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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

   bit more than 28% today

Hello, all of my dear friends! *hugs* I got another large amount of comments on my last post! Thanks so much. They all mean the world to me! Honestly, when you write to me, anything, it cheers me up. It's enough just having you on my friendslist! *nods* I always have said that I hated writing stuff...but I think that's very wrong now. ^^; At least when it comes to stuff like this and other things that interest me. Cause when it's boring school stuff, I say that I hate writing, but if it's a poem or a story or if it's a post like this, then I really like it...but I must say that I'm a bit wordy. ^^; Even with essays I tend to write way more than needed...is that a bad thing? If you think it is, then I apologize for always writing such long posts!! *bows in apology*

Now then, as you can see, I'm a bit happier today! I know one reason why, but others...I'm not so sure. I checked my grade for my last math test from last week, and you know what?? I got a 100!!!!!!!! >_< I was like, "holy crap! No f-ing way!" I sure haven't gotten a 100% on a math test often. It's amazing cause I haven't really been doing my hw for it, and I was even absent the first day we learned the stuff. And this is for AP calculus! See, I guess this is why my math teacher is sorta mad at me for not taking the AP test...but I'm too lazy and didn't want to go through all that extra studying and work for a stupid test for college credits that cost $82 to take.

About that bio project on sponges, I'm having fun with it! ^^ Surprisingly enough. I'm writing a story (almost like a fanfic)of SpongeBob coming across a real sponge. Even though I HATE spongebob, I'm having fun writing the story. I like RP-ing and somewhat writing fanfics (though I never have really ^^;) so this is an interesting project for me, even though it's certainly not anime related...*sob* I'm ashamed to be writing a spongebob fanfic! ^^;

My brother's working today and tomorrow from 4-10 at night, so that means I get all that time to myself!! ^^ It's a shame though cause we wanted him to have the job during the day, like when I'm at school, but oh well. *sigh* I took a lot of personality quizzes that were on Paintwriter's site, so I'll put those results in my quiz manager...so check my results there if you're interested. Ok, well, that's enough of my babbling. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

a look at 28%

Starting out with my usual appreciation intro paragraph...thanks so much for your comments!! ^^ They all mean the world to me. Grifter, I thought that your view on the amount of 28% was very insightful and positive. I really liked how you put it, "Don't think of it as a glass only 28% full, rather as a swimming pool 28% full. The bigger the vessel, the more the 28% looks." I think that everyone should take that advice to heart when thinking about things. Everyone of my friends on here and elsewhere fill up that 28% with their kindness and love...and I hope that it grows...maybe it will someday, maybe...and I hope all of your happiness percents are higher than mine is. I hope for a day when every one of my friends' percents get close to 100.

Well then...nothing too interesting today. I'm in bio right now...where I'm supposed to be doing a project about sponges! And how Spongebob is a fraud! Yeah...we have to make an "educational product" like a game or something expressing the facts about the real animal...the sponge.

I feel like writing a poem or something right now...but I don't really have time, and I don't have the thoughts in my mind right now. ^^; I wish I could write like Paintwriter...all of her poems seem so natural and meaningful. *nods* I love them! Ok, well, may this day and the others to come fare all of you well.

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Monday, May 1, 2006

28% happy

Thanks again, to all my friends that commented. You're all so sweet...and I appreciate everyone's comfort. Even one sentence means a lot to me. *nods* Paintwriter, I sure hope you get your poems published someday...or at least made into a book. I would gladly accept it. *hugs* It'd be the best book of poems ever. They'd cheer me up whenever I was feeling depressed. I'm sure someday I'll find someone for me...and I'll be truly happy, but right now (according to one of those quiz results) I'm only 28% happy. I think that that 28% is thanks to you guys.

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*laugh* Yeah, the manager is such an idiot! I thought that was hillarious that he couldn't even pass the stupid test. So my bro worked yesterday, and when he came home he complained about how quiet it is there. My friend also works there, and so he's been trying to have conversations with her, but she's also pretty quiet. ^^; It's sorta awkward...having my much older brother and my friend (who's about the same age) working together. Anyhoo, DDR was fun! I can't believe I did so well...mostly As, Bs, and only 2 Cs. ^^

Ok...right now I'm feeling pretty crappy, just plain ol' depressed. *sigh* I...suck. I guess I need more self-confidence or something...I don't know, but I feel really bleh right now. You know, I don't think I'll ever get a boyfriend, ever...or girlfriend for that matter. ^^; Whatever...I just feel really empty right now. I hope that yous guys' days go well today.

