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Saturday, June 5, 2004

Quick post time!

I was surfing the ol' myO-niverse, when I decided to stop by and visit your best friend and mine, JOE HIBIKI! That guy is the awesome-est!

Anyway, the guy had only one post up. Guess he never got around to posting another. The strange thing is, his posting style was much like my own. Too similar. There can be only ONE Flint Marco! So, I left the worst verbal assault on his comment box, the likes of which would make the mightiest rap mogul blush. I gloated at my victory. Then, I realized something...

Joe Hibiki... Flint Marco... THEY'RE THE SAME GUY!!

Yes, Joe Hibiki is Flint Marco, for those who haven't seen the subtle hints. Stop by the site, it's good for a laugh.

Just being nostalgic, I guess. I'll go now.


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