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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

XD yah another boring day. what can ya do? i start school in three weeks exactly!!! i dun wanna!! *goes chibi and hides* nooo! lol. im going to my grandmas in just over a week, for a week so i might not be able to talk to anyone or anything. meep. i might go into withdrawal, i need to chat online and see mah beautiful bishie pictures. T_T ah well. im trying to get my mom to order the 7 gravitation books i need^^ its going splendidly i think since she isnt outright denying me XD

so yeah lol. thats about it in my tiny midgetized life lol.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

   OMGz K-san lol.
http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/kawaii123/images/images.html GO THERE FOR THESE PICTURES!!!! YOU MUST GO!!!

ooh! he looks deliciously evil!

XD i just wanted to sound like an idiot fangirl for a minute there. Person: WANTED to sound like a fangirl? WANTED?! *chucks rock and knocks person down* yes wanted lol ah i have been hyper all day for a number of reasons. Like i went to Wal Mart and my mom felt super generous and bought me Castle in the Sky, a Hayao Miyazaki film. of course its wonderful like any of his films, and i enjoyed every minute of it^^ and another thing is...K-san^^

yes indeed. Yuki from gravitation used to be my favorite, but then i realized that when i was taking quizzes to get "which guy from gravitation would you marry" i wasnt picking the obvious yuki ones...i was picking the obvious K ones^^ aw and who could blame me? he's adorable!!

OOH! his eye lol

I found out K-san's name (hey! i have only read up to manga 6 of gravitation/never seen the manga) and i think it suits him. Claud (Crawd) Winchester. i like how he can't speak English or Japanese very well XD that's just hilarious to me. and of course his over the top actions are just comical to watch...so...yah. this post, if anyone is going to read, is going to be filled with K pictures! yah!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

lol i havent really done much of anything recently except watched monk...so...im just going to post one of my favorite...no...scratch that...my FAVORITE picture of gravitation. it really is adorable....Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   to talk about the fair XD
K-SAN! hes my 2nd favorite, ah possibly rivalling yuki^^

yeah it was the best!! my friend did come with me and it absolutely POURED! sure that might not seem like fun but it was. it was raining and we were riding the rides that were open, like the Gravitron (spaceship ride spins really fast and pushes you back) scrambler (like gravitron only in open air) pharaoh's Fury (goes really high into the air, form of a ship) thunderbolt (goes forwards and backwards) and this ride that spins fast, and tilt-a-whirl. we rode them over and over again.

then this one kid was on just about every ride we were on and he was a few years younger than us. after the third or so ride he was like "GAH! not you two again!!" and so my friend asked him his name and he ignored us, so she said he was scared and he said he "didnt want our stupidity rubbing off on him!!" *vein* we nicknamed him Takkun from Fooly Cooly XD. after awhile i dont think he really cared we were on the same rides. he tried to impress us but he tripped and fell down the stairs. LMAO. it was great.

i see tohma-chan^^

it poured and the carnies decided to shut down the rides, so thats when we decided to leave (we made carnie friends too^^ one carnie said it was going to be "a helluva storm" and i told my mom that and she didnt even yell at me for "cursing" lmao.) and so, by this time drenched, i just jumped and ran through puddles^^ when we finally got home i was under piles of blankets. i was FREEZING^^

my friend and i stayed up watching anime and reading manga. it was really fun. not to mention i found this one site where i can buy the liddle pink bunny from gravitation! kickass XD! im going to put Gravi pics in my post. toodles!

TOHMA-chan! (thats to you, friend XD she really likes Tohma^^)

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

i dont have a lot of time to type this in because i am going to the fair in a few minutes. oooh i cant wait to ride all those rides!! i probably wont have any cotton candy until later because i ten to overindulge on the sweets and thats not always a good combo with fast rides and hot sticky weather^^

so...yeah....thats about it. whoever reads this and decides to post, tell me who your favorite is in Gravitation!! i like eiri yuki and Hiro...and K just cuz hes funny^^ toodles! i have to go!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

yah. my bird died. well it was more of my mom's bird, ya know? he didnt really like me too much. he was 17 i think it was and today he was sneezing and stuff and then he fell to the bottom of the cage and didnt get back up. my mom cried, but i think that was more because he was my grandma's bird and my grandma's deceased...yeah...alrighty then off that subject.

