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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I had a guest at work tell me I had very pretty hair today. That always makes you feel good.XD But then I leave work at 3am and there’s frost all over my car!!! BOO!!!! HISSSSSSSS!!!! Means winter is coming! *weeps* I hate having to brush off my car of snow and then have to scrape my windshield every time I leave work.>_<

I forgot to mention when in NYC last weekend for NYAF, Adam took Angie and me to this awesome dumplings restaurant in China Town. The dumplings were awesome because you put them in a spoon and bite off the tops of them and inside the dumpling is the actual soup and it spills out onto the spoon when you bite it. Then you add a little soy sauce and oh man…heaven. I’ve had the biggest urge for those dumplings!!! Darn you, Adam! *shakes fist*

And speaking of NYAF, me and my fellow Code Geass cosplaying peeps I walked around with had been stopped by a camera crew and filmed a little and the film has been uploaded! The guy has a run-down of NYAF so you only see us for a few seconds a couple times but hey, you can see me within the first 30 seconds of it! lol! So yeah, you should check it out to see Elves’ on film for a whole second.XD We’re shown again later too but the whole thing is fun to watch if you feel like it.^_^ I’m dressed like Kallen and piccy’s of me and the other people I met can be seen in the last post too.^^
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