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Saturday, January 1, 2005

*wipes eyes*

Whew! Nothin' like a good 6 or 7-month break period to soothe the nerves! I'm feelin' rested, ready, reraned, rambunctious, and all of those other words that end in "r".

2005, huh? Man, weren't we supposed to have flying cars by now? Jesus Christ, I feel like I'm a caveman driving my stupid motorcar. Ad where are the androids at?! They don't need to be R2-D2! I'll accept Rosey! Sure she makes wise cacks, but at least she cleans! Can you actually refer to a robot as a "she"?

How's everyone been, since my absence? Pretty good? Pretty bad? Pretty okay, even? Tell me all about it!

Well, I'm gonna go do some cool, futuristic, 2005-esque stuff, like shoot laser beams. ee ya when I see ya!

Probably in another seven months. HAHAHAHA!

-Good ol' Flint

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