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Sunday, April 30, 2006


*breathes* Playin' DDR right now!! First time in months!! ^^ Man...I suck though. I've never done a song on heavy mode...ever, and I don't plan to since I can't even do most on standard! But it sure is fun! ^^

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Arigatou, minna-san! ^^ You're always so great with your comments. *hugs* I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that stupid English project thing...but maybe one of my friends will be willing to go it alone so I won't have to? Maybe? ^^; We'll see. Yup, I'm gonna keep my bg how it is for now...I couldn't find this bg that I wanted to change it to, and plus, everyone here seems to like it. *nods* My brother had yet another terrible time with the idiots there at his new job! (he's starting officially today) Here's what happened yesterday...

So he goes in at about noon to be trained, watch training videos, and then get tested on the info and what he learned so he can work. Well...he goes in and they have him watch over 3 hours of these stupid videos, and then what? They test him...without any hands-on training at the cash register or whatever. So he fails...and fails...then he fails again, and then the manager says, "Here, I'll take it for you." Hahahaha...well, he takes it...and he, guess what? He FAILS. Yes, the manager even failed the stupid test. *laugh* How stupid is that?? He shouldn't be called a manager if he can't pass the darned thing!

So anyway...I guess somehow my brother finally passed the stupid test, and then he came home sometime around 7:30 last night. It took him about 7 hours to do all that crap there! Staples is the stupidest place to work ever. He started work there today though, at 10am, and he'll be back around 6. I enjoy having my time away from him, but I still miss him, despite his pervertedness and annoyingness. ^^;

Alright, well, all I did was talk about him...and nothing about me...^^; But nothing interesting with me today anyway. I hope that you all have a great day and a great week this week!

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

On second thought...I guess I won't change my bg just yet! ^^; I like it, and I suppose most of you still like it, too. If I do end up changing it, it'll probably look really similar to this one anyway...ok?

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Yay! It's the weekend and my bro's out getting trained for his minimal wage job!! *laugh* Okie-dokie, I love you guys so much! I had teh most comments on a post ever! 11! Even though some of you have like 10+ everday. ^^; I wish you were in my class...then I know I'd have friends that would want to pair up with me. ^^; Reki, go ahead and kill my teacher with a crowbar and anything else you got! Thanks for offering to help with it, but unfortunately it's not possible unless you read the book, The Awakening. I sorta have an idea of what I'll do...but still, we had it all planned out by the time my stupid teacher told us no 3s. It just pissed me off that my other 2 friends always choose each other and are always partners. I'm always the odd one out. *sigh*

Umm...I'm not sure what else to talk about right now. ^^; Hardly anyone said whether I should change my background or not...and whether it should be a dark one or another airy/heavenly one. So I'll ask again! What should it be? I might just end up changing it without suggestions...maybe by the time you read this, it will have changed! *laugh* We'll see. Anyhoo, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and get some rest! Good luck to those of you with work to do! I, for once, don't have much hw this weekend!

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Friday, April 28, 2006


*laugh* Um...about my last post, I didn't mean that my neighbor should just get a cat and, well, love it...^^; You know, I meant it as in how lots of old ladies tend to have cats and stuff...cause Reki mentioned that. Alrighty, now for boring stuff!

I'm tired! I'm happy that it's the weekend though. My bro's gonna go in tomorrow (again!!) to finally get trained for his job. Sunday (I think) he'll be starting, so I can't wait to have him out of my hair some days...unfortunately, he doesn't work everyday. *laugh*

Nothing especially exciting happened today, except that I was moderately depressed and felt like crying during English. We're doing a partner project thing, and all of my "friends" already paired up, leaving me. So I decide to join a pair because we have an odd number of kids in our class...I assume that'd be ok. But then my teacher comes over and says (after we already planned out our project well!) that it's either pairs or singles, no groups of 3. *sob* Basically, she was looking at me when she said that so in other words, I'll be left out. It's not fair! I'm always the odd one out! I'm never included in anything cause I'm always second choice to other friends...*sigh* I felt like crying when she was saying this to me because of all the past problems I've had with friends and stuff. I held it in though, cause my teacher would probably freak out and wonder why on earth I was crying. I don't know what I'll do for that project now. I'm just upset that I'm never chosen by my "friends" to be partnered with.

P.S. Ha-chan! If you're reading this...I'm sorry I missed you online after school today! I went on, but you weren't on...so, yeah. ^^; It took me longer to get home so maybe you gave up on me! Well, whatever the case, we can talk another time...probably not today, but I'll have more time on the comp tomorrow and sunday cause of my bro being out! Then we can finish our conversation, ok? ^^

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Well, I'm still tired, and yes, my neighbor is absolutely ridiculous. ^^; You'd think (yes, Reki!) that she'd stop having boyfriends, and get a cat instead!! And especially stop being so irresponsible with drinking and practically everything! So true, Ha-chan. *nods* I was even going to mention that if there really was a break-in, then the criminal would have been long gone from the house by the time the cops arrived. It was so stupid...*sigh* Grifter, *laugh* your comment was amazing!! Definitely jack-ass of the week.

Ok, well, I have to study for my history test tomorrow and I also have another history project due tomorrow, too!! >< It's almost the weekend though...

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