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Friday, September 22, 2006

   if u miss me give me some love
Omg HI!!!! lol
^^ so sorry i haven't been around for SO LONG! ^^' been very busy with high school and color guard we had practice till 5:00 and we got out of school at 2:30 but we have to be at the field 3:00 so yeah *shrugs* and then the home work -_- but today was a half a day and its a holiday!! :D not that i celeabrate it ^^' anyways

I can't say nothing happened to me so i'll just be plain about some things
Started highschool has a freshy, family redid the living room, mom made me start the christmas list XD lol....ummmm made some new friends played 2 football games *color guard stuff* umm i think i did better at the second one which was yesturday and we won 34 to 0 the first game we lost to west side 0 to 17 -_- so this guy yesturday yelled at me to go to the game and i said i had too and then yelled that they better win or i'll hit them with flags XD hehehe they listen so well ^^ and lets see oh yesturday at the game we were pratcing moves for the game *which i have video of us!!!** and Irene the CAPTIAN forgets her flag in the stands!! and we sit all the way up there! so guess who has to get it -_- yeah me so i go running up the thousand of stairs jumping over people dogeing cameras hoping i don't trip and finally the top and then i have to go back down -_- lol so i run back down i get back and the color guard team are clapping 0o they so me run XD they said it was watching real life matrixs XP hehehe so we do our routines bla bla bla and the band and c.g go have our drinks and cookies and guess what 00 we can't find the flag bag *where we put the brand new flags in* !! 0.0 Irene and alex go look for it come back can't find it so me and Shania go looking well i go back running up the stands -_- don't see it run back down finail spot it by the cheer leaders 00 gah they scare me so i ran over to them get the bag and when i got back people could care less if i got it -_-

so today was good because i was glade i didn't have to climb many stairs ^^ my legs hurt and snice band camp i lost 5pounds!! XD keep this up i could fit in to a smaller size in no time *claps hands*

well i don't have much more to say.....
off to sites!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

omg it feels so good to be here ^^ i missed all of you!!! wow *breathes in* today i did have cg but no one really came the theacher she couldn't come and when i got there only alyssa was there and couple minutes later some others came [vicky, melissa, iren, casandra and carol] and we were still missing alot of people so we practice for an hour or so and then because Iren [squad leader] said she didn't want us to get ahead we sat down and talked and she had it end early a drove me and alyssa home snice she can drive XD ha i wish i could drive -_- but i want to drive a vespa which are those scooter bikes.....anyone heard of them before?? o0 oh well remind me to put a picture of it later hey! that rminds me about the picture of my mom dressed like a pirate......i told u peeps to remind me -_-' your all fired
lol jk jk i just wanted to say that lol
um not much to say.....OH um i don't know why but my friend got me a myspace she really did she made it and gave me the url and said here now i don't have to here all your maybes and no's -_- ya.....so i guess if anyone here has one heres my url http://www.myspace.com/96636115 but just because i have it won't mean i'll be on it......though i love my bg on it ^^ *its yuna from ffX and x2*
i want to tell some funny stories of Shay and me at work but i'll save them for another day
just to tired [coughLAZYcough] um ya ^^'

i'll get a move on to your sites yay lets have a welcome back party!! yeah!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep ~AFI
Like my new theme?……sorry I did it again ^^’ once again I’ve been away from the comp and myO so if I missed something tell what like how many theme changes from somegirl did I miss lol jk *I guess only people who know her would get that joke*

