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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hello, my good friends and associates! Yes, Flint Marco returns to create more smiles, as only he can! (Sure, I say things like that to mask my insecurities and growing paranoia, but who's complaining? Not me!) Today is Thursday, and if you guys make me miss wrestling, I'm gonna get violent.

Yep, buddy Flint returns to MyO after another lengthy hiatus. What was it this time? Two months or so? I'm an extremely busy individual, whose time is as precious as diamonds and such. And as so, I cannot be held down by fictitious "deadlines" set by a legion of beurocrats sitting in a basement. Okay? You gettin' all this?

The truth is, I'm lazy, and I have a crappy job as a grocery checker.

Now that the pleasantries are all over, let's talk about things I do, because my favorite subject is me. And cupcakes. First, let me just say that I watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and I thought it was friggin' awesome. In fact, I'll throw out that it was the best film of 2005. There, I said it.

I hate my stupid car. It's like an ugly puppy that was given to me as a present. I can't ever learn to love it, but I can't bring myself to give it up, partly because I have no money to do so. In one week, I hade to buy a new battery for it, and change the stupid tire so it could stupid drive good, which pretty much cleans me out. My sister tells me, "Give your car a name, and it will run better." I think she named hers "Debbie" or something. I'm always open to suggestion, so I named the car "Sakura". Of course, it didn't run any better. So I figure, "Hey, mabey the car needs a manlier name. It'll run gooder if its driven by a tough name!" So, I named it after the Thunder God himself, Thor. Then the battery died. Now it's name is "Stupid hunk of metal", and he's learned to live with it.

So, you guys actually liked the idea in my last post, about colonial America? If you weren't yanking my chain, I might... MIGHT... get started on a new short play based upon the idea.

Okay, break time! Have a nice day!

-Your friend Flint

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   The Post World
Good Eve to you, cherished reader! Man, what a day, huh? How was your day, anyway? Mine? Eh. More or less indifferent.

Let's get down to some things. Some of you are probably wondering, "Flint, what in the bloody blue blazes do you do in your off-time?" And most of you are wondering, "Jesus, Flint, can't you talk about something besides YOURSELF for once? Your egomania only serves to mask your self-doubt!" Two things:

1) Shaddap your face.

2) I read.

Yes, your old pal Flint reads. Comic books, cook books, holy books, holey books (heehee!), Mick Foley books, Gory books, Glory books, Flint reads them all! Reading is FUNdaMENTAL!

What was the point of this?... Oh, right. I was thinking, "There's lots of manga based in Feudal Japan, and when I say "lots", I mean "ASSLOADS", but why are there no comics based in colonial America?" And I don't mean a suck-ass "Franklin and Jefferson sign the Constitution" Educatio-comic. No, I mean a good ol' "Some dude goes around blastin' bad men" action comic!

If I made a comic based in colonial America, I'd make a team of unsavory madmen led by Davie Crockett, who was somehow brought to Colonial times to right wrongs and whoop some red coats. The team would have a Commie robot with the brain of Joseph Stalin, but nobody would know Stalin's brain was in the robot until later in the story. There'd be cameos by histories' greatest good guys and bad men, ranging from Jim Bowie and Ike Eisenhower, to Ghengis Khan and Benito Mussolini. See? This stuff writes itself!

...What? You don't think my Ideas are good? Three words, ya jerk:

Shaddap you face!

Well, I'm leaving. I got things to do. Later.


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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

   NEWS HOUR 2: This time, It's Personal!
Hola, me amigos! If I may quote Super Mario, "It's a-me!" Yes, your old buddy Flint's back from another "Hiatus", and I'm ready to do whatever it is I usually do in these things. Like I remember.

I could explain where I've been in a long-winded sob post, about how Flints gunned down my parents in a dark alley, and how my Uncle Ben was shot by that very same Flint, so I took up the mantel of Flint, because Villians are a cowardly and Superstitious lot. But I won't. 'Cause I don't feel like it. So, instead, I'm doing the News, because I haven't done it in months.

