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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Hi. indeed, i have a question. as some of you may know, i wish to rule the earth and clutch it in my fist and make all those pay whoever doubted my dreams and ambitions and show them that, yes, I CAN do what I said I would do...and much more. so i was curious...how many of you would actually be followers of mine...i actually have a few people pledging loyalty lol. makes me feel loved. like i could be a good ruler of earth. ah well!

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gah. my life likes to get worse, doesnt it? here i am, teetering on the brink of MY spring break, and i get more bad news. yeah. stupid scoliosis testing? well i had to do them awhile ago in front of the whole class, naked, and the woman was like "youre not relaxed. relax" yeah well how bout i shove a knife in your heart?!? THEN ill be relaxed...anyway, i got in the mail i have to see a doctor because one shoulder is higher up than the other..."maybe" and my mom said to her it doesnt look like i have scoliosis. i had better not. i swear to god if i do ill run away. take all my anime and manga, bid adeiu to you and leave.

so yeah. im kinda upset right now. plus we have a test on human origin, like all the hominid species tomorrow, and we had four pages (ALONE!) in biology as homework. someones out to get me. how can i rule the earth when i have all this homework? its unheard of! well...this was short...not too happy right now...depressed...ill hit peoples sites...bye...lots of dots lol...

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

preeeetty lol.

ok. are you wondering why i havent been here for awhile? well for some reason my account decided to freeze me out, and i automatically log in. no matter what i tried, it wouldnt let me in, and i was stuck. it would either say access denied or cannot find server for TWO days. TWO! i panicked, and i was about ready to give up today. i thought it wouldnt work...but it did!!! i missed everyone!! *huggles* sorry for that liddle...break lol. definitely unwanted.


OMG! SANZO!!! *laughs to death*

uh my mom and dad went to parent teacher. i have 2 a+ (103 in biology) and my teachers all praise me and say they can totally see me becoming an archaeologist. heck yeah. thats what i plan to be lol. well...ill try to go to peoples sites, visit people who have signed my gb...and check my mail. toodles!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

CANDY! lol
i love easter because i get so much CANDY! this year it was great. not only did i go out and buy candy sometime a few days earlier, but i got a basket full of chocolates from my parents, my sis came back from florida and brought me an egyptian canopic jar (and CANDY!) and then i went to my grandparents house and got candy and carmel chocolate...and marshmallow chocolate. MY FAVORITES! *drools* i have so much candy...something has occured that hardly ever happens. i cant eat it all. usually ill eat it and get sick, but i can eat it all. not this time lol.

we got two games. uh..i dun remember what theyre called, but theyre for Ps2 and theyre both M for violence and gore ^.^ one is you have to fight the undead, and the other is where you go to a mall and your objective is to kill as many mall rats as possible. XD nice and bloody lol.

one last thing before i run off and leave random comments...i loved fullmetal last night! i love jerry jewell, the voice actor who does jimmy (case closed) and jin (yuyu hakusho) so im quite happy he's back as the semi-deceased Barry the Chopped. i love the way he talks! "Dammit! I HATE you!" lol he said to al because al...wouldnt die. it was great ya had to have been there.

well...off i go XD

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

   hiya to all!
lol yeah i havent been doing too much. i finished off my candy last night and went into withdrawal lol, and i typed up a whole new story, plus seven chapters of it and im in the ending of it. ill put the first chapter on fanfiction tonight ^.^

easter is gonna stink-.- i have to go to my old grandpa's house, and i am completely antisocial/shy of everyone, even people i know. im only good with best friends, even friends can force me into my shell. but anyway my mom decides we need to go to my old grandpa's house, so im gonna be surrounded by relatives on all sides with nowhere to hide. i get so nervous...so thats why its bad. normally we go to my younger set of grandparents, and we get candy and stuff and i associate with a cousin who thinks im a goddess (no exaggeration, im serious) so...yeah. thats why its gonna stink.

bad news 2: the homework the teachers said to absolutely NOT lose...i misplaced. it WAS in my pocket and then...it wasnt. so now im on panic mode. i lost four pages of homework that is seriously important to three classes. ah well. *shrugs* guess im in trouble lol.

