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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

well what do u think about the bg? theres more to the pic but the comps. are like so small and the pic is this big but heres a link for the full picture ^^ if u wanted to see it that is

today theres a color garud meeting in the park for what i'm not sure but me and 2 of my friends in c.g are going to walk over and its like a mile -_- ugh its like a 30 minute walk *sigh* but i'll have my i-pod which reminds me i need another head set thats if we all want to listen to it....oh well i'll have to call someone snice they are coming to my house ^^ but my one friend i don't know if she's up or not -_- lazy over sleeper.....i tried calling her house but she nor her brother is picking up >.< but i have till 10:30 to worry about that and its only 9:30

I just noticed something XD the video on my site if you have 2 running at the same time and combine the end where he is singing "ahoh" and the begining on the 2nd one it sounds cool ^^ really try it
Do all of u know the song "I'M TOO SEXY" byt M.C Hammer?? well for some reason its stuck in my head *sigh* if you don't know the song
you have the plessure of watching it with FF7 it starts out with Reno and then moves into advent childrenI'm to sexy FF
ya have fun with that
anything else.....nope bt ya u know theres 7 more days till my b-day!! XDand then i'll be 14 XP
~well i'll come back to vist the lovely sites when i get back from the meeting

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Monday, June 19, 2006

HI ^^
You know Theres one thing i hate about summer is the bugs that get in side he house......right now theres a fat fly flying around -_- and i never catch it and whats funny is that my friend you wouldn't think she'd be scared of something but my 2 friends come over and the fly is buzzing around and she starts jumpping back me and my other friend is like o.o its a fly! lmao you had to see her face XD we kept aving to pause the game we were playing so she could have her freak out lol

and the game we were playing was Dugons and dragons...we got to the next leval because we saved the princess....why is it that we always have to save the girl? why can't it be a gut for a change?? -_- but anyway me and the other 2 GIRLS we had to defeat the BOSS well were like almost done killing this butt ugly dragon when were all dead i'm coming back alyssa just died and Jia was in the middle of coming back and well the game ended -_- it took us to long to get him to the piont of almost defeated so we just moved on to another game were Jia named her person spam so we made fun of so me and jia would team up on Alyssa who's person was wereing a all black so we nicked named her black ninja and snice my guy only had his under wear on i was tidy whiteys ^^' well there was a reson for that lol

not sure what i want to do today i think i'll work with my i pod today and call some friends

but first!

have fun with it ^^

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Friday, June 16, 2006

   yay i'm out of school!!!!
well snice its is the first day of summer vacation i'm posting that and i missed you all ^^' well on graduation i would like to say that i didn't fall, but snice i wasn't really trained to highheels right after we walked out and started breaking off into advisorys me and a friend who also had heels on walked around school bare foot XD it was fun but i put them back on when going through a crowd of people to see my parnets but they were like you walk around bare foot at home and walk the dog too so once again i took them off and we walked to the car.... ^^

as you all know i'm saving up for the ps3 snice every good game besides halo everything else is on the ps. well with the summer job and after the tax takeouts it would a thousand something well the rest of the money not for the ps3 was going to an ipod well.........change of plans for my gift for being an A-B student i got an nano ipod XD my god i was so happy i started crying ^^' and on the back it say to sarah with honers ^-^ and snice my cell had to be replace because it can't find any network anymore unless its a locker -_-' and i mean inside it too
so i got a new phone too ^^ i'm so happy

um anything else......i finshed the fruits basket books so now i can read my other books yay my kira is waiting for me XD lol and it also seems that my mom died down on the crazyness of the books though she is still reading them at super fast paste even right now she's reading book 12 and then it'll be book 13 and then she'll be having a fit because 14 not isn't out *sigh*

and something else to add thanks to my dad being a member at B&N he gets rewards so one reward is geting a free frappuccino at the caf`e ^^ ^^ yay i love frappuccinos yummy

ok ok well i should get going to your sites

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

   half day today ^^
Ha i'm home yay lol but tommarrow is graduation!!! which means i have to wear my dress XD i don't waer dresses or skrits so ya......*bites gram cracker* yummy ^^