…..This week was boring -_- after working with lockers for over a week doing the same thing over and over can get tiring after some time but I do it for the money or well I do it for the PS3!!! Yay ps3!!!! *does a bunch of rock lee poses* XP lol
ya so anyway we’re practicing for the show in color guard or we should be -_- we were supposed to on Wednesday but didn’t because someone didn’t want to practice >.< ok here’s what happened my friend Alyssa she didn’t come to practice on Monday and didn’t call miss.V to tell her she couldn’t come so I called her and she said she had a massive head ache so I told her that we learned a new move and she said she was feeling better but not a whole lot but she said she’ll come over so I showed her the new trick which was pretty simple but she made a huge deal on it though I showed her step by step and there’s only 3 steps but she said she’ll wait till Wednesday which I would think if she learns it on Monday she’ll have time to practice Tuesday but no so we go inside and I show her my new dance game and she starts dancing to the fastest songs there are in free style!! Which is super fast so it makes me think that head ache thing was BS so bringing us back to practice we get to the new move they show it to the people who were missing on Monday and Alyssa being one of them everyone gets it in 5 shows she has to be shown over 20 times! And later on she looked like she was on the verge of tears I know its mean but I tried showing her and this devil inside me was really cracking up laughing at her and kinda going told u so……..
Um shorter story… Saturday me and my friend Emily went to Barnes and noble and sadly she’s not a manga fan so next best thing music! ……lets say I’ve seen a better selection in other stores but I got 5 cds ^^ [AFI, Maroon5, Utada, Alicia Keys, All American rejects] and for ones who don’t know Utada is a jap. Singer and sings the intros to kingdom heart games simple and clean was the first one and sanctuary/passion is the 2nd one ^^

yes I think I could save my other stories for later XP
yes now for sites ^^ hope I didn’t miss to much

P.S does anyone else have trouble seeing they’re Popularity Ranking?????? Mines says its unavailable o0

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

   fReAk OuT !!! lmao
HEY!! so sorry for not being around >.< been busy ^^'
Well my boss gave me and Shay the rest of the day off from work because of the heat so we are in the staff room ^^ two words! AIR CONDITIONING!!! lmao nice and cool in this room XD yay!! lol

Lets see whats up for me *thinks* um i saw pirates of the carribean *i know i spelt that wrong so *sticks tounge out* lmao omg! it was so funny XD i liked the part when Jack hit his head on the metal pole haha if you'd get to see it i won't spoil it for ya but you should see it soon and if you never saw the first one u must and then go see the 2nd one! Oh ya my mom *i think i said this* dressed up has a pirate XP lol only 3 people metion something about it to her everyoine else was just like -_- wow.... but i toke some pictures and she was like you going to put them up on your site? i was like you want me too? and she said she would want to know what you guys thought of it so i'll get the camera loaded in the computer later and post them up sometime......hopfully i can ^^' knowing me i'll forget like the other times XD so you peeps have to remind me!!!! got that lol

.....hmmm I still have an hour and so till i get out this is so boring doing nothing!!! i get out at 3:30 and its only 2:23 -_- *sigh* and we aren't suppossed to be on the computer i don't know why but i think it was because some janatior uploaded porn on the computer *shrugs* but its not like i'm going to do it and shay was on a couple hours ago so i can trust she won't rat me out ^^

Yesturday i had color guard and it started raining in the mist of practice and started thundering and lighting and pouring so we stopped.... and snice it ended early i had to call my nana snice my mom was going to a foot doctor's appiontment because she facured her foot well its really a stress facture but still she hates using cruthes XD lol so my nana came and me and Alyssa ran out to get in the car and we had to fight the flags into the car and by the time we got in the car i was wet through and through XD and we had to turn off the air condtion becaus ei got to cold lol but we dropped alyssa off and then me and i had to change and ring out my clothes hehe

lets see......And later on we had a power outage it lasted for an hour but it was still light outsided so it wasn't really dark -_- wasn't really much fun *sigh* what good is a black out if its not black?

yay now i only have a hour before i leave! its 2:36 ^^ Me and shay went out for lunch and i went to rita's and i saw my health teacher there XD it was funny so we were talking to him and the girl who was working there and i found my paper lemon i signed because i donated a dollar for the alex's lemonaide stand ^^ i feel special! lol so if you haven't gone to rita's you should and you can donate a dollar to alex!!! and that dollar goes to help cure childhood cancer and help kids to pay for treament i'm sure u can look it up on online Alex's lemonaide stand yes and plus u get a sticker!!! XD lol and the rita's icy you bought lol

um i think this post is long enough ^^' sorry if its really long but i have to find shay she disappered on me XD and i'm lonely now T^T
~bye bye
next time i come the theme shall be changed! lol or i'll change it later on in the night

