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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   The Post World
Good Eve to you, cherished reader! Man, what a day, huh? How was your day, anyway? Mine? Eh. More or less indifferent.

Let's get down to some things. Some of you are probably wondering, "Flint, what in the bloody blue blazes do you do in your off-time?" And most of you are wondering, "Jesus, Flint, can't you talk about something besides YOURSELF for once? Your egomania only serves to mask your self-doubt!" Two things:

1) Shaddap your face.

2) I read.

Yes, your old pal Flint reads. Comic books, cook books, holy books, holey books (heehee!), Mick Foley books, Gory books, Glory books, Flint reads them all! Reading is FUNdaMENTAL!

What was the point of this?... Oh, right. I was thinking, "There's lots of manga based in Feudal Japan, and when I say "lots", I mean "ASSLOADS", but why are there no comics based in colonial America?" And I don't mean a suck-ass "Franklin and Jefferson sign the Constitution" Educatio-comic. No, I mean a good ol' "Some dude goes around blastin' bad men" action comic!

If I made a comic based in colonial America, I'd make a team of unsavory madmen led by Davie Crockett, who was somehow brought to Colonial times to right wrongs and whoop some red coats. The team would have a Commie robot with the brain of Joseph Stalin, but nobody would know Stalin's brain was in the robot until later in the story. There'd be cameos by histories' greatest good guys and bad men, ranging from Jim Bowie and Ike Eisenhower, to Ghengis Khan and Benito Mussolini. See? This stuff writes itself!

...What? You don't think my Ideas are good? Three words, ya jerk:

Shaddap you face!

Well, I'm leaving. I got things to do. Later.


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