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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

hi all
well my dad got a new game yesturday based on pearl harbor Medal of honer the raising sun lol i know it from the other one i have which is frontline based on D-day lol i was playing it and i wanted to scream things but didn't because my dad was there ^ ^' lol
ya so i'm going to play it more today if i can

i don't have much to talk about just figured i post

has anyone heard the band called COLDPLAY i know u did but my new favorite song is Scientist ^.^ i love that song....i found it cleaning out my lap top it was in a Fanial Fanasty amv that i had and i fell in love with the song and amv lol

a little update on me scores here

Total Visits 1060
Popularity Ranking # 1108
126 guestbook signings

thats pretty good ^.~

well i'm off to school or well really off to my friend's house then bus stop then the bus and then into the school grounds and then in the school soo i better get going

i'll see all after school

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

birds are singing for spring and yes i changed the video for those who are watching it or hear it
yay i passed! thanks for wishing me luck even if you were late lol its ok the thought that counts right? ^ ^

Well my dad is getting ready to go to work and once he is out i got the house all to myself!!!! *evil laugh* but he said something about no one coming over but didn't say anything on that i couldn't go somewhere...so we will wait to see how it plays out......

i took my dog out just to him in his pen outside to something. well the birds were singing and it sounded so pretty...and it wasn't like i was trying to sleep so i enjoyed the sounds

friday in english we read cinderella the oringal one not the one the disney made....borther Grimm
well anyway o.o gorusum! lol u know how the sisters needed to fit the shoe [which was gold and not glass btw] she was like cut off your toe for when your queen u won't need to walk anymore and so she did and the other girl the mother said cut off a bit of that heel and she did finally the prince finds cinderella with both her feet intacked...lol its funny cause they cut themselves for no reson now

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Friday, March 24, 2006

   i can see clearly now
well i would like to tell u i can still see clearly and the sun did not hurt me YAY
and besides that in first block today we have to say some tounge tiwster out loud and we will get points well its basicly the SI units of measurment and i got it down pat!!! i just hope i don't forget like the preamble and then had a nervous break down so this time i want to strong and do it frist! wish me luck i'll need it to fight those tears if i fail which i won't
i would do shout outs but gtg to school x.x lol

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

   look at the egg
some of u have notice an egg above the post ^-^ well it will be a new friend here that will post and whatnot when i'm out and say things
lol yay
well when it hacthes i'll make a surravy of names and we'll name him her it from there ;p

ok so not much happened but during history micheal was laughing and the help was like stop laughing at lound and the whole class spelled out L-O-L (lol) lmao it was funny ^ ^ guess u had to be there

well still on visting so i'll see ya later ^.~ oh and now i must burn my eyes drawing the sun again for snience

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

hi ya i'm sure some of u notice that my video is up and running well when it feels like playing lol nd i made a movie its prettty cool i love the song but doubt any of u know the band but i want to sumbit it to you tube but forgot how seeing that this is my fris sumbiting video so if u can help i'll be very happy ^ ^

on monday in math we are working on charts and stuff like that...so our teacher told us that we had to make a suvay for something of our choice with 4 or 5 choices, alot of people did music i did whats your fav. fanasty creature
and the choices were dargon, vampire, unicorn, zombie and werewolf omg and we had to get like 50 people too that was the killer part lol but i manage it in a day while mt friend still need people ^.~ Dragon is the leader with 22 out of 50 votes and i haven't done the other one so i'm not sure whos next
now u guys get to do it!! yay lol

gtg bye guys i'm going be back after school see u then

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

lol i'm glade some of u like the card
though i feel bd cause no one else made any and my poor crd is all alone

i started watching wolfs rain but i think some shows are missing or got cut off cause it seemed to being jumping around a bit like *can't spell his name* Tusume[sp??] was hurt and then was being attacked by a robot thing....Kiba came to help and we ended there next episode we are on a train and the 4 wolves are running along side it? so i missed something lol

yesturday my 3 friends came over and my dad vsed them to hallo so i watched snice they hate it when i play snice i kill them all the time lol then i get bored killing them all and leave
ya so it was fun watching them

maybe later i'll take a pic of my person on halo who kicks ass in pink
lol my person's name is Rodger Lonely but rodger is not like the first name its more like saying "Rodger that sir" so fear the pink

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Friday, March 17, 2006

luck of the Irish ;p
yesturday i got to see the FMA movie! ha it is so awsome and Roy was hot and when u first saw him it was like NOO!!!! and then when he comes back it was the best part yet and i'm talking about it any more becuase i'll jst say the whole movie.
Anyway i made a card which u can get at the end snice some pms still not working but i'll still be commenting the url so get it here or later
And i found a dollar in the lunch room and a quater on the way home ;p it will be go in to my savings to get the PS3 !!! ha i so need it lol

here is the url

heres the card

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i had fun this past days
and well i really don't have anything to say
and i'm listing to this Irish band called Flogging Molly they are pretty cool
and that reminds me i have to make a card for my holiday
this has to be the shortest post ever lol
off to sites

so here to those who can watch


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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hi this is Sasuke yes i work with that dumb head naruto but Sarah told me to post this so i'm posting -_-' what a loser
She said she made a wallpaper and told u guys to look at it if it uploaded it said it toke like 24 hours and she only sent it in yesturday well she right now is with her aunt mom dad uncle and other uncle eating and feels horable that she can't vist sites and won't be here for a while

well i must go fight lee

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

   omg me so bored with no homework x ,x going to die
lol well i talked to my friend the one who was missing on aol....and remeber we don't live in the same time zone being thats he is in Texas and me in N.J well i think i messed up the time thing when he told me to be on he said it in my time so i changed into my time not knowing it was already in my time [that sounded so confusing]

well my 2 of my friends went sking last week and when they came back they both tore something my 1 friend has an arm cast and the other tore something in her leg something called legiment of tengemet o.0 some really long word i don't know but anyway snice she can't really walk she gets to drive to school so she picks up us at the bus stop and we get to sit in the school in the vest grove and have fun till they let the kids in.....AND the bouns is that theres fish in there 4 little fish in this pond thing so we named them lol and torture ants that we find *evil laugh* but the fish don't eat them -_- darn it but the ants do drown unless they climb back onto the raft which one did not so i gave up after 20 times of trying lol so evil


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