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Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, like no one saw my later posts from yesterday...but I suppose that's fine. Just read them if you want. They're about my history essay and my naming my wolfie! ^^

My history teacher dumped yet another project at our feet...and another...now there's something due for that stupid biatch everyday except tuesday!! Ugh, it pisses me off so much! In the beginning of the year she seemed all nice and easy, and now she's just really annoying and being a complete "hard ass teacher", which is what she said she didn't want to be. Hah! What a hypocrite! Okay...I'm done complaining about that.

Just in case anyone cares, my brother got a job at Staples. He's going in tomorrow to fill out paperwork and stuff. I hope they give him the day shift cause that was the whole point of having him get a job--to not be at home all day doing the same nothingness! It would be pointless if he had the night shift.

Ja, tomodachi-tachi! Minna daisuki! ^^ I hope that your day goes well. And to those of you who feel like your lives should end...please reconsider. I care about you and want you to live! It's so depressing having so many depressed friends that feel like killing themselves...I want to help them all, but it's not possible. I just hope that my feelings reach them and help them. Some don't accept my feelings. They reject them, but I won't reject my friends.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

   an hour or so later...

I just finished my paper! ^^ It's probably gonna get a bad grade though cause I was making funny comments throughout it about the museums and the gift shops...I just couldn't help myself! If anyone wants to read my essay, just pm me...or email me (that'd probably be the better choice) because it's such a great history essay...it isn't at all serious and studious, but I'm pretty sure I got the points across that I was supposed to! ^^;

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Workin' on my history essay thing now...it's sucks that all of you also have tons of work at school!! Yeah, school just sucks...they always give lots of work no matter when it is. ^^; Well, thanks for the encouragement!!

P.S. My wolfie's name is now Rainfell. ^^ I combined my 2 favorite suggestions!! Thanks you guys cause you know who you are!

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Why is it that school has to be so stupid when we get back from spring break??!! I swear...so anyhoo, obviously I have lots of work to do in this next week. ^^; Tomorrow I have that history essay on the stupid museums (yes, Grifter *laugh*, it is better than being stabbed in the eye with a #2 pencil, I suppose), I was going to have a test on this book in english class but that was moved to monday, I have a bio test on tuesday, a poster project for history on the 1950s due wednesday, an outline on this chap.(which is 37 pages!!! ><) in history class, and then a history test on friday...oh, and a math project due wed. and then a math test on thursday, too!! So most of the stupid crap is in history class (which I know officially hate), but I still gots lots of other stuf...why must they bog us down right after break?? *sob*

*laugh* I'm still deciding my wolfie's name...yes, Bishieluver, I am thinking about using one of your suggestions though since I can tell you really want me to...maybe Twilight or Rain. Rain would be good since it was raining a lot during the stupid field trip! ^^; Well, I guess that's all the rambling I have for now...I should be working on my bio project (since I am in class right now!) Back to work!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well, I'm in school right now...*sigh* I wish I could have stayed home another day, but I wasn't feeling bad this morning anyway...my head is feeling better. ^^ It was just a stupid migraine, I guess. I'm just not looking forward to all the work I'll have to make up...though it probably won't be much, I know there's lots of projects and things this week. I have a test on this book on friday along with a stupid essay for history on the museums we went to on the field trip. It's just stupid cause it has to be 5 paragraphs describing which museums we went to and how they connect to what we've learned in history class...which is useless since we went to the Natural History museum which is all science stuff! >< We also went to the Air&Space museum, but we really only went to the gift shops...so, yeah. ^^; Didn't learn anything! I'll just get the info from the museum's website!

As for my wolfie's name...thanks for the few suggestions! ^^ My wolfie's grey and brown...so I'll think about the name some more. I do like you guys' suggestions a lot so I'll probably go with one of them! ^^

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm hopefully gonna get better! The main problem is this stupid migraine headache that makes me feel like I'm gonna puke...it sucks. Yes, at least I have my wolfie though!! ^^ He's so cute...I still need a name for him, any ideas?

The CDs I listened to were just ones I burned with the anime mp3s I downloaded...so they were from lots of different shows. The newest one I made had Air TV, Law of Ueki, Elemental Gerard, Kanon, and some Bleach songs on it. ^^

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Yes...another sleepy smiley! Well then, thanks everyone for wishing me a safe and fun trip!!!! ^^ It was safe, but it wasn't that fun...the 3 hour bus rides killed (all I did was read manga and listened to my anime CDs)...and the museums were very boring. Me and my friends just went to 2 museums, and all we did was go around to all the gift shops! Those are the only exhibits we saw! *laugh* I bought a stuffed animal wolfie. ^^ He's very cute. What sucked a lot was that it was cold and rainy there! Here it was supposed to be sunny and warm...but it wasn't there, and no one was prepared for it. We had to walk several blocks several times in the rain. So we all got soaked...now I'm sick at home. ^^; My head hurts and I was too exhausted to wake up and go to school today.

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Monday, April 17, 2006


It's 6 am...and I'm up getting ready for my field trip to DC. ^^; I can't believe I woke up! Well, anyhoo, just read the late post I did yesterday, ok? I also apologize to those whose sites I didn't get to visit yesterday...it was a busy day. ^^; Well, gotta eat breakfast and go!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Well...I'm just about to go to bed now. ^^; I gotta get up super early tomorrow and ride on a bus for 2-3 hours!! It's not going to be fun...*sigh* Well, I apologize ahead of time for not being able to check anyone's sites (probably) tomorrow since I'm gonna be out most of the day. ^^; I hope that everyone has a nice day whatever they're doing! I also hope that you check this...even though I already posted today...so, yeah. I love you guys!

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*yawn* Up early for Easter church...and then Easter brunch. I just wanna sleep!!! And it's my dad's birthday...so yeah, it'll be a big day I guess. ^^; Tomorrow's back to school for me. *sigh* I don't wanna go back!!! To make things worse/more interesting though, tomorrow's a field trip to Washington DC. Ok, yeah, fun, right?? Except that since it's only a day thing, we have to leave early! The buses leave at 7am, and it'll take about 2 hours to get there. *sigh* So I have to get up really early tomorrow!! Like 6 or something...2 days in a row getting up early...I won't wanna go to school on tuesday, that's for sure.

Well, I hope everyone has a happy sunday! Cause not all of you celebrate Easter...so whether it's someone's b-day, Easter, the day before school, or the start of your spring break...I hope that it fairs you well!

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