap gojyo and take him to a gay guy convention

7)set up a bomb on sanzo's fan so that when he reaches for it, it will simultaneously combust XD i can see that happening lol

8)pop one of Jeep's tires

9)SAY youre going to help the sanzo gang stop gyumaoh's resurrection but cause slight "detours" that always end up at your house. amazing.

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   school...is dumb lol
yeah i have come to realize (actually i knew all along) that school was dumb. now i know for sure. i have like 6 really heavy books i have to lug around all day, which is bumped up from ONE that i had to have last trimester, and my books wont even fit in my locker. i kicked them in=no. i shoved them in=no. the third time they all fell down on my head and i still have a bump. *sigh* and my friends left me behind thinking i was already outside. so, now with my schedule, i am LUCKY if i see ANY (i mean ANY) of my friends for...ten minutes. do you know how depressing that is? i have none of my friends in ANY of my classes, and i have three of my friends at lunch (not my best friend. like i said, i have her for nothing) lunch was stupid today. of course there was a food fight and i got hit with an apple! WHO throws an apple?!?! so i took my cheese fries and just chucked them. XD. didnt get in trouble lol. i never get caught. well...usually dont. XD

chibiness of sanzo!!

all my teachers pronounced my name right, too, which is a miracle. dont you...hate those stupid things where you have to stand up "my name is...i am..." blah blah blah? lol i do too.

aw dont blow your brains out. thatd be a mess to clean up, and people would be sad.

there is a bright side to this, though. maybe i wont have to go to school tomorrow because theyre calling for 6-10 inches during the night of snow, and im PRAYING that happens. absolutely praying. lol. the only good class i have is my last class, biology, cuz theres a reeeeally hot guy that sits in front of me. XD we picked our own seats so i made a beeline for him lol.

hot, huh?

hmm..OH! XD! i beat my eternal eyes game! *dances* its a game where you have to stop this evil guy (who is SUPER hot and has long, dark blue hair) from resurrecting the goddess of destruction and destroying the world. at your disposal is up to three (i used 2) magial "pappets" (puppets XD) who can do magic and stuff. i named the cute liddle puffball hakkai, and this one thing that looked kinda like a playing card Gojyo. what made me go O.O is later on, the hakkai puppet learned how to heal with chi (O.O) and the gojyo puppet got this long spear to kill with (O.O) i was like...whoa lol. kinda scary how similar it is lol. well...i gotta go. ill see what pics ill put up today...

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

   hiii everyone and funny saiyuki pics!
XD! i love this part lol so funny. look at hakkais face lol!

lol the only thing i have done today is watch yugioh (AW! poor vallon! *huggles* seto spent 500,000 on that car?!?!) and played my game, eternal eyes. im at the very end, and these monsters decide to gang up on me, so i die every time. after the fourth time, i ripped the controller out and threw it across the room lol.

XD! Another funny pic! lookit goku!

my neighbor has been here all day and she finally went home. GOOD. she hates me, and shes only seven, and i swear she is out to get me. everyone says im overreacting, but im not. she tells me to shut up, and if i dont she hits me! if i do that, i get yelled at and sent to my room! *angry face*

pretty purple eyes. just like hakkais, so expressive...

yaoi. isnt it the greatest? *has been reading hakkaixgojyo. oh, and one with sanzoxgoku. i like the tragedy ones. i like stories that make me wanna cry. i dunno why though. *sighs* lol im making a "movie" on my computer. i take pictures of hakkai and put them on to where they kinda run along on a timeline. its fun^_^

LOL! funny expressions! sanzo and hakkai are completely calm, while gojyo and goku are flippin out!

god. i really dont want to go to school monday. my best friend and i have NOTHING together. not even lunch! *bursts into tears* we wont see each other at all! isnt that sad? um...this is going to be a really short post cuz i wanna go read yaoi and ill try to post comments on some people's sites! ja mata ne!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

XD!! Goku AND lirin got hit! lol!

lol. obviously, there is no school today and im all alone here on the internet for awhie. i went to town with my older sister the other day and got ice cream and the latest issue of newtype (which has been out for quite awhile) it made me very, very happy because it had original art of Saiyuki:Requiem and it had like a two page spread with the hotties on it. *drools*

kinda looks like jeep wants ta play, huh?

ooh. can we all say hot? all together now...

its as though hes grinning right at the camera...

