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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

   i'm addictied to my ddr .........again
i'm glad u like the bg ^-^

well has u know i played ddr yesturday and shockingly i can walk today o.o i'm just going to have to dance more still i can't ^.~ i think i burned over 1000 calories lol wow

today my mom took the day off and she wants to go to Khoels -_- for u guessed it clothes. huh well i got like $45 dollars for there so i guess i'll use snice i hardly shop there and they are having a sale T.T so i have to buy more just get the dumb gift cards out of my house >.< *falls to the ground*

well on a better note we rented 3 movies yesturday to watch today
brokeback mountian
memoirs of a geisha
and rent
well we watched the moutian one at night. Its a good movie but i won't tell everyone to go out and watch it there was like 4 sex scenes ^^'

ummm i'm going to go now

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   LS i will find a way around that fire robe u have!!
i know most of u can't see him expect those with a larger computer screen but Ritsuka is standing on the right this is for the black and white bg *for the ones that came after*^^' lol
well it deffently not the finail bg but it is going to be a loveless theme ^^ yay and kagomealice2 yes its that loveless.

lets see not much else to talk about -_- but thank to those who gave me words yesturday!

lets see plans for today is just to dance with my ddr. YaY ddr ^.~ and watch anime and look for a bg and of curse vist and comment
tada a perfect day plan...........

~sya sorry no shout outs

hi again its later in the day
and my feet hurt T.T to much danceing ^.~ i'll just have t dance later
ok reason why i'm here again
u like?? ^-^ can u see everything??
ok snice no is on i'm going to watch some shows i loaded so lets see i got
Loveless episode 12
Blood+ 3
Saiyuki reloaded 1 yay
i think my foot went numb o.0 lol
ok bye chan ^^

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Monday, April 10, 2006

   YAY i got my spring break ^.~ and the card was for everyone!!
yay i'm off this whole week! ;p now i laugh evily to lol snice you guys did that to THey know who they are....
well everyone like picked totally different things yesturday lol but FMA still won with 3votes so snice i'm the owner we'll shall name the dragon Roy j.r ^.^
You guys pick the middle name i'm going to combine all the ideas i get so even if you put bla down as a name i'm taking so give me a word!! yes now

My dad was home *love my daddy* went to the mall and we went to the hot topic and making fun of things lol i told him when his hair grew i'm going to braid like ed from fma and so he's growing his hair for me and its annoying everyone ^^
anyway i went to fye with a giftcard that i had snice my b-day of last year or was it christmas? hmm oh well i got the new pink cd
some of the songs are so differnet then u'd expect from pink but its so cool.

I think i'll change my theme....but to what? owell i got the whole day to think maybe i'll do blood+ or loveless o0 ...

.....well make sure you give me a word its for Roy jr!!! you wouldn't want to be on fire would u? lol jk

shout outs snice i'm so bored
jujitsuhoney- lol well as long has u get work in then u can sleep soundless lol well i hate all nighters

Magnus Lensherr- its for everyone, hehe ya kids need the 8hours of sleep ^^

Mistress Kikyo- no matter how tried i could be i never fall asleep in class but its funny watching others do it though lol

DeViL InSiDe- yes it is ^^

samurai kitty- *hug* your welcome

ElvesAteMyRamen- ya but its not a promblem anymore ^^ if i didn't hand in those 2 things then my teacher would have killed me x.x lol but she looked like she wanted to hug me
ok u have fun with that poll

BlAiZeD- i'll try looking for it

AngelBlaze- yes it is if u ever want to watch it, its on you tube waiting for u but im waring u cause u'll like it

Chocobo Knight- welcome ^^ lol i hate cliffhangers..shhh i don't put down that its manga, besides its still a book lol they'll never know ^.~ lol
aw well your a friend so its made for every friend ^^ i'm not that popular trust me i'm not lol my pop ranking is still 1036

whitecat- yes murder! they need to be arrested! but i think u can do that...

rockinwithkiss- yay to sleepping hehe

JuicyJuice- welcome glad u like the card ^^ and thanks for taking the poll

AnimeFire03- 2in the moring? oo lol that happened to my mom once x.x put it smiple don't fall asleep lol um ya yay u'll read it *claps* it think your the only one who payed attion to that question lol

moonlessdaemon- yay wolfs rain to bad it didn't win >.<


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Sunday, April 9, 2006

   its so yesturday this is abit long ^^'
i feel so much better today ^^ a new da for a new additude! yay! lol just thought i tell you guys some more.....i also watched some Bleach yesturday and got up to episode 76 >.< can't find 77 grr... so i'm hangging on a clif!! truly the world was out to get me yesturday! lol ohwell
lets see oh yes i also finshed book 2 to my story for english! i staied up till 12:00 at night typing the thing to get it in with my brag book on time and not get a big fat zero on my report card x.x i could have died the next day i was so tried lol
anyone here want to read it?? lol or i can skip to the more intenese moment like when neko and korikend were fight torritenshi!!! *evil smile* but anycase

we need a name for my dragon and all of you couldn't think of anything!! u lame nah just joking ^^' i couldn't think of one ethier so who am i to talk......lets see i'll get the poll ready

