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Saturday, January 8, 2005

   Buisness as Usual
Good evening, viewing audience. This is the news. My name is Flint, and I'll be your anchor this evening.

...on second thought, let's not do a "News Hour" post just yet. I'm much too tired to do it.

In any case, good day to you, citizen. I'm Flint. I post stuff on here from time to time, although my last post may or may not have been seven months late. They simply don't pay me enough to get this stuff out on time.

In fact, they don't pay me at all. Cheap sons of bitches.

Welp, believe it or not, I've been really busy. Like, super busy, and not on important stuff either. What have I accomplshed? Well, allow me to tell you, good persons.

-Read every issue of Identity Crisis. Man, talk about twists! I was infurited with the Justice League when they mindwiped Batman, but I'll forgive Green Arrow. I could never hate Good ol' Ollie Queen.

-Read 1602. Pretty great, in my opinion. Otto Von Doom was da man. And Thor was da god. HAHAHA! Get it? 'Cause Thor really is a god, and... let's just move on...

-Played, like, an assload of Video games. GTA: San Andreas was actually better than I thought it would be. And I finished Chrono Cross for the billionth time. That game never get's old.

-Anime? Sure, I watched anime! I'm up to volume 4 of my evangelion: platinum collection. Take that, stupid already-released collection! The last laugh is mine! I aslo saw Peace Maker Kurogane, which, in my opinion, was a definite "Eh". Mabey I should watch it again, with an open mind.

That's about all I've done. I'm a pretty lazy guy, what do you want?

Well, I'm leaving now. See ya!


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