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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

not much to say. been busy working my ass of on 4-H have all but one of them finished. i dont think im going to do it because its too confusing XD. and...yeah.

not too much new with my life to add. decided to persuade my mom to buy me some manga (only ones they had at wal mart) and so i got Zodiac P.I. and Clamp School Detectives. sort of for a younger audience, but ya know. i love manga of any type.

FREAKIN AWESOME CONTEST!!!!!!!! in one hundred words or less, describe why you love fullmetal alchemist, at www.fullmetalalchemist.com/contest . THERE IS A WONDERFUL PRIZE! second prize is nothing to sneeze at, being a mix of hot topic purchases, L'arc goodies, and FMA stuff valued at over 600 dollars. FIRST PRIZE??? five day, three night, all expense paid trip to JAPAN! tour where FMA is made, tour of tokyo, 1000 dollars spending money, 250 for your guest, 250 dollars for hot topic, AND tickets to L'Arc~en~Ciel, who sold out in there only american concert in under four minutes!! i am SO entering, and i hope you guys do too!

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Friday, July 8, 2005

lol my sis and i made up XD i watched secret window and crybaby with her. she absolutely adores johnny depp...to the point of...creepiness lol. her and her liddle friend say theyre going to go see charlie and the chocolate factory, then somehow make their way to paris and kill johnny's girlfriend and tie him up and take him back with them O.O um...you do that lol. obsession runs in our family i see XD. my dad=redheads. my mom=Elvis. sarah, my sister=pigs. my other sister=johnny. me...anime in general lol.

*yawns* tired from staying up all night lol. ah well. and i still have to do 4H. 4H is an organization, for all those confused lol, for farm kids or retards who are stuck in it by their mean parents (dats me!!) and they complete projects (maybe photography, showing a cow, fine arts where you draw, etc) and you can get a ribbon and a plaque and go to state against everyone else. you get a $1 for each project turned in. damn cheapskates. it used to be dollar-amount on how good you did and i used to get upwards of $20. grrr...and my comments still dont work. any advice on how to fix this...*stops* i wouldnt be able to see the advice anyway...T_T toodles!

OMG! you HAVE to go here~~~ http://www.phrozenflame.com/flashclip/441 its SO FUNNY! tell me what ya think of it!

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

goddamn!! (sorry for my language) my parent got me up at seven (i went to bed late) and forced me to go to garage sales with them. for 10 garage sales, it took us four freakin hours. FOUR!! we got lost and my sister cried because i pinched her (she was slapping me!) so i got bitched at. a lot. it was a horribly gay day. i was so MAD. my parents both screamed at me and did nothing when my liddle sister hit me several times and gave me a bruise when i told her johnny depp was a prostitute (lol no offense johnny fans, i just wanted to tick her off and thats one of the few ways to do so) gee that sounds fair, huh? then we eat at a crappy restaurant...but we DID sit next to two hot gay guys and we were waited on by a hot, ditzy waiter lol...so that kinda makes up for it^^

yeah and i have to start 4H projects as well. theyre due next tuesday and i only have my fine arts (drawing) done. i drew daisuke^^ i think it was my best work ever^^ but 4H sucks for me because everyone in my club goes to the same school except us, and theyre all rich, snobby jerks -.- so if you dont see me around for a while, youll know why...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

   meh...and i like my dreams^^
im bored yet again. and once more i have an hour. JOY! *waves flag sarcastically* my comp is all screwy ya know what else is new, and i cant see any comments you guys post..omg! i saw two fire trucks go by and our neighbor's house is setting off a fire alarm and theyre not home!! two fire trucks just went by! >.< i know this sounds cruel but i dont really care because their daughter is a brat and is constantly berating me...its a brand new house too...

in other slightly less rude words lol i might be going to the mall soon if i can convince my parents to let me go...thats a probably no XD ah well. i survive by watching anime lol...super short post because i havent really got anything to say...

oh! i had more odd dreams lol! the other night i dreamed i was with ni jianyi from saiyuki and he killed a whole bunch of cute animals for experimenting, and i cried so he hugged me and gave me his bunny^^ last night i dreamed i was Jimmy from Case Closed again lol. too much jerry jewell i guess...

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

last night was....eventful. everything seemed to want to go wrong. first it stormed. and then my brother in law left out the lighters and the matches, so they didnt work right. then the big, forty dollar firework turned out to be a dud. next we borrowed matches and a lighter from my neighbor, but they were duds too! and then my bro's parents went to their house to get lighters, and by the time they got back we had somehow managed to get a lighter to workXD. so we were still trying to set off fireworks early midnight...morning? lol

my best friend is going to kansas and i havent seen her since the first of june>.< i miss my friends!!! i have been stifled by my faaaamily...not that theyre not great *sarcasm* i just wanna get out...i want to go to the mall tomorrow, but my mom says no...and its another hour nighter online, so i have to rush to check email on four different accounts, check mail on gaia, check mail here, and post something on fanfic. ahh. *rips at hair* ^^

