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Thursday, April 14, 2005

   hello and...NI JIANYI! XD

Which Saiyuki character would sleep with you?

XD funny lol

lol turns out we had a 2 1/2 delay i think i mentioned that lol if not...we did XD. got loads of sleep so i feel SO much better. had fun last night online when my liddle sister and her friend werent buggin' me...XD turns out that she added one of my gay friends (seriously gay...no making fun of him because hes nice) and she made him MAD. she had him saying stab her with a fork and stuff like that and hes usually a sweetie lol. it was so funny. i get so mad at her when she adds my friends to hers, annoys them, then tries to get out of it by saying "no. they added ME."

had three wonderful tests today. algebra=(dont make fun of me!! i could have taken geometry with my excellent state score, but i wanted to make sure i had everything down pat) easy as always cuz its mulitple choice :D spanish=slightly tougher but i found out i got a 94. Sweet! have another spanish test tomorrow. gah. health=not so great. i guessed on everything. hey its the reproductive system. long as i know my own im fine XD

tomorrow my sis is going to a friends bday party so she wont be at home! that rox! i wont have to put up with her. good. we might also go to the mall...but we probably wont since my dad is the only person who works in my house and he needs to find a new job -.- my bday is in.......16 days i think! lol its on april 30! toodles...ill try to hit a few sites, but im uber busy

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   hiya again
XD my poor friend, shes so dense. one of my other friends said that she was going to alabama soon, and my not-all-there friend said, completely innocently "Isnt alabama in Georgia?" XDXDXD! god. the poor soul.

lol. all my teachers are messed up, i just realized that. my math teacher thinks hes a stud...my biology teacher goes on and on aboiut finding a dead body and destroying things...and my spanish teacher loves napoleon dynamite. i heard him quoting it and talking to himself in third person XD!

lol finally read saiyuki four because i borrowed it froma friend who bought it. im too chicken to just borrow it from my "secret" birthday stash because i know id be caught ^_^ its soooooo creepy i mean my favorite character is hakkai...but all of a sudden i have a major crush on...NI! ahhhh! lol. i realized it when i started to look forward to hearing him in the anime and turning the pages in the manga to look for him...creepy. Hakkai's still my fav though. of all time:D who's your guys all fav anime/manga person? hard question to answer, huh?

lol i almost got in trouble yesterday. im notorious for being both a perv and someone who will do just about anything, so people dared me to ask our health teacher if she was gay. yeah. shes pretty...yeah. theres definitely "hints" about that lol, but im not gonna do it either. they kept saying "you usually do this kinda thing" "youre the biggest perv we know" XD. thank you, thank you *bows* but im not going to get a detention for that. no thank you.

lol im gonna see if my comp isnt all messy and if it will let me comment today. if not...ah well. toodles!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

sorry this post wont be as long as others. i was on gaiaonline because my cop wouldnt let me on here and like five minutes before i have to go i decide to check and see if i can get on and lo and behold! i can XD

today at school was dumb. spring break was over so of course we got a load of stuff to do. joy. didnt do any of it left it at school. oh well. one of my friends was at court getting her sentence (long story *meep*) and I smashed into a door lol. i wasnt paying attention, daydreaming, when all of a sudden a door opens and i smash into it. lol i get laughed at and i run for it XD

uh...and paper fell down on me from the sky XD. i was on the lower level going to spanish when from upper level someone just hurls like 500 paper sheets down on us. it was ALL over XD. poor janitor. one last thing...health was FUN *note sarcasm* we learned about the male reproductive system O.O something i DIDNT need to know. tomorrow is the girls O.O and wednesday we get to do cancer checks on dummies O.OO.O enough to give me nightmares for life! sorry...gotta run. no pics and i didnt visit ya...but ill try to do it tomorrow!

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

   hiya...and guess whoooo?

lol some of you may have noticed my flamboyant...erm "spirit" was missing from the otaku. XD yeah i know...yeah right XD. but yyeah i was grounded because i didnt pick up the phone i ignored it. it was my mom. turns out the renter's pipes burst while he was doing the dishes in his boxers. poor guy lol so my mom grounded me for two days XD.