yesterday at school was ok. last day of classes so we didnt do much of anything but watch movies and play cards. in choir we played this really embarassing game where you get a partner and make two circles. you go in a circle until the teacher stops singing and you race to find your partner. but thats not all. the teacher yells out either "chicken, conqueror, or cowboy." chicken=leap on your partners back and flap like a chicken. conqueror=one partner gets on the ground, the other puts a foot on their back. cowboy=partner leaps on back of partner who is on hands and knees and top partner makes lassoing motions. *sweatdrop* yeah. my partner is taller than me because im really short, so guess who was always leaping on partner's back. yup. needless to say,we purposely got out VERY early.

ya know...if hakkai wanted to, he could be a could traffic guard, helping kids across the street XD *is hit with fan*

um...lol. i didnt sleep much last night, im getting agitated at my games, dark cloud and final fantasy...i dunno XD. i have different versions. its the one with tidus and yuna. in dark cloud im stuck at the first boss level, dran, and i dont know how to beat him. final fantasy im stuck at the part where they have spawn of sin and try to lure sin there and you have to beat this one piece of sin and i cant do it. *sighs* i think ive lost my knack for games, or at least for these two. any help would be greatly appreciated. *bows low*

*hisses at sanzo* no touchie! he can do that to goku and gojyo, just not hakkai-san!

AW! this pic makes me SAD!

what? is the orange too much?

what else...i just finished watching a few episodes of abanobashi (or whatever) and it is MESSED UP! lol. but funny. arumi and sasshi, the two main characters, travel from world to world. arumi always hits guy perv sasshi with a fan (remind ya of a certain priest and water kappa?) its funny but like i said, weird. its on anime unleashed, gttv if ya wanna check it out. ill hit peoples sites now. toodles!!

a nice face shot. *nods*

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

   guess who the saiyuki man of the day is???
this pic is HILARIOUS if you have seen the anime episode. hes a water kappa...and he CANT SWIM!! XDXDXD! then he goes and says something about moving like that in bed and ticks sanzo-san off.

yah obviously im online right now if you cant tell. XD i had so much fun today. in art i finished my painting of a flower and its due at the end of class tomorrow and im ahead for once (usually im the one way, waaaaaay behind). i laughed and had so much fun, which was amazing. OOH! the concert SUC KED last night! grrr. the gospel choir was offkey, and we screwed up our lighting. not to mention, on one of the songs, this one person elbowed me in the stomach and then jerked their arm up, lifting my shirt O.O so i flashed like the whole audience O.O thank god i was in the second row and nobody saw it or could barely see it. whew.

oooh. O.O. Nakey? couldnt they...show more? *is hit with sanzo's fan*

ooook. in algebra today our exmas are done so we watched mean girls (o.o my teacher is a guy, 23. that explains it) and in choir we watched our tape of us performing. in choir i was a PERV! XD but it was fuuuuunny. lol. my friend was on the ground, lying down and she said "I think im going to die" (she was hungry) and I THOUGHT she said (F*** me, hakkai) and i was like "WHAT?!" and she asked me what i thought she had said, i told a friend and she thought it was hilarious, and i finally told my friend and she was like PERV! but she laughed and thought it was funny.

aw dance!!!

HAHA! funny ponytail! *pulls*

Um...in gym we played hockey. not fun because i was on the team with people who arent...the best at playing the game and the other team was filled with jocks and people who are really good at hockey. right before the preps picked the teams i told this one guy who is sorta a friend about that and he said "that wont happen" well, it did, and he was one of "the good guys" and he refused to go to their team, and halfway through the game one of those really good players took him and slammed his face into the bars O.O i was like sonuva! he got up, kept saying im ok, and yet...he walked sideways. *shrugs*

wow. i really like this pic. *nods*

lol. i got my shonen jump yesterday (but my mom forgot and gave it to me today) my favorite parts were 1) when bakura defiled the pharaohs tomb and i saw priest set ("priest seto in the manga) and 2)the poll they had in japan on who the favorite characters were from yuyu hakusho!! i was SURPRISED! third-kurama with 8,000 some. second-yusuke with 17,000 (!) some. first- *drumroll* HIEI! *does dance* with 18,000 some. youd think it would be kurama with all those rabid fangirls. *shrugs* ah well. my bishie won! in your faces-eee! *is mobbed by rabid kurama fangirls* more saiyuki pics...i suppose if i get around to it.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

