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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sayid pwns.
Hey guys. Well uhm, not alot of people asked questions anyway, but that's okay. I'm not that interesting :D

A few things have happened, good and bad. My godfather's daughter gave birth to her first child last Saturday on the 13th. A healthy baby boy named Jayden. Hours later her blood pressure went up and they had to opperate her, I don't know the details much but they had to opperate her brain and once more again because it was begging to slide. Since the 14th until yesterday night she was in a coma and last night she passed away. It's unfair once you think horrible and whatnot, that boy's gonna grow up without his mother and I can't imagine how hard it must be for the husband. The family and we, we'll all give our support so these two precious people move on but really..it's unfair. We've gotta keep moving on but it saddens me. Another death. Loss and her name was Marbeli. She was only 32 and live, last time I saw her was sometime in middle September, I remember times in my childhood that she used to baby sit me and I'd go in her room and try on her clothes for fun, hehe. It's shocking that such a healthy and alive woman leaves the surface of the earth just like that, they said that all this is caused by a disease some woman have when they are pregnant.

Just had to get that out..

I changed the layout to my site a bit and the comments don't seem to be working, oh well. I'm too tired to fix it now. Homework has been eating me and I just need a damn break. I was suppposed to get my new iPod today; nothing yet.

Answers to few Questions:
privitetamama: Ulquiorra from BLEACH.
JD Person: Yeah, sure.
Raina: I wouldn't have any to answer would I? XP

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