NEWS TIME, BAY-BEE! Hello viewing audience, this is the news. My name is Flint, and I'll be your anchor this evening. Religion is a "Hot-Button" topic these days, I'm assuming. I don't know. I haven't been around in months. Anyway, I decided to speak to Jesus Christ and ask him the BURNING QUESTIONS you've been asking. Roll it!

FLINT: Hello, viewing audience. I'm Flint Marco, and joining me today is Jesus Christ. Good evening, Jesus.

JESUS: 'Sup.

FLINT: So, how's everything?

JESUS: Good as gold, baby. Did you catch my movie?

FLINT:..."the Passion"? With all due respect, that came out, like, last year.

JESUS: Yeah, an' it was awesome. You see the part wit' Judas an' dat dead friggin' goat? CLASSIC, man!

FLINT: Sir, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

JESUS: Shoot.

FLINT: How do you feel about the factioning of religion?

JESUS: Da factioning of what?

FLINT: Religion.

JESUS: "Wit all due respect" PLUCK Religion! You think I ever see a dime o' dat collection money? Huh?!

FLINT: What?

JESUS: An' annuder thing! What's up wit' th' watered-down wine they serve up?! How'm I supposed ta get hammered on water an' bread?!

FLINT: ....you're not jesus, are you?

JESUS: ...Nah. Nah. I'm not.

FLINT: This interview is over.

JESUS: WAIT! I got somethin' you wanna know!

FLINT: What, good sir, could you posibly tell me that is of any interest to the viewing audience?

JESUS: ...Batman is Bruce Wayne.


JESUS: Superman is Clark Kent!

FLINT: Clark Kent? Hah! Lies, of course!

JESUS: Yoda's living on
Dagobah these days!

FLINT: Dagobah?!... I gotta go! X-WING! TO ME!

There you have it. Another succesful interview, by successful interviewer, Flint. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go see Yoda about some Jedi Training.

By the way ,this is a little late, if you haven't checked out SG's "Nougat:Origin" story, do so now. It's is most fierce and awesome.

I'm off to another 7-month hiatus! Have fun now!


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Saturday, January 8, 2005

   Buisness as Usual
Good evening, viewing audience. This is the news. My name is Flint, and I'll be your anchor this evening.

...on second thought, let's not do a "News Hour" post just yet. I'm much too tired to do it.

In any case, good day to you, citizen. I'm Flint. I post stuff on here from time to time, although my last post may or may not have been seven months late. They simply don't pay me enough to get this stuff out on time.

In fact, they don't pay me at all. Cheap sons of bitches.

Welp, believe it or not, I've been really busy. Like, super busy, and not on important stuff either. What have I accomplshed? Well, allow me to tell you, good persons.

-Read every issue of Identity Crisis. Man, talk about twists! I was infurited with the Justice League when they mindwiped Batman, but I'll forgive Green Arrow. I could never hate Good ol' Ollie Queen.

-Read 1602. Pretty great, in my opinion. Otto Von Doom was da man. And Thor was da god. HAHAHA! Get it? 'Cause Thor really is a god, and... let's just move on...

-Played, like, an assload of Video games. GTA: San Andreas was actually better than I thought it would be. And I finished Chrono Cross for the billionth time. That game never get's old.

-Anime? Sure, I watched anime! I'm up to volume 4 of my evangelion: platinum collection. Take that, stupid already-released collection! The last laugh is mine! I aslo saw Peace Maker Kurogane, which, in my opinion, was a definite "Eh". Mabey I should watch it again, with an open mind.

That's about all I've done. I'm a pretty lazy guy, what do you want?

Well, I'm leaving now. See ya!


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Saturday, January 1, 2005

*wipes eyes*

Whew! Nothin' like a good 6 or 7-month break period to soothe the nerves! I'm feelin' rested, ready, reraned, rambunctious, and all of those other words that end in "r".