YAY tada

oh and here its a card ^ ^ i made it because u all made me feel so muh better yesturday and u made me laugh too like with LS and his wood chipper lmao thank u to all of even ones who were here yesturday ^ ^

U guys are the best

shouts outs yay
jujitsuhoney-*hug* hehe thank u

Sakura 01- ok ok my bad thought he was 6th lol but your right its that white hair dude *hug* yes power to the dragons

Kilwoon- yes thank u so much for the offer ^^ i'll make sure to use it someday, and your right about the friend saying sorry because it proves they are a good friend to come back

somegirl- lol go somegirl!!! um i wasn't going to ask lol *hug* yes evil jerks they are

Myui- *hug* love of kitties ^^ cute good over shadows jerks your right

jigglyness-*hug* yupe no life at all lol to hell he goes...shes just annoying too >.< because she always say that now i see why its baecause she has no life
and your right *wow jk* i do still have u guys and you guys always have me to make things better thank u

BlAiZeD- no way I am going to say sorry to them! lol but your right

chibim- *hugs* aw your the best ^^ people seem to get meaner every day why is that..... glad u staied and listened *hug*

samurai kitty- *hug* yes thank u

lordsesshomaru- woodchipper? u have a woodchipper? lol if u want u can start with the girl first! hehehe lol your right *like always* they wouldn't do things like that soo what kind of friend ship was that? they changed and i'm not going with them ecause some things they said were to mean

ok guys enjoy the card i'm of to sites

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

hi guys i'm a bit sad right now
and this place makes me happy because all the wonderfull friends i have here that make me feel better.

well i was on aol talking to my friends
well one named ken who somegirl called sasuke gay so u can attack him if u want. kept showing me dead animals and i said stop and he said but he loves u and i told him to shut up about it and he didn't

and at the same time my other friend emily who also damaged my books was annoying everytime i say something she'd put omg and i'll ask why
and she'll just put omg
so i put down lol
over and over to make her feel what i felt and told me to shut up and i said see u don't like it ehtir do u? and she said to shut up so i said *kinda losing it* to shut up u f bitch and ignored both of them

and i feel so hurt right now because they don't act like that and i was talking to emily on the phone earlyer too and i feel like crying
*puts head down* i need a hug T.T i'm so sorry to tell u guys this but i just need it off my shoulder
i'm off to sites now
your vocie will make me happier i'm sure

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

   above my video**** Looky i got an dragon!! yay
lol i got a dargon he is so cool ^.^ lol poor sessylover18 got a a rat or well she got yuki! lol aren't u jelous elvas?? hehe...

well i came to see the egg lol now we need to give him a name.....
how about we name him after someone in a anime
i'll do a poll tommorow but u guys can start thinking of names

oh i found out who sings the song in the profile
it was funny cause i just picked the two most repeated words and that was the song tittle! so i really didn't have to look that much
well its called Gravity of Love by Enigma.
so if anyone cares...

today i have to go to the dentist >.< and my nana is taking me too. But i need to go to AC mores for brag book suplies so i have something to look foward to when getting out of the dentist
What i hate is that they are picking at my gum and go oh it seems to be bleeding its like NO I WONDER WHY!!! I BET IT WON'T IF U STOPPED PICKING AT IT!! >.< and that mouth wash is horriable i mean i rather shallow a whole gallon of listerin then that stuff just thinking about it makes me sick

shout outs!!!

blaized- ha this goes to prove that the egg an't dead. yesw music saved me from bordum lol

midnight shadow every time i see your icon i'm like whats wrong and don't cry lol forgetting its an icon...lol oh ya that was cool. i liked it when june kicked him out because he cleaned the house hehe that was funny

kagomealice2 thank u for saying i'm not crazy!! your the only one lol

lordsesshomaru i really think your in the wrong job. U should be the next dr.phil *don't get me wrong i hate him too* but u have good advice lol or u can stay in the art department with you really funny odd boss *thinks of the coffe mug being empty* lol i like him hes funny ^ ^'

jigglyness >.< ew homework lol i'm runny late with my homework its a nightmare i still have that pic for u to bad its down stairs on the laptop

whitecat lol well it did hacth lol and i got a dragon so yay to that

kitabug69 well i guess so late hacther lol yes the movie is funny ^ ^

rockinwithkiss lol the supense is a killer! lol but it should hacthed by now

Kilwoon neopets has this thing where yhey have eggs and u don't know whats in them and u put them on your site and they hacth and thats basicly the whole msytery egg

jujitsuhoney yay johnny depp

ElvesAteMyRamen those trickes were so cool
Madonna is good its just that she gives a bad picture sometimes

