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Friday, March 18, 2005

lol do ya notice how most of my posts bgin like this? anyway...lol. not important. today at school was WILD! i was in spanish and our teacher was reading out the answers to a test (we were grading it in class like always) and this teacher just YELLED from outside for this one kid to go to the office right now, and added "b*tch" for good flavor, and we were all like 0.0 and our teacher was like..."wow. guess you shouldnt mess with teachers when theyre having a bad day." uh, call me crazy, but i really dont think teachers have a right to say that to us. if we cant say it to them because its disrespectful, they shouldnt be able to say it to us.

lol i got one of my friends punched at lunch. i told her to tell my gojyo-loving friend that he was "an ugly cockroach" and she did XD that was great. along the lines of gojyo, me and three of my friends got into a "shrieking" fest after school. me and my gojyo-luver were yelling he was hot and not stupid, and my other two friends were yelling back insults. it was great lol.

its my dad's bday party early, so we'll be eatin pizza yum. then tomorrow i have to go to a stupid thing with 4-H (BLEH!) and bowl with them (i swear, my high score of bowling was like in the thirties -.-) and then...we get pizza! i LOVE pizza XD! plus, my sis and her husband are going to florida and shes leaving her two cats and her guinea pig in our care and i get to keep the guinea pig in my room. hes a sweetie named noah. (*coughyugiohcough*) XD. well ill try to hit people's sites today cuz i was bad last time and didnt go anywhere. gomen. ja ne!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

   hi to all YUE AND YUKI! and...omg!
(yuki in his super-hot guardian form, Yue. hes the gray haired dude^_^)

Yuki ^.^ after eating SEVERAL platefuls and still hungry

here is yuki and touya, touya also being sakura's big bro. dont they look kawaaaaaaii together?!?!?

alright let me explain everything. at first, it seems like yuki and sakura would be the obvious love thing (except hes seven or so years older than she) because he gives her food, he follows her around, hes always there...theres other things to, but that would take forever to type. but then i started to get suspicious. for anyone else who has watched cardcaptors, touya and yuki are ALWAYS together. in the room. alone. they went on a trip together. they walk together. there was even this one part where yuki was hurt and touya just happened to be there to catch him when he fell. and i was right. i called my friend and talked to her about it and we thought it might turn yaoi. well, turns out near the end of the series they tell each other their love. KAWAAAAII! i think thats adorable, i have to find which episode they do that in and buy it! but...it makes me wonder...why does EVERYTHING i get go to yaoi?!?! weird, huh?

today was kinda boring at school. in english im my teacher's handpicked gopher lol and i go and run copies and stuff for him i like it cuz i like him. hes a nice guy^_^ uh biology STUNK she was talking about our creationism theories and she said someone went out of the box and did a different religion and i sweatdropped. so i had to talk to the whole class about the egyptian theory. it was embarassing, ill say that much.

i didnt get on last night cuz i holed myself up in my room and watched all four of my cardcaptor tapes, staying up late to do so. yuki is soooo hot and kawaii, and he reminds me of a mix of two people from saiyuki. hes always grinning and encouraging everyone, even people who hate him, and he likes to read-hakkai. and then he eats. and eats. and EATS. theres a point where he saves sakura and he had been eating a sandwich. (at another time he said he could probably eat a fish as big as a whale. i dont disagree.) XD. well i dont have too much other than that to post really...i just have a questiong. can anyone guess who said this:

"you can die at anytime, but living takes true courage." ill give ya a big hin, that i will ^.^ the show was on last saturday i believe on toonami, and it involves swords. now if that didnt just about give it away....ill try to hit everyones sites that i can!


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Monday, March 14, 2005

   OMG! yesterday was GREAT!!!
XD cute!

(loooong post. have to fit two days in XD)
lol i wasnt on the other day because i got grounded for poking our neighbors fish until it bit me XD. uh...yeah my parents decided i couldnt be trusted at home, so they forced me to go to town with them. i was all for it because we were going to the town with the awesomeness-suncoast.

hot bishies from cardcaptor! sakura is in fourth grade and she has a major crush on yuki, the lighter haired bishie who is in eleventh grade! other guy=brother. her dad, brother and yuki are HOOOT!

he...kinda reminds me of my hakkai-san. hmmm...

so after spending an eternity at a furniture store -.- i got in trouble there, too. i was reading a yaoi novel, only the ring finger knows, and this saleslady came up to me.Her: hi, kiddo! *biiiig smile* whatcha reading? Me: *holds up book to show cover of two hot guys kissing* a gay book. they kiss and love each other. wanna read after me? Her *pales and leaves quickly* of course my parents see this-.-0 anyway after that we head out to the mall.