i passed drivers training!!! we drove through this really big town and i did pretty good! he didnt even really pay attention to me^^ i passed with a B so now i dont have to really worry about anything for awhile. i can just enjoy the rest of my summer break, which is now less than a month T_T ah time flies by...

going to the fair tomorrow to ride the rides. my best friend might be going, she hasnt really cleared it with her parents. usually she doesnt so...i might be looking at going alone....*wseatdrops* or maybe not! who knows? *cheerful*

and now its the best news of all!! i dont remember if i posted this earlier, so if i have just ignore it^^ anyway, my mom felt really bad about not taking me to the mall when she said she would, so she took me the other day, and i HIT THE JACKPOT! my mom, who NEVER (well...ok thats overdoin' it *sweatdrops*) wants to buy me stuff and thinks im wasting my time with anime/manga...bought me Shojo Beat AND 2-6 of Gravitation. thats right. she spent over 60 dollars on me!! *cries tears of joy* ah the shonen-ai! it has hit the spot of my craving lol. im fulfilled now! go, eiri yuki-san!!! *waves flag*

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Monday, July 18, 2005

more driving, what else is new? i drove for an hour and a half and i think ive drove best today out of the four? days ive been driving...two more days and im done!!!! rejoice! the angels sing XD

i MIGHT be going to the mall tomorrow. or a bookstore. i REALLY need to go because i am craving yaoi for some reason. i have an addiction lol and i cant heal it or get rid of it^^ ah well. not much to say except im feeling queasy. too much cotton candy, bleh >.<

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

as you are aware if you have read my subject, i am ANGRY. alright. my mom promised to take me to the mall a few weeks ago, but then she couldnt. so she rescheduled over a week ago that she would take me today. guess what? she cant. i knew she wouldnt. she said i might change my mind a lot over the past few days... GRR! she has to go sit with my old grandpa because my aunt is going to some banquet thing. >.< its not even for her!! dammit! i had been lookig forward to it because it was the only silver lining to an otherwise bleak stormcloud of a week. PLUS i was going to see Howl's Moving Castle, (i finally found a theater playing it only till next thursday, though) but that too was cancelled. im split between pure rage and depression.

on a somewhat happier note, i got the new Harry Potter book yesterday at around six in the evening, and just finished it. its SOOO good! but very sad...T_T i was on the edge of my seat reading it...yeah...so id suggest buying it for any of you who havent!

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

today was pretty annoying. i got a call last night completely unexpected that i would have to start the driving part of my drivers training tomorrow, so i panicked. XD. my mom let me practice driving around a parking lot until i cried when she laughed at me for turning the wipers on instead of the lights. i cry easily XD. she said i did fine and not to worry.

today we had to go to a ton of garage sales.>.< my family sees it as "family garage sale day" and we have to participate...*rolls eyes* i had to drive at 3, so i wanted to practice. didnt happen. we DID eat at a restaurant...and we ended up right across from one of my mother's old co-workers. he was gay! XD he and his partner were pretty hot lol. i figured they were gay since...well you can just tell sometimes, and then my mom went out and said it to us because my dad kept calling me gay and the guys looked over...*sweatdrop* lol

drove today in training. i had to drive through a pretty trafficy town on the first day...i did pretty good with practically no prior training. tomorrow i have to drive from 6:30-9:30 in the morning...saturday too...bleh! i have to drive tomorrow, saturday, monday-wednesday. i cant WAIT until this is all over...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nothin much has really happened today. i went to bed at around three, was forced up at six to do some running around so i am basically a living zombie who is...hyper at moments lol.

i have finally figured it outXD do you know how some people go on "graduation trips" when they graduate high school? like to europe or ireland? i am SO going to japan!!! and ill take my grandma with me if shes still alive XD because she has been to japan, likes the japanese, likes anime/manga, and can speak some japanese! AWESOME!

lol another short post, huh? i have 4-H to worry about...i turned in my fine arts (drawing) of Daisuke...it will probably get a white. i spent three hours on it and i think its my best drawing ever, but all i ever get is white...*sweatdrop* even though this one kid was like "whoa! thats really good!" (XD yeah so what? i stand near my art and see if anyone likes it. big deal! XD im sure other people do it too) im still nervous...XD lets hope it makes me proud!

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