2005, huh? Man, weren't we supposed to have flying cars by now? Jesus Christ, I feel like I'm a caveman driving my stupid motorcar. Ad where are the androids at?! They don't need to be R2-D2! I'll accept Rosey! Sure she makes wise cacks, but at least she cleans! Can you actually refer to a robot as a "she"?

How's everyone been, since my absence? Pretty good? Pretty bad? Pretty okay, even? Tell me all about it!

Well, I'm gonna go do some cool, futuristic, 2005-esque stuff, like shoot laser beams. ee ya when I see ya!

Probably in another seven months. HAHAHAHA!

-Good ol' Flint

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Monday, June 28, 2004

   Flame of the Conqueror
Ladies and Gentlemen! Please, turn your attention to the ring, for tonight's MAIN EVENT!

First, in the red corner...from Bombay, India... the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal whirlwind of destruction... SABU!!


His opponent, in the blue corner... from the great state of Texas... the greatest and best war machine Earth has to offer... this is FLINT MARCO!!!

*Insane cheers*

Hello, and welcome, my friends! It's Monday. That means wrestling for me. Man, it seems like a year since I actually posted something that wasn't a survey.

I've been seriously bored this week. I mean, SERIOUSLY. I've been doing the dumbest things just to entertain myself. Stuff I'd never imagine doing. Stuff like poking bugs with sticks, or building pyramids out of blades of grass. In this boredom, I contemplated posting either one of the following:

1. Posting a wacky EWR senario, involving the myO crew.

2. Making another attempt at beating SJ's 1,549-word posting record (Thought I'd forgotten about that, didn't you?! HOOHAH!)

Yes, I was so fucking bored, I atcually thought of CREATING an EWR senario, using all of YOU. That would mean we'd finally see the long-awaited barbed-wire deathmatch between SG and myself, for the myO Heavyweight Championship of the Universe. Then, I thought about it, and figured it'd never work, for these reasons:

1. Not EVERYONE can be a main-eventer. A good promotion MUST have good jobbers.

2. Not everyone has EWR on their computer. (If you don't have EWR, then get it! It's free! Type in "EWR 4.2" in a search engine, and you're bound to come across it.)

So, there went that idea. That leaves only one more option. All of the words I just wrote count towards the record! Victory will be MINE this time, SJ!

In this record-breaking post, I'd thought I'd tell you a little bit about my formative years, in middle school. It would be more dramatic, however, if it were presented in the grand "Play Script" format, which I'm infamous for doing often. So, another short play for you! Fun with a purpose! This play is simply titled...


(The scene opens in a crowded school hallway. FLINT and NUMBERS are standing by their lockers.)

FLINT: All I'm telling you, is that when you play Power Stone, you fight cheap, and that's EXACTLY why you don't have friends.

NUMBERS: Dude, it ain't cheap to throw things! That's why they're there!

FLINT: You pick motherfucking GALUDA all the time! He's, like, crazy strong!

NUMBERS: Gunrock's stronger! Face it, you just suck at Power Stone! You say your the best with Wangtang, but you-

(SUZY walks past the boys. FLINT's attention is suddenly torn towards her.)

FLINT: Suzy...

NUMBERS: ...what's your problem?

FLINT: Dude, that's the girl I love. Suzy. She's the prettiest girl in the whole middle school.

NUMBERS: Better looking than Sexy Pat?

FLINT Ten times better looking!

NUMBERS: Blastphemy!

FLINT: Non! 'Tis the truth I speak!

(Silence ensues, as FLINT gawks at SUZY from afar.)


FLINT: ...

NUMBERS: ...Well, you gonna make a move?

FLINT: NO! I'm terrified of girls, and even more afraid of commitment! If I walked over there, I'd take the biggest piss I'd ever take, and vomit on anything that breaths!

NUMBERS: Cowardice!


NUMBERS: Just go! You got nothing to lose but your dignity!

FLINT: I don't have any dignity!

NUMBERS: That's the spirit! Now, get out there and mack, like you were the czar of Mackland!

FLINT: I'm gonna throw out lines like I was fishing for Moby Dick!


FLINT: Gone!

