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Monday, October 29, 2007

Alejandro pwns.Wow, okay well finally theO's back online. That's good news and other good news is that the comments seem to be working again. I found out what was wrong and so it's fixed now.

Past weekend was pretty eventful, Saturday was deidcated to going to church and saying a final good-bye to Marbelly. It's amazing at the very end when they carry her away, that I burst into tears. We all did, sure I've been funeral many times in the past but this one hit me the most. Atleast, her baby is still alive and we'll make the best of it. Sunday was going out with my siblings and seeing Saw IV and eating Chipotle. Sadly we ate before so watching the grusome movie with a full stomach was horrifying. The movie itself was confusing but a good watch. We decided to see 30 Days of Night next week, even though I'm DYING to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I'll probably bring Alejandro with me, he's my new flame.

Halloween's comin up! What is everyone doing? I'm not sure myself, will probably be a cat(Ristuka from Loveless or something) I don't even know. I do want candy though, and have NO idea who I'm trick or treating with..

EDIT: oh snap, Heroes tonight was epic likeee. Lacking alot but oh man, poor Hiro. You screwed yer self up now kiddo. MONICA AND MAYA = MY LOVES.

Must do a one-shot of Sylar and Maya now..

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