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Sunday, February 24, 2008

everything is changing lol the pages look different xD
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Friday, November 23, 2007

haha lol wow really scary worst day of the year i think :] stay inside don't go out!!! there crazy people is this world and the US has all of them o.o

yes well been a couple monthes now lol but don't think i don't come on!! thats not true! i come on at random points and just don't post anything lol
I've been busy with halo3 xD halo!!!!! i've been going online alot i met a british guy and how he's my friend on myspace :3 oh and for those who have one here my url: www.myspace.com/kisskissbangbang628

tada! hook me up but send a message telling me who you are first lol

anyways nothing really happened here i haven't finshed and games that i've been playing i thinks its impossable for me to lol but yeah... i should work on that before the holidays come so its not a over flow of games to start when i haven't finished lol
ok i shall go now
be back to comment :]

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

   Hey Hey
Yay first day of summer longest day of the year and last day of school and its his b-day ^^'

I useally go to school for the rest of the school year but the highschool after finails that ended on the 19th so when i went in yesterday there was like hardly anyone there just seniors *they had to practice the whole graduateing thing* and band *practice grad. music* and us -.- so there was no bells and the teachers were all like you guys aren't supposed to be here so after first period i left with my 2 friends and went home and had a party after my other friends came :D it was better then school

i think that sounded confuseing lol basically we got kicked out of school and what was weird is that we just walked out no one even cared and we walked out the main lobby area o.o

hmmm... oh i have a ps3 as you know already and i got this game motor-storm and it is so cool and it had online game playing so i was like yeah!! so i joined online and now its even cooler lol oh yeah its a racing game that takes place in the somewthing like the grand cannon but its called something else lol so if you go to best buy or a game store thats with usally have to play on the ps3 so try it :]R2 is gas and x is boost :D and i'll meet you online x3

yeah i think thats it can't think of much to say besides that 7 MORE DAYS TILL MY 15TH BIRTHDAY!! HELL YEAH ;D the 28th <3

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Its been a super long time ^^'

I missed u all and from the over done homework to not being around i at last got on =]

It seems when i update no one is on lol oh well i should try updating more in the week
But anyways i hope your all good HAPPY SATURDAY!!
or sunday depending on when you read this

Well lets see what did i do over the long time
I went to Washington D.C for 3 days with the Band from school it was super cool the band got to play outside a memorial i think the Jeff guy one =P and went to tour the monuments and then went Baltimore the last day which i think was the best part everything else was boring xD lol and the band director kept stealing my seat!! >.<

And remember that guy i like? The one who's in 2 of my classes and has a girlfriend.... well my friend told me she was walking down the hallway when he comes out of no where and is like I'm bored...whens Sarah coming back? ahhhhh omg lol he missed me ^.^ lol
You should see him with his girlfriend its so funny she is like super tall i mean she's even taller then me o.o and i'm like 5.8 she's like 6.0 or something 0.0 and he is about the same height as me and i just feel bad because u have to look up all the time..... but i think they are cute together even though i like him -.-

Umm what else ohh i met a new friend she's a senior and she is into anime and i see her sometimes in my sewing class and she's has one of the free bag from SJ with Ichigo and something else so i was like i love your bag and it took her awhile before she relized which bag i was talking about and then we just started talking and later on she gave me to cds which i love <3 its a band called T.M.Revolution i think i saw somewhere that they sing a Gundum Seed ending? idk u should look into them because they are AWSOME!!! its like Tenco rock pop jap all in one really cool :]

well thats all for now i guess

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

where is everyone??
gosh is it me or is nobody on lol last saturday when i wanted to post i came on and NOBODY was on and i mean NOBODY!! it was scary so i thought that maybe the site was down so i didn't post ^^' whats the point if no one was there ya know....

i should say the whole week was wacky because we had testing but anyways You know those friends where u kinda just say hi and nothing else really? Well i was talking to one online *its a guy* and i joked i should say hi to u more offten because if u really get to know me i'm not all that quiet he laughed and said he'd say hello too.....So i'm at my locker right before 7th period and he comes up to me and says hello and because he's in the same class we walked together ^.^ and he said he was mad and i asked why and he told me it was one of his friend keep calling him something he's not... the girl he was talking about is really a big suck up to one of his other friends so i told him that and he kinda thought about but then the bell rang and we had to get to class lol but heres my fav. part after class i saw him walking ahead with some people saw i thought ok he's with them now but as soon has i passed he said wait i want someone to talk to (me: xxxxxxDDDDD) so i made a joke and got him to laugh i felt really special but i had to go left and he went right and we said goodbye but i felt made because i could have went with him because it was now my lunch period so it didn't matter if i was late... ^^' but yeah thats why.... and plus all my friend almost know himbut most of them dislike him but still friends kinda thing.....but i like him <3 lol and he has a girl firend that he already dated so yeah........ i'm just happy if he just talks to me

well then lol i think i wrote enough today for this post ^^' i'll going to the few who posted which isn't many lol