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

   my legs hurt
my legs hurt X. it from going up and down when cleaning lockers
Yes my job started yesturday and my new black nail poilsh came off because of all the cleaners we were useing to clean lockers with -_- and i also had color guard too so i had to leave early and i had to leave my working buddy Shay to i told her she could get her revenge on me today she laughed ^^'

But you can wierd things in lockers *nods* oo i found a totth brush this one locker the girl loved spongebob oo she left a pure and wallet there but there wasn't any money and Shay was like they leave all thier junk but don't leave anything usefull lol but there was some good things found ^^ Shay found a benie baby parrot wich a stuffed animal for those who don't know and i found small books that just hold quotes and things like that but i gave one to my friend

OH and the wallpaper guy is coming today so by the time i get home he'll be almost done!! yay and by 5 he should be done ^^ i can't wait to see what it looks like

so lets see i don't have much to talk about..... ok i should start heading out
~bye bye
~i'll shall come back......i hope

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

   happy 4th of July!!
Sorry i wanted to post yesturday but changed my mind ^^' i think i've mentoined it before that my mom took the wallpaper down in the living room and hallways well are supposed to have a guy come in and put the new wallpaper up....he called ysturday saying he wasn't feeling good and snice he's not here today when i woke up i guess he's not coming today ethier 0o but i hope he caomes soon because everything in the living room is in the dinning room and thats where i'm with my bird above my head and he is armed with flying bird seed

On saturday i went to the mall with my mom and dad and it was fun ^^ i got a cool top from hot topic but what i liked was when i found a gutair pick on the ground lol i know what u guys are thinking *o0* but when i got home i punched a hole thourgh it and got one of my extra chains and tada its a necklace ^^ so see now u see why i was happy to find it and not only that but its black and silver its really cool looking

hehe and and yesturday i was looking for amvs on you tube XD so i now have a within tempation song angel in my head >.< gah! yes well i got bored so i painted my nails black XD i like it too ^^' but the nail polish is peel off with sucks *falls over* so i had to find clear base and top coats to go over it and in some spot its still coming off grrr >.<

Oh i want to leave with videos :D

this one is LOVELESS with the song thats in my head >.< but its really nice one
Loveless Angel

this one is mine so watch it and tell me if it sucks or not its final fantasy ^^
Final Fantasy Dream

for ones who can watch enjoy ^^
for ones who can't i'm sorry

well i shall go now......next time i come i'm going to change the theme...and tommorw i start work oo wish me luck!

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Friday, June 30, 2006

   sunny day outside so much it blinds me @.@
Hi ya
^^ i had a nice birthday. My uncle who lives in Cali. me got me this really cool looking spawn doll XD i was like cool! lol like all the others she's in a series but i only get the girls or monters XD because girls kick butt!! XD So to prove she's cool
click here i like the short stories for the figures it makes them cooler and seem more real but i think the link i put up only goes to the pictures -_-
Ok i have many others i think the only series that was compelted was the twisted fairy tails but i gave away humpty dumpty but i have all the others in it......i should just take a picture of them all

Well today will be a busy day i have to go back to the doctors so they can cheack were they they gave me my shot.....which is on the arm she said that it had to be 10mm but i have no idea if that is really really tiny or if its like jus a small noticable bump o0.....but i want to know is why they need to cheak it and what happens if its bad?? i just don't want another shot x.x

And my mom wants to go to the movies i think its The Devil Wears Prada [sp?]-_- so she sent me on a adventure to find movie times for it
But yesturday she rented *thinks* ha Howl's moving castle its by....Miyazaki she its supposed to be good ^^

Yesturday me and my mom watched so you think you can dance and there was this guy who belived he was number one and i'm serouis i could kill him if i see him he came in with a fur coat and he was like were do i put this? it was how he said it....but he was just rude and then he can't dance he ran around the stage and called it dancing XD he didn't get on the show i was just a recap of when the judges were looking for their dancers.....so anyway at the end they kicked ben out and u heard everyone gasp oo and he's dance partner were so good and funny together and now he's not there and the girl gets demetry who is the heart trob on the show lol the girl go wild when he comes on its just funny

well i talked enough
~i'll be off to sites

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

   hello ^^
well i thought i'd update snice i won't be able to on my b-day with color garud and stuff
But yay tommarow i'll be 14 XD yay happy day early bday to me!

