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Sunday, November 20, 2005

me and my mom went to see Harry Potter again and to waist time we went to the Barnes and Nobles next to the theater i got naruto 7 and forgot to get 6 and they didn't have it T.T so i have book 7 and not book 6 -_-.....so because of the movies i had to tape my shows And i am watching right now ^-^ Naruto is so far good but i am only 5min. into it ^-^' and today i am or more of the line froced to clean the house before thanks giving -_- so i will steal some time to vist you guys and girls....look Sasuke just cought Naruto YES i told u right ^-^

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....
Never again in my life will i sleep at my friend's house NEVER!!!!!!!! well i will start off in the begining we had just gotten out of the Harry Potter movie wich was very good!!!! i have aother with that but later so i get home and go here and think only visted 3 sites so sorry if i did not make it to yours ok so then my friend came home and i went over and after an hour we got the x-box from her evil brother and then played my karaoke game and then at 1;00 at night we go to bed or well she did i got the hard tile floor!!!!!! *rubs back* so the tv is on and well i can't sleep with a tv on but she can and after hours of innsantey [sp?] i turn it off only to hear music from her brother so i tried closeing the dorr to block some of the nose out it did not work so more mental isusses for me and i though of leaveing cause my house is just a house and a rail away but i did not so i fanally fell sleep and was awoken at 4:35 in the morning by the tv!!!!!! and she is like omg sorry i was burning up so i turned the heater off so we were watching the yu-yu hackoshow [sp i know] but anyway she falls asleep AGAIN AND THE TV IS ON!!!!!!AGAIN more sannity for me >.< so more hours of torture i discide i am going!! so i packed my stuff up got dressed and told her and walked down to my house and wrote this and now i will go to a SOFT BED!!!!A BED NOT A FLOOR!!! and sleep ~~~~~~~~ ok now way before this happened we are standing in line to get in to the movie harry Potter and i look behind me to see a couple people back a girl reading a Naruto book XD so i was like quick give me garbabe and so i walk down to the garbage and walking back did this
Me: Is that a Naruto book
Girl: flips to cover and looks up yes
Me:l looking at cover and relize she is on book 7 so i go Omg your ahead of my i am on book 6
Girl: stares at me
Me: thats a good book right?
Girl: nodding
Me:walk away
and well that was what happened i tried to look for her outside the movie to see if had an account on my O but i couldn't find her -_-' we i am off to the soft bed and i doubt i will be asleep but what the hell i am home

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Friday, November 18, 2005

No vists from me today SORRY
I am so sorry but i can't really get to sites today ^-^ cause today is HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!! and then i will go right to my friends house to sleep over ^-^ so ya i won't be around and yesturday i will maybe be on late cause i have to paint a house with my friend ^-^
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

   still Friday? Oh thats right its Saturday ^-^
^-^ has anyone seen the news are the view of Women in White it so cool this the FIRST PLAY the has movie backdrops behind them moveing!!!! MOVING that is so cool ^-^ and it soon to be friday and the Harry Potter movie is out and i still need those pics. of the premire 0.0 I had a dream....again and in this one part i was eating candy and he flovers were the names of the people in my story and light purple was Korikend ^-^ red was Lesh and i forgot the rest I hope you guys and girls have a good day and hope my theacher read the story -_-
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

is it friday ????
Well i came home late from my Nana's house and only went to the 6 commenters before 8:45 cause i am supposed to be in bed and my mom kept cheacking up on me -_- . sorry if you signed later and i didn't make it to your site.....Well i shall know work on my book two of my story ^-^ and my story was printed out and given to my english theacher i hope she likes ^-^ wish me luck for that story to pass inpection!!!!! ok not much more 0.0 yes i have one question that you have to answer!!!!!
Which character do you like the best at of the story?????

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

......oh today story day
yes before getting to my story we talk about our days.....hmmm.....well..no...Ok fine i nothing to talk about.... on to my story that has gotten a number one fan XxDarkAngelxX, and i am sure you are a fan too but she is the one that commented first ^-^
If you don't read it, i don't care it is your mistake but just read it today this is the last chapter!!!! till i make book two ^-^ AND IT IS SO CUTEE!!!!

