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Friday, December 2, 2005

23 till that holiday
well lets strat off with a good old fashion sorry T.T it for because i was not here for like 2 days and then i did not post on the 1st day insteed tried cram tons of people into 5mins before pulled to bed the reasons are smimple! on the ....Wensday we went out for my dad's pre-day brithday and staied out till 8:30 which is my early bedtime T.T ok then next day we had to go to the 8th grade tour for high school wich was boreing but then at the end in the new sciecne wing i didn't want to leave O.o odd then today is a half a day and friday!! and also me and my dad are makeing cookies would u like any??? speak now or u can't!! they'll be gone before tommorw!! lol
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

25 more days till the holiday
well i am tried and can barely think and i want to go back to bed but i have school -_- and if u are wondering why there was no post thing it was me i updated in the moring but what i was talking about was working so i deleted the post and not the comments and if u want to look u can..I hate mornigs..my alarm clock always turns off and then it makes me wake up late and then my whole day is late ok i have to go get dressed for school
be back after school

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Monday, November 28, 2005

26 days to the hoilday
Hello ^-^ not much new or anyhing good to tell.... I got my friend hooked up on Angel Sanctuary YES BINGO!!! well i really got about 4 of my friends hooked XD hehe i am so bad ;p ^-^ soo ya how are my commenters?? and friends so how many if any did u get our own friends to read something but only get them hook on it ???
Now just look at the pic. AND LOOK HOW EVIL SHE LOOKS!!!!

Trust me Sara is way evil and thats why i kinda like her but if hurts Setsuna I'll....

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   27 days till christmas!!
lol wow it still night for me only 12:35 and me still thinking its the 26th lol ^-^ the churh was fun i made alot of things i soon came home deced up our tree and now tommorow we work on the downstairs tree ^-^ yes we have 2 but they are tottally differnet 1 is fancy and the other is toys and etc and 1 that is in progress is the "cute" tree mostly handmade objects i can't belive its almost christmas 0.0 i should start the count!!!! ok how many days to christmas !!!
umm lets see i recored the show cause like i said before i am doing a tree ^-^
Naruto was good (still watching!) i will have to get back on the others. ^-^ so did u like the shows??
Does anyone know what happened to Inuyasha me and my friends think they are waiting for new shows cause the older shows still play in the weekdays! hmmm....

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

christmas decaortions! ^-^
Hello how are you?............. *crickits* umm ok ^ ^' well today i am going somewhere with my friend to make things but it is from her church.....And i bet none of you guys/girls would belive that christmas decaortions are up in my house we got the snow village, stockings, misltoe
-_-, and we will be putting the tree up soon and it is still Nov. hehe ya mom does this all the time right after Thanksgiving she pulls stuff right of the crawl space behind my colest in my room (not my fav. thing in the world)
So..when do people put your winter decaortions up???

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Friday, November 25, 2005

   another day
well for the first time in thanksgiving history did i have fun ^-^ shocking cause rarely do i have fun see thats what the
x-box can do so lets see i had my cousin (dan) play flat out were u fling ourself out of the car ^-^haha and then halo2 with Dan me and Dan's twin sister Marieal her boyfriend Joe so i am going around kicking the older boys asses ^-^ GIRL POWER RIGHT HERE BABY!!!! anyway ^-^' so we stop that and go to Medal of honer and i was brought down 2 time T.T then dinner ^-^yummy then after dinner was Karaoke were boyfreind Joe sung U make me feel like a nartuarl women it was so funny and once more me over here kicked butt HAHA anyway.......
So was your thanksgiving????

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

hi want to say happy thanks giving and
Hazelkeys- i want to say i have so much more family ^-^
Ok have fun today ^-^ and snice barely anyone is here right now i am gone ^-^ bye

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hello well today for me is a half day ^-^ umm...Oh yes Harry Potter pics. still have to get those on don't i maybe i will work on that later ............. and tommorw is Thanksgiving -_- my big family comes and annoys the heck outa me oh don't let me start so are u people doing for the holiday? 0.0
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hi ^-^ if you are wondering why the post is like this i don't know for some reason it is and i can't fix it and if you know how can you help??? sorry i did not post yesturday i had to much homework and my report card came back and made me cry because in all subjects i got..
..................................................................................all A's & B's 0.0 i was like OMG i i was cheacking the name and making sure i was mine and i felt like hugging everyone good thing we get them in the last block of the day or i probaley would have 0.0 ok i am off to Homework and sites

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