Well i have a doctor's appiontment todat at 2 -_- and my mom want s me to walk to her work because it will be easier to drive from there -_- i really don't want to walk but i guess its better then having her drive to the house pick me up and drive back past her work and it helps with gas so i guess i'm walking over to highschool whch i'll be doing in the fall anyway *sigh*

Well yesturday wasn't one of my best days we had a cg (color garud) meeting but it was raining and the old garud didn't have our numbers to tell us that there was none so all new garud were there and Ms.V was in the summer school teaching so we waited for her and when she came out she said sorry and gave us why so we had to go home great my ride was only dropping me off so i had to walk home you know how long that was it was over 2miles!! >.< but i had a travel buddy but it was long.....then when my dad came he was like u should have called me -_-
ok so thats not it I finally got home and i notice somthing in my mail box i go get it and its from emily its my Angel sanctuary manga she lost and it was in such bad snape that it added more stress on my day i mean this manga was water damaged and had tea spilled over it and on the note she puts i hope your happy now yeah well she still needs to pay me $30 for damaged to my 3 books!! god i'm never giving her my things again
well then i got a package from my anut and uncle for my bday and it was 2 cds and i was happy but i go on aol and start talking to emily *same one* and she is useally so happy about cds but she changed and goes so i don't fucking care about you......i'm like o0 yeah i got my own additude so i don't need yours so i tell her fine u don't care so screw you. so it brought me down again but then!
Time goes by and i come on aol to see if michelle sent me the book list for summer and she starts yelling at me because i misplaced it and that alyssa and adriana called her for the same reason and she goes saying that i don't care about the books and highschool! well i'm sorry for misplaceing my list and asking for help god forrbiden that 2 others called for the same thing

ugh today is lonely day i'm keeping away from all friends well you guys aren't part of it ^^ your all more of a family XP how long is this post?? sorry if its longer then normal XD

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Friday, June 23, 2006

   5 days shout outs on the bottom
.......i wasn't thinking bout posting today but when i thought about it what else would i do?

So ha i'm glade you guys liked the cloud look alike ^^ i should took a picture with my phone *why didn't i think of that?* >.< maybe i'll see him again *doubt it*

Well yesturday my friend called to see if she could come over i said sure come at 2:05 which was just 5minutes later snice it was 2:00 when she called so i neaten up the room a bit and sit back down with computer...... her house is like 30seconds away from mine and she usally never is late so i'm like where is she? i called and i found out she was eating -_- geee thanks and get this she had someone else with her who had to go home at 2:30 and by the time she gets to my house its 2:20 -_- wow 10 minutes
well at 2:35 they left

my other friend emily came over later and when she got in she asked where is everyone ^^' i told her they left
ya so we went on you tube and watched some things and i recorded some of the parts of what we watched on my phone it was oly 15 seconds but 15 seconds of dark riku fighting in kh2 with cascada song in the background is good enough for me that and i get to annoy my friends with it ^^

OH YA i watched underworld2 it was cool alot more fighting XD its was so cool first one still rocks but the second one is worth watching ^^

Um shout outs!! look for your names!!

kagomealice2- well before i change it i have to make one lol but lets hope when i do it works ^^ um ow an ice pack o0 *rubs head* yes the water bottle was full

BlackSmoke- hehe ^^ thanks

samurai kitty- *shrugs* ya i'm used to having no one listen to me but in the end its just fun to say i told u so ......i know right! how many could look alikes do you see! XD

rockinwithkiss- hehe yes fun ^^ u have a good day too or night depending when u read this

mojogroupie- hehe i know just 5 days lol days go by to fast ^^' well the walk home wasn't as bad snice i had my ipod but i just hated that they left me -_-

RinoaSquall4ever- lol thanks ^^ i hate it too and they know they are wrong but say they are right >.< yes tottally annoying

ThE bRoKeN oNe- really? ^^ i'll forward to it lol ya what would we do once we get there? just read books??

