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Saturday, May 20, 2006

   hi ya
well its finally saturday!!! yay! ^^ lets see
well this week in gym class we had a chocie of climbing ropes and other things well i tried to climb them i really didn't get far but then again i didn't fall off them like some of my friends but my arms hurt >.< ouchy and i got cuts on ankles from the ropes -_- those hurts too.

And i tried out for color garud ^^ those are the girls with the flags that go with the bandya its so cool but i have to pratice so when tryouts come i have a good chance of getting in but i don't have a flag so i'm broom garud ^^' lol
But anyway yesturday it was my moms bday ^^ and so we went out to the movies and so the Davinchi code it was good maybe not one to see at the teathers but a good one to watch at home yes ^^ i liked it though i only got 10 pages into the book ^^' hehe ya.... it was cool i liked the ending.
But i loved it when this gut jumps out of no where and he was supposed to be bound in the car but when he jumpped on the other guy the whole teather screamed! XD ha it was so funny for me

i think my grandparnets are coming over tommorow because its my moms bday yesturday so they are coming down to celabrate it with ice cream cake ^^ yummy
ya so yesturday walking home it was raining so what me and my friend always do is jump over the puddles....but i wanted to jump in puddles so i jumped in the puddle and my friend was like Ha look at my pants they aren't wet! so i pushed her into the puddle and we started kicking water on eachother and so got out and tried to spit at me and emily so i start chasing her to her house which is right across the street and i grabbed her back pack and she dropped it and run into her house so i took her backpack home with me XD lol i still have it too and it even has homework in it so she'll have to come get it sometime but today she is having a party for her dad and cousin whos bdays were this week too so ya i'm holding it randsom XD lol she'll probaly come soon unless i give it back.....

i'm working on a wallpaper for Love Hina not sure how i want it yet i just know i need to cut some of the pictures and bla bla ^^' ya so i will load it when its done ^^ it would be my first wallpaper :D goodie

*looks around* i wonder were my doggy went *calls name* <.< >.> ok whatever proably sleeping with my lound music playing XD lol u can hear it outside too ^^'
with reminds me i need to change the cd this is like the second time i heard this song

ok me off

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yay me so happy!
ha i'm so happy now
u wnat to know why because Angel is alive!! yay!
He planned on killing himself. But he didn't. So i'm so happy!!!
^^ right Angel? love ya

I was bored or not really bored. XD i have to start my science homework which i'm working with Jon because he's my lab partener.....i don't think he started *shighs* ohwell i'm doinf the notes so he can make up quesions a least ^^

so... Oh we are reading The Bully in reading class i know some of you didn't hear of it but i finshed it today and it was really good like the part Darrell the main person took down the Bully it was one of those moments when u smile and your so close to the book to notice XD lol its cool its part of the Bluford series........

ya lets see...wow alot of people uploaded today x.x wow.....

My friend came over and played kingdom hearts yesturday i'm not sure if she passed it yet but she is at the part where she's on th island and has to fight her shadow the thing is that she can defeat the shadow she just can't defeat Handsome who comes after the shadow, and she's all raged after dieing when he kills her. I'm afird she's going to break my tv. XD the way she swings the remote around is kinda scary
*nods head*
ok i am off ^^

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

   bite my lip and close my eyes take me paridise! ~longview~Greenday
hi hi
Well i was bored well its more like trying to get away from homework thats sitting in my bachpack *evil gare toward backpack* and had nothing elese so HI!!!!!
lol jk
I know i'm late on this being that mother's day was sunday but i did friend mothers on this site so I hoped you guys had a good mothers day ^^

Well this week my teacher in sceince discided to have the kids teach the class for a grade x.x each group picks a section...well u picked out of a hat with your names on ti and because i was the last person to pick i didn't have to pick but the person i got was the person who sits next to me and doesn't talk to me!!!!! 0.0 how can i work with him!!!! lol but he's so cute!!
he has long hair that covers his eyes and is so sk8er HA!!! he so cool! XD and he's name is Jon though last year i did talk to him and he kinda talked to me but not much.....now he's like when paraed up with Patrick they are so funny and get into troble so much.....
So when he works with i'm going to tell him to treat me like he knew me as a friend because he don't talk the project would end up being all my ideas! X[
so ya
so the guys here u can me some pionters on getting him to at least look at me in the eye and not stay quiet??? Can ya? I dare ya?
lol sorry got into a moment XD
Ok i shall do homework an go to sites at the same time ^^ though my hmwk is only one thing and if i start now i would have been done *faints*

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

   ~I'm watching a dream I'll never wake up from~
Hi ^^
its saturday!! YAY!!
So do you all like the new BG???? i got bored last night so i redid the site. I even got a new video too ^^ its the one i put in my post but it got cut off >.< but now you can watch the full one in the profile :D yay
And its thanks to EvilMonkey!!!! So ya no credits to me...ok

And i made the avatar too ^^ i don't know if all of you can read what it says so to save you from the trouble it says: If you had the power to make a difference why not put it to good use?