OOH! LEGATO!!! HOT! hes double hot because 1) i go gaga over blue haired guys for some reason and 2)hes voiced by KENSHIN!!!!!!! yah! *ahem*

at the mall, i ask the suncoast people: "do you have saiyuki book 7?" "no, saiyuki chick. sorry, sweetie." theres something vaguely creepy by having people who spend several hours a day in the dark calling me sweetie...well, when i dont know them anyway. lol. i end up buying seven (well...MOM buying seven, a long with a box of yummy pocky ^_^) and we exit. mom: whats in this book? *flips through it* I, on a rare streak of honesty: he-shes, pervs, violence, language, partial nudity, alcohol, tobacco...and did i mention nudity? Mom:*shakes her head and hands it back, muttering something about psycho :D*

after that we decide to head over to a store called k's merchandise with old people stuff. imgaine my utter shock to find trigun and cardcaptor sakura tapes there!! i got all the cardcaptor tapes(4) (they were subtitled only with postcards that came with the tape) and all the trigun tapes (2) but they came with this hot pic of vash. grandtotal=11 dollars for SIX tapes!! SIX! so my sis and i shut ourselves in my room and had a drinking contest using saiyuki. the rules were very simple but quite condemning: 1)anytime they cussed. 2)anytime hakkai smiled. ulp. i got sick XD and so did my sis

so...(told ya it would be long, arigato^_^) i went to school today, proudly brandishing my book. my friends attacked me, and i proclaimed that goku and hakkai died. which made my friend cry (hey! it was a half truth) and she was like GOOOOOOOOOKU! XD clinging to me. and my other friend was like "Gojyo...isnt dead, right?" Me: No...but he left the group. which left me with two distraught people XD. (oh i patched everything up with my friends, were cool now :D) i knew my friends weakness was goku, so i used it against her and wrote that i had come to my senses and now love goku and he was mine and she couldnt touch him. ill see how this all turns out tomorrow. probably bloody. *gulp* well...ill hit everyone's site that i can^_^

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

   hiya...and who is the blue haired guy?(at bottom)
another of my favs! i like tough guys^_^

hi guys. im bored, so im online for an hour. my parents left to go look at some shows, and i woke up at around nine something, cranky XD. i didnt watch any fox box/wb shows because im lazy, they were old, or i didnt want to. lol.

went to my grandparents house last night and pigged out on food and watched the day after tomorrow with my sis. i noticed bilbo XD. ian holm plays bilbo baggins in the lord of the rings series, and he also plays a professor in the day after tomorrow. i screamed BILBO everytime he came on, and my sis got very mad. lol mission accomplished.

FAUST!! my fausty! *hisses at eliza*

we then watched the labyrinth because my liddle sister had found about who was in it (seems all my friends enjoy it for dirty reasons) and i fell asleep before the end ^_^. so i got up today and finished off my yummy ice cream i got the other day. i dun know if i told you guys about it or not, but you have to try it if you havent had it before. its called karmel sutra (reminded me of sanzo, which was why i got it) and its ben&jerry's. it has vanilla ice cream on one half, chocolate ice cream on the other with pieces of fudge in the chocolate part. down the middle between the two halves of ice cream is pure carmel. YUM! *drools* i ate some salt and vinegar chips (MY FAV!) then called and asked my parents if i could get on. so here i am. i wanna put more pics on my site, but ive run out of ideas for what to put on. *shrugs* ill go to people's sites and comment, so i hope ya do the same. toodles!

this isnt the mystery blue haired guy lol. its koichi-san from digimon, my fav! I LOVE blue haired guys lol. the mystery guy is below koichi.

Oh and thanks for puttin me on your post, neko-san^_^ i like plugs. i like to do plugs XD ask lordsesshomaru. oop see. did it again. (there is something seriously wrong with me :P)

alright guys. who is this man? he is eighteen years old, and his name is also a familiar sword name, though pronounced slightly different. ill give you kudos if you can guess what show he is from; hes my FAV! hes hot, he wears a trenchcoat, and he weilds a gun and wants to rule the world one part at a time, yet he protects this little girl (kinda like sesshy) who is he??

XD lookit at this!

  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Which Saiyuki character would sleep with you?, is Hakkai

    niiice. second person would be...duh duh duh duuuh...

  • My #2 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Which Saiyuki character would sleep with you?, is Sanzo

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  • Friday, March 11, 2005

    alright time for me to rant and be unhappy. sorry guys._.(lol cool face!)

