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Monday, December 17, 2007

I saw I am Legend yesterday with my siblings and holy crap, it was awesome. I now understand the Will!oscar talk now..he did an AMAZING job. OMOGMOMGOGMGMG. THE DARK KNIGHT TRAILER WAS AMAZING, OH MAN I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT MOVIE, IT LOOKS SO BADASS AND EPIC. guhhh, ily batman.

Anyway my thoughts on I Am Legend. HIGHLIGHT TO READ, WARNING SPOILERS!

I thought the scene with him and Sam in her final moments was touching, I cried like crazy. I don't think anyone who owns some kind of pet should have to do that, no one deserves it; it is too painful. Will's little talks to the fake people, models, whatever you call them was hilarious but I guess..if you think you're the only person on the planet..you can/will get lonely. Anywho the amount of action in the movie was great, that scene where he was pissed off and went to attack them those freaky people near the bridge, god damnit that was epic. I was on the edge of my seat. AHAHAH. But yes over all this movie was awesome, I'll recommend it to those who like this kind of movie genre.

Anywho this weekend was eventful, did some homework in the late hours of the night and spend most of my Saturday morning reading some more Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, holy shit this stuff is epic. I'm still catching up to the recent chapters but I'm up to chapter 140 right now, ohhhh mann. THIS MANGA IS AMAZING. It's shoujo but I STRONGLY recommend it to anyone who's wanting to look into something or has nothing else to read.
The beginning of the manga dragged and it was boring but then it kept getting better and better that it's amazing. That's a KHR picture up there, with Yamamoto in the bottom left Corner, Chrome in the top left with the trident, Ryohei in the top center, Gokudera in the front with his left arm extended. With Tsuna(Main character) next to him in the bottom center and Lambo who is adorably hidng behind him. Hibari in the top right corner and Reborn in the bottom right.

Yeah, you all seriously neeed to read this manga, pleasse? :D

I've got one week left of school until break. Boowoo, and then finals after coming back from break, that kills. I should probably start on cosplay too. New theme, for it is very very simple, haha. Christmas cards will arrive, I'm afraid late, sorry D:
Also, anyone who still wants to receive a christmas card from me, drop your address in a PM and send it my way~

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