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Friday, August 10, 2007


Okay so I promised Otakon pictures and what not, so here are the ones I took. I didn't take much, most of my roommates took the pictures of me in them so I'm waiting on those. I didn't take alot this year so sorry to disappoint, no more 145 uploads on Photobucket this year..

Haha, okay.
First, if any of you'd like to see the shoot of the Eureka 7 group: Here

Most of them came out fantastic!

The main entrance to the convention.
Friday evening, this was where Pre-Registration was held

X/1999 @ CLAMP gathering.
This is the X/1999 people, just four out of the 4324324 those who went. I'm saddddd. DX
Oh well there was a Sorata atleast, I wanted to take pictures with him D:

Cain from Trinity Blood
I love Cain, and wow, it just looked so amazing.

A Small TB group

I wish I knew where they were from, they looked really cool.

Ahah, you gotta have a picture like this when you go to a convention, say it be Hard Gay or someone else. <3

A small FFXII group

Alexander & Alucard
Oh man, too in character, gotta have some Hellsing man. And speaking of that, I want to cosplay Jan Valentine, WHY? BECAUSE HE'S EPIC FAIL. And win at the same time, AHAHA.

Xianghua && Kilik
Some Soul Calibur cosplayers! I saw an Ivy somehwere too..

Allen and Rabi
This pictures very in character, it's so cute! While in DGM costumes me and Becca [Rabi] stumbled across a bunch of DGM cosplayers laying around on the 2nd floor after the DGM gathering on the fourth floor. It was much fun.

Rhode and Me.
She was too cute DX

Rhode & Tyki & Me
OMG. That Tyki ran the DGM gathering and dear lordie, he's such an amazing Tyki! The best I have seen, he even had the eye contacts. *swoons*

Now the hotel room tour? Y/N?
Basically the door, haha

Next to Door

My crap =D

The sink && posters


Okay so moving onto the room, wigs, iron table, the couch that turns into a COMFORTABLE bed. (I slept in it too)

Heree is a better shot. That bed was very comfortable actually, haha. Except, notice near the window, below there's the AC. Oh yeah, I basically froze to death overnight. Oh and the sign over the portrait says "BLOODY F***ING BRILLIANT". Hahah.

Other side of the room
Three girls slept on the bed, haha. Then three people on the floor, and two people (me included) slept on the couch bed. That adds..8 people. Haha

Wiig on lamps
Haha, the wig on the lamp made my chuckle. <3

Moving along
The bathroom and sink are over there, on the left there was a small desk. We basically put laptops there.

Closer photo.

View from the big window
Near my couchbed. Theres the stadium, but on the left would be the convention.

This was placed in the backdoor of the bathroom so ANYONE who went in to use it would totally see it. It's soo funny.

The hotel!
A picture of the hotel from the convention center. This was on the fourth floor and..yeah. The convention center itself is huge and amazing. Haha

My friend Lauren took this picture, OMG I LOVE IT. I look very Woz-ish. And yeah, I had my Jobs again, I was so happy *weeps*

Okay that's all I got. :D

AHH SHITSHITSHI. Something's up with my dad... I told him I wanted to go to Dragon*Con because I wanted to met the twins, he said we could possibly go. UHM, EXCUSE ME?! SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU SAID YES TO WHAT I ASK?
Somethings up..

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