Opening my eyes, I could see the pure white ceiling of the medical wing at Cage Point.
“Korikend glad to see you awake!”, “you gave us quite a scare”. I had to do a lot of healing on you”. “But, you’re doing better now; you will have some pain from time to time”. “Just take some Advil and you’ll be fine.” She looked away to the paper work on her desk. “Oh… sorry about your shirt it was ruined, so we had to throw it out” she turned and said. I looked down to see she was right, I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I sighed, “Who cares?” I thought. There was no point in staying here. I pulled at the sheets on my bed that was tangled with my legs. I got myself out, I walked to the exit. I turned around half way to the door.
“Thank you Meshu for the healing” I said, she looked up and with a smile simply said “there’s a girl waiting for you outside”. Did she mean Neko? Was Neko waiting for me? I asked myself over and over. I opened the glass door of the medical wing and into the packed computer room. It was a party for the defeat of the hurricane!
“Good job Kori!” people yelled out.
“Go Kori!” others yelled back.
I pushed forward past the group of girls weighing me down with hugs and cheering. This did not help that I had no shirt on. I finally made it to the back door. Opening the metal door leading to the backyard paradise. I stepped out onto the glossy grass closing the door gentlely behind me and all was quiet. All the music and people where now just inside and the outside were left quiet. I looked up into the waterfall where Neko stood in a deep purple dress meant for the party inside. She had her back turned, facing the thousands of stars that lined the night sky. “It’s beautiful, what no lights outside can do for the stars” I said as I neared her stepping into the warm water. Neko tilted her head on to her shoulder.
“Neko?” I whispered.
I drew closer and closer to her ear. I whispered again “Neko?”
She twirled around sending her dress and shoulder length hair spinning, sending water drops spinning around her, she spun into my opened arms, my arms held her there and I could feel hers grasped around me too.
“Kori” she whispered “I will always be yours” and there in the blue starlight I felt something only Neko brings to me. Whenever she says my name, I feel it. She came closer and this time I could feel her warmth and hear her heartbeat. “Don’t ever do this again”! “I thought you were dead”! “I couldn’t think about anything else but your well being!” she said. I held her tighter and in a low voice, “Never, will I do this again to you or without you by my side”. “Cause when you worry like this, I can feel it and it tears me up inside”. She looked up and she leaned in and I closed in the gap and we kissed. She held me there. No slapping or yelling but just pure love. We pulled each other closer, I paused, and looking into her eyes she smiled biting her lip
“I love you” she whispered.
“I love you too” I whispered back.
We stared into each others eyes.
“KISS, her again you fool!” it sounded like Lesh and a bunch of other people I tried to look but I was pulled back by Neko.
“Kiss her!” the crowd chanted.
“You heard them kiss me you fool” Neko smiled and I smiled.
Pulling me near again, we kissed like never before. Emotions so strong flooded over me and made me forget everything all around me, all my pain, all the cheers. All I could do was kiss her back. Pulling away I dragged Neko with me out of the water onto land by the crowd of people.
“WELL LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED!” I yelled. People cheered and for the first time in all my life. My fear was gone and something inside was opened with a kiss. It was true happiness. I couldn’t help but smile….This night was the happiest I’ve ever been in a long time!

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Monday, November 14, 2005

   Still working on HP pics. ^-^
well just got home from school and right now doing math homework and then history ^-^'......well not much to talk about.....OH i had i very odd dream that me and my friend goy kidnapped by evil monkeys then was saved by the Teen Titans and rode away on a small baby that the over grown monkeys thought was a weapon and then me and friend contined walking too school when i forgot my gym colthes at home then i ran all the way to my house when i relived i forgot my keys........And i think i am loseing some readers so i am stopping here ^-^ anyway i think my dreams are weird they are nothing compared to my friends dreams those dreams are just sick !!!!!!!!!! Sick i say sick!!!!!!!!

And this shout out is for
Hazel keys1985- see no dead animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok thats it for my life hope yours was better

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

i dunno.....Should something go here????
Well hi guys and girls............
hmmmmm......Well the new show IGPx is watch able for me so that was a good show I even got my person, River the blonde hair dude with additude that they don't pay attion to -_-.....Ummmm.. Narotu was ok not the best.....then it was one piece, Bobobo-bo-bobo, then a ok showing of INUYASHA!!!! and another showing of FMA all about Lust -_- but next week winry is going to drive a tactor like crazy ^-^ GO WINRY.....I hope next week is when Narotu falls and sasuke catches him so next week should be good ^-^
Well me watching s-CRY-ed cause my tivo box recored it i have one thing to say .....Wierd! ^-^ well my mom got pic. at the Harry Potter premire so maybe if i can i will put them up for you guys
^-^ would you like that?