EEE! lol

havent done much other than watch anime all the time and have conversations with myself. it gets boring when youre all alone at home for hours on end. went to my grandparents house the other day and had ice cream that reminded me of sanzo (karmel sutra^.^) and my cousin bugged me nonstop about pokemon XD. gah. talked to my best friend on the phone for two hours since we havent talked at all over spring break...which is now ending. *sad eyes* ah well...has anyone noticed the gatorade slogan? is IT in you? XDXDXDXD! lol for a pervert like me...that cracks me up. i just realized it the other day and i nearly died (too much candy lol)

XD hurt myself on our trampoline the other day. first i slammed into the metal trying to climb on (im somewhat of a midget -.- people tell me) and ow. that was painful. and then i slipped for some reason and went down. cracked a rib. XD that hurt lol. i was kinda...lying there for a half hour and my sis just bounced around me saying "Wee! fun!"

lol. im gonna try to hit everyones sites and answer all my mail in...a half hour. XD not gonna happen. lol...if you havent noticed, im putting up pics other than saiyuki/hakkai/people who look like hakkai XD. who is he? hes sexy, thats for sure XD. yaaay! *huggles pics and man IN pics lol*

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Thursday, April 7, 2005

see i knew this would happen. its horrible. stupid people stupid doctors...stupid world!! i hate "living with the cards im dealt" or whatever. the only good thng that has happened to me is i learned my parents bought me saiyuki graphic novel 4 for my bday! the only bright spot...

yeah. stupid x-rays? guess what? my mom said they called back and i might have to have surgery or bracing! i cant have that! i cant! can you imagine all the torment ill have to endure at school? i hate this! i wont do it! what if i have to have surgery and they accidentally cut to close and im paralyzed? wont THAT be fun?! then ill never be able to be an archaeologist!

i havent told my friends. i dont think they need to know unless its for sure...and then ill tell them. i just dont want to do this...it just sux completely! my parents were gone all day today so i mostly cried...sounds like a fun day, huh? ill try to go by peoples' sites...cya...

oh...and by the way my comp is all messy again so id appreciate it if ppl would pm me or something...hardly anyone wants to talk with me anymore. -.- i cant comment or look at my comments waaaah!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   gah! lookit the pretty men XD

i HATE doctors appointments. and this was the worst...for the whole "one shoulder up higher than the other thing". GAH! having my family doctor feel me up and down today wasnt my plan of fun, i can tell you that now...and then after that we had to drive to the main hospital and get X-rays done. we wont know until at least friday whats going on. -.- of course at the X-ray part i had to change into those gowns and get da mn near naked in the process-.-

the lady was treating me like a kid even though im fifteen (well...almost XD) and so i was waiting to change back into my normal clothes when this old lady came in ^_^ i was a good samaritan and let her go first. then we went to a restaurant to eat (my mom sis and i) and i opened the door for this old lady. lol i think im partial to old people XD

*looks at sky* i think it is going to storm. it got super dark and windy...*shrugs* and i cant read comments on my site again, so i dont know if i can comment. *shrugs again* we'll see, huh? toodles!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

   my fears...
lol. last night to confuse myself, i downloaded pics of those guys that look like hakkai, and made a movie on my comp using them. and i labelled the pics wrong on purpose (using the wrong names) to confuse myself. it worked!! lol. and me and my dad watched episode two and ten of saiyuki and he asked me if my mom would approve. that would be a no.

lol i have a story to tell you. my one weakness...is bugs. i mean, i dislike bugs normally, but spiders frighten me to no end. if theres a spider in the room, i cant be there. i had a dream last night that a spider ate my head lol. it was unpleasant to say the least. so when i was about to make popcorn, i noticed a HUUUGE spider on the micorowave. i screamed bloody murder (it surprised me!) and dropped the popcorn. XD and then i called my mom (i was home alone) to see when shed be back home. she saked why, and when i told her she laughed at me so i hung up on her lol. it scared me so bad i was on the couch and it felt like spiders were all over. yeah...i have arachnophobia, no kidding. im also afraid of clowns. XD. want me to go into that? i will lol.