my parents had been gone all day today, and now theyre back. my tranquilty...is broken -.- and some people seriously have to visit my site. my number has been teetering on 666. thats the devil's number!! XD lol. yah im bored. ill visit ppl's sites if they promise to visit mine. j/k ill go even if they dont. im a nice kid, yup yup.

lol one last thing i found that...confused me. i went into my parents room and was snooping around and discovered somethings (its getting close to my bday) i found a ceramic pig (my older sis likes pigs) a puzzle of horses (my younger sis likes horses) and three games- matrix, orphen, and something called evergreen i think, and i could only imagine theyre for me. XD. my parents are so...foolish. they think instantly that if something is anime/manga related, i love it. lol, that may be true, but they shouldnt think it. ja ne!

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Friday, March 25, 2005

   hiya everyone
omg did i tell you guys what happened the other day in spanish? he asked us to give an example of what we all could own and someone called out BAKA! lol. i burst out laughing...but it turns out they meant cow, in spanish. so i got weird looks. lol.

lol not much going on. got up today, was bored, so i played spyro until i got bored/angry and threw the controls lol. this is a random, meaningless post lol. not much to say, not much to do. hope you guys are...more active than i am. still consuming a lot of candy lol, but a really sharp piece of candy sliced my lip so now it stings really bad when anything touches it. *teary eyed* that doesnt stop me from eating candy though lol. IM INDESTRUCTABLE! XD. my gym teacher said if someone gave me a dumptruck full of candy, it would be gone in a day and my best friend said probably in an hour. im kinda like goku from saiyuki when it comes to food. a bottomless pit.

ok...not i rambled on about food lol. i got in trouble last night and yelled at because my mom caught me. i was unwrapping candy abnd putting the metal/paper wrappings in a candle flame and watching it burn, waiting until the flames licked my fingers before i dropped the paper. lets just say she found the ashes lol. i cant help it. im an open pyro, and i burnt some of my friend's carpet before, along with my other friend XD. that was fun.

well...ill go check out the other sites and try to find my story on fanfiction.net cuz it kinda...disappeared eep. lol. hope i can find it cuz if i cant ill be REALLY mad. toodles!

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

ulp. lol. i knew it was a mistake. I had been CRAVING candy all day lol ever since i wrote a note to my one friend who tangoed with the law recently, so i bought three bags of rock candy, "super sour" suckers that turned out to be...not so sour lol, and cow tails. gah lets just say...i ate a lot lol. i dunno if i told you this but the other day i had my friend over, and there was a piece of green candy stuck to my blanket...so i ate it. grossed my friend out, but the other one said she'd do it lol. so yeah...kinda queasy right here.

lol wrote a note to my one friend i miiissed and got a note from her and my best friend at the end of school since thats the only time i really see them^_^ i wanna see if i can have those two over plus another anime freak so we can have an enormous party for my bday, which is an about a month ^__^ hope shes not on house arrest or anything -.-

*yawns* got bored in lunch so i continued doing what ive been doing for the past few days...writing gojyo over and over again in the back of my friend's bio book because she loves him :D i have one back part completely covered and now im starting on the other side. hope we dont get caught, lol. shed kill me. she thinks its cute. oh...one last thing. you know the one teacher whouse to be nice but then turned mean over night? he was like...his old self today^_^ someone said "SHUT UP!" to another kid, and my teacher was all serious saying, "We do NOT say that in here, do you understand? We say shut your mouth before I beat your face in!" XDXDXD! and then he danced. it was awesome. i still think hes a schizo -.- lol. well ill visit as many as a i can. ja ne!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


OMG! yesterday was quite possibly the best day of my life! it started off pretty bad-my parents alarm clock didnt go off, so i got up in time to see my bus driving off. -.- talk about a nice wake up call.

so i get to school and my friend is still upset because her best friend was the one who was taken away because of that whole big mess. anyway, we get to lunch and were eating and this annoying kid says my friend (one who ran away) was in the office. my friend got up and ran to her, screaming and crying. it reminded me of those movies where the one love waits for her sweetheart to return and when they do they hug and everything-thats what it was like. i was happy, we were happy. my friend was crying. it was SO great. she was back! BACK! i was so happy i could have skipped down the hallway lol. but then it got bad. the one girl is blaming my friend and saying it was her idea, it was her bf they were going to go visit. it made me so mad. the one girl who started all of this sat at my table today and it took all my willpower not to just attack her. yeah. her and her parents want to sue my friend. good luck. not only does the mom's kid have everything in her email/phone account, but my friend has at least five witnesses (including me) that have heard/seen several times her calling her bf. So there.

yeah lol. other than that nothing much happened. my best friend was sick-.- but other than that...nope. so ill try to come by if i can...

