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Thursday, May 26, 2005

lol im listening to random fullmetal alchemist midis. XD thats fun. ^.^ im not sure which is the 1st end theme song though...i wanna find it and download it cuz its a good one...*rambles on and on*oh XD its kasenai tsumi...nevermind then lol

^_^ ive been taping and then watching case closed the next day and i realized loads of people i know go on that show. i mean theres the obvious jerry jewell (jin from yuyu hakusho) chuck huber (hiei from YYH) sonny strait (huges from FMA) john burgmeier (kurama from YYH) sean teague (koenma from YYH) vic mignogna (ed, kougaiji from FMA and saiyuki) dameon clarke (toguro/scar from YYH and FMA) and i could go on lol. i just love finding people I know...

*yawns* school was pretty much boring today. i did have to present today, second actually in biology and i was all shaky lol. i talked super fast and my mouth was all dry by the end of it. i just wanted to sit down, i dont care how bad i did. i got words of wisdom from my sweet spanish teacher (hes super nice and always says hey to me even if im in a large crowd) he told me if people who are afriad of talking in public dont ever do speeches or anything it just helps push them farther away and they can become reclusive and shut themselves off from the world. lol im kinda like that now.

WOOT! only three days of school left!!!*dances* theres an award show at my school tomorrow that is going to last TWO and A HALF HOURS in the morning, so i think im going to skip. its a good idea because we also get monday off for memorial day, so itll be a four day weekend! wish me luck!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Oh has it been that long?
Indeed. I last updated what...12 days ago? *blinks* i think it might have been that long ago. basically i went to the ortho surgeon last monday to see if i had to have surgery cuz of myspine/shoulder....and i didnt!!! i dont! yayay! *dances* plus the intern doc was pretty hot and he kept laughing at all my jokes so it was a good trip lol. then we went to the mall and i got pocky and the inuyasha game. that is so much fun to play and i love to have my character fall in love...^_^ its fun. you guys should play it thats why ive been gone so long. i havent been online or anything i mainly play my game

yeah and do you know how i had a biology presentation that week or so ago? lol turns out i was blessesd and she had something bad go wrong with her eye and was in the hospital until friday, so we had that whole week off. we had presentations yesterday, and i was going to present when the bell rang! *major phew* lol. it was great. and today she had a bad reaction to the medication and she had to leave ^_^ i am like super lucky or something. ill have to present tomorrow though and at this stage i just want to get it out of the way....

XD not much really has happened other than that. i barricade myself in my room, play the game, go out to see if anyone is still awake, then go back in again lol. stay up till midnight each night...i beat it in less than 20 hours! >.< im such a geek XD but im ok with that.

more randomness....my school lets out june 2nd!!! lol yes i know everyone else is already off, or their school is out sooner, dont remind me >.< really, dont lol. i have drivers training at SEVEN the very next week. can you believe it?! that sux lol. well...im off. *hugs for all lol*

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

XD yes. lordsesshomaru was correct. >.< how annoying and troublesome XD but yes like last week i declared that i would NOT watch yugioh. lol turns out that i lied. i did watch it, and woe is me to borrow a phrase one of my friends utters constantly XD

i have had a cold for two days so i was all clogged up to begin with and sneezing like crazy, so it didnt help when dartz turned this insane monster on seto. seto lost his life points and his soul (TOLD YOU!) and i was like NOOOO! lol another case of where i sit on the floor and bawl lol. yes i know it a cartoon but this is healing lol. if i dont let my emotions out sometime/someway, ill snap. and you DONT want that. its happened before lol. anyway he lost his soul and i was all NO! but i think he comes back next week so im ok lol

back to the cold this SUCKS. i mean colds suck normally, but this couldnt come at a worse time. i have presentations in TWO different classes next week, and im normally shy to begin with. add my deep fear of public speaking + sneezing, coughing, sore throat and nearly lost voice and you have a winning combination. *add sarcasm*

lol indeed. my comments arent working again but it doesnt really matter i suppose because not that many people come to my site to begin with... ^_^*sneezes violently* damn i wish this would go away...i dont think it helped what i did last night. *beams* it was heavily storming so i went out on our deck and danced in the rain with my cat, who wanted to go inside desperately. i danced outside for a good half hour in pouring rain lol. theres my stupidity showing through again lol

well...ill be off. peace out, people (lol im wearing a shirt i got not too long ago with someone giving the peace sign and it says "PEACE it never goes out of style" i like it ^_^

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

eh. lol. yeah i just got home after spending three+ some hours at my grandpa's house for his 84th birthday. i dont know if everyone knows me too well on here, but it was not enjoyable. we had the whole family there basically, and im a recluse by nature. im even withdrawn around close family like my sisters, so this was like a hell unleashed for me stuck there with nowhere to go-.-im too shy for my own good i suppose.