Sosuke Sagara- lol its Sarah ^^ lol you make a good piont true its the person holding it.....lmao you ever see the movie signs? if you didn't you should because it has aliens in it and some of the thngs the do it just makes u jump like the one part where the news shows this video that some kid recorded and its takes awhile but then this alien like walks in front of the camera and your like holy ***** lmao so rent it if you didn't see it!! ha thats the the animal i forgot the name lmao didn't want inside thats too funny hehe yes u should go fight it with your bokken lol mtv is gay they play music videos on tv but when u look for them online they don't have them o0 so now i must get the cd!! they were ahead of us and i said i bet they are color garud which is c.g for short and i said we should just see where they go we really didn't follow ^^' because it was a meeting we had to be there at 11
Of corse i hit back but i stopped because she kept hitting me with the water bottle and all the hitting in the head was making me dizy @.@
i just wanted to go home i still had things to do at home ^^' and it was hot out ha ya your cool ^.~ lol if u do that u need to post it! ^^ nah i like long comments ^^ make me feel good because most people just post a sentance aw no you didn't bore me its fun talking to you ^^ i like the video too ^^ ya and so u know the band is named Coldplay and the song is scientist ^^ well its not going to change anytime soon you should see the reall music video to this song its about the guy going back to the start because he was driving a car and it went off the road and the girlfriend died
HA u got the longest shout out!!

midnight shadow- aw well people should listen to u but its just funner when your right and it shocks them ^^ lol i want more cloud look alikes here!! no one in my school looks like that -_-

lordsesshomaru- lol like my comment on your site? lol well i was getting ice cream with my mom when i looked outside he walked by listening to his ipod and i was like cloud! but i'm sure it was the sytle or he just wanted to look like cloud but i wouldn't mark him insane

moonlessdaemon- yay lol i was mad but if i said anything i would just be standing out in the sun longer and that would equal sunburn snice i had no sun block on ^^' lol i wanted to but he had an ipod so if i did he mite have not heard me

Night shade2- 26? ^^ yours is in like 3 days ^^ i hope you have a good birthday too

luicifers wife- lol thanks ^^ vincent rocks he is so awsome! we should start an i love vincent culb ^^ which reminds me i'm still working on the banner for the angel of death so you know i did not forget about it ^^

Dumiel- hehe thanks ^^ lol that would be cool if it was someone here lol

ElvesAteMyRamen- a yuki look alike? that would be awsome ^^ well in N/Y you see more of that then i do but my mom wants to go to an anime convention and maybe i'll see more XD that be awsome lol but i need to see if an are coming up

AngelBlaze- yes and he even had the hair! perfect 10 for him ^^

ok bye bye!!! and these were for the ones who commented yesturday

and bebopinutrigun188 where's your comment button?

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   6 days till my b-day
THE count down is now in place!!
i need to change my avi. *sigh*
well nm is going on here my friends might come over but thats about it..

Well about yesturday
its was ok ^^ the walk to the park was fine expect my one friend kept saying how much time we had left to get to the park -_- so at one point Alyssa was like we can always run, but we made it on time by following my leader ship which they didn't trust snice i said to follow 3 girls ahead of us snice they looked like c.g but they were like no no no no they aren't but guess who was right!!! ME!! then they were like ha see i was right >.< i hate it when people say they were right when they were really wrong .....so when walking up to the group i said see i was right! yay and my friend hits me with a water bottle >.<

AND when walking home my one friend was like lets go hang out in the libary me and alyssa looked at eachother like do you want to go?.....didn't think so and then back at her with the o0 are u crazy. its one thing to go another to hang out
and we continued to walk then a block away from the last place we stopped the same friend goes lets go to the brookside gardens! thats when i said no but alyssa was torn between us but disicded to go with her and i was let to walk the mile left alone >.<
but the good thing was that i got to see john from school XD cool just like in school XP lol ha goths and punks are always so cool!!!!
*no offense to ones who aren't* but when was out with my mom later on in the day there was this guy who looked like he was trying to dress just like cloud from final fantasy XD he looked awsome he even had the hair XP my mom was like you should ask him if he ever saw the movie
lol but i didn't

um yes well must go i'll see when i can come to sites!

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