(FLINT runs toward SUZY, as fast as his legs would take him.)

NUMBERS: ...stupid motherfucker.

(FLINT stops behins SUZY, as she's opening her locker.)

FLINT: Ummm... Hi!

SUZY: ....

FLINT: ...Do you like wrestling?

SUZY: ...are you talking to me?


SUZY: Have we met before?

FLINT: I've met you in my dreams.

SUZY: I mean, have we met in REAL LIFE?


SUZY: You're here to mack on me, right?

FLINT: How'd you know?

SUZY: Go ahead. I'll try and kill you quick.

FLINT: Umm... Did it hurt? When you-

SUZY: Heard it.

FLINT: Umm... Is that a mirror in your pants? 'Cause-

SUZY: "I can see myself in 'em." Try again, kid.

FLINT ...Wanna go halves on a bastard?

SUZY: Not now, not ever. Now get out of my line of vision.


(FLINT falls to the ground, clutching his chest. He then proceeds to urinate and vomit at the same time, in full view of everyone.)

(The scene shifts to a laundrymat. FLINT is sitting on a bench, wearing an old "Hot Rod" wringer shirt. He's waiting for his clothes to dry. NUMBERS walks in.)

NUMBERS: Nice shirt, very 1980's.

FLINT: Rowdy Roddy Piper was recently fired by WWE, I have you know.

NUMBERS: How recently? Like, a year ago?

FLINT: Shut up, jackass. I told you this would happen.

NUMBERS: I knew it would happen, too. I just wanted to see it happen. HAHA!

FLINT: Yoooouuuu bastard!

NUMBERS: What're you gonna do about it, wussy man? HAHAHAH-

(A bullet flies through NUMBER's skull. He slumps over, dead. A man in a military uniform walks over to FLINT.)

MAN: Stand up, son!

(FLINT stands up.)

MAN: What's yer name, son?

FLINT: Flint Marco, sir!

MAN: My name's Cage, and I work for the United States of America Black-Ops unit.

FLINT: Black-Ops?

CAGE: Yep, Black-Ops!


CAGE: Easy, son! I'm here because your government needs you on the Black-Ops unit!

FLINT: But, I don't know crap about regular-ops, much less Black-Ops!

CAGE: Sorry, son. Nationwide raffle. The name that was drawn would join.

FLINT: What if I say "No"?

CAGE: Then I do this.

(CAGE pulls a blunt instrument from his side, and bludgeons FLINT with it, until he nearly passes out. Then, CAGE injects a sleeping serum into FLINT's body. FLINT passes out in minutes.)

(When FLINT awakens, he's covered in whelts, and aboard a helicopter, millions of miles above the Earth.)

FLINT: ...Why am I still alive?

CAGE: Shut up and listen, dummy. You're part of the Black-Ops squad, now.

FLINT: Nonononono. That ain't happenin'. I'm outta here.

CAGE: We're at least 35 million miles about Earth's surface. If you step foot outside this plane, your head would explode, you'd burst into flames, and your carcass would leave a crater about 1500-miles wide as it hit the ground. I advise you to STAY THE FUCK PUT.

FLINT: Yessir.

CAGE: Flint, I'd like you to meet the other two members of our black-ops squad. This lady to my right is Stacy. She's from Canada.


FLINT: Why's there a Canadian in an American Black-Ops unit?

CAGE: 'Cause. We're America, we don't need a reason.

FLINT: That's kinda true.

CAGE: This big fella on the right is Galuda.


FLINT: Aw, man! You're Galuda, from Power Stone!

GALUDA: Yes. The very same, pale face.

CAGE: Galuda, Stacy, that man cowaring in his seat is Flint. He was the man the government drafted.

FLINT: H-h-h-hi!

CAGE: Shut up. Now, let me breif you on this mission.

FLINT: Mission?! NOW?!

CAGE: Yes, mission NOW! Now, here's the briefing.

(CAGE turns on a projector, which stretches a popoure of colorful and violent images across the wall.)