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

   its saturday =]
Hello again!!! omg i must have set a record for the new year of actually post 2 times a week! *gives a shocked look as she is handed an award*
T^T i would like to thank the people who voted for me, my parnets, my friends ...bla bla bla bla bla bla bla blab *gets fast fowarded*

okok lol does it seem like actors and singers apon getting awards like talking forever? @.@ to many people to little time.....

Yes so yay its saturday =D yay yay that means anime upon anime tonight!! *claps* well lets see theres Naruto which my dad sometimes watches and then its Bleach which my mom watches *i once told her the cat whos name starts with a Y but i don't remeber how to spell it was a girl before she found out because the cat sounds like a guy so i have to shut up when watching it >.< * ok so then its Eureka 7 which my dad sometimes watches the one with them playing soccer he wouldn't stop laughing lol and then its Trinity Blood which once again my mom watches :3 and Samriai Camploo [sp] in which i mostly watch alone ^^'

OOOHHH yes i almost forgot!!! when i went to my grandma's house yesturday me and my mom stopped at the comic store thats near there like always and in the back i saw a sign in the back and started drifting over it said $5 manga XD some of the titles they had were like 10 in a normal book store but what was really cool was that they had what i needed for Bleach so i got volume 6 7 8 and 9 lol which all though it was good now i have more then 10 mangas to read ^^' i have a feeling i'm going to have to set a day aside just for reading XD so i just finshed volume 5 Bleach yesturday and started volume 6 and almost finshed but it was like 11 at night ^^

ok i think i talked enough
its now of to sites

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Winter break!!
or well not really but i'm out of school till tuesday!! yay so i'm going to try posting everydy i don't think friday or saturday i'll be around much but i'll get too it lol

I'M NOT DEAD!!!! thats something to celabrate isn't it lol jk
well yesturday was a snow day!! ^^ so i spent it with my friend it was fun ecpect when we are watching movies she'll keep going oh this is getting good i can feel it or uh oh thats bad she's do it repeatly its annoying i think she does it because she wants to make sure u hear her or see if you say something but after 5 times of it its really annoying >.<
Oh dear look at me rambling on about my friend promblems again doesn't it seem thats the main topic in my post latly....i shouldn't use latly being that it hasn't been a post latly.....hmmm oh well lets see I have write a reasearch paper on something in history thats not USA history and it has to be in story first person format =] ii love writing stories so once i get all my info down pat i can start writng!! lol yes well its hard to find what i want on the web so i might have to go to the libary later on -_- but ohwell maybe i'll go with a friend *sigh* Oh right I'm going to be a japanese girl on the day of the atomic bombing on Nagasaki[sp?] and so i know my whole story line in my head so far theres one part where she sees her mom dead in the steet after getting pushed in a crowd and her brother will be in the mother's arms i haven't thought if i want the brother to be alive or dead T-T
maybe when i'm done i'll post it up and u guys can read it

ok anything else?? hmm not much ok time for sites tho the 20 i vist i'll only get about 3 comments ^^' serves me right for not being here in so long

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Monday, January 1, 2007

   its 2007!!!
its another new year! another freash start ^^
Hello friends hope your holidays were good and ya got what you all wished for ^^ i loved all my gifts this year me so happy XD lol

