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Friday, August 31, 2007

w/e. rant isn't going to happen or atleast for now, it's too personal to be up here free on the web. I love you guys really, but sometimes random jerks PM and comment my posts and I just don't like them reading about my life. Heh if MyO could be like LJ..

What happened, happened and I'll just move on. bascially things between me and my parents, hell most likely my whole family-- just everything has been full of crap and bullshit. I pretty much dislike all the adults in this family for a good reason. idk.
things could have been worse.

For now there is school i must attend to. also god of war II in titan mode, been doing that. and air gear. has become one of my most favorite mangas. I don't know what else to post about really..everything's been fall down and then brought up again and fallen once more.

You'll have to excuse me for my lame mood but just right now I wish I could have that moment where you would love to be somewhere where no one can ever find you.

And homework is retarded..AP and Honor classes are retarded..boo

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