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Friday, October 31, 2008

Itís been a busy week for me. Blah. I got my first $100 tip though yesterday at work! That made me happy!!! Iíve left the casino with over $100 in tips before but this was my first 100 dollar bill given to me. It was from a guy who won $25,000 and it was perfect because it was a slow night and I had made crap in tips till that point. WOHOO!!

SoÖ.I GOT MY KITTY!!!! I picked him up last Saturday from PetSmart and had to do paperwork for the humane society and pick up stuff for him and then I got to take him home! It was so cute though because when I went to get him from the store, the lady opened his cage and he was up on the 2nd row and he put his two front paws on my shoulder and jumped into my arms.^_^ He knew he was my boy.^^ I brought him back to my place and he wasnít scared at all! Instantly wanted to play, he was eating and drinking just fine and he used his litter pan too which is a plus.
I ended up naming him Jenks (after one of my fave characters from a book series I love) and less than a week later, he already knows his name. Heís the perfect kitty, heís doesnít meow (unless he wants me to pet him), he doesnít scratch the furniture, he loves to play, and the best partÖhe lets me sleep ALL night long. YOSH! FuzzButt never let me do that when I was at my parentís house or when he stayed with me.XD Jenks just curls up next to me and sleeps in the bed. Heís a snuggler.

I started a new drawing today too! This was one of the first times Jenks has truly been a pest though because Iím trying to draw and he kept jumping on my drafting table and walking over my drawing and laying down on it and then kept trying to bite the top of my pencil while I was scribbling away.XD He wants *my* attention, thatís for sure! He ended up sleeping on my lap most of the time I was drawing so that was okay.^_^
So anyhoo, hereís some pictures of my Jenks (heís 8 months old if anybody wondered):

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