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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   fkjlgjkdgWhy hello there 2008
I woke up at 12PM today, haha oops. My new year's could have been better, exactly at twelve I was sitting in my cousins room, watching MTV...
Not a good way, well to me. We were at my aunts house and then around 12:30 we left for my home because there was another celebration going on. Then it really got good I guess haha, I did have my sake so I kept that tradition :P
We didn't go to bed until four, hahaha. So over all it was great, could have been better but oh well, it was still fun.

Today is my last day of break, I have not done ANY homework at all this break, I feel bad and shall get to it before I go to bed. Doing my school work on time is definitely one of my resolutions this year. Same goes for just doing well, I have never gotten a 4.0 and I am surrounded by friends who have it 24/7 so it gets kinda overwhelming. I'll be shooting for that. The usual: staying fit and lose a couple of pounds because I definitely gained some recently.

I am getting spartan abs, yo.

Hmm I think that's all for my resolutions, others are saving money, limit yet grow in the cosplay department. Which may I add will be doing Jan Valentine from Hellsing in February?! That will be SO much fun, although we're in need of a Luke but oh well, I will be able to give the finger to anyone and just be Jan. :D

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