Today me and my friends are going to work on a skit for english. Ya so i'm going to my friend's house and we'll start there once everyone else gets there. But she never told us the time so i'm going to have to call her today like at 11 so i know the time
Oh ya i was talking to my friend kenneth on aol yesturday and he was writing a letter to Cartoon Network becuase studys show that most people who watch Naruto are from the ages of 13-25 so high school and collage+ so he was telling them that it should be swiched to adult swim so he can't get more bloody goodness *sighs* ya i had to tpye it up for him snice when he wrote it it wouldn't send
but i fixed the promblem he was like your my angel lol ^\\^' but he wanted me to tell you guys to write to Adult swim like he did for naruto to be swiched so power in numbers.....not saying you have too because i didn't i like the early time because it means i don't stay up too late and i'm not stuck doing nothing because the shows i don't watch are on.

its so early -_- i'm hugry
i shall go make breakfast.....to bad i hate the raman for dinner last night XD if i didn't i could have raman breakfast yummy! lol
~ya ok

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Friday, May 12, 2006

   YES i'm back!!! lol
Hey guys sorry i wasn't here for a while i really don't have an excuse -_-
but i'm back ^^ and i guess i'll give a summery of the past few days :D

went on a bike ride. It was a funrasier for 9/11 or ground zero so there was tons and tons of fellow bikers there and we started out and the ploice closed down all the rodes XD so if ya was stuck in traffic it was probaly because of that lol so it was so cool no cars just bikes on the rode leading in to new york we waved to alot of people and they had a bbq too XD yummy!

ok so....
Well yesturday was a half day so my friend came over with her PS2 and brought Kingdom hearts 1 yes it wasn't 2 it was 1 ok lol it was fun we got out of the whale and turned into little animals under the sea :D we made funny of goffy and sorra's girl voice and how he acted gay every time he called for Riku...lol ya we got up to the part were Ursala[sp?] well u know the evil lady in little mermaid....any who we got to the part were ms.evil talked to airel in that movie thing[sp?] XD it was fun and then she talked about her brother because the game would kep stopping because of all the marks and nicks on the disc
she said shes going to bring it again saturday or today
Ha and since it was a half day we had lunch but she got full on her nachos so she let her ramen with me XD HAHA!! i got free ramen!!! XP
now its like do u add the flavoring before or after its on the plate?? lol
well gtg to school
and i'll be back for the visting and plus i have to cheack my new gb sings and the private message that is if its not an old one -_-

my friend is now up to the part were she fights sorra's shadow...again...

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

   hi all ^^
sorry i wasn't here yesturday -_- my parnets dragged me out again ^^' hehe

Well anyway its getting closer to my birthday :D 54 days so thats about 7 weeks and 5 days or u can say it 1month and 3weeks and 5 days lol yay and i have no idea what to do lol and my parnets are like well start thinking and my mom's bugging me on a list -_- you would think for the many years the family knew me that they would know what i like ^^' but w/e i'll have to make a list for them

and loveless vol.2 comes out on June 6th i think not sure but that was the date i heard ^^ yay to bad i wacthed the show -_- now i know the plot and story but mangas are always better but still *hits head* the show is based on thye manga
oh well

oh ya some of u wondered about the story i talked about the one with the boy version of cinderella ^^ um ya i'll say this again EMAIL if u want to know more or you want the story just reameber to tell me who u are so i know who i'm talkings too my email is found up there in my menu or here its Friendship628@aol.com ^^' i need a new email address lol but there u go so if ya want it don't pm me do not!!! ok email me ok ^^