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Monday, March 21, 2005

ok. this has probably been the worst day of my life. or at least, it seems like it. I slept in today and had to rush, and my sis decided to us the bathroom at the time, so i wound up nearly missing the bus.

then, my math teacher decided to turn mean on us, and rearranged all the seats. im between two people i really dun like -.-. and he yelled at us for doing bad on our tests (most of us got in the 60's, i was one of them) and then he yelled at us for not doing our homework right even though he never told us how to do it. His new rule: we get out of our seat without permission, big trouble. he yelled at this one kid for getting up to pick up his paper, which had fallen on the ground O.O he kept us late to yell, and i was late to lunch. which STUNK because i missed breakfast this morning for waking up late.

Think that that sounds rough? heh. thats not even the half of it. listen to this R=my friend. K="evil" person T=dragged-along girl. doesnt make sense? it will. alright my friend (R) decided to spend the night at evil person's house (K) friday. K was always talking about running away to meet her internet boyfriend because her life was soooo bad, and r kept telling her not to. well, k kinda forced her along with her, and k stole her mom's car. k picked up another girl (T) who had no clue what was going on, and they drove to the bottom of my state, nearly making it out before they were hit by a car!!

R's dad found out and caught up with them, and now theyre all at an all-girl's school and their court hearing is tomorrow! its not even my friends fault, she was forced to go! they couldall end up going to juvie even though two of them had no say in it, and my friend will probably move *teary* to make things even worse (not to sound rude or anything) but she has my saiyuki novel! oh, and K's "internet bf?" the cops checked him out and found out that he was a 26 year old convicted sex offender r aper. so if they would have made it there...yeah. im so unhappy right now i dun know what to do...

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   yay im happy lol!
yah i had a friend over last night and we stayed up until six in the morning rping and playing the drinking game with saiyuki. our only rules were if they cussed or whenever hakkai smiled, but that was DEFINITELY enough. we also watched a preview of something called cromaterie (sp?) high school and we freaked out, shrieking happily lol. turns out one of the big thugs there with the purplish-pink hair is Gojyo, and we just screamed his name at around three in the morning. it was great fun lol. goku was also in it, but we didnt really hear him that much so yeah...lol. we then watched saiyuki in japanese, and i think they were pretty dead on with hakkai. it just sounds like the english voice actor speaking japanese O.O lol i also found out that i do a dead-on impersonation of Ni, and i was making my friend laugh. XD he's fun to make fun of lol...

yay! XD i just published my first ever liddle story on fanfiction.net lol three people have reviewed and....GASP! they werent flames, they actually...omg, ENJOYED my story. i feel so happy lol since i do everything badly. XD its a yaoi though so not sure how many people would really like that around here. its a yaoi between hakkai and gojyo, and maybe sanzo and goku later on...depends on how i wanna pan this out. http://www.fanfiction.net/r/2311203/0/1/ lol go there if you dare to read, and if so please review lol that would be nice for me. i might even kill one of them off O.O i dunno why but i have this liddle...thing where whenever i write fanfics, i usually kill off my fav and make his love suffer. lol im quite mental really.

uh yeah. the whole bowling thing just...was bad lol. first game i got *please dont laugh i bowl once a year* 40. and my parents were trying to tell me how to bowl and i was getting annoyed and kids were laughing at me so i nearly cried at one point, second game i got 60 and the third game i got 90-something.

gah but what was funny lol was when you got a nine they did this liddle animation thing and this pin pulled a "9" out of a hat with bunny ears, and the nine is pink and then across the bottom it'll go "GOOD JOB" and i thought it was HILARIOUS because the words covered up enough of the nine to make it look exactly like the playboy bunny symbol, even with the liddle black collar and i pointed it out to my dad and he thought it was hilarious. well...now it is time for me to visit some people's sites and write some shonen-ai perhaps...toodles!

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