heres the next part of the story
I watched as the jet zoomed out of the hurricane. Taking a deep breathe to help summon up a shield to hold me up in the middle of the eye of the storm. I looked around at the circling clouds, which formed this storm. I reached into my backpack and pulled out the newest weapon the colder360, I flicked the red switch. The ice water shot out sending ice into the swirling wind. I turned around to make sure that every part of the storm got ice. I could see the shadow of the jet dogging objects being thrown out of the hurricane on the outside the wall of clouds doing the same thing. I thought of Neko and how worried she had to be…
“WHO DARES DISTORY MY PLANS OF WORLD DISTROCTION” a deep strong voice boomed. I swallowed my surprise and turned to see the large face formed out of the swirling clouds of the hurricane. I stood up and with no fear yelled back
“I KORIKEND, SENSHI OF CAGEPOINT. WAS SENT TO DISTORY YOU SETLUNA AND YOU WILL GO DOWN” I stared at the face that was now laughing. I snickered
“You Fool you think you can just come and beat me… HA I don’t go with at a fight!” Setluna’s face yelled out.
I give a small smile “That is one thing we have in common Setluna because neither do I” I said about to reach for my sword. But with warning a lighting bolt raced across the sky hitting my shield knocking me down and sending the colder360 and my sword down into the clear water down below me. I once again reached into my bag and pulled out the wind tunnel, and flicked that switch and I faced Setluna and with a smile started sucking him up into the machine before he could get more lighting attacks, because one more of those could end my shield and Neko would kill me if I was not dead all ready. But this was to easy Setluna was not fighting back but smiling. What was he thinking, the storm started to clam down, but once again lighting bolts hit my shield and in a quick flash of light pain shot through my chest and blackness came over me. As I felt cold breeze rush around me. I feel into cold water, my site was clouded and I could not breathe right and no matter I hard I tried I could not help but gasp for air. My life flashed before my eyes and the one face that kept me there was
“Neko” I gasp “I need you Neko” I gasped again
I closed my eyes to rest and tried to right my painful breathing. I could here the jet’s motor stop and land somewhere near bye I gasped for air as footsteps crashed toward me
“Korikend!” Neko’s voice yelled out. She kneeled down and with her gentle hands picked my head and held it in her lap.
“You idiot, how can you do this” she held me closer and I could feel her tear drops on my face. “I knew I should have gone with you…” she started again
“Neko, I am not dead so can you please stop crying for me?” I whispered
“Korikend…” she whispered back. I cracked my eyes open to see Lesh and snow carry me back to the ship, I looked around and Neko was still lying in the water catching tear drops in her hands she looked up after me and I give a small smile and she seemed to loosen up a bit. And got up and started to walk to the jet.
On board I was carried to a bed in the back where I rested glad to be away from the outside Neko sat close and Lana cared for my wounds, the best she could. I could hear her whisper to Neko that my wounds were a big deal in would need better care from Meshu at cagepoint. I feel asleep after that.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

hi i so glad to back home and back here well i did not explain very well why i was in the hospital so i try better....Ok there is something called a Alinods inthe back of your throt (OK I GIVE UP SPELLING THE DUMB Body part the thing the attches your head to the body!) it is there to help you breathe or something like that ^-^ but mine abit to big so this did not help me breathe so doctors had to take them out....ok now the fun part My TrIp In ThE HoSpItAl!!! *o* oh my......Ok we get there Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.............Ok nurse comes in to give me that clear liquid the drips (i forgot its name so bare with me on this!) ok well my vein didn't pop out so the nurse said she'll be back later -_- (yes she used popping so it going to be here in the story if have a problem with the word popping i don't care!!) well 30mins. later she comes back with a stuff toy that has a hospital barcelt like mine and looks almost like my dog Corky ^-^ well i started crying over the thing that i named Tenshi it means angel ^-^ but another 30 mins. pass and the doctors come in and wheel me away with Tenshi they put the liquid thing in the vien on my wrist and i have one thing to say to that
OW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T.T ow it hurts to think about it well they put the mask thing over me and the last thing i saw was Tenshi sitting on my chest like a angel.....
~ok i am off to sites and mail room but first we must drop my mom off in N.Y city for her spot with screming fans for the Harry Potter book 4 premre ^-^ i wish her well ^-^ha

