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Friday, October 24, 2008

Thanks to all those who commented on my new drawing! I really appreciate it! Yeah, I wanted to practice with more intense backgrounds in Photoshop so this was kinda my practice run. I’m glad so many people like it…especially since it took so long to do.XD But if you haven’t seen it already, please do, it would make Elves happy^_^:

So guess what? I’m getting the kitty I mentioned in my last post!!! At PetSmart I had to fill out an adoption application and I was called the next day from the humane society and she asked me some questions and then she tells me, “Great! When would you like to pick him up?” That made me so happy because it means that he’s mine!!! I’m getting him Saturday afternoon and I can’t wait! I’ll be sure and take pictures once I get him. He’s about one years old and he was saved from a neglected home but he was really sweet when I got to see him and he liked being held.^_^ They named him Mickey but I’m so changing it…a cat named Mickey…feh! He’s all gray so he’s not fancy looking but I didn’t care since he was the one that rubbed against the glass and was putting his paw up to me when I was looking at him.
Oh and to clarify with my other cat, FuzzButt…technically he’s not even my cat. He’s my mom’s….but he loves me best.^_~ And he lives at my parent’s house, not with me so this new kitty I’m getting is alllll mine. He’s going to be one spoiled rotten boy.^^

This picture amuses me…plus, these two kitties are the same color as my kitty:

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