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Sunday, March 5, 2006

   total vists- 916 total gb signings- 119 and Popularity Ranking - 1253
hehe would ya look at that ^-^ just a couple hundred more and i can get down to a didgt number ;p and work my way up and me going to drag all of u with me like it or not......

Well Naruto was nothing but a small waste of time i knew all of that -_- and u guys knew that too yet i still watched it anyway....

one piece i noticed that 4 kids tv [>.< yuck] has one piece and they had it first so some shows i can see the future in lol......

BoBo- lmao, x.x poor jelly dude everyone knows dogs like yogurt lol

and FMA is sitting in tivo waiting to be watched along with inuyasha man i need catching up -_- its my moms falt she says ok we'll watch them but then she goes off some where -_- so me watching them without her and if she yells at me i'll just say they where on the tivo for a week which is not a lie.......

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

stick with the new or the old? and post at bottom
some u have to wait for them to load

music video code by urbnmix.net & theanimenation.com
final fantasy viii - amv

music video code by urbnmix.net & theanimenation.com
final fantasy vii - advent children (linkin park) - faint - amv

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   i stil got sand in my shoes and can't seem to shake the thought of you.......
yay its saturday!!! goody goody ^-^ well its still pretty early because my damn dog had a barking rage at 6:47 in the morning not that i don't get up then anyway but i hopeing to sleep till 7 -_-
i fanillay finshed my Yuki and Kyo together picture but i have to scan it @.@ basicly nothing speical just some lines that make them look like them lol but what ever.....Well yesturday i was on aol waiting for a friend who never came after he said he would to me it was like he stood me up lol but i'm sure he has his reasons...but still

well thursday in the lunch room acitdenttly i scratched my self i=on my forhead with my nail and it was bleeding and the history theacher was there so now he like telling people he did it so i'm plying along but the scratch is huge and no one belived me until i showed them -_- one friend was like omg u really are bleeding o.o no really i'd make something like that up....clueless
ya well the scratch is the size of my pinky finger and very noticeable


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Thursday, March 2, 2006

   hi ya!
yes i made up my mind ^-^ about the books, snice u can still read them i shall keep and they will go back onto my self once out of intensevive care..... yes so i'll have her pay me the FULL [Ls why would i have her pay half when i bought this books wih my own money? i want my books back!] price of $10.00's and 3 books thats 30 dollars >.< me rich ha [jigglyness ;p hehe, oh yes me still looking for the all rapable pic of Soubi ^-^ love him] ok thats the final deal

i think some of u probley notice that my FF advent childern viedo is gone T.T i had to cut the code out because it messed up the site so maybe i'll get it back later ^-^ it was an instant gb singning lol

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

   Update on books......
snice i have nothing much to say i dicsided to do an update on my mangas which you know got water damaged......ya so i been thinking about it snice they are both in intesive care and can not be released ..... why should i have her buy me new ones?? because its not like i'm going to thorw these out 0.0 i could never do that insted why can't she give me the money and then i can buy 11 and 12 ^-^ or put it to something else like a bleach manga or Fruit Basket??

hey so what do u all think???

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Monday, February 27, 2006

   bla bla!!!! 25 comments = 5 pages hit the dance floor!
^-^ hi ya!! hehe well i found out something! My ANunt and my 2 uncles who live in California are comeing here on the 10th!!!! to see my grandpa because he is sick! T.T but anyway i'm happy because my uncle1 promised me he'd watch Inuyasha with me so i hope he doesn't brake it ya so if u wondering why there is 2 uncles it because my mom's siter and brother moved to Cal. and my anut got married there which i was the flower girl at ^-^ this is all when i was small ;p ya well i got to do my homework and be on sites so i shall be around
i would do sout outs but there was so many comments 25 so i think i'll skip and spend time on sites lol BUT THANK TO ALL WHO COMMENTED!!!!! I LOVE U ALL!!!! [jigglyness don't get any ideas]

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

hello hello....found a place called vertigo! sorry just singing
hey sorry i bet some of u noticed that i up dated but there was no post ^ ^' hehe ya um... there was it just that i tried to do something and that something messed my post up T-T so a quick summery of that post

was that i lent my friend 3,4,5 mangas of Angel Sanctuary and she had them for over a month and so i tell her i want tthem back so she cives me 4and5 WATER DAMAGED!!!!! o.o and i was on a school bus so i kept my tears in ya and then she said i can't find 3 but when i do i'll finsh reading it. X.X so i told her if 3 is worse then 4 and 5 u pay for all of them and buy me new ones.......

T-T um so those books are in intensevive care right now... ok ok not really they are just in between two hard books with a hamper on top that every time i move i hurt myself

ok must to sites

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

   first off i'm sorry i was out the whole week! well i could sya this was the worst week every but there where some ups ^-^

ok so *what was it??* i think wednsday? it could be thursday ya well anyway i think i told u i lent books 3,4,5 of Angel Sanctuary to my friend when we walk down the street people ask if we are sisters which we are not......but anyway she had the books for like over 2 months [and we all no how long it takes to read just 1 manga] well i started getting angery so i inforced the my law and told her i want my books back well she gave me 3 and 4...... THEY WERE COMPLETELY WATER DAMAGED!!!!! if i wasn't on the school bus i would be crying my eyes out!!! because this are my favorite mangas and number 4 was my favorite book and now they are water damaged *and my eyes are watery* but u should have seen them well they are in my room in between to hard boks under a hamper filled with clothes that i hurt myself every time i move it and she lost number 3 and shes like when i find 3 i'll finsh reading it and srats laughing and like before if i wasn't on the bus she'd have a black and blue eye!

well it was like amozon knew i had a hard day because i got home hidden by my dad was LOVELESS volume 1 ^-^ yay so i finshed that and started wacthing the shows very good yet i'm missing episode 2...

and in 2 weeks well now its 13 days my Aunt, Uncle, and my other Uncle are coming from Californa to see us well more of my grandpa becuase he has some cancer i'm not sure all i know is that i wrote a good poem about it and my teacher loved it

ok off to sites and my dad say we will be going out where? i don't know but it is somewhere besides here

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

   21 till that holiday
....Well the saturday shows were great don't u agree? ^-^ well lets see i have tons of extra cookies so take as much as u want guys ^-^ .....not much more
in fma u see ed's hair in the begining? haha big puff!

see nice big puff ball haha

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

22 till that holiday
wow a late post ha..Well it is SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!1 thorws confetti ^-^ new shows *o* ^-^
lets hope we get the Inuyasha show!!! if not i am so going to do something!! today me and my friend were singing random songs from the computer hhe it was fun plus we doing a talnet show in the summer with the Song PARTY FOR TWO together ^-^ so we tring to get the song down in your minds and that is it for now o.O

well lets see COOKIES!! right
puts tray of cookies and reads of her list of people

~hazel key1985- 2 Chocolate chips
~bleach767- 2 cookies for u two
~Animefire03- 2cokies for u too
~chibim- well just have another
~metal - inuyasha- ...cookie for coming!
~ElvesAteMyRamen- 2 cookies for u, and lucky u not much of a fight for the outfit was it ^-^

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