    Kakashi! *huggles* hes my fav lol.

    okay. i just have a question. dont you just HATE it when people have an inside joke? where they laugh and you ask "whats so funny?" and they say "oh...nothing." or "You wouldnt understand" and keep talking or laugh more? or you KNOW theyre talking bad about you and they stop when you come over? well, im ranting on this because its happening (or i should say happened) to me today. two of my good friends were going on about going to do something and spending the night and everything and im like "what?" and they look at me, then keep going on about it. apparently, i was definitely not invited and kept out of the loop. which really annoys me but it hurts worse, you know?

    i mean, it wouldnt have really bothered me if they had said something like "Oh, im inviting so and so this weekend. we'll hang later, k?" or something else, but what they did was wait until they knew i couldnt come (we were at freakin' school!) and then started happily talking. so...yeah. im kinda hurt here. i mean, the friends im talking about (one of them is my best friend) have three classes together and lunch. i have no classes with either of them, nor lunch, and they dont even bother to invite me? plus, the two of them call each other back and forth every night or so and talk for hours, even though they have classes together!! and neither of them call me or at least make an effort. oh, wait. sorry. i was called...once this week. oooo. turns out one of those two "friends" of mine has had a new animal for a WEEK! and neither of them bothered to inform me.

    so...what would you do, huh? i dunno ive kinda been unhappy all day about this. it doesnt bode well, but maybe i get hurt to easily, i dunno. I need a hug! *arms outstretched. crickets chirp* or...not.

    oh and as to the questions the other day that only lordsesshomaru bothered to guess on (lol) my fav animal=wolf. I'm full wolf demon ^.~ and my career choice=archaeology.

    and now to the funniness of my day when i wasnt brooding about *some* people i need to talk to (did i forget to mention they didnt wait for me after school and just left me? yeah.) i came up with something in algebra. whenever someone says "ur gay" im gonna say "yeah, well your bent!" XD since straight=straight, ge y can equal bent. lol. not to mention, thanks to lots of snow last night, we had a two hour delay! *gets out confetti*

    and for the last thing before i try to go to everyone's sites who have updated: my new msn name. do you know nintendo ds's slogan? LOL it can be taken perverted lol. i think its "touching is good". either that or "touching is fun". lol. fits, huh? well, ciao and try to give me some advice about above, ok? please? no one hardly comments on my site even though i have all these friends....

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    Wednesday, March 9, 2005

       gah look near bottom of post for ADORABLE pics (seriously!!)

    hooot lol.

    half hour limit again today my friends, so i will try and hit everyones sites (i actually made it last night but that was because i stayed on longer than what i was supposed to) didnt do much today in school, i was a perv, got slapped upside the head for it, has a boo boo now XD. nah j/k.

    wooh! go to lordsesshomaru's site! he went over 2000! XD party lol i like to party. ya got some advertisement, sesshy^_^

    did my homework for once, and ate at mc Donalds! woo lol. my parents are pressuring me to get a job and i stick my tongue out at them. lol. in their faces. this is a rambly post to me really and i dont have much to say.

    just a few questions and see if any of you can guess right...
    1)what is my favorite animal? (give ya a hint its furry XD)
    2)and...what do i want to do (career-wise) when i graduate (a few of you know this :P) see ya!

    XD!!!! SO ADORABLE and funny at the same time! lol

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    Tuesday, March 8, 2005


    yes...hello lol. we have an early dismissal tomorrow, two and a half hours. YAY! lol and we also have a stupid tornado drill. Not so yay! uh what else happened or will happen...ooh! i passed out the other day lol it was fun. sounds weird yah i know. first time for me too. i heard a picture falling off my wall and i like shot up really fast, looking all over the place and i was dizzy and everything went black. XD it was fun (slightly mental) i could kinda feel myself going so i reached out for the bed and i woke up like two minutes later kinda half on my bed and half not. it was great lol but im weird like that.

    niiice lol.

    uh...had homework in every class (surprise surprise) and i struggled to do it all and finish what i didnt do last night. cuz of that stupid meeting i had last night, i wasnt allowed online. *growls* and my parents say i can only be on a half hour!! half an hour!! so dont expect me to come to your site. ill try hard im sorry guys. this just doesnt seem too fair to me. maybe ill be on tomorrow seeing as how we get out early.

    if you dont think this is hot, youre messed up.

    uh...oh big news! in biology we have to do a slideshow about the facts of creationism and evolution, and instead of doing like christianity side of creationism im going with ancient egyptian side! lol a bit unorthodox, but quite fascinating if you dont know how they believed humans were created. if you wanna know, ya can pm me (like anyone will lol)cya! ill put up some pics of priest set fanart if i can find some good ones!

    ok...i lied. bakura's in here too because he is VERY good looking lol. plus my friend would hurt me if i said he was ugly and british. *is attacked by fangirls*

    XD FUNNY! look at bakura! *pokes*

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    Sunday, March 6, 2005

       hi guys!

    my weekend has actually been full and happy. indeed. lets see...people have been talking about labyrinth, the movie with david bowie in it, its really old. so i decided to borrow it from my older sis (its her fav movie) and see it once more (last time i watched it i was like...younger lol) it has goblins and stuff in it, this girl goes to their world because she wished the goblins would come and take her brother away, and they did. so she has to rescue him from the goblin king, jareth, (david bowie, rrrowr XD) before 13 hours have passed. anyway, the main reason i like this movie (beware, pervertedness coming) is that david bowie isnt bad looking (NOT at all :D) hes wearing...tights!! TIGHTS! *happy* i couldnt keep my eyes off his *ahem* lower area XD. i had to keep flicking myself. i cant help it...theyre TIGHTS!