   SANZO pics for all you droopy eyed priest luvas!
yeah my day didnt go too well, but im still carefree as ever. uh lets see where did it start going bad... hmmm...well it could have been when people thought it would be funny to lock me into a room when i went in there to get something and i was late to my first class. or maybe it was when i remembered i had a choir concert tonight that was going to last at least two hours. or maybe...it was the whole gym incident. um...and go to this site right here. ITS FUNNY! for inuyasha! go lol. http://www.sheezyart.com/view/210419

yes. the gym incident. we were split into foru teams, and two teams would be playing hockey, two would be playing volleyball. anyway i love hockey and hate volleyball, so when we switched to volleybally i was already unhappy (we had to play each team once, so we had to do each game three times) anyway we have this one person who berates the whole team and each player when you miss a hit or whatever, and he nearly made this one guy cry because he kept sayin you mother f.er. i was ticked, and i was about ready to throttle him, i was shaking in rage. ive never hated someone, but this guy i completely and totally despise. the rest of gym was ok and them it was on to my yearbook class.

bottoms up! (i wanna join in! *arrow points at her reading undreage*)

i finally finished my mini yearbook, and wrote in the liddle rp book me and my friend have. then i messed around online and wrote something dirty on this guy's paper next to me XD.

HEY! me likey! *is slapped with fan*

and...well...im gonna have to leave at 6:30 to go to the stupid concert. my group sings first, and then we have to sit through everyone else. i sense disaster because at one part she fades the lights out to nothing, and you cant see anything. and i mean that. i nearly fell over. and so, while the lights are dark, we have to rearrange. yup. disaster. XD. this will be funny if nothing happens to me...and even then...itll be funny lol..

LOOK! i finally got an avatar!!!! My saiyuki site is finally whole. now watch me become obsessed with something else. *sighs* ah well. i kept getting hit with sanzo's fan (dont ask) today. it hurts. so i stole it and gave it to hakkai as a present. *beams happily* of course there will be retribution. just..not right now XD.

AW! isnt hakkai CUUUUTE! *huggles*

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

   hi to all^_^ and whos your fav??help!
god i am so addicted. about the only thing ive done is watch saiyuki all day long. im so lazy -.-(). oh. thats not all ive done. ive eaten all DAY! i am a little like all the characters from saiyuki. Im the biggest perv (gojyo) i say im gonna kill you and die to just about everyone i know (sanzo) i win at just about every card game when i play against people (hakkai) and im always hungry, non stop^_^ (goku) i swear to god, i am. i had potatoes and carrots, then popcorn, then ramen, then cookies. and i was making more ramen when my mom said no. (this was all in about twenty minutes. (i had also eaten three cucumbers) so i sat on the couch, and my stomach was growling and i was all chibi and sad until my mom was like "you really are hungry" and she let me make ramen. right now...im kinda hungry. *sweatdrops* i think ill make ramen for the fourth time today...*shrugs*

um...and can anyone help me? id like to know where there are good saiyuki avatars, but not just that. if you find an avatar how do you put it on here if it doesnt have a link? *chibi eyes* id appreciate the help, thanks. everythings saiyuki cept my avvy. *sighs*

um...not quite sure WHAT to make of this pic, really. it disturbs me slightly, but i dunno why. *shivers*

as some people might already know, i dont get tomorrow off cuz my school is really stupid, so im gonna be annoyed tomorrow. i didnt get a project done that is 1/3 of our grade cuz my comp was messing up, and the teacher wasnt there to help me. currentlyi have like 9 pages done out of 16. *sigh* im in trouble arent i? *shrugs* and all my exams are coming up. ill probably fail cuz i havent gotten anything ready. its cuz im a huge procrastinater. (sp?)

^_^. im gonna go visit everyone's sites if i can, and ill try to put saiyuki pics up to feed my growing obsession. (god im such a loser XD) see ya! oh..and before i forget,who's your fav from saiyuki? *cuddles hakkai* hakkai's mine, but does anyone love the ill-tempered sanzo? the hungry goku? or ther perverted gojyo? let me know!

and since someone posted a pic of kougaiji...i decided to do the same. ive been to greedy to some who may like him best (and hes hoooot so...yah)

