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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I went to see the Midnight showing of Narnia and man, I POSITIVELY LOVED IT!!! ^__^ YAYNESS TO THE MAX!! There was a very touching part that I just cry my heart out. All you who have seen it, I think you know what part I'm talking about. If you have thought about going to see it, but not sure if it's worth your dollar then I enthusiactically recommend that you do!!

I know there's been some people against it saying that it holds too much religious symbolism in it. But they can just go choke somewhere, turn blue and die!! This movie totally rocks and anyone who says otherwise seriously doesn't know what a good movie actually is.

On other notes, I went to the mall with my big brother and found out Advent Children isn't coming out until March along with the new Zelda game for Playstation II. I could have died right there!! And they had the DVD casing for Advent Children for advertisement along the top shelfs of the store!! OHHHH!! THE TORCTURE!!!I CAN'T STAND IT!!

On a lighter side of things, I got the newest issue of Shojo Beat. ^__^ Better yet my sister agreed to get me a year subscription to it!! They were having a special discount, 60% off regular price!! Can you believe it?! Yes, good old clearance sells. *Light Chuckle* I go for cheap and good quality in things and not for fashion.

Although there was that one hat that I HAD to have...many I hate it when my impulses get the best of me. *Gloom* I think I spent $160 dollars on Christmas shopping this year. Man, but I bought about thirty gifts this year so I guess it's not so bad. ^__^ Wei-Wei!!I can't wait for my buddies to come to back to Bako!! It's been so droll and redundant since they've left and I can't wait to hear of their stories about living outside this what feels like small town.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I am shortening my list of friends. It's hard for me to check on everyone's site or remember exactly who is who unless I know them in person. *Hand Behind Head* Gomen Nasai Mina...Anou...if you haven't updated in a REALLY long time then I am sorry to say I might have deleted you off the list. Please!! Don't be angry!! It's nothing personal. If you still want I can visit your sites once in awhile. It's just my list is starting to get so long!!

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