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Monday, November 7, 2005

   hi guys T-T
I am going in the hospital for my allergies or well to help my allergies so ...tommorrow i won't be here and also on the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and and when i sit in my hospital bed i would wish to be on a comp. T.T but the best thing about this is that i can watch Inuyasha movies ^-^ the nurse is letting me ;p but i get back i want tons and TONS of pms ^-^ that would make me happy SO PM ME!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW BEFORE YOU FORGET
ok well i will be out for 2 story days so here i will give you the 2 parts now ^-^ ok
even if you don't read them then just read the last part of the top one it is so sweet
Awwwww this one is so sweet
Beep-beep…* “what ohh” I moaned, pushing the button to turn off the annoying alarm clock and left in silence. I rolled out of bed. “I hate mornings” I moaned again, walking to the sink to brush my teeth. Rubbing my eyes. I changed into my Senshi clothes I stepped outside into the hallway. “Well another day” I said. I walked toward the stairs to the outside to rest like I always did.
“Korikend” the voice was Neko’s. I turned to see her sparking blue eyes.
“I know you like to sit in the sun, can I join you? She asked
“Sure” I said we walked down the stairs and past the rows of computers and walked out the back door. The sun beamed down onto the small waterfall, shading the large rock in the cronner. “It is so nice back here it just makes you feel like you’re not a fighter you know” she said clinging to my arm resting her head on my shoulder. Her short brown hair was pulled into a ponytail. We moved toward the shaded rock in the corner. The sounds of the waterfall filled the air along with the chirping birds. But other then that the area was quiet. We settled down on the smooth rock.
“Love this place at night all the fireflies are out and just light up the place it makes the place so pretty” she said out loud.
“Ya it can do that” I said. She held my arm tighter. She turned her head and looked into my eyes, then with no warning leaned into my face. I could feel every nerve of my body just waiting to touch her soft silk skin and hold her and sweep her away with a kiss and like a flame my heart burned with every thought that raced in my head…
“Your eyes, your beautiful gray eyes I love them so much.” She whispered into my ear. “I love…” I started but only to be interrupted by someone.
Whoa did I disturb you guys?” it was Lesh. Neko quickly pulled away pushing me, knocking me over.
“Yum, Lesh.” I pushed my self up off the ground and looked at Neko only to see her playing with her hair.
“NO, Lesh you didn’t disturbed anything. She yelled looking at Lesh. A moment of silence, Lesh was thinking if he was welcomed or not taking a step toward he said with a little clam tone to clam Neko down “can I sit down with you guys?” looking at Neko.
“Ya sure” I said moving to make room for him on the rock. He sat in between us on the ground and looked at me and then at Neko then back to me and that was what he did for what felt like forever he broke the silence once more “You know you two make such a cute couple” Lesh smiled out.
“We are just friends” I yelled at him
“Oh really” Lesh’s eyes sparkled with the thought of the moment before, and a glimmer of flame sparkled in his eyes.
“If you say so” he sighed. And with that Neko with an angry face got up and walked to the door...
“Wait Neko where you going” I yelled after her but she ignored me and slammed the back door making the wall shake with the force of impact.
“What did I say something” Lesh looked at the door
“Ya thanks a lot” I yelled “She will be mad at me forever now because of your big mouth!”
“Well I did not see a do not enter sign on the door, so are you saying that something did happened back here or what” he smiled swinging his long white hair around on his shoulder.
“So where you guys going to kiss or something because you were a bit to close for a talk under the sun you know” he said filling his white eyes with playful flames. I paused
“BE quiet” I said playfully shoving him away.
“But you 2 do make a cute couple” he said.
“I” but I could not finish…
“I felt something that I never felt before and I only feel it when Neko is around me and I can’t think about anything but Neko and it drives me crazy and I can’t think clearly” I blurted out .
“Seems you fell in love with Neko” I felt Lesh put his arm on my shoulder and I turned and on his shoulder and with no warning I felt tears I wanted to cry ever since I had the feeling, the feeling of Love.
ok next part is short ^-^
The speaker came on…
“Would all Senshi please come to the main hall for a meeting!” the voice was Mistu over the rusty speaker.
“Well better go” he said getting up
“Coming” he asked
“Ya, I am coming hold your horses” I said getting and walking with him o the door and into the main hall. We lined our selves up against the wall and faced Mistu. With her two people looking as if they were the computer people each holding an object.
“Are we all here?” Mistu yelled as she scanned the line.
“Well then let’s start shall we” she said picking up one of the objects.
“Ok we heard of hurricane Safen…. Right?” nods of yes came from the line.
“Well then to beat the power of the god, our computer people here have worked 24, 7 for days to make these two weapons. This is the Colder360” she said holding the metal object for us to see continuing “ it uses the air in the sky to make ice with very fast speed that can be used to weaken the hurricane down” she flicked the trigger and a gush of ice water sprayed out of it onto the floor shattering into bits of pieces. The 2nd is a wind tunnel this sucks up the wind of the hurricane to quickly end the wind around the hurricane.” Mistu gave the 2 weapons back to the people who walked away into the next room.
“Ok no time to waste we got a storm to fight!” she yelled getting cheers from the crowd. Ok let’s see who should go she studied the line. Neko” Neko stepped out smiling. Well I am glad she not mad at me anymore I thought. Mistu continued “Lana and Snow.” The two girls gathered by Neko and started pushing her around and start looking at me. I could feel my face turn red and so I looked down to avoid more pointing and laughing. Still Mistu continued “and Korikend and Lash. Go! GO SAVE THE WORLD” she yelled over the roar of the crowd as we left the building into the garage.

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