alright. we were at this one parade thing and i thought id be ok because there was only about ten clowns at the whole place, so i was on the sidewalk. to get candy...of course. im addicted. and i dunno why im frightened of clowns...i just really, really am. so anyway i was on the sidewalk with this seven year old neighbor of mine, my younger sister (who was probably eleven. this was last year) and the neighbor's mom. of course, the clowns decide to walk by every kid except me...and they surround me. each was offering me a balloon, or they had their arms around me and talking to me...and i FREAKED. i punched out...kicked out...i went nuts. i was screaming my head off and i ran for it. it took them an hour and a half (my neighbor and others) to find me. i was hiding in an alley lol.

so there...now you guys know what im deathly afraid of. lol. theres one last thing...im worried about the doctor appointment i have tomorrow. oneshoulder is up higher than the other, and i dont know what theyre going to do about it...i hope i dont have to have surgery...*worried eyes* ja ne...

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Monday, April 4, 2005

XD! Today is...odd lol. my sister came down here and i was typing up my newest angsty story for fanficton, and she kept saying she found "organs"O.O so we went to the end of the road and sure enough there were...organs. like a liver and a heart and i think a lung in a cooler on ice. O.O again. thats a liddle...different lol. we dont know where they came from...we just left them there and slowly walked off lol.

today i have done nothing except eat candy i took from my parents stash lol and watch saiyuki up full blast while they were gone. im trying to learn the first theme song because i know the end theme song by heart lol. OH! and i found something out, i dont know if i told you guys. apparently, on my friends DVD it says stuff that my dvd player edits or something. ill explain.

alright. uh i have the double barrel version, but its the second episode out of the whole series for those of you familiar with it. it is when they arguing in jeep (goku and gojyo) and they keep calling each other gay, and sanzo says they have an unrequited love affair. XD love that part. but anyway on MY dvd theres a pause after he screams that, and then he says i thought so, thanks. and i was like...WHAT?! lol. and at my friends house you can hear Hakkai clearly say Nice one uh Sanzo. XDXDXD! lol and then it makes sense. i can hear hakkai talk on all the dvd players except mine. *sighs*

ok. i have a huge problem. it is as though the gods are tormenting me. look at this!!! and this! hakkai right? WRONG! as constance showed me, this is from another series. lol i must have it because he is too similar to my sweet hakkai to pass up! this is going to drive me insane!

LOOK! aw. theyre so kawaii

not much else going on. spring break started thank god, and i have a doctor's appointment wednesday to see if i really do have scoliosis. uh...constance? what did you have to do for that, since you said you had one shoulder up higher than the other? *blinks* well...im off to visit people! toodles!

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Sunday, April 3, 2005



lol i was right. i didnt stay up that late last night. i conked out at nine and woke up at ten this morning. so i watched fma (i taped it) and ate fortune cookies while i did so lol. i knew shou was going to be a chimera, and i knew chimeras werent the prettiest things to look at it, but his took the cake *shivers* gah. not something i look forward to first thing in the morning.


i taped super milk chan show because i wanted to see if i recognized any voices and i did. XD. everyone on it was from saiyuki. milk was lirin. an ant wife was yaone. the robot dog/the ant husband was SANZO! he cussed lol. this robot was someone else from saiyuki but i couldnt place her. and...dr eyepatch...was NI! XD. i knew it was him because he talking...really...slowly lol. and i was right ^.^ is he like that in real life? tommy drake i mean? because that would be kinda creepy. XD

aw hakkai looks kawaii!

yay. i can now read/post comments, so ill comment on other ppl's sites today cuz i couldnt yesterday. so...ill see ya round ooh. one last question. um...does anyone else love vinegar chips? i love them! XD theyre so good. =^.^=


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Saturday, April 2, 2005

went to a friends house. stayed up all night. watched tv and anime and read saiyuki manga until we passed out at around four lol. her brother kept begging me to stay and do stuff with him. lol. i didnt though cuz im really, really tired lol.

XD we watched a tai chi thing and it was MESSED up. the camera view, instead of following the guy's hands as he moved them in the air...went to a certain...AREA on the man. we were like AHH! it did it every time lol. and then one time the man was talking and while he was talking you could hear really heavy, male breathing. O.O XD we thought the cameraman was GAY! XDXDXDXD! it was SO funny lol. for some reason...i cant read the comments i received the other day *shrugs* i probably wont get everywhere...or anywhere...ihave a half hour on here...so...toodles lol!

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