i did a portiat drawing and my mom dragged me to her work and had me show everyone that and i had too sign some papers for my job *sighs* but people just called my name and oi was like who are u? do i even know you? o0 found out that my mom was just bragging again -_-

and i now have a promblem.....my mom is going crazy on fruits basket. I mean ya i knew she would like it but not this much! o.o yesturday i went in B&N to buy something from starbucks and she runs in and goes your not buying a book! so she took my money and ran to the manga section but i had more money so i got my drink and followed her ^^' good thing they only had6 XD she mit have blown my 100 dollars lol. but then we went to a borders and bought me 8 9 10 11 12 and 13 i was like omg u are going crazy and i have yet to read my other books of angel sanctuary and deathnote but i did gt to read my loveless ^^ but it will be while till i thouch those books *sighs*

and she still calls me stupid cat -__- but now she does it like how yuki did it when kyo told him he wuldn't yell over every little thing so she says it really slowly i think its in the 7th or 6th book *thinks* i thinks its 6th volume ^^'

and when i was leaving Macdonalds >.<*hate that place* with my mom there was a couple people from school which rather not see but antway i still had to get out lol when passing i looked at Marice *he's in my class* and we were just starting at eachother but he looked down and back up but it was wierd it was like he was sizing me up *shivers* but it was really odd i don't remeber anything but that and it was dead quiet but i'm sure it really wasn't
and i just made it a pharagraph. oppies

~ oh yes for one who wanted to know my job is changeing locker combinations at the middle and high school ^^' dumb but hey i'm getting money for it XP

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

   been awhile ^^' I should change my theme soon..
Hi :D
Well not much has happen but i do have news to talk about XD
As u all know are well hope u know..I hae my mom and dad into anime my dad like FMA and my mom likes FMA and inuyasha ^^ well when reading my Fruits Basket volume 5 an idea hit me! *evil look* I told my mom that she would like it and i told her to at least read the fist chapter of the first book at first she kinda didn't want to but now she won't stop!!!! shes already on the 4th book and she only started on wensday night! and we are watching the show to ^^ we are at like 11 i think.
So now she calls me stupid cat -.- and snice damn is consdered a "curse word" i can't say damn mouse/rat so i say stupid mouse *sorry elves Yuki isn't stupid!*

well today i have to go shopping -_- again but its for fathers day and me and my mom will have some fun along the way XD she also likes doing the yuki ballera walk XD lmao so i wonder if that would play in......

sorry for those who don't know about Fruits basket ^^' kinda centered the whole post around it...hehehe but its good so its recomned


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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Ha today was AWSOME! or well the news was XD
the high school was in lock down so us kids in the middle school had to wait till the buses from the high school came to us and my friend's bro said this is what happened
Senior prank day: "gun fight"- some fireworks went off..... "food fight" ketcup and musturd thorwn around in the halls now they one hallway is tottal mess
hehe cool XD lol

some more news is that i found my missing money ^^ ya want to know where it was? it was on my chair XD under a pile of stuff lol i learned my leson but anyway i counted all my saved up lunch money and got to the total of $101.00 dollars at first i was like DAMN!! lmao

I also got a summer job!!! I think its from 7:30 to 3:30 $6 an hour so *does math* thats like 9 hours..... ya so 54 dollars a day XD and $270 for the 5days i work and 4 weeks in an month so $1080 and i work mostly the whole summer XD PS3 is so mine!!!!

lol ok i talked my share
Sites yay

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

ok ok i'm sorry once more i wanted to post friday but the weather caused black outs in the moring and when i came home intenet wouldn't let me on MyO and it just MyO they would let my on, i could go into mtv to listen to music.
i know it sounds like an excuse but its true ^^' please forgive and ones who just signed the gb i will vist! for ones reading this ^^

and yesturday my mom and nana dragged me out shopping -_- my graduation for the middle school is coming up so ya i got a dress which wasn't my idea but i liked it
but i like the ocen flower neacklace ^^ its one smotthed glass flower its cool looking

um ya that toke the whole day cause then we had to find shoes and when we did they didn't have my size and we went to different stores too so snice me and my mom are the same size i got to wear her hot topic shoes XD ha i love them! they're black high heel and has a ankle wrap bow but there nicer sounded if you see them

