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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hello, my good friends and associates! Yes, Flint Marco returns to create more smiles, as only he can! (Sure, I say things like that to mask my insecurities and growing paranoia, but who's complaining? Not me!) Today is Thursday, and if you guys make me miss wrestling, I'm gonna get violent.

Yep, buddy Flint returns to MyO after another lengthy hiatus. What was it this time? Two months or so? I'm an extremely busy individual, whose time is as precious as diamonds and such. And as so, I cannot be held down by fictitious "deadlines" set by a legion of beurocrats sitting in a basement. Okay? You gettin' all this?

The truth is, I'm lazy, and I have a crappy job as a grocery checker.

Now that the pleasantries are all over, let's talk about things I do, because my favorite subject is me. And cupcakes. First, let me just say that I watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and I thought it was friggin' awesome. In fact, I'll throw out that it was the best film of 2005. There, I said it.

I hate my stupid car. It's like an ugly puppy that was given to me as a present. I can't ever learn to love it, but I can't bring myself to give it up, partly because I have no money to do so. In one week, I hade to buy a new battery for it, and change the stupid tire so it could stupid drive good, which pretty much cleans me out. My sister tells me, "Give your car a name, and it will run better." I think she named hers "Debbie" or something. I'm always open to suggestion, so I named the car "Sakura". Of course, it didn't run any better. So I figure, "Hey, mabey the car needs a manlier name. It'll run gooder if its driven by a tough name!" So, I named it after the Thunder God himself, Thor. Then the battery died. Now it's name is "Stupid hunk of metal", and he's learned to live with it.

So, you guys actually liked the idea in my last post, about colonial America? If you weren't yanking my chain, I might... MIGHT... get started on a new short play based upon the idea.

Okay, break time! Have a nice day!

-Your friend Flint

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