*yawns* yeah we are watching the odyssey in english and all the guys were cracking up at this one part where Odysseus comes back from Hades and all his men are hugging him:P this one guy just screamed out "GAY ORGY!" and my teacher kinda gave us disgusted looks lol. it was fun enough. we have finished the odyssey and we have to do an essay comparing it to something else, or the character(s) in it to other things, and lol...i chose something a bit different. im comparing Odysseus to Hakkai. either hakkai or sanzo i havent completely decided yet. this is going to be FUN. rough draft=due tuesday.

friday the thirteenth is tomorrow, the luckiest day for me!! my mom isnt even going out tomorrow cuz shes scared something will happen to her. pathetic lol. ah well. *shrugs* -.- i know im going to be random at this part but this one guy who always tells me not to say i hate and to not lie or say hurtful things because its "not nice" can never tell me that again. hes always nice and stuff, but he got into an argument with one of my friends and told her "the reason she was mad was because she hasnt been laid" O.OO.O this is common insult to be flung at her (she really hasnt lol) and she hates it, but it sounded so funny coming from a church boy like him. XD. lol i gotta go now its nearly nine at night. shower!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

lol yes i am super bored. it was the last day for us to work on projects we had in biology, and my comp was all funky, so i was like ya know what...screw it. i know im going to do horrible presenting so i kinda stopped caring and i took a trip down to the library. checked out a translated book of japanese folk stories and the Illiad, and theyre due back friday. Heh. like ill make it in time.

took three tests today. got a+ on every single one of them. bow down to my freakish knowledge! lol. my retarded friend whom i just love to pieces is getting annoyed because i call her fondly my "baka saru". my moron monkey XD i told her it meant "hyper intelligent person" but she told me id never call her smart, plus since my other friends laughed (they know what it means) when i said that, it kinda blew that whole theory. shes my sweet liddle baka saru XD

lol thats a liddle creepy.^_^ i dont know about you guys, but im in love with two commercials (and so is baku saru) its the mentos one with all those birds chirping, and also the cute liddle puppy singing "hello mother, hello father" and then he goes on about this bug medication or something. its Kawaaaaii! lol. im pathetic.

*sighs* random post huh? *shrugs* i have homework i need to be doing, so im not really going to be around. *teary eyed chibi* sorry. ill try to make it tomorrow, ok? *huggles all*

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

*bows to the all-knowing lordsesshomaru* hes obviously way more intelligent than the rest of us lol. plus he has a fluffy XD

alrighty then you know i must not have anything really to say since i started off talking about the unimportant lordsesshomaru (kidding^_^) i didnt do much at all today except just coast from class to class and sit in a stupor. i must say, any of you who havent been required to read the odyssey...should read it. we read like 50 pages of it and its a really good poem^_^

um what else i really dont have much to say. oh. wait. my normally sweet and quiet friend was talking about the perfect way to murder some people she hates (incidentally they decided they would completely occupy our lunch table) and the method includes torturing, tarring and feathering, boiling, slitting, and dipping them in salt (i added the last part lol) i think me and my friends finally got to her lol.

yeah...thats about it. my day was boring and i hope your guys' was a bit funner...

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Monday, May 9, 2005

hiya to all. mothers day was quite uneventful to me really. saturday as i said i banned freakin yugioh lol. havent gotten around to watching fullmetal alchemist, but i suddenly made a connection while watching old episodes of yuyu hakusho. if you remember yana (hairspray is what i always called him) it was him and two other guys they kidnapped yusuke it was a big thing...:D anyway lol yana and mustang are voiced by the same person!! eeee lol i was pretty happy to discover that XD.(even though yana is ugly lol)

mothers day i talked on my cellphone for five hours straight with my best friend. this is a godsend because we dont have any classes with each other and we barely see each other so i have unlimited on weekends and after eight normal so we can talk so much more. i was so happy lol. my mom was like "shes alive!!!" when i finally came out of my room because my friend called me at around one and we talked for two hours, i hung up slept till five, woke up and called her until about 10:30, so it was actually more than five hours lol.

LORD SESSHOMARU! i blame YOU! lol. you posted about spiders recently and people who are afraid of them, so lo and behold i wake up sunday morning and there was this big black blob in front of my eyes and i thought i was imagining things because i wear glasses but no it was an ENORMOUS spider. so i scream bloody murder and fall out of my bed XD. by the time my parents come, its gone. lol. so im on the phone later, playing with a piece of paper and my cat...and the freaking spider climbs off my CAT and comes right at me. my friend said she nearly went deaf lol. looking back...i think its kinda funny lol. *starts laughing at herself* i love to laugh at how im an idiot XD

lol uh today was kinda boring didnt do too much so...yeah. lol im leavin toodles ill see ya later perhaps.

