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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

   bit more than 28% today
Hello, all of my dear friends! *hugs* I got another large amount of comments on my last post! Thanks so much. They all mean the world to me! Honestly, when you write to me, anything, it cheers me up. It's enough just having you on my friendslist! *nods* I always have said that I hated writing stuff...but I think that's very wrong now. ^^; At least when it comes to stuff like this and other things that interest me. Cause when it's boring school stuff, I say that I hate writing, but if it's a poem or a story or if it's a post like this, then I really like it...but I must say that I'm a bit wordy. ^^; Even with essays I tend to write way more than needed...is that a bad thing? If you think it is, then I apologize for always writing such long posts!! *bows in apology*

Now then, as you can see, I'm a bit happier today! I know one reason why, but others...I'm not so sure. I checked my grade for my last math test from last week, and you know what?? I got a 100!!!!!!!! >_< I was like, "holy crap! No f-ing way!" I sure haven't gotten a 100% on a math test often. It's amazing cause I haven't really been doing my hw for it, and I was even absent the first day we learned the stuff. And this is for AP calculus! See, I guess this is why my math teacher is sorta mad at me for not taking the AP test...but I'm too lazy and didn't want to go through all that extra studying and work for a stupid test for college credits that cost $82 to take.

About that bio project on sponges, I'm having fun with it! ^^ Surprisingly enough. I'm writing a story (almost like a fanfic)of SpongeBob coming across a real sponge. Even though I HATE spongebob, I'm having fun writing the story. I like RP-ing and somewhat writing fanfics (though I never have really ^^;) so this is an interesting project for me, even though it's certainly not anime related...*sob* I'm ashamed to be writing a spongebob fanfic! ^^;

My brother's working today and tomorrow from 4-10 at night, so that means I get all that time to myself!! ^^ It's a shame though cause we wanted him to have the job during the day, like when I'm at school, but oh well. *sigh* I took a lot of personality quizzes that were on Paintwriter's site, so I'll put those results in my quiz manager...so check my results there if you're interested. Ok, well, that's enough of my babbling. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day!

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