And i got to go to the book store!!!!!!!! yay and i getting ready to pay and my mom paid and it was like 28.00 dollars too but anyway heres what i got Fruits basket volume 5 *i will catch up to you elves!* FMA volume 1 too many people said it was good and get this Juvenile Orion
ever heard f it? didn't think so but it sounds cool and its heavy! things huge lol its like one manga and a half in it for $9.99 XD

.....i should be off to sites, repliy pms and gbs

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

hi Hi rember me?
Hey sorry i wasn' around much....but i've been abit busy with the color gaurd
Well first today was try outs for color garud and we've been paracticeing for like 2weeks so i hopped i did ok but if i don't make it. then i won't cry over it or anything ^^ but it was fun yeah i messed up a couple times but besides that i think i was ok *deep breath* we don't find out if we made until Monday o.o

and also i have 14 weekends inculed unill the end of school yay we end on the 15th
And 27 more days till my b-day XD see its not as bad has the 5weeks and 28 days i had before *sticks tounge out*
lol not much else :D not a very long post
but u don't care now do ya ^^
off to sites!!

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

   ~Just a day, just an ordinary day, just trying to get by~ vAnEsSa CaRlToN
hi ^^
well busy week o.o *nods head* lol
so to start off in color garud thursday they learned a new move and we also get our flags to pactice with on tuesday so right when we come back from break yay and then the try outs are on that thursday so we get almsot 2 days with a flag to pactice with....*thinks* XD when we bring the flags back to school on the bus i wonder what the other kids would say *evil laugh*

Wll big news o.o no jk but i did see X-men 3 ^^ its awsome and when you see it STAY TILL THE END OF THE CRIEDTS!!!!!!! YOU MUST!!! theres something really important at the end! because it proves that this person diffent die so u must stay got that! ^^ ok then it was an awsome movie i like "angel" that would be the guy with the wings ^^ i felt bad for him when he was younger
But tottally awsome! ^^ *i'm trying not to say anything to spiol it* but i did hate what rouge did

thats all i'm saying

today my friend mite come over but buy 6 this dog trainer is coming over because my dad asked him to help trian my dog Corky ^^ because he barks too much mostly at me too and Sky my bird
doesn't help his a terrier XD small dog big additudes

ok i get off to sites

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

hehehe i had fun yesturday! ^^ my team went on a flied trip! And we went to New York City on city buses to the NBC studios and got a tour and then we went to central park and then walked over to the zoo part and walked around.
On the bus i sat next to a mom and when i asked she said John i was like o.o because he like so wild and funny and she was funny yet clam lol so we talked about things.....
I don't think u all know this show but anyway we were passing a best buy store and theres a poster of Jack from the show 24 and snice my mom watched it i was look mom its Jack! and she looked and then my teacher who sent next too her and and the mother next to me was like You watch that show so then we were all talking about it lol.
And remeber that time i told about the girl who took my jacket? well she must have saw are name on the sign up sheet and put her name down >.<
ya so i told my firend that if was ever near me i would really start something but trying to be nice we were passing the skyline so my friend Alyssa asked nicely for the camera and then she was lik OMG Give me the camera!! omg and when a truck got in her way she would be like MOVE!! like it would do anything *rolls eyes* and then they got it and then i took one and it came out better anyway -_- but then *oh yes theres more* she was like take a pic of me o0 so i did and showed her and she liked it but then i would hear her like ask me to see it again i'm like if u want to see yourself go get a mirror but she kept wanting to see it >.<
if u all knew her u would know that she is rude and self contained.

But i mangaed to have fun and after that me and my friend went to color garud pactice ^^ and she made a tottal fool of herself when making up dances to songs lol it was funny XD

sorry that it is so long I'll be back to read post when i get home form school

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