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Monday, December 31, 2007

   CAPSLOCKS~Hey all!
How was everyone's Christmas?! Mine was great, I was at my cousins, had some serious fun and laughs watching everyone dance and celebrate like crazy old people fighting over a game of bingo--except drunk too.

Haha, well I got quite the stuff from Santa this year, check it:
-Bloc Party album- Silent Alarm
-Odin Sphere, wooo!
-Fifty dollar card at iTunes
-Hollister gift card
-Cute pants and jacket
-Chucks, in white, woo they are hot [Chucks are my favorite shoes, I've got like 10 pairs]
-James Dean poster
-My cousin promised to get me a Dark Knight poster from online, don't know more about that though. I'm really excited XP

I'm satisfied enough, haha. Anyway, wow..it's the thirty-first. Which means the freakin' last day of the freakin' year, yo!
I'm not sure what I'll be doing tonight, you can bet I'll be jamming and partying but where? I do not know. Wherever, they better have some sake. Or else I'd break my yearly tradition, ya' know?
What are you all doing tonight?
So uhm, this is where I kinda get emotional and stuff. I've almost been here for three years? Four? I'm not sure but goodness...that amount of friends that I've made thanks to this site is beyond what I ever had in mind. Atleast when I signed up. I hope two thousand eight brings good fortune to you all because seriously, hands down, you deserve it. All of you, you know who you are.

I love you all, but I'm sure you already knew that, if not then..that's fail.
Its one in the morning, I just posted icons in my journal over in LJ, I should find my bed now. See you all in a few hours~

hurrhurr, I need a haircut.

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