CAGE: It's seems Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler have escaped Hell, combining into one super-creature, calling itself "Genghis Hitler". He's currently building a giant robot, who's foot is so big, it could crush the Earth. He's currently holed-up at Booby-Trap Island. Our mission is to go there and kill him. Any questions?

FLINT: Yeah, why are we going to a place called BOOBY-TRAP ISLAND without some sort of trap-detecting devices?

CAGE: No budget for those.

FLINT: Why is there no budget for that kind of equipment?

CAGE: Spent it on booze and pornography.

FLINT: Nice.

CAGE: Okay, we're right above the island. Everyone, out of the chopper!

FLINT: Where's our parachutes?

CAGE: No budget for those.

(CAGE pushes everyone out of the helicopter. They all plummet to the island below, and hit the beach hard.)

CAGE: Is anyone dead?

STACY: Broken nose, but I'm fine.

FLINT: Let's never do that again.

GALUDA: Ow, my knee.

CAGE: Put him out of his misery, Flint.

FLINT: WHAT?! He can still walk!

GALUDA: I'm fine, sir.

CAGE: I'm offin' one of you before this is over, be sure of that. Now, let's go. His base is in the center of the island.

(CAGE leads the group through the thick forsets of the island, until they get to a fork in the road. A sign in the tip of the for reads "LEFT SIDE: DIRT ROAD. RIGHT SIDE: MINE FIELD.")

CAGE: Well, let's go right, then.

FLINT: Dude, there's a mine field on the right side! The left is a dirt road!

CAGE: The Left side is probably the side where they keep their dingos!

STACY: Actually, sir, I think the left side might actually be safer.

CAGE: Shut up, woman! We go left, or you all die here!

(CAGE pulls out a gun, and marches the group to the mine field.)

CAGE: Galuda, you're up. Mine sweep this bitch.

GALUDA: I have no knowledge when it comes to mine-sweeping.

CAGE: Just go!

GALUDA: Yes, sir.

(GALUDA walks onto the mine field. His legs are instanly blown off by two mine bombs. His body hits the ground, as he shrieks in pain.)

CAGE: Flint, grab his stumps. We'll let his corpse diffuse the bombs.

FLINT: Forget it. I'm not gonna kill Galuda.

CAGE: Stacy, grab his stumps.

STACY: Yessir.

(CAGE and STACY proceed to throw GALUDA's torso on the grounds of the mine field, forcing the bombs to go off. They all make it across the field in thrity minutes.)

CAGE: There, was that so hard?

FLINT: It was hard on my conscence.

CAGE: Shut up.

(A band of ninjas jump from the trees, and take STACY. They dissapear with her in seconds.)

FLINT: Holy shit! Where's Stacy?

CAGE: Who cares? C'mon!

(CAGE leads FLINT through the rest of the island. They eventually make it to the center of the island.)

CAGE: His lair should be in that cave.

FLINT: You mean, the cave with the bones strewn about, and the corpse hanging from a pole?

CAGE: Yeah.

FLINT: Hey, that corpse looks familiar...

(FLINT examines the corpse on the pole. It's STACY. She's covered in cuts and blood, and her mouth, eyes and ears are stuffed with straw.)

FLINT: Dear god! What have they done to her?!

CAGE: Hey, that looks pretty cool. C'mon, his base is over here.

FLINT: Don't you even care that a member of your team is-

(STACY begins to cough. FLINT Looks up at her, terrified.)

STACY: ...kill....me.....

CAGE: Put her out of her misery, Flint.

FLINT: ...I...I can't!

CAGE: Alright! Target practice!

(CAGE pulls out his gun, and fires on STACY. He wastes every bullet he's got shooting her.)

FLINT: You idiot! You used up all the bullets!

CAGE: So? We don't need 'em!

FLINT: What do we use to fight Hitler, then?

CAGE: The Force.

FLINT: ...the Force.

CAGE: Um, yeah. You heard of it?

FLINT: Let's just go. I hope there's enough of me for an open-casket funeral.