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

   oh.my.GOD! Saiyuki!!!
XD i got something ive only dreamed of owning: saiyuki double barrel version which has ten episodes for the price of four!!!! after begging and pleading and even crying crocodile tears, my mom finally gave in and purchased it for the poor, broke pervert. XD

the dvd is great!!!! XD the voices are pretty dead on, and for any of you who have happened to see it, dont you think hakkai seems a bit...um...more sarcastic than in the manga? more...i dunno. i like it though!! *happy chibi eyes* i have a headache!!! ive watched it for about six hours straight, in the dark, eating a never ending supply of chocolate! (i had to keep rewinding and playing parts over) like: the whole "gay" thing they were doing (well they actually do that a lot) but it was funny when my sweet, more sarcastic than normal hakkai said: i dont hear anything back there. are you guys making out? i almost diedXDXD and then gojyo and goku were fighting again and hakkai said he went to his happy place and sanzo asked if that actually worked H: ummmmmm....nope. and then...who did sanzo hit with the fan? XD i dont care, i just think its funny. and now i know what my kawaii hakkai sounds like! *beams* well...this is a pro-saiyuki post i suppose...i might post pictures. *blinks* this was kinda...short and pointless. anymore funny saiyuki parts from episodes 1-10 ya'd like to tell me about? post it in comments! ill try to hit everyone's sites, but i doubt it'll happen! peace out!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

   I think i might be weird XD

lol...yeah. my dream was weird again last night. involved no bishie *sad eyes* but it WAS creepy. one of my friends, we joke with her and say shes going to be a prostitute and everything, well in my dream i was talking to her...and she was a porn star. she purred and clutched the pole (she really does purr lol) and then later on two of my friends died bacause my dad chopped them up with an axe. i woke up wide eyed like...ok... i told my friends, and the two of them werent happy, and the "porn star" wasnt happy either, but later she looked up prostitute and porn and star in japanese and wrote it on herself ^_^

erm...in gym my teacher told me i could make a good politician cuz i lie really well with a straight face *shrugs* we played uno at the very end, and we threw cards at the "porn star" XD. i won. i actually ALWAYS win...hmm...im like hakkai!! *cuddles hakkai* lol...in algebra we had a retest because eleven people got an f, not including the people who got d's and c's. i passed!! i got a 76! *chibi dances* i had a 64 before, so at least i passed. and i have a b+ in that class anyway.

what stunk today was that we had not one but TWO fire drills today. once in algebra (BRRRR) it was snowing, and once during gym. so we were in shorts and t shirts. it felt good in gym. weird. Lol. i know im rambling, but set up at one of the places (we were in the weight room) was where we had to pull down a bar and lift the weight, and it weighed more than me and my Star friend. she got on it and was hanging, spinning. i got on and spun in the air too lol.

*blinks at radio* its singing Lonely by Akon. dont you love that song? all chipmunky. i think it sounds cute. well...im gonna try and post pics of master sesshomaru cuz he was pretty hot last night. Yah! Go master! *waves a sign* he whipped inu!!! then again...i do like inu. and...did anyone else think it was AWESOME how he was that little ball of light?!?! i wish I could do that!! ill try to hit some sites...but i might not be able to. ill see ya round!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

   hi guys and...saiyuki gaiden pics! (if im lucky!)
so some of you liked my piccys huh? i must admit, they were pretty hot. and i tried to get hakkai into each one of them, in case you didnt know that. he's my bishie. XD. two funny things related to saiyuki: my friend said she was going to adopt goku (hes her fav. me: why? her: can you violate your children? me: 0.o uh...if you dont get caught. she laughed insanely, then stopped. her: wait. he can adopt ME. XD. and then my friend and i were being dumb and talking about what they fed hakuryu, whether it was actual food or gasoline (bear with me XD) and then i said it would be funny if they fed him gasoline cuz then i would throw a match near him and he'd blow up XD. we all cracked up and i imagined like a bomb going off.

XD. at school a lot of people were on a field trip, so it was kinda a mess off day, especially since we had a two hour delay due to some snow we received last night. i had to run 21 laps today in gym, which is about a mile, and i pretty much jogged it all, nearly tripping on one of the laps and falling on my face. i tripped over my own feet XD im a klutz. uh...well ill add some pics if possible, so if you see this post without any pics or X's, then i a)havent put anything up or b)it didnt work. toodles!!

http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.csusm.edu/anime/galleries/ if you go there, you might find some really nice pics...but i might have cut too much off. *shrugs* you can get them HUGE!

(aw! theyre sleeping! i thinkXD)

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