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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Phew, what a week. Today I got sunday school and it's many levels of fail and lame. I really don't like going but w/e it's only for two years. Yeah..two fackin' years. I'll manage. Thursday was awesome, I catched The Office, ahah man I've never laughed so much in an episode. Uhm I don't have much homework for this weekened, because most of my teachers are dudes and plan to play Halo 3 all this weekened, so we're getting "off-the-hook". Ahah, I don't know what's more funny..teachers playing Halo or no homework.
Cosplay! AUSA is coming up, picking up two new cosplays: Madoka from Tenjho Tenge and Emily from Air Gear. Both for group's my friend Kate is making. OOuuu, we're gonna look fly. AHAHAHwhat?
Okay, I'm just rambling. <333
Here, have some Masi and Hayden goodness.

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