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Monday, July 4, 2005

   Fooly cooly! Happy 4th!
no, lol. this isnt really about the show. i think yesterday was the weirdest day for me. normally i am SO shy and i wont talk to anyone. that changed lmao. we went and seen fireworks at this park (they were spectacular!! some were so big they just covered the whole sky...wonderful! and the boom some of them made...i couldnt even breathe or feel my heart beating. it was great!!) anyway this guy was coming around wanting donations for coming and i got up and screamed "I HAVE A DOLLAR!!!!" and my sister was like "who are you?O.o"

heres the fooly cooly part lol. ive seen all the flcl episodes but yesterday's musta really got to me. i couldnt stop saying fooly cooly. XD i said it to people on the street who kinda looked at me funny, walked faster, or just gave me an odd look. i kept saying it to my sister and she got super angry and told my other sister "she keeps calling me sex!" ? XD lmao. ooook. liddle off there. it was just great...fooly cooly...im saying it today too and my brother in law says theres something wrong with me.

im watching fireworks tonight too^^ i love them so much but i probably shouldnt watch them because im really allergic to sulpher. ah well lol. theyre great^^ illegal is the best, ne? happy fourth of july, everyone!

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

   YAH! NO MORE!!!(shigure-kun!^_^)

ALL RIGHT! no more drivers ed! *does a dance of joy* my parents were on my case because i got a b on the bookwork. so was my grandma *sweatdrop* they were like "you can do better!" "what were you thinking?!" "We're going to get you a drivers manual so you can study!" *blinks* um...whats going on? seriously. i passed, i got a b, they should be happy. its not like im going to study every night...in fact, im lucky i passed because i never even read a chapter in its entirety...*sweatdrops* ah well no more of that until i have to drive. we had a gay guy come and talk to us. he killed his best friend driving O.O i hope i dont do that....

and heres jack! hes sooo funny!
^^ i had the weirdest dreams AGAIN. lol but they were cool. first i had a party and i invited my gay friend, Jack (XD!!! Jack, from Will and Grace! lmao...) we had a wrapping party where we gave each other a jug of milk and cereal (from an episode that was on last night) and then we hugged and he jumped up and down lol. it was great. my second dream was with the fruits basket gang! yay! XD that was just plain fun hanging with them. im from the year of the horse, so i could talk to all the horses....i wish i was year of the dog though. that would be awesome. my dad is year of the tiger, my mom=dog (grr!) and my sister is monkey (XD!) lol odd....

hes sad...

i have a half hour...again. god i hate how my parents do this...maybe ill be able to get on later...i hope so...toodles...

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

drivers ed was gay. i wont say anything more on the subject other than that i have two more days of bookwork and i am FREE until i have to actually drive...*sweatdrops* ah well till then...

and i just wanted to talk about non-anime, non-manga, NON-JAPANESE subject for once. it is Everybody Loves Raymond. XD. my parents love the show and i like comedy so i have been watching it like mad lately. my favorite character is poor robert...XD i feel so very connected to him. hes so melancholy, and when something happens to him hes usually wondering whats going to take it away. he also complains that his younger brother gets everything better than him and always gets attention and the spotlight. he feels ignored...XD i feel exactly like him often, so i feel so bad when i see the parents ignoring him on tv and going for Ray. its a hilarious show lol if any of you have seen it ^^yup yup...thats about it. its pretty late here and i have a half hour. joy. thats a lot of time to get anything done...like anyone is going to read this post anyway...

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

drivers ed. what can i say? we got lectured by cops on not drinking and driving, were shown a slideshow with people who had been killed in accidents...they even showed us this one guy who had his head cut off!! his head! they showed the head, and then the body...i didnt mind it too much but some people....and then we had to drive a golf cart, first without drunk googles and then with...i didnt have to cuz we ran out of time THANK YOU GOD! i havent driven and that would have been a total disaster!!

slept for a few hours like always. my sister had a friend over and i think she is afraid of me! muwahahahahaha! *laughs maniacally and starts to choke on ramen* XD no she always hides from me and when i come into the room she looks nervous and tries to leave really fast. AND IVE NEVER MET THE KID! isnt that great? *beams* and IM supposed to be the shy, nonsocial person....ha. well im going now that was a most pointless post. in a few days drivers ed will be over and i can visit you guys^^ till then!

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Monday, June 27, 2005

drivers ed today. wow imagine that. went through all of it, we had a guest speaker and we have some tomorrow. i think we have to drive a golf cart. not looking forward to that. came home today and passed out halfway through jerry springer at 12. woke up at...ooh...three minutes ago at 4:30. i was sweating and my shoulders were stiff, so i drank some coke and came and got online. >.< i think i might have a fever i keep getting super hot and then cold real fast. yay! *waves flag* my fingers are numb...kinda cool lol.

stayed up till midnight...on gaia...its addicting...i now have a monocle and a schoolgirl outfit^^ i swear to god, everyone who comes to me with a monocle LOVES hakkai. its insane yet funny at the same time ^^

and i have a question...for those of you who watched samurai champloo on saturday(watched it before i passed out earlier today) didnt that one kid who was a pickpocket who was killed...didnt he sound like Johnny Bosch? i mean at numerous, numerous points...he sounded like Vash...ill ask my friend about it. she wont know though >.< she always says im the queen on those things..ah well...i gotta go before i pass out on the keyboard. dont worry. when drivers ed is over i will lavish my love on all of you! *stretches out arms* but you dont want that, do you XD

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