(CAGE and FLINT enter HITLER's lair. HITLER is sitting atop a mountain of bones.)

HITLER: Guten Tac, mine friends. You're just in time.

FLINT: In time for what?

HITLER: In time for your demise!

CAGE: HA! "In time for your demise"! Fuckin' classic, man, FUCK-IN-CLASSIC!

FLINT: We're here to stop you, you monster!

HITLER: Then, your efforts will be in vain! I will destory you both in one blow!

FLINT: Not if there's blood in these veins!

CAGE: Shut up, the both of you! You're goin' down, Hitler!

(CAGE runs at HITLER, and before HITLER has time to react, CAGE begins hacking and slashing him with a shiv. HITLER writhes in his own blood before keeling over.)

CAGE: Done and done.

FLINT: You're a sick man, Cage.

CAGE: Shut up.

(CAGE and FLINT walk across the beach of booby-trap island.)

FLINT: Hey, man, how do we get off of this island?

CAGE: Got me. I thought we'd have jet packs or something.

FLINT: Man, I don't know what I did to deserve this but-

(FLINT stands before what remains of the Statue of Liberty. There's rubbel from the statue littering the beach. FLINT falls to his knees.)



There, the first play I've done in a long-ass time. Did I beat SJ's record? Someone count up all these words, I'm too tired to do it.

I'm out of here. See ya!


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Thursday, June 24, 2004

   Arts 'n' Crafts
Hey. Small post tonight. I just wanted you to know that my new wallpaper is up. It's of Iori from KOF. Just scroll to the bottom of the screen, to the "Wallpaper" section, and Check it out. I've been working on a cool-looking Yamazaki wallpaper, and if you like this Iori one, I'll post the other one as well. I'll post something for real another time.

See ya. Don't forget to check out the wallpaper!


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Monday, June 14, 2004

   Fun with surveys!