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Saturday, May 7, 2005

im sorry im always so dramatic but im half rage filled and half grieving. for any of you who watch yugioh and who are following it now, its a duel between dartz vs. yami and seto. im super pissed/sad because they showed a preview of next week and mr. kaiba loses his soul! *screams profanity* lol. im sorry but hes my favorite by a mile and i want to just go over everything that has happened to him that i can remember. had to duel pegasus, pegasus cheated using his eye and seto lost his soul. seto was trapped in his own virtual world. seto was trapped in NOAH's virtual world and was turned to stone. and NOW hes losing his soul again?!?!?! this isnt fair to us seto fans, thank you. i dont think anyone else falls into more danger than seto does! and always, yugi/yami is there to save him *angry face*

and i finally watched spirited away (yeah i know pathetic) it made me cry.lol. see? im a big baby when it comes to anime. i really am. but i thought the ending...well it annoyed me. i mean chihiro went to all that trouble to save haku, and then she leaves him behind and thats how it ends. i was like COME ON! >.< not fun. so i watched napoleon dynamite lol. that movies pretty funny. i know *gasp* its not anime. surprising.

lol i gotta run. im still fuming about the whole seto thing. i refuse to continue watching the WB arc of this whole duel. i refuse. i WILL not watch it again until he is back *crosses arms and glares* i REFUSE. lol.

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

yay lol
ooh thank god. we went to the dentist and my mom would have killed me if i had any cavities. lol i got to play with an etch-a-sketch while i was waiting so i drew...squiggles. bow down to my intelligence! XD. i got out of school at 11:15 which was right after lunch. JOY! XD my sis had a cavity but the dentist said it wsnt her fault because the tooth was at such an angle she would have received a cavity anyway.

after the dentist we went to wal mart where i got japanese food ^_^ mmm mmm good lol. then we went to blockbuster and i bought newtype (eee) and spirited away. im pathetic. i havent seen it yet but ill watch it tommorow night. i know its so good lol it has to be considering who created it. plus...after blockbuster i got my phone!! it doesnt have the ability to take pics, and my mom didnt get me texting, but i can still send messages :3. lol i was sending messages to my sister telling her she was retarded and i called my mom while she was driving us home lol. my ringtone is like twilight night or somethin'. its sounds familiar...my sister's is like the british national anthem XDXDXD!

lol im at home, alone, so im printing off pics of satoshi-kun. isnt he adorable?? (from DNAngel for all you who dont know) *sighs happily* lol indeed. tomorrows friday so im just gonna have fun and watch anime and read manga for the weeeekend. BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! lol that was a lot. sorry. im annoying. i had too much tea. gomen. *sweatdrops* but...cartoon network is airing the 26th episode of fullmetal saturday and then its starting the season allllll over again. *shakes fist at the heavens* ANNOYING! but yeah. FMA is going to hit the halfway mark on saturday. 26 down, 26 to go.

one last piece of news for you...i dunno about saiyuki:reload, but its makin me nervous. first they get all-knew people to voice everyone, then i read my newtype magazine. they kept saying things like (about kougaiji) "he is walking into a deadly trap and once he finds out it will be too late" "tragedy awaits him" "death ahead" MEEP! O.O i like kou! *waves fist and throwsa tantrum* lol. yeah...just to let ya know that ahead of time. and for yaone it said something about her being an assasin and "hakkai's glare melts when he looks at her. what could that mean?" well...it could mean death to yaone from me, thats what it could mean lol. toodles!!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

   orange paper airplanes
for any of you who have seen saiyuki requiem, you will understand the title of this post lol. so anyway as soon as i went home today after school i had my dad sit me down and reteach me how to make airplanes because i use to know but then i forgot ^_^ i was trying to make some all through algebra and my teacher didnt mind lol. so now my floor has like 30 airplanes on it and my dad stepped on one and i screamed "DONT STEP ON MY AIRPLANES!" lol. ah. thats fun.

have you ever watched the commentary for the movie, those of you who have seen it? its MESSED up. lol david (sanzo) is dirty dirty DIRTY and was talking about blow...yeah lol and he said "ya know" about three billion times. it was hilarious. and braden hunt, who does hakkai, is super sweet like normal and he laughs that cute laugh a lot. lol. he does plays and stuff and hes currently working on stuart little as a play and he is stuart. *cue AWWWW* he also sang a little bit of conjunction junction, from schoolhouse rock. it was pretty hot lol.

i didnt do much today in school. in my health class my teacher actually had me type this one kids report for him because he was so damn slow. i was like...alright then.

ooh! almost forgot! im getting a flip phone cell phone tomorrow. YAY! lol but i dont get text messaging *is majorly bummed* i super need that though i mean id get caught if i just randomly started talking in class. *nods*

lol one last thing for you guys to laugh about before i go (cuz i STILL STILL STILL cant comment) lol my mom was in the bathroom and she had thrown a sleeping bag on the ground like five minutes ago. so i climbed in and waited for her to come out and then i jumped at her and screamed "RARRAGH!" and i heard her kinda shriek. lol it was hilarious and i think she tried to hit me. it was funny and she was going on about how we just want her to drop dead lol. it was great...^_^

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