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Friday, April 28, 2006

   music get your music ^^
hi guys
todays friday an't that wonderful?
i got no homework XD well i kinda do but its not big and i don't even need to do it now because i still have a week for so yay to kinda no homework :D

today when coming out of my classroom i ran into some of the vest kids walking because when i came out they were walking past the door at the same time ^^' i guess thats what u get when u stare at the ground lol but anyway i almost ran into a girl and when i turned around it was my friend lol but when i turned to look at her scince i'm walking the opposite way and when i looked she was turning her head from looking and when i turned i could she her head turn to me but i gave up when i walked around the cornner lol but i told her on the bus and we were laughing about it ^^

yaaa so i have nothing to talk about....again so lets see i still didn't find the money -_- i'll stop looking for it and it'll show up like in a snap lol like it always does ^^ but yes LS it would be hard for me to get it when i need it lol and it would have a hole in it too.....

right now i'm playing with my doggy!! ^^ u can pet him if ya like ^^ don't worry his bark is braver then the bite and he doesn't bite so dont' worry lol and it goes to u too frogger91

i'm off to sites
but one ,more thing jigglyness did u like the pic i gave u??????

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

forealzies ....lol
Hi guys ^^ i never found my money >.< but i have a 99% knowledgle thats its in the house but i'm starting to doubt it....but the 20 i told i found and my couple snigles in lunch money helpped me because i have 31 dollars saved in for the PS3 and i'm dead serious that money is not going to be touched unless its being added to! if i lose that money i'll go crazy lol
well lets hope i can get some nails to nail the money down :D lol

well nothing else....... *.* *thinks* oh i will be changeing my theme ^^ when it becomes may but to what i don't know i mite hold a poll of the animes i'll do a theme of and not just a long list due to the fact that all of u pick different things! lol the winner would win by 2 or something like that -_-' lol

has some of u know i have the Final Fanasty advent children dvd ^^ and i can say its good in english they didn't do horrable but they did add more things in the conversations and more scencs which to me i liked
but the part with Reno not putting yo at the end of his sentances was sad T^T lol but it was good and another thing cloud has some know is hot lol but the voice was so not >.< but he barlys talk so u don't have to hear it that much ^^

oh ya about the title of the post Patrik in my math class stated using it and he's funny ^^ and he was talking about how he wrote it into a dictionary and its a noun another way of saying for real lmao
i would tell u about him and the adgenda but i think the post is a bit long enough so i start visting and it will be saved for another day like when i have nothing to talk about

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

   bla bla!!
ok hi guys ^^ hope u all doing well if not then.....i don't know o0
lol but anyway
today is the last day for the term paper in reading and i just need to make the bibliography page and i'm done!!!!!!!! YAY *throws ripped up paper into the air* lol i feel happy because i hate term pappers >.< they really suck
but its done

ok lets see today i found $20 ^.~ YAY i'm rich!! rich and u guys don't care lol but its going into my PS3 saving thats hidden in my room or where ever i put it.... 0.0 uhoh i forgot where i put the money GAH! i have to look for it later -_-' grr

i read the angel sanctuary book 12 and in book 13 right now gah its so good and with some scence its so sad T-T or its like o.o lol but i love it and if u didn't read u must! i order u!! lol jk but its good as some of u know already ^.~

ok i don't i have anything else to say..... and still have to do homework >.< its easy and only takes a few minutes so i'll be off to sites while doing homework ^^ wow multitasking ^.~


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Sunday, April 23, 2006

   its still raining! .......cool ^^
glad u guys like the button i made ^^ and the one BlAiZeD made ^^hehe

well i finshed watching naruto from last night funny thing was that my dad actually was watching it with me i was like wow o.o because everytime he left he asked me to pause it so he could watch it ^^ so now i got my mom and dad into Naruto lol so i was telling him about the one guy whos arms get blown off XD byt the bug dude *forgot the names* lol but ya

lets see my mom is at work and i'm here with my dad and we'll probaly be getting lunch with her later on ^^

OH OH yesturday my dad went to campmor and got what we needed and on the way back we went to barnes and noble! yay lol i got 12 & 13 of Angel Sanctuary ^^ i have to start reading them but i started reading 12 but theres this guy Sevy whos talking to Sara and is saying things like if the savior comes i'm going to rip both of u to shreds *because thier brother and sister and the love each other* and then he says so u don't stain the name of angels.......o0
is it me or what but i think he staining his own name cause hes going off killing people and ripping wings off of angels and i'm like wow sevy has some mental promblems and his yelling at his prizoner sara becuase she loves her brother which if u think about because shes just a recarnation of an angel of water shes not really setsuna's sister so its not a big deal

@.@ i think i lost some of u in that jungle of words sorry ^^ you'll get if u read the books lol

yay made my first icon ^^ its not great but i'll be makeing a new theme later on in the week for may

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

....well i have the house tottally to myself! well i'm only with my pets.....and its raining outside
and though i love the rain i'm totally bored -_-
huh....lets see

i don't have much to talk about so this is proably a waste of time for u guys ^^'
Well yesturday was a teamday for my team in school yay well we watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding and it was very funny even though i seen it all before lol but everyone liked it and laughed
Then at the end of the day we played outside and one of my friend had her volin so me and her played it ^^ yes i know how to play volin <3 one song i remeber is Olde joy and she play pacthabell cannon and my friend alyssa was trying and being the bitch she is
she didn't listen to anybody when we told her how to hold the bow and then she would play iit like a gutair i really wanted to hit her by then
but my other friend had her gutair! YAY lol so we went over there

but when we came back Jhon and pat had trown our backpacks into the nehbors yard >.< so we had to finsh them out and alyssa was all talking on how she wanted to beat the heck out of them and she didn't and thats all she talked about so i told her if wasn't going to do it then to be quiet about it and she finaily was quiet ^^

ya well that was my day yesturday ......now off to sites and hopefully it will be lunch time and i get to make something to eat yummy

*later in the day* looky i made another button for my site u like it????

heres the first one i ever had i want to thank BlAiZeD who it made it so long ago lol *hug to u BlAiZeD* !! ^^ again

oh yes i'm putting my email up because the pms are wacking latly so if u need anything i guess u can email me ^^ but just tell who you are when u email me lol so i don't have to guess lol

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

pk frist thing first
ok i know alot of u know somegirl and samtheturk65 and they redid thier sites *oh ya if u guys are here* Tell me where the hell is your comment button????? where??? so if ya know where it is please tell me..........