[x] Part 1 -- The Basics [x]
What's your name? :::Flint Marco. The first. The magnificent!
Birthplace :::The Icy Summit of Mount Everest
Age :::Eighteen Years of Age, Sir/Madame
Age you act :::Three or Four
Current location :::R-Town, Texas!
Eye color :::Blue, like a refreshing waterfall
Hair color :::None currently
Right, lefty or ambidextrous? :::Right for knife-fighting, Left for fist-fighting
Zodiac sign? :::Lobster
Height? :::Six foot nothing
[x] Part 2 -- Describe... [x]
Your heritage/nationality :::Half Sweedish, Half Hispanic, ALL MAN BAY-BEE!
Your hair :::None. I got rid of it at a young age.
Your fears :::Choking to death on my own blood, Being typecast
Your perfect room :::...the one with all my stuff in it...?
What you practically do in a day :::Play Video games, say stuff to people
[x] Part 3 -- What is/are... [x]
Words you overuse :::"And", "But", and "Or"
Phrases you overuse :::"Ye Dead, Off to the Boneyard!"
Your first thought when you wake up :::"Man, I hope they started selling the McRib again today."
Your greatest accomplishment :::Creating a hideous monster out of the rotting corpse of Victor vor Frankenstein. Oh, the irony!
Something you want to do :::Break the sun into peices using only my mighty fist.
[x] Part 4 -- This or that [x]
Pepsi or Coke :::Pepsi. I don't do Coke.
McDonald's or Burger Kings :::While I do enjoy the occasional McNugget, since the king of Burgers granted me my lands, I must stay loyal to him.
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera :::Britney
Chocolate or vanilla :::Neopolitan, if at all possible.
Adidas or Nike :::Nike
Black or white :::Green
Bills or Coins ((Think $$$)) :::Bills, baby! It's all about that fat cash!
Burgers or hot dogs :::Burgers
Egypt or France :::Egypt
Rock or rap :::Rap-Metal
[x] Part 5 -- Do you...[x]
Smoke :::Last time I checked, my exauhst pipes were clean, so no.
Cuss :::All the motherfuckin' time, assface.
Sing well :::You know it!
Sing in the shower :::On occasion.
Talk to yourself --a lot-- :::I don't talk to MYSELF, okay? I talk to the dude that lives in my brain.
Believe in yourself :::If I don't believe in myself, I'll cease to exist.
Like taking these longass surveys? :::Not really.
Play an instrument :::Bass drum
Want to go to college? :::Not particularly, but my consience says "Yes".
Want to get married? :::Eventually.
Want to have children? :::About 5 or 6 will do.
Think you're a health freak? :::...I'm pretty healthy, so... yes...?
Get along with your parents :::Yep
Get along with your siblings? :::Sure
Think you're popular :::I'm the most popularest dude in the history of ever.
[x] Part 6 -- In the past month have you..[x]
Gone out of state :::Yes, during my stay in Angola prison.
Drank alchohal :::None of that "Ethanol" bullshit. Pure rubbing alchohol, BAY-BEE!
Smoke :::No. I try not to overheat.
Get high :::Not really.
Done any drugs :::Once, I took some advil. Does that count?
Eaten an entire box of oreos :::Almost.
Been on stage :::Yep
Gone skinny dipping :::Nope
Been dumped :::Nope. The ladies love Flint!
Dyed your hair :::God, do these questions get ANY more boring?
Stolen anything :::I steal everything that ain't bolted down.
[x] Part 7 -- Your friends! =D [x]
Craziest :::Dong Hwan
Loudest :::Gato
Most shy :::Mai
Blondest :::Andy
Smartest :::Hanzo
Kindest :::K'
Best personality :::Yamazaki
Most talented :::Terry
Best singer :::Adelhead
Most ghetto :::Daimon
Drama Queen ((or King XP)) :::Amano
Pain in the ass :::Benimaru
The one you just want to strangle to death ((Homer Simpson style)):::Jubei
Funniest :::Joe
Best person for advice :::Mary
Dependable :::Rugal
Trustworthy :::Geese
Druggie :::Billy
Most likely to end up in jail :::Robert
Person you've known the longest :::In case you failed to realize, I used the names of some SNK characters to fill in these questions. Can these questions get ANY MORE lame?
[x] Part 8 -- The Last... [x]
Last dream :::I dreamed that I fell into a vat of pudding, and I became king of all puddings!
Last nightmare :::The great pudding rebellion that overthrew my reign of tyrrany.
Car ride :::From work yesterday
Last time you cried :::When I stubbed my toe this morning.
Last movie seen :::"Castle of Cagliostro"
Last movie rented :::It's been forever since I've rented anything.
Last book read :::"Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 5"
Last word said :::"Dude"
Last curse word said :::"Fuck"
Last time you laugh :::I never stop laughing. Life's one long-ass joke.
Last phone call :::A few hours ago.
Last CD played :::"Antichrist Superstar", Marilyn Manson
Last song you listened to :::"1996"
Last annoyance :::Stupid Fucking Dial-up connection
Last IM :::Shanny, a few months ago
Last weird encounter :::My cousin in a Best Buy a few days ago
Last person you hugged :::I don't hug.
Last person you yelled at :::The TV.
Last time you wore a skirt :::Yesterday.
Last time you've been evil :::God, what a dumbass question. Like I can jump from "Light side" to "Dark side" on a whim. Did you even see "Star Wars"?
Sarcastic? :::See what I mean? How the hell do I even respond to this?
Last time you fought with your parents :::I don't know.
Last time you wished upon a star :::God, I'm trying SO HARD to finish this stupid survey.
Played Truth or Dare :::Yesterday, with yo' mama. ZING, MUDDAFUCKA!
Spent quality time alone :::In my mind, all the time.
[x] Part 9 -- I swear this is the last one! -- Randomness [x]
Are you talking to someone on AIM :::Not currently.
Do you feel lonely :::Nope.
Ever TP'd someone's house :::Nope.
How about egging someone's house :::Nope.
Do you not like dislike not like me? :::I hate you, whoever wrote this gay-ass survey.
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine? :::Shut up, ass.
Yo Momma :::What'd you say 'bout my mama?!
Ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the person next to you? :::No. I don't resort to cannibalism until the supply of soilent green runs out.
What do you think of George Bush? :::What the rest of the country thinks of him.
Any secret fetishes? :::Midget clown pornography. There, I said it.
Do you like to wear chains? O_o :::No.
How many languages do you speak? :::One, English
Damn.. are your fingers tired? Cause mine sure are! :::Shut the fuck up and end this. Can't believe I wasted 15 minutes on this bullshit.
Glad this is over? ((Say yes and I'll stalk you =P)) :::Yes. For the love of Taft, YES!