its hard my grandpa died right before the holidays

Well i hope my friend is going to see another light this year she's been all that she seems to think its all about her i wish i could hit her and yell something at her and walk away but then i'll just get one of her notes of her beening confused about what i said or something -_- .....she called me yesturday and we talked and i was like oh what you get for the holidays and said somethings like some cds and stuff and so i was like you want to hear what i got and useally you would say yes just to be polite and sometimes ignore that person or whatever but she was just no i don't care what you got >.< yeah...
i let it go but then we talked a little more and she started listening to Barlow Girls the song Never alone and Harder then the first time and was like oh this song is about us and i was like yeah yeah and then she started talking about when we were little when we met and she was like if i didn't meet you i think i'd be dead cuase i would kill myself 0o i was like you were about 6 you wouldn't even know what suidicde[sp?] was o0
and then she'll go into about how we have nothing to talk about and that it seems we are slipping away and i'm on the other end saying that she's not talking i'm talking and taking all her b.s and she doesn't talk about her life no matter how many times i said i would listen and she was like but u won't bla bla -_- its so annoying she's only looking at it how she wants to and no one else i've tried to...just can't and she's like my older sister

ahhhhh you guys let me talk to much!!!! didn't i say i was going to put pictures up...what pics.?? 0o oh well lol

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY i hope to get into more anime ^^ hehe but its not a resolutin those things i'm bad at keeping XP but if you guys made any hope YOU can keep them ^^'

thanks 4 the christmas cards

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Friday, December 1, 2006

   All Amercian Rejects are in my head ~song Night Drive cause its awsome !!
its friday and i'm off from school! XD yeah baby
So while i was gone i hope everyone was ok if not sorry i wasn't there T-T

Yes nothing really happens in my life i know its high school but really its kinda boring i just wish i had more active friends ^^' but i love all my friends!!! love them love them and you guys and girls too

Yes well today is my dads birthday!!!And saturday is my friend Enua's birthday so wish them well! and lets see my nana is taking me out to get a coat -_- i have tons of coats but she was talking about her new coat and i said something like i wanted a long black coat like what they have in the movies and well she rembered its funny that happened weeks ago and she rembers that but can't rember things like whats on her shopping list ^^'' hehe what else OOHHH i know my mom is planning on going to the movies to see Happy Feet i know iknow childish? alot of our friend saw it and said it was the best movie ever 0o or awsome so yeah we have to see it lol

OH yeah newstype usa says that Fruit Basket 14 and Naruto 12 are out XD my mom is already to get fruit basket lol see still scares me she's crazy for it 0o and i also got her into Trinity Blood and Bleach *ding-ding* yeah i'm good oh wow i have to update my anime fav.s i have to add 2 animes

OH yeah i went to NEW YORK CITY yesturday!!! yeah!! I saw the tree and ice skateing rink and state performers doing chirstmas music and theres thos really cool snowflakes on this buliding that light up when a song is playing and they go in beat its really cool if i can i'll get what i cought on here ^^ so if i forget REMIND ME REMIND ME lol
AND I GOT TO EAT IN THE HARD ROCK CAFE!!!! omg it was awsome i saw my band's signed gutiar!! ANGELS AND AIRWAVES WERE THERE!!! and the All-Amercian Rejects and they even took our picture XD i kept it because it was awsome but my was compling that she looked dumb because she was wearing a sweat shrit and me and my dad looked better ^^'

yes well i have time to kill so i comment before my nana gets here and I'll be coming back later on for all of yeah ^^

~love yas
~~~peace out

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Hey GUYS!!!! OMG i missed u all!!! *hugs everyone*
Well this day was enjoable i have to sell things to get money off the band trip later in the year ^^' so i walked over to my dad's work and then my mom so now i'm home watching re runs of Beast master XD lol i'll change the channel when i feel like it......

Lets see what new with me? Well the football team made playoffs so i have a game on saturday and we also finshed the compitions so i have viedos of that and i'll have top load them up later and put them on you tube and post it up ^^ we super cool *not really* lol ^^'
so what else......
Oh yesturday i get out of my moms car at the high school and this lady is like "do you have a permit to park there" I said yes because my mom works there so she REPEATS "YOU have a permit for that spot" -_- man didn't i just say yes
so i walk up to school and i turn around and she is talking to her teacher friends so i wait by the door and she comes up to me and is like you have a permit that spo i said yes and i told her my mom worked there then she was asking what my mom's name was i told her to call her and she said ok *points finger like a gun* Bang right in the head -_- yeah dumb teacher never even called my mom o well XD
lets see what else oh i think i lost 5 pounds over the last couple monthes from band XD all that running and marching pays off ^^' all my colthes are big for me now

So did u all miss me?? i hope so XD lol now off to comment me friends *blows kisses*
0o i know this was a boring post so had fun in those comments ^^'

hehe i kinda want that to someone else now XD hahaha

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