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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I had two days off in a row again. Wohoo! I enjoyed it now because next week my schedule is all over the place again. This week is as well because my boss has me hopping around from opening to closing again. Ergh.

I got a lot done on my drawing though! I actually have the main character all done but the background is pretty hard-core so thatís taking me longer.XD I really like how itís coming out though.
I had a bad headache yesterday though and no pain killers made it go away. Usually, caffeine will help so I drank lots of coffee and that didnít help. Finally at 11pm (I tend to stay awake till 4am) I sat down in my big comfy leather chair and shut my eyes and that made the headache lessen. I had the TV on so I just kinda listened to it with my eyes closed and slipped in and out of consciousness.XD I think my body was telling me, LOOK! RELAX ALREADY!!! I HATE just sitting around and doing nothing though. Iím a mutli-tasker, always doing many things at one time but I think Iíve just gotten so tired from work and my boss screwing with my sleeping schedule by having me open then close then close then open. Bah!

I had my belly dancing class today and we learned some cool new moves so that was fun. I also started a new anime called, ĎEarl and Fairy.í Yes, I only downloaded it because it had ďfairyĒ in the title and Elves loves fairies!^_^ It was actually good! Then again, only one episode has been released so far since itís just started airing in Japan. I love it because it takes place in the 1800ís and has pretty violin music and the way itís animated reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club. The main character, Earl, looks JUST like Tamaki too. Heís not air-headed like Tamaki is though.XD But itís cute and itís all fantasy meets ďrealityĒ and thereís lots of bishies in it for the ladies.^_~

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