Bored? ((Over 100 questions)) brought to you by BZOINK!

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Saturday, June 5, 2004

Quick post time!

I was surfing the ol' myO-niverse, when I decided to stop by and visit your best friend and mine, JOE HIBIKI! That guy is the awesome-est!

Anyway, the guy had only one post up. Guess he never got around to posting another. The strange thing is, his posting style was much like my own. Too similar. There can be only ONE Flint Marco! So, I left the worst verbal assault on his comment box, the likes of which would make the mightiest rap mogul blush. I gloated at my victory. Then, I realized something...

Joe Hibiki... Flint Marco... THEY'RE THE SAME GUY!!

Yes, Joe Hibiki is Flint Marco, for those who haven't seen the subtle hints. Stop by the site, it's good for a laugh.

Just being nostalgic, I guess. I'll go now.


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Friday, June 4, 2004

   News Hour
Hello, and welcome again, readers, friends, and anyone else who's reading this. It's FRIDAY NIGHT, BAY-BEE! Party time! Why is it, that on posts that land on Fridays and Saturdays, I always talk about partying? It's sooo cliche.

Well, as you probably read in the title, it's News Hour. The time where me, FlintMarco, myO's #1 news reporter, bring YOU, the reader, all the news that fits. And tonight is no exception. See, I've opted for the roundtable discussion, the topic of which will be about the movie "Shrek 2". Joining me tonight are various forms of me from years ago.

FLINT: Good evening, gentlemen. It's good to see you.

TEEN FLINT: Don't thank me, pigman. I may be present physically, but my soul yearns for release from this wasteland barren of thought and emotion.

KID FLINT: hey ya its goood 2 b her

BABY FLINT: ...gah?

FLINT: Well, let's talk. We all saw "Shrek 2". What were your first observations on the movie?

TEEN FLINT: "Shrek 2" is nothing more than the problems of society, made into a form of media. It was nothing more than a brainwash machine concocted by corporate leaders to force the masses into buying useless "Collector's items", made by children in some despoticaly-run country who don't even know what "Shrek" is, at high prices.

FLINT: ...man, I don't remember being anything like you, dude.

TEEN FLINT: You wouldn't. You've allowed cartoons to sap your brain into nothing.

KID FLINT: Shrekk was teh awesom!! ti wus funy LOL

FLINT: Why do you speak in internet lingo?

KID FLINT: b/c U are dum LOL!

FLINT: Why you...! Shut up, condom break! You were a mistake!

TEEN FLINT: Simpleton! That child is YOU! If you're telling him he's a "Condom Break", you're basically telling yourself that YOU were never intended to be conceived!

FLINT: You're an ass.


KID FLINT: U R teh wapanese LOLZ!

FLINT: ...what the fuck does "Wapanese" mean?

TEEN FLINT: It means your a white man who thinks he's Japanese.

FLINT: ...That's so freakin' gay. I stand by what I said before: You were a MISTAKE!

KID FLINT: U are teh losr u suk teh cock SUPER LOLZ!

BABY FLINT: ...*sniff*...



FLINT: You idiots! You made me cry!

TEEN FLINT: It's true what they say. Boys... do cry.. *sniff*

KID FLINT: OMG u are cryin? Wat a fag LOLZ!

FLINT: *punches kid flint* Stupid brat! That's what you get!

Yep, that's the roundtable. I gotta remember never to invite myself to another one of these.

That's all. See ya later.


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