Anyways another thing i wanted to bring up was on the Naruto thon did anyone notice sasuke's poemy thing????? *gets blank stares* ok well it was different and not just a few small words it was THE WHOLE SAYING! >.< why would they do that?? why? i thought about emailing them but i first need to watch the Jap. version of it to if they changed it because then it wouldn't bge the translator's fault because he's just translating

As for my classes i told u about we also had a open house so the secudule was wacked up so the parnets can see thier child's afternoon classes so i was even more confused on it lol but i finally got into it and my 3 friends in those classes started going ya and were like yay your in my class lol my one friend in science is boxed in by boys and i'm serous too look heres a little dieogram the girls are o and the boys are x i think u can tell where my friend is lol
o x o x x x
x x x x x x
o o o x o x
me>>>> o x x x

ya well i need to go AND IF U KNOW ABOUT THE COMMENT THING IS TELL ME!!!!! i asked but i don't think they got the pm

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

   yay i'm not dead oh that was a song tittle lol
Well first i want to say sorry for not being here for a couple days!! I was very busy being that my Reach Shreach paper rough draf is do today so i got that done and just have to retype it in school at lunch snice i don't eat lunch. Thank god that my teacher is nice enough enough to give us kids more time lol i really hate term papers too >.<

Also i had promblems with my math class and wanted it changed because i just put it like this 4 kids me being one of them passed with an A and theres like 20 kids in that class!! so somepeople are missing a little brian
No offence to ones here that aren't good at math but i know that if u were in this class u'd see how bad they are.

So just got my math and science class swicthed so i have math first and science second and go on with the normal secdule. so yay!!

ok um well i think that was it so
I'll be off to sites after school ^.^

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   its saturday!!!
lol well i'm glad some of u know how to spell Geisha or should say gay eee sha. Ok i missplaced an I, my goodness its just an I. esh u sounds like my mother lol and they know who i'm talking too ^.~

but moving on
Once again me and my mom found ways to amuse ourselves lol and it inculded her singing soundtracks to movies like greese and footlose and benny & june. Lol it was fun yes yes

I also got rain and it stayed the whole day. What was wierd was that in a comment i put down where the hells my rain and couple mins later the rain comes......wierd o0

i watched black yesturday yay black cat lol after seeing creed in the bath tub i'm going to rate him carzy not that he freaked me out the first time i saw him but he was just to cool to rate then lol

Well i doubt anyone watches this but theres a show called Miami ink and its bascily a tatoo shop in Miami well my mom while watching it was like tell me something to draw and maybe when your old enough u can get it ^^
i told her the number 13 because it was my fav and lucky number with a black cat sitting next to it with its tail wrapped around it. well i don't know if she'll do it or not but if doesn't i will lol

hmm.. Todays the Naruto-tion yay my friend said when the tv says it sounds like Naruto's thong ^^
just something to think about hehehe

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Friday, April 14, 2006

today i'm at 1005 in popularity ranking with only 1190 vists and 132 gb signings ^-^
So i'd like to thank u all for makeing this posable!!!

day plan
well mom took off from work again and is talking about shopping for things again x.x and taking down the easter stuff >.<

Yesturday i almost passed out doing the ddr i did a really fast song with all this crazy jumps lol when it stopped i was so dizy that i fell lol but my dog kept braking at me so i finally got up....So i just went online and watched some anime ^^ yay anime! of course i also wanted to kill Kiba in wolfs rain and tobe too >.< they callled it a pack for a reason and kiba u could say is more the leader but when his friends are all injurded are could be dieing he takes off!! o0 and now they have to find him he didn't wait for them..... *shakes head* thats not a friend or leader

but anyway some of u asked about the movie Memoirs of a Geshia [sp?] well if i rented it *key word there* then it must be on dvd in the U.S *oh ok* ok so those who want to see it just go to your local blockbuster or whatever and rent it or buy it

well i'm going to sites now
~bye chann

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

   just thinking...its so hot!!!! x.x its an oven
well memoirs of a Geshia was good ^-^ u may all see it doesn't have 4 sex scecnes or well its not as grapic like brokeback lol
i liked the end

well lets see i'm totally bored right now my mom is getting ready for work......hmmm

OH my dad is cutting his hair he was abit sad but i said it was ok so no ed hair sorry guys

Does anyone here watch prison break??? ok well anyway on the show the guy is put into a cell next to his brother... ok well the guy needs to find out where something is so he acts crazy to get there *smart idea* but the brother knows something is wrong so starts pounding on the wall yelling Michele
So when my mom was in the changing room i went next to her room and knocked saying Michele
well she got and started cracking up
lol this one reason why u don't leave us alone ^^' we always find way to keep us amused lol but i think we scared some of the other custmers in the fitting room lol

well i still have sites to vist and by the time i finsh that i would be about time my mom leaves and i can play my ddr YAY well u guys are welcome to come dance that is if could find my house which could be in any state on any road with any number

oh well
*i'm going to have to find a fan, snice i'll be dancing its going to get even hotter...* -_-'

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