Night shade2 in deed it did

Myui slides off the table?? that would be odd to see a square egg just slide off a flat table unless it has a sate board under it then it would roll off just like the round egg

jetpuff ok then

Magnus Lensherr o.o well now we know why it was breatheing fire!!! its because u put it on fire!!! lol jk lol well youll like it

usssop well i do like her and i'm your friend so that means i'm suppossed to comment!

ok i should work on my english

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

   stares at egg...............
yesturday was fun in the moring
lol snice 7th grade was testing we had to stay in the gym but the teacher weren't that organized so my team was like were do we go??? we ended up in the cafe lol and it was only my team so i knew everyone well were i was sitting we were listining to music and everyone was fighting over my cd player and na na's too lol and when i pulled out madonna people were like this is madonna? o.o that was funny

when i got home my mom was listening to a sound track and i was like too what and she said to Benny & June
i never saw it and when i said that both my dad and mom were all wided eyed and said i never saw it ! so she went downstairs and got he dvd and we watched it
lmao i recomd it to all of u and plus jhonny deep is in ti too
it is so funny! and cute at the same time lol
its about this girl named june and she has a mental promblem and her brother named benny and they have some promblem and then this guy named will comes into thier lives and June falls in love, but something happens and shes in a hospital
but altoghter its funny
like when will was swinging in front of the window lol and fell and i think he broke his foot but he was just like oouch ouch

ok not much left to talk about

has anyone seen my egg? cause when i cheacked it, it was till an egg and today is the 5th right i'm not crazy?

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

   yay we start school late for treonova testing
hi guys! sorry for me not being here in a while but i had fun this weekend...

well the day with my nana was ok lol i brought her into hot topic and she was all so quite lol she looked like she was going to die so i saved her and left...oh ya and my hot topic moved of the down stairs to upstairs so now its all big and i don't know where anything is lol but it used to be in a tiny room and you couldn't move lol so its kinda good..well i didn't get much which is good!! yes i'm glade i didn't get much lol but i did get fruits basket volume 4 lol thats funny lol...and when we were in a store it was all happy kind in the middle of it she turns around and says do you like anything girly? thats what my nana said flat out lol ^^'

well on sunday my dad and his friend paul and donna and me all went to this staduim and in the parking lot wthey set up a 5mile trak of twist and turns with those orange plastic cones and so my dad and donna raced the clock and my dad was the first ever pt cruiser and plus its yellow so every one was talking to him his fastest speed was 59 seconds
i got some pics but my dad has them some where on the computer and i don't know where -_- but i'll have to ask so i can show people at school and some to u guys! yay lol and i got sun burn too but i just put a wet rag on and it seemed to dim from a red to a plae pink

and time seems to be going so slow lol i have to get to my bus stop at 9:40 because 7th grade is testing today and up till thrusday

oh and i don't know if i said this but the anime Bleach will be coming on Adult swim in the fall in english so those intersted can watch lol but i still recamend the jap version before the english but u can always read the manga first too lol

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

   hi.....April Fools day
i'm not sure what my day plan is so i'm not sure if i can vist or not but i'm going to try
today my mom called my nana to take me shopping
-__- its not that i hate shopping i just hate doing it with other people like my nana who used to work at JCpennys so she knows every thing on clothing

yesturday i had my friend come over so i can download some of her cds into my computer soo she gave me the black eyed peas, kelly clarkson, hilary duff (why?) she said i had to have the complete set because i donwloaded the othe one because of a song i liked o0. um.....and soul asylum

and just now at 7:10 in the moring one of soul asylum's songs is on!!! its rain away train i think thats kinda odd lol never heard them on radio then once i get the cd copy they just happen to appear o.o lol

todays april fools day...and best thing is i'm not at school so no one can trick me and i can't trick them ^.~ they got out lucky lol

lets see not much else... and have still have three prijects to doo that are do monday but pretty smiple.....
well i should get dressed

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

i went on you tube and after awhile i finally got the video well someguy's version to my song
rember this isn't the orignal but a remake ^-^ but it is pretty good

sorry for the ones who can't watch it ^ ^'

its the song i like lol

anyway moving on
my mom has heard something thought the grape vine about a summer program were u go to a summer camp and be a intuctor kinda and u get paid well theres not that much to do in summer so i said yes thing is doesn't have the info *hits head* so i'm not sure if this interferes with visting and don't know if they do this on the weekends or not but i doubt that they will because church and stuff like that but i'm in it for the money lol it will push me along in my ps3 savings ^.~
i'll have to get some info about and put it up here and anyone in N.J wants to cheack it out they can and maybe it EAMR soul mate meeting lol
[i'm joking evis joking]
ya so....

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