off to the battle grounds of school *grabs a sword* hehe i'm ready

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

   >>>>>>>>>>student of the month
ya well the tittle doesn't lie
i'm May's student of the month......i heard my name over the lound speaker o0
well they took pictures of us and talked to us and by us i mean all the kids on the differnet teams so there was 7X 7W 8R 8b(me)vest 7L and theres 9 teams i just don't remeber but they put out treats and gave us jucie but it was funny cause no one thouched the cakes they just all drank thier jucies me too lol but they princepal wouldn't stop asking questions! things like hobbies sprots things to change... and everyone was looking so dead lol and she was talking about a party at the end of the year with all the students *yippe not -_-* but my friend was once student of the month back in Spetmber so i know i'll at least have someone to talk too
but i was proud of myself ^^

ohya and tody we had the fire drill alarm go off and the teacher was like o0 so it was a clue that it wasn't planed but we stod out side for ever and u could hear alarms from the fire trucks but patrick the one that says for realzies was going on about his lucky hat was in there and if the fire burned it he would sew them lol and then another kid was like oh my umbrella is in there o0 lol but i went up to were my to other friends were and one was complaining on how cold it was so i toke of my sweater and she was like i was joking! so i tied on my waist then this girl i know because she tagged along with me everywhere i went on school ground started pulling it off 00 i was like WHOA!!!! she didn't even ask and i'm looking at her and she still puts it on!!!!! and my 2 friends are like o0 and i'm over here feeling wierd because it was a pice of clothing on my body that she stripped off!! i felt so dirty my god if she asked i would have gave it to her but to just strip off of my waist o.o i worry for her she going to do that in the high school and get jumpped ^^' but she kinda scared me but i did manage to get my jacket back

ok ok enough said i'm off to sites and hmwk at the same time ^.~ lol

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Monday, May 1, 2006

once more hello
the house is to myself this moring ^^ to bad i have to go to school -_- grrr
Well i had fun yesturday at my anuts ^^ and Jango the dog wouldn't stop licking my face >.< i was sitting on the steps and he would just come over and lick my face with his big slobber tounge lol and he is a big dog o.o i couldn't get away from his love lol and then i got home and my dog got jeluos -_- ya he licked my face too
my dad thought it was funny, while i just got annoied about it ^^'

My friend sent me this story and at first i couldn't get in a moment but now i can't stop lol and its so good and i feel bad for the guy in it yes its basicly and cinderella story but instead of a girl its a boy and its for older people and not the younger set its so good ^^
and its like 35 pages long @.@ i kept on my aol so u can email if u want it or whatever

lol ok i should start getting ready for school

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

i had fun! did u?
hi guys ^^ i had fun yesturday! we spent the whole day on the bike and we stopped a halmark because the one by our house closed so he made the trip there and the lady who worked there used to work at the older one so we talked ^^ and she gave me the object i was buying for free ^^ it made my day better
And today i', going top my anut's on the bike YAY ^^ i get to play with thier dog Jango lol he is so funy because he's afrid of the cat the house ^^'

and after we came home my friend came over and my dad was hiding out side and so he jumpped out from behind a bush and it scared her death lmao it was so funny! So she made him go aganist her in mortal kombat XD he still kicked her butt and they played forever and i just watched lol but we need to get a cheat code to unlock the other peope like vampire girl XD lol

oh ya remeber the video i told u guys about it was FF and it had the song scientist by coldplay and some of u didn't know it so here ya go for the one who can watch it enjoy for the ones who can't i 'm so sorry T^T

enjoy!! ya and sorry that its not the whole thing >.< but i'm trying to get it into you tube so u can see the end because the end was good!

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

   ....bored? ya me too -_-
hi ^^
yesturday when i finshed visting i helpped my mom seperate the pennies from the nickels dimes and quaters because my huge bottle we put change in was full
x.x my god there was so many i thought i was going die lol o.o i could have like $30 of pennies in the bag now lol my dad and me will go cash it to the bank and get money and i'll of course will take some snice it is mine but the rest will go into the lunchbow for emergency and stuff like that ^^

another thing is that my dad will be taking the motorcycle out and we'll go for a ride ^^ and his looking at helmets for me snice the one i have is old and the foam is flaking off into my hair >.< lol but it will be funny ^^ i love summer and spring weather yay ^^

ya yesturday i was talking to my friend and just started saying cooly coolo lol well now i like it cause i keep saying it so now its going to be my fav saying now ^^ going to annoy my mom and dad with it :D

well nothing much now.....well i'll be off to sites ha XD

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