    *gets a hold of herself* alright. yesterday, my sisters and i went to the best movie theater around, its HUGE like mall size, and saw Be Cool with John Travolta. its funny, it has a lot of funny people in it (the rock is gay in it! XD and hes HILARIOUS) and we had a lot of fun. one thing i found absolutely hilarious were they were selling cheap necklaces in one of those machines for a buck labelled "flash to egypt" and i got one of an ankh. they had like an ankh, anubis...and the millennium puzzle!!! XD!


    uh...after that we ate at fizolis (sp baaad) and i got pizza^_^ then we went to a store and i got yugioh cards in japanese!! i got the dark magician girl and dark magician plus a lot of other rare card, plus cards ive never seen before! the japanese put more work into their cards than we do, ill say that now.

    after that we went and got milk shakes and i watched fullmetal alchemist when i got home (we left at four and got home right when the theme song was playing for fma!!)

    today...i watched the two newest episodes of inuyasha and got annoyed. so cartoon network decided, right before going all the way back to when they were in togenkyo!! that theyre going to play just a bit of the theme song at the beginning?!?! *is annoyed* i dont know if its just me...but the quality of animation seems to have gotten better, dont you think? that might just be me though. gotta go, cya everyone!

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    Thursday, March 3, 2005

       hey guys

    hows it going? havent been on for a day or so cuz my dumb dad wouldnt let me, and im only allowed on for a half hour (again hes dumb). so yeah

    lol i think im seriously messed up. i like a story BETTER when its yaoi!

    i watched lost last night, thats like my fav show thats not animated. its so intriguing and it actually makes you think. i cant even begin to describe it because it gets confusing, but trust me, if you havent seen it, you should. and at school today i gave my friend the inuyasha dvd for the second movie, and currently between three of my friends they have 2 dvd and eleven books. its hard to keep track of everything.

    kenren and tenpou, everyone!

    school is still dumb. we had a two hour delay yesterday, and homework in every class one more. (i know, so what you guys have to deal with that. but up till now, i NEVER had homework. seriously. and if i did, i did it in class.) XD...what else...OH! im working on a yaoi that no one can read lol ^_~ pervertedness much involving the whole saiyuki gang, but right now just gojyo and hakkai. lol i mean i wont let ANYONE read it. lemonish XD. im a sick person, huh.

    goku and sanzo cuz theyre CUTE together! (plus its a good drawing)

    well...thats all for now. ill try to hit some sites, but i dont think ill have enough time to go to nearly anyones. sorry. *is trying to find gojyo/hakkai pics...together...to put up*

    Cho Hakkai--He may have a lot of secrets, but give
    him time and his heart will open to you. Not
    only a great lover, he will also be your
    greatest friend.

    Who is your Saiyuki boyfriend?
    brought to you by Quizilla yah! you bet he is! hes HOT! XD!

    You are Field Marshall Tenpou. You're a really
    swell guy. Friendly, intelligent and open
    minded to boot. However, your room is such a
    mess that you can't find anything in it
    (sometimes people can't even find you)
    woot wooh! go me! actually..i really AM like tenpou. seriously.

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    Tuesday, March 1, 2005

       yay! NO SCHOOL!
    I have wonderful news for everyone! lol. turns out i AM talented! for all of you who follow saiyuki (religiously or not) you know who hakkai is (if not hes the one with the green eyes and the dragon lol) anyway...i discovered i can change my voice to sound exactly like him! *squeals like the fangirl she is* i was mimicking him the other day and i was so happy. lol. YAY! its a good thing too, cuz hes a hottie^.~

    yah it snowed enough for us to have no school today! *does happy dance* we nearly did have to go though. they didnt announce it until about five minutes before the buses were coming. my mom called and was yelling at people cuz they were rude to her. it was funny XD. so glad cuz i hate all my new classes and i dont care if i ever go back to school again (completely impossible but i AM a moron lol)

    not much done today except i beat a spyro game. gah theyre so easy (no offense to those of you who havent won on one of them) you cant call yourself a gamer if you cant beat spyro.

    um...OH! me and my friend were talking, cuz i rped with one of my good friends online and i told my other friend about it. about the other friend who loves peggsy, and i asked who could love pegasus other than her and pegasus's dead wife. and my friend said a person's name and i was like O.O whats her email? turns out we were talking about the SAME person! weird, huh? and then we both typed at the same time, small